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Top Tips on Storing Your Christmas Decorations

When Christmas is over and it’s time to take down the decorations, it can be tempting to just chuck the lot into bin bags and throw them into your loft. Although this technique is quick and easy, it invariably leads to disappointment and frustration next year, when you rummage out last year’s decorations only to find them broken, tangled, or covered in dust.

You can get ahead of the post-Christmas storage debacle by planning ahead this year and making suitable storage arrangements now.

Rent a Garage

Unless you have a particularly large loft space with easy access, it’s not the ideal environment for storage. Delicate items can easily be broken and the space will often suffer from excessive heat during the summer and also from damp, conditions that can be damaging for your decorations.

If you rent a garage, you can use it for storing your items that would otherwise end up crammed into your loft. The extra space allows you to organise your possessions much more effectively so that things won’t be lost or damaged and you can find what you want much more easily.

Most people find that they have to move things around in order to accommodate their Christmas tree, lights etc. A lockup garage is the perfect secure place in which to put your displaced items of furniture until the festive season is over.

Where Possible, Use the Original Packaging

Fragile glass baubles and other tree ornaments often come in sturdy cardboard boxes with lids. Keep this original packaging and use it to store breakable decorations. Use a sturdy plastic box in which to stack the individual boxes of ornaments to protect them from being crushed and to preserve their original packaging.

Use Cardboard Egg Boxes to Store Loose Baubles

If you don’t have the original packaging for your tree ornaments, cardboard egg boxes make a perfect alternative. Stuff tissue paper into each compartment and sit a bauble or ornament in each one.

Use Belts for Artificial Christmas Trees

Artificial Christmas trees can look just as good as the real thing if you store them properly, so that they don’t get crushed or damaged.

One problem with artificial trees is that the branches tend to spring out, making them awkward to store. Take a trip to your local charity shop and invest in a few belts. Tie the belts around the tree at intervals to ‘cinch’ in the branches. Wrap the tree in bubble wrap secured with parcel tape to keep it clean whilst in storage.

You can keep your Christmas decorations safe and clean by following the ideas outlined above. A lock-up garage unit can also make an excellent safe place to keep other seasonal items, such as sledges or skis that would otherwise clutter up your home garage or loft.

For more information on hiring a lockup garage, contact our helpful team today.


It’s only normal that you’ll accumulate a number of possessions during your life. This can be anything from expensive valuables like furniture and instruments to more sentimental items like clothes and photographs. In addition, it’s normal that you’ll want to keep hold of these things, even if that means spending a bit of money to do so.

With that said, you shouldn’t have to pay too high a price for owning too many things – especially when you can rent a garage at an affordable price to store some of your belongings. Meanwhile, there are several less cost-efficient options that too many people end up forking out for. Here are three such options and the reasons why they don’t pay off.

A New House

One of the most extreme measures you can take to keep hold of your possessions is buying a newer, bigger house. But this isn’t just costly – it’s also a huge gamble! Not only will you be forced to fork out for stamp duty, solicitor’s fees and interest rates, you’ll also be risking jumping on the property ladder at a time when experts are warning that the housing bubble could soon burst. You’ll find it’s a lot cheaper and safer to hire a garage instead.

An Extension

An extension is just one step below buying a new house. Yes, it’s safer and it will allow you to keep your most prized possessions nearby. However, the cost of extending your home can slowly escalate from the original estimates. Before you know it, you’re paying an arm and a leg for extra materials and additional manpower. Alternatively, you’ll find yourself agreeing to a fixed rent when you turn to garage rental. This ultimately means that you won’t be hit with an unexpected bill out of nowhere just because you wanted to keep hold of your things.

Self-Storage Units

The average self-storage unit comes rammed with features that most people just don’t need. This can be anything from 24-hour security patrols to electronic sign-ins. Yes, this stuff is somewhat handy – but is it really worth paying for? After all, you should find that your belongings are safe and sound in a rented garage not too far from your home.

The Answer is Right In Front of You

If you want to keep your possessions safe without breaking the bank, then the best option is surely to rent a garage from Lock Up Garages.

For more information on the options available to you, please do not hesitate to contact us today and we will be happy to help. 

Car Crime Peaks When Cupid Calls
Research into crime rates in the UK has uncovered that Valentine’s Day may be good for your love life, but not for your beloved vehicle.

Apparently, savvy-criminals know that 14th February is a popular date for couples to take a taxi or walk to a romantic dinner, leaving their vehicles at home. This makes this period one of rich pickings for both organised and opportunist car thieves.

Be Cautious in Winter

The winter months in general provide a fruitful time for anyone who makes a career out of selling other people’s cars without their permission, especially when vehicles are not protected by Lock Up Garages.

Sadly, there are still car owners who leave their vehicles unlocked – with the engine running – while they de-ice their windows. This of course is an open invitation to unscrupulous thieves.

However, even if you keep your car safely locked near your property, the cover of darkness in winter provides today’s tech-savvy car thieves with plenty of opportunity.

Sophisticated Methods

Car crime rates have fallen dramatically in the UK. In fact, according to the AA the reduction is five-fold since the 1990s.

However, there are still around one million vehicles stolen or damaged each year. And much of car theft is at the hands of “professionals” who steal to order.

This also means that investing in the latest high-tech security systems for your car may not provide the level of protection you imagine. Organised criminal rings – who often ship cars abroad – also have access to the latest technology and invest in ways to override many modern security systems.

Keyless vehicles are particularly vulnerable to cyber-tech car crimes.

For example, professional thieves lie in wait near keyless vehicles on their “shopping list”. When the owner goes to lock their car remotely, the thieves use a jamming device to block the signal. Then when the coast is clear, they can drive away the unlocked car.

Keeping Your Vehicle Safe in Winter

Undoubtedly one of the biggest deterrents for even the most organised and determined thief is if you look for lockable garages to hire in your area.

Not only does a garage provide a high level of security for your vehicle, it also means it won't suffer from iced up windows. So when winter comes, you can unlock your vehicle and garage and drive away with peace of mind.

Incidentally, winter is also a period when more cars are damaged in collisions, even when they are stationary. You may carefully park on the kerb near your house but if someone else driving by hits ice, it could be you counting the cost.

To find a lockable garage near you, ready for winter (and Valentine's Day), contact us today and we can help. 

Collectables to Store Now to Make Money in the Future

If you're looking to make more unusual investments, are an avid fan of hobbies, or someone with garage space to spare, tucking away collectables when you hire a garage could net you a small fortune in the future. Here are the most valuable assets to stock up on.


Fan culture is on the rise and there are loads of new releases that could make you some cash. The Superhero films are always popular, with branded model figures, comic books and games loved by fans worldwide – just look at the increasing popularity of comicons! Star Wars is an obvious classic, but even really popular kids films (think Disney or Pixar, for example) make things that buyers are going to love not just now but in years to come. A key tip for collecting memorabilia is to look for limited editions and limited production runs – they'll be more exclusive.

Comic Books and Video Games

Comic books have had a cult following since they were first printed, and with more superhero films being made this is bound to continue. Older video games and consoles are harder to come by and so will hold their value for longer – stash yours away and look forward to reaping the rewards later (and not just in the fun you'll have playing!). If you decide to rent a garage for a general clear out, then perhaps you'll have some space to spare.

Vinyl Records

Whether yours or your parent's, if you've got a stash of vinyl records hanging around, hold onto them. Collectors love to discover old artists and songs, the more obscure the better. Keeping collectables in good condition is always key, but this is particularly true for records, so hang onto artwork and protective sleeves, and remember records are always better when you can play them!

McDonald's Toys

Believe it or not, those cute little toys you loved in your happy meal are making a comeback, plus with McDonald's teaming up with brands to release limited edition character toys, you've got the perfect excuse to indulge. That's not just a frivolous burger – you're investing!

Top Tips for Storage

Protect your items and their packaging – try and keep them dust free and in their original packaging if you can. If you can resist the temptation to open the packaging, even better. Keeping your collectables out of the way so you can forget about them while they creep up in value is the best way to keep them in tip-top condition.

Contact us to rent a garage space and you could be making a small fortune in no time!

5 Quirky Garage Uses You May Never Have Thought Of

If you have a garage, the likelihood is that you are using it as a dumping ground, rather than an extra room in your home. Within a flash, your spacious garage can end up cluttered with junk and therefore can't be used to its potential. If you're looking to convert your garage into an extra room in your home, here are a few quirky ideas you may never have thought of:

1. A 'Man Cave'

Now all the rage, men in the house can have their very own space to play video games and watch their favourite sports. The great aspect of a 'man room' is that flamboyant decor isn't needed - just a few comfortable armchairs, a TV, fridge and a games console.

2. A Home Cinema

A little more challenging to create, but extremely worth the work, why not convert your garage into a home cinema? You may decide to give your garage the classic look by choosing red armchairs and carpet and then add a large flat-screen TV onto the wall or white pull-down screen to project onto. Ensure you purchase a good sound system and a refrigerator to store away essential snacks and goodies.

3. A Casino Bar

You will be the talk of your friends by turning your garage into a lounge bar and casino. By choosing to use the space in this way, it will become a great place to entertain guests and make a real statement to your home. Add a couple of roulette wheels and build a traditional bar with stools to give the room a glamorous and authentic feel.

4. Music Studio

If you have a teenager that is set on having a music career, why not turn the dull space into a professional music studio? Here they may decide to rehearse and record music. It would be best to install soundproofing to allow them to make as much noise as they wish...and avoid keeping the neighbours awake!

5. Toy Room

If you have young children, there is nothing worse than hundreds of toys dotted around your main living space. To be free of clutter, a family/toy room will keep the rest of your home looking elegant and tidy at all times.

If you don't have a garage with your home, or if your garage is already full and you'd like to store those items elsewhere so you can make use of extra room, why not rent a garage? At Lock Up Garages, we have garages across the UK. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information, or why not check out our other blog posts too.

Why You Need Extra Storage Space This Autumn

While spring is traditionally the season for cleaning, there's something about getting rid of clutter after the long summer holiday that can be particularly satisfying. Whether you're keen gardeners, love your summer sports or want to clear out the empty nest, affordable and accessible lock up storage can help you free your home from unsightly clutter.

You Can Keep the Things You Love

Kids off to uni? Chances are they won't have space to take everything that's currently cluttering up their room, but there are things they still can't bear to part with. If you want to restore a little order to your home, then storing all those items in a lock up garage can be the ideal way to get some space back while your kids will still be able to access their precious stuff 24 hours a day.

Put Away the Summer Tools

If you're a keen gardener you'll know how easy it is to accumulate all kinds of tools that are essential in the garden during the summer months, but then need to be stored over the winter. A shed can never match the security of proper storage, so why not house your summer tools where they'll be safe, watertight and secure?

Store Your Equipment

If you're the outdoorsy type then the summer is the time you indulge in all of your hobbies and pastimes from cycling in the Alps to snorkelling in the Caribbean. But once the holidays are over, you may have thousands of pounds worth of expensive gear that needs secure storage, but you simply don't have the space at home. That's when you need a secure and affordable lock up garage that's accessible 24/7 and will give you the peace of mind knowing that your prized Cervelo or that set of Titleist clubs are being properly stored without costing you a fortune.

'Just in Case' Clutter

Do you tend to hoard things 'just in case' they'll come in useful? Then if you're having a general autumn clear out now's the time to store all those useful items in a lock up garage. You'll have instant access to your treasures when you do finally need them without having spent more than they're worth on storing them.

Whether you're a hobbyist or a hoarder, an empty nester or a master gardener, we have the ideal storage solution for you with our lock up garages. Just find your nearest location with our handy site map and then contact us for more details.

Is Your Garage the Perfect Office Space?

When you moved into your current house, no doubt at the time it was perfect, and maybe you had a room in mind even more perfect for your home office space.  However, as time passes, children may burst into your life, or other situations cause for the room to be full of everything but your files, PC and work equipment.

Imagine your office being separate from your home, but still just a two second walk away. A place where you can be productive and organised, shut the door and lock out any noise, yet still be a part of the household and keep an eye on the kids- sounds like heaven? The perfect solution to your work and family needs could be the garage!

Space for Office Needs

Sometimes renting out an office space can be restrictive, giving you only a small amount of space, and often in a busy environment, with other people passing through and by your work space. Although this can be a great solution for many due to its convenience, and the fact that it is away from the home, giving you the feeling of going to work, for others it isn’t the peaceful haven enabling you to fully concentrate.

Many of these facilities also are manned by a reception and will only operate between certain hours- mostly working hours. Dependant on the nature of your work, you may get a creative burst in the evening or early morning. If you work at an external office, you don’t have the opportunity to open up the laptop and jot down your thoughts.


Renting an office space can rack up a hefty price tag, from the get-go. Before you even consider staffing, utility costs and even your lunch break the total you are spending can seem very daunting. If you choose to convert your garage into a home office, you avoid any of these financial scares!

By utilising your garage space, you don’t need to pay extra electric bills, extra maintenance, maybe even a cleaner- you don’t even have to think about the extra added costs of the coffees and lunch breaks- because if you are at home, your kettle is waiting to be boiled, and the bread is waiting to be made into a sandwich. You could even put a washing load in while you’re at it!

Your Designs

Another great benefit of having your own space for your office space is that you can do what you please with the interiors! If you need a space for clients to wait and have a coffee, you could create that space. Colours can make an enormous difference to the look of an office space with certain shades even proved to improve mood and productivity.

Consider what type of business you are running and whether you will have clients over for meetings and adjust the interiors around these factors. If you are a creative business, why not give a splash of colour and some plants?

Here at Lockup Garages, we can give you the alternative storage solution for your previous stored goods, vehicle or other items, so you can make the most of your home space. If you have been considering renting a lockup garage, we have garage units in over 1,000 various locations, so we are sure to find you a place for storage, and the new option of a home office!

If you would like to know any more information, you can view our map to see your nearest site, or simply get in touch with our team, who would be more than happy to discuss your needs further!

Why You Might Need to Clear Out Space at Home

Many of our customers choose to use a Lockup Garage as an alternative to self-storage when they need to make more space in their home. So, why do our customers need more space in their home and why is a Lockup Garage the perfect solution?

Growing Family

A new member of the family may mean that you need to find more space in the home. Perhaps you need to clear out the spare room that used to be filled with items that you couldn’t find a place for in order to set up a new nursery. Maybe you need to move some items into storage when you’re baby-proofing your home.

A Lockup Garage is ideal for this as it provides 24/7 access to items that you may want to store, but allows you to free up space in your home.

Flying the Nest

Fast-forward 18 years and you may be preparing to wave your children off as they embark on their next adventure at university. While they are leaving, they are sure to be returning at the end of term. This means that you will have an empty room that you may want to utilise for other purposes while your child isn’t using it.

You could use a Lockup Garage to store some of their belongings, allowing you to access the items at any time so you can put their room back together in time for their return!

Home Renovations

When you’re decorating it can be hard to find the space, especially when you’re trying to avoid damaging any of your furnishings or furniture. However, you won’t want to spend too much on storage when you only need it short term.

This is why a Lockup Garage could be a perfect solution as there is 24/7 access and you can use it for however long you need.

Moving Home

While you’re moving home, you may be buying items for your new place before you actually get into the house. Perhaps you’re downsizing so won’t be able to fit everything into your new house.

A Lockup Garage is the perfect solution as you can keep your belongings out of the way of the big move. You could even use it to store your boxes as you pack them, giving you more room to begin the move. With easy access whenever you need, you could pop in day or night to grab something from your storage or add something.

There are many reasons why you may need to clear some space in your home and a Lockup Garage could be the perfect solution to your storage needs. For more information about how you can rent one of our Lockup Garages, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 020 8882 8575 and we’ll be more than happy to help. Alternatively, you can fill out our online contact form and we will be in touch with you.


Transform Your Garage With Autumn Interior Design Trends

A garage isn’t just where you keep your car, it can also be a quiet haven for you to relax and unwind. And what better way of having your little corner of paradise than by ensuring its interior is stylish? There are a few autumn interior design trends that you can incorporate into your garage, so that you can start enjoying your garage.

So, what interior design trends can you expect to see during the autumn months so that you can incorporate them into your garage? We’ve compiled a small list to inspire you!

Dark Green Colours

Although autumn turns leaves into a combination of golds, browns, and reds, dark green colours are in this season. They are particularly striking when combined with natural wood furniture, and an accent of brass only adds to the overall aesthetic. If green isn’t your favourite colour, why not add it in only with small accessories?


Terra Cotta Tiles

You don’t have to completely DIY your garage into a different room in order to incorporate Terra Cotta tiles in the design. They can add a touch of cosiness to what could be a cold-looking room, and adding them to the wall helps you to achieve the style. If covering the wall isn’t your preference, simply add a line or two of tiles at the bottom of the wall to highlight the garage.


Geometric Patterns

Simple lines can go a long way, and geometric designs such as triangles can truly add a special look to your garage. Whether you prefer prints or you want to create your own geometric designs on walls with paint, you can easily add these patterns for a cohesive look.

Tropical Inspirations

Garages can be fun spaces for home theatres or hobby havens, and tropical accessories can really bring the fun to a potentially dull-looking area. Tropical prints, wallpaper, or paintings can add the character you’re looking for. You can also strategically place accessories such as pineapples, palm trees, and flamingoes for a touch of tropical paradise here and there. And if you really want to have a ‘wow’ factor, why not buy a tropical-inspired sofa for your garage?

These are just a few ideas to inspire you when creating your own space within your garage. If you want to transform your garage now but need the space, don’t worry! At Lock Up Garages we have all the storage space you could ever want. Just get in touch with our friendly team today to know more!

Top 5 Inspirational Garage Transformations

Garages are no longer just for storage, cars and that old junk you don’t know what to do with. Homeowners all over the world are creating exciting and practical spaces instead of the conventional vehicle storage. From home gyms to workshops, homeowners are pulling out all the stops to transform their garage into a creative area. For whatever reason, you may find yourself restricted for space, and the answer could be right on your doorstep…literally. In your garage!

1.From Carers to Chauffeurs Apartment

Some situations call for an extra hand in the home. Whether a cleaner, carer, driver or an extra family member staying for a while, sometimes your current space just isn’t enough. Especially when they are not family or even a carer, an ‘outhouse’ or a space not in the home would be a dream, right? Well, your garage could be the answer to all your space problems. By utilising this room, your helper could have their own space to do work, or keep their supplies while taking care of your loved one.

2. Mighty Microhome

As with any garage, yours probably doesn’t have heating or plumbing, but once you’ve dealt with this, you have the basis for a micro-home or a duplex! If your kids have graduated but you’re sick of them, their dirty pots and unwashed clothes, your garage is the answer!  You could give them the garage as their own personal space and even put a washing machine in there, so they can do all their chores themselves. If your garage is a separate entity from your house, you could even give it a second floor and turn it into a two-floored property!

3.Playing Around!

Children can be a lot to handle sometimes, especially in the summer holidays, and even worse when it’s raining. What do you do with excited, energetic and bored kids? Put them in the garage! Obviously after you have transformed it into a haven of toys, teddies and fun. The garage can be a multipurpose space, engaging the entire family in creative and physical play and activities. The space could allow anything from painting on canvases to rollerblading and could even hold swinging ropes and monkey bars. Plenty of space for entertainment and mess!


  1. Summer Celebrations

Summer is one of the most exciting seasons, and is certainly the time to get out in the garden and enjoy the space with family and friends. This might mean people staying over or a place to keep BBQ supplies and beverages. By transforming your garage into a summer house, you could have a space for you and the family to kick back and relax, and if the rain makes an appearance, the party can continue! When you don’t particularly want muddy feet and many people nipping in your house for party supplies, your newly transformed garage turned summer house is the perfect solution.

  1.  And Relax…

Life can sometimes be stressful, tiring and busy. And coming home to cooking tea, chores and dealing with more work or children probably won’t help any of the above. A space to call your own would be nice, right? Ever thought about transforming your garage into your own personal hub for you and your hobbies?

This space could be the perfect place to keep your painting equipment, your home gym, or even your PC and office space. Whether you are a blogger, an artist, a body builder, or a mum that just needs a place to read a book and have a glass of wine at night, your garage could be the answer.

Get rid of the old stuff in your garage by storing it in a lockup garage, and make way for all the new and exciting interior design ideas and furnishings.

If you need extra space for your car, we can supply a secure and safe garage space for it near your home.

If you would like to know any more information about what you can store in our garages, or where your nearest one is, simply check out our online map, and our rental agreement, or pick up the phone. We would love to discuss your requirements.

5 Great Ways to Make Space in Your Home

Space is an important commodity in the modern home, you pay more for a larger amount of space and as such, you may not always have all the space you need. However, just because you don’t have the physical space does not mean you have to live in cramped and cluttered conditions.

So, with no space in your home, how can you free up space in order to have a free and comfortable living space?

1 – Foldaway Desks

One of the biggest issues of modern living is the fact that your home is often used for both play and work. Having somewhere to do this work, however, can be much more difficult than the fun side of things. A full-sized desk does not have a place already assigned to it in the modern home. So, an alternative is needed.

A foldaway desk is a perfect solution to this issue. Available when you need it, but folded away on occasions that make space the more important commodity.

2 – Hang Everything

Random bits and bobs around the home can be one of the biggest issues for space saving exercises. Utensils on work surfaces, shoes on the floor and all sorts of other little bits and bobs hanging around. Hooks, small shelves and other such methods of hanging things from the wall is a perfect way to solve the issue of these lay-about items. It saves floor space and makes for a neater looking setup.

3 – Storage Bed

The bedroom can be the biggest but also the smallest space in your home. This is all down to the bed because although you may have a sizeable room much of the floor space will be taken up by your sleeping area. Thus, buying a bed with plenty of storage space underneath can be the perfect solution to quite a serious issue. Store bedding, towels and other necessities – or even clothes – to free up space in the rest of the room and also utilise the floor space for something other than just sleeping.

4 – Sofa Bed

If space is very limited, such as in an apartment, then combining your sofa and your bed is the most practical solution. Seating by day and sleeping by night, it’s a space saving solution on the tightest of budgets.

5 – Pet Storage

Pets can make our homes a lively and beautiful place to be, offering us comfort even on the rainiest of days. But, their various toys and equipment can end up taking up a lot of space. Hideaway eating areas or boxed furniture that hides the kitty litter are a few of the options you have to keep your pet’s necessities under wraps.

Of course, the best way to save space is to put all of your non-essential or collectable items into a garage for storage!

Providing expert garage renting in the UK, here at Lock Up Garages we will help you find the solution you need. You can also get in touch with our friendly team if you want to know more about how we can help you find storage solutions.

Top Tips to Organise Your Garage in Summer

We’ve all heard about spring cleaning and how it helps to start off the warm season with the right foot. If you were out and about enjoying the good weather and placed cleaning on the back burner, don’t worry! Summer is an ideal time to get everything in place before the cold weather, and it still gives you plenty of time to enjoy your garage and relax.

Where you visit your garage very sporadically or every day, organising it will help you find everything you need. So, what easy steps can you take to ensure your garage is organised this summer?

Help Yourself Find What You Need

Trying to find something you need and failing is a very frustrating feeling. It can be maddening to try to sort through piles and piles of your belongings, so ensuring that you have everything in its specific place will save you time.

Make sure that you organise smaller objects in labelled boxes or small organisers. Bigger things, if possible, can go on walls to keep them off the floor. Group similar items together in bins and make sure that the items that you access the most are at hand.


Transform Your Space

Have you ever dreamed of having a multi-purpose garage? Or perhaps you would like to have a space dedicated to a hobby that you love? When you free up floor space and utilise shelving units to their best use, you get the chance to explore other uses for your garage.

Whether you want to have a ‘man cave’, a home cinema, or a space completely dedicated to music, you can create your perfect room.

Organise Your Things

Clutter can be the bane of your existence. It’s so easy to just place things here and there and say ‘I’ll put them away later’ and then you never do. Take some time this summer to finish what you started and actually put your belongings away where they won’t bother you.

If you have valuable belongings in your garage, make sure to place them in storage boxes that resist any pest or mould from damaging them. Precious memories are to be treasured, and it can be heartbreaking to lose something you love.


Providing expert garage renting in the UK, here at Lock Up Garages we will help you find the solution you need. You can also get in touch with our friendly team if you want to know more about how we can help you find storage solutions.

Rare Items Found in Storage Units

Similar to garages, storage units provide ideal places for storing your belongings and possessions and to keep them safe. Many people buy storage units at auctions and, when they open them, what they find inside is often surprising. From vintage to very rare items, storage units can hide fantastic items that the world has been looking for for decades.

These are only a few examples of rare items found in storage units:

The First Superman Comic

Actor Nicholas Cage had his vintage comic book, “Action Comic No. 1stolen 11 years before it was found in a storage unit in Southern California. Worth approximately $1 million, the comic is the first Superman one. A man contacted Mark Balelo, a collectables expert, saying how he’d bought a storage locker and found the comic inside.


A Rocket

There are a few shows focusing on storage unit auctions and what people can find in them. Auction Hunters is another of those shows, and Allen Haff and Clinton "Ton" Jones were at auctions throughout Miami and Fort Lauderdale while filming their season in 2011.

What they found was a NASA countdown clock and a rocket in Miami, which they paid $1,500 for the storage unit. Often, rare and strange items such as these can be found in the thousands of abandoned storage units around the world.


James Bond’s Submarine Car

For less than $100 in 1989, a man bought the contents of a storage unit in Long Island. After he and his brother opened the unit the next time, they found a white sports car missing wheels and with a dented roof. Dough Redenius, co-founder of the Ian Fleming Foundation, stated that the brothers had no idea how valuable their discovery was.

The car was the famous submarine car used by James Bond in the film The Spy Who Loved Me, from 1977. Eight versions of this car appear in the film but only seven had been accounted for until this discovery. The car was later sold to Tesla founder Elon Musk for $1 million. 

Burt Reynolds’ Possessions

The actor acquired and collected both artefacts and memorabilia throughout his acting career and stored his possessions in storage units. He defaulted on his payment in 1999 and the units went up for auction. A group of people got together, however, and bought a lot of the items to found the Burt Reynolds and Friends Museum. These items included letters from other celebrities, Roy Rogers’ saddle, and honorary sheriff’s badges.

We provide secure storage for all of your (rare) possessions, so get in touch if you’re in need of a solution!

At the Drive In: Garages in Movies and TV Shows
Rick and Morty

The American animated series follows the life of dimension travelling grandad and scientist and his weird and wonderful lab in his garage. Originally starting as an animated short parody from Back To The future it has received both criticism and praise for its creativity, controversy, originality and humour. The garage serves as Ricks workshop where he stores his underground prison for aliens and occasionally performs the odd operation.

Santa Clarita Diet

Santa Clarita Diet is a horror and comedy Netflix series which explores the life of Sheila and Joel- Real estate agents from Santa Clarita. When Sheila takes a turn for the worst and transforms into a zombie who needs to eat human flesh, it’s safe to say their lives took a dark twist. In the series, Sheila uses a garage to set up her smoothie machine and a fridge to store her bodies. The series shows many garage scenes, including one when Sheila’s daughter steals a man’s motorbike and ends up killing him for her mother’s dinner. Everyone needs a balanced diet, right?

Bill and Ted

Maybe one of the most classic garage based films. This film dates to the late 80s and shows Bill and Ted, spending too much time in their garage, ending up travelling through time to gather historical figures for a school presentation. Keanu Reeves and Alex Winters garage is the setting of the scene for their rock band The Wyld Stallyns… until they blow the power.

Pirates of Silicon Valley 

You may have seen the new blockbuster film ‘Steve Jobs’ based on the rise of Apple, but this is the original biographical drama. This 1999 film spans the years between 91 and 97 and explores the rivalry between the Apple and Microsoft and the development and relationship between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Throughout the film we see endless arguments, quarrels and revelations in the garage space where the Apple computer was developed.

Breaking Bad

Back in around 2008, the entire world went mad for the show that saw Walter White begin producing and selling illegal drugs with his former student. It is now regarded as one of the greatest television series of all time, and by the end of the last series it was among the most watched shows on American TV, winning sixteen Emmy’s. Throughout the show we see numerous garage scenes, which are of prime narrative importance. From the scene where Hank punches Walter and where we see the huge amount of hidden money to the penultimate moment in Hanks garage where he discovered the truth behind Heisenberg, all these garage moments are key to this award-winning show.

Paranormal Activity 4

We are sure there are many horror movies that have creepy garage scenes, such as Scream and The Mist, but as the modern horror movie adapts, we see many found footage films coming onto our screens. Paranormal Activity hit cinemas in 2007 and has gone on to make six films in the franchise altogether. The fourth in the series saw a frightening scene where one of the main characters is trapped in the garage, and results in driving the car forcefully through the door. Don’t worry, you’ll never be locked in one of our lockup garages!

Providing the best garages for rent for our customers, we will make sure you find the right garage for you! (We also advise you don’t store dead bodies for blending, a huge amount of money from drugs, or experiment with dimensional travel whilst storing aliens)

Sometimes we can find that our homes are too small for all of the possessions that we accumulate in life. Or you may find that a new arrival to the family means you have to clear away a few key pieces of furniture until they’ve grown, exchanging the potentially hazardous glass coffee table for a baby changer for example. Buying a new home will undoubtedly cross your mind.

Instead, you should rent out a garage for storage. There’s no need for all the hassle of selling your home!

Storage Space

If you find the walls of your home are beginning to feel a little restricting, then it’s certainly time to consider a clear out of the many things that have piled up. However, there are plenty of items that you may simply find impossible to part with. Memories are priceless after all and you shouldn’t have to part with them in the name of space.

Some items are just in need of simple storage; particularly, photographs, memorabilia and even collectables. They are items that may have a great deal of meaning to you, but they do take up a lot of room in your home, and so storing them is the best solution. It could also save such precious memories in the case of fires, flooding or any other misfortunes that could befall your home. In the safety of an offsite garage, your memories will live on!

Extending Home

A garage can be seen as an extension of your home in many cases, as it means not having to give up either space or possessions in the pursuit of one another. If you have a two-bedroom house, you may consider upgrading to a three bed in order to gain that little bit of extra space. This can cost an incredible amount of money. For a much smaller fee each month you can rent a garage and gain the same amount of space, all without the hassle of moving or having to sell your current home.

Start a Business!

Being an entrepreneur from the comfort of your own home can be a highly freeing experience. It can also take up an incredible amount of space. For those who don’t want to mix business and pleasure, seeking a base outside of the home is an important step. However, renting storefronts can be a pricey exercise and one that many start-ups wish to avoid in the first few months of business.

A garage can be the perfect space to store stock away from the home, allowing you to have a base of operation so to speak. Much cheaper than renting out commercial space and a great help to getting your business off to a great start, without all of the usual high costs!

At Lock Up Garages, we specialise in providing garages for rent up and down the country. If you would like to find out more about any of our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team by calling 020 8882 8575 and we will be more than happy to advise you further.

Why a Garage is for More Than Just Cars
Why a Garage is for More Than Just Cars

We all know that traditionally garages are bought, built and used for storing your car.

However, we believe the space can be used for much more than just somewhere to keep your car warm and safe at night. Whether you use the area for its main purpose or not, it can serve as an exciting and innovative space for many other things. From a gym to an office space, or even a home cinema, a garage can be an inexpensive and convenient way to get the space you’ve always dreamt of. But in what way is a garage more than just storage room for your car?

Other Vehicles

It’s not just cars that need a home, other vehicles do too! You may be more of a two-wheel driver and sport a motorbike, or even a bicycle. These vehicles still need a place to live, and your garage could be the perfect place. By storing your bike in the extra space in the garage, you can save possible trips and slips over wheels and pedals in the hallway. You could even store all three vehicles in the garage, if the space is big enough. You could even invest in aa bike rack for the wall.

Wasted Space

If you don’t drive at all and have that extra space to your advantage, you can still put it to use. You don’t want the space to be wasted. There are all kinds of ways you can put the space to use, simply dependant on what you need to store. It may be a case of you just have a bit of clutter, and we know the statement “out of sight, out of mind” is true in this case. Whether it be some DIY tools, old children’s toys or bric-a-brac you are waiting to sell at the local car boot sale, a garage could be the perfect solution.


Office or Studio Use

Sometimes the house can be a disruptive place to work, especially if you have children, or even a dog. Sometimes the house may not even supply the kind of open space you require. A garage, if not in use by a vehicle, can be an excellent space to get into your work zone. Whether you are a painter, an accountant, or a joiner, by utilising the open space of a garage you can get some serious work done.

Home Gym

Monthly membership rates at a gym can be a bit steep, especially if you opt for a peak time membership. By using a garage space as a home gym, you won’t face any of these scary expenses, and you can visit the home gym at any time. Buying the equipment and stocking your own garage space out will work out much cheaper, and you can even bring friends round to take advantage of your new workout space.

Hybrid Room

The wonderful thing about a garage is that it can serve multiple purposes. If you are a jack of all trades, or simply have a lot going on, you could divide your garage up into different zones. One corner could be your office space, and the others could even be a workout zone, a corner for old clutter and the other for a sewing station or craft corner. Whatever you need the space for, garages tend to be big enough to use it for a variety of things.

At Lock Up Garages, we supply you with garages that serve many purposes, and all the above and more are feasible. If you would like to know any more information about our services and how our garages can help you out, simply get in touch. If you don’t have a garage at home, or even a car to store, a garage is much more than that and we would love to discuss how you can put our garages to use!




Six Famous Business That Started in Garages (Part 3)

Now some of the world’s biggest and most respected companies, their humble beginnings can all be traced back to garages.

Your garage is truly what you make of it!



Walt Disney has always had a big fascination and love for cartooning, which translated to an interest in being an animator. Today’s highest-grossing media conglomerate started at Walt Disney’s uncle’s house in 1923. The ‘First Disney Studio’ started in the garage, with productions such as the Alice Comedies, part of the original Alice in Wonderland, being filmed on the premises.

Yankee Candle Company

Michael Kittredge made his first candle at 16 years old in 1969 from melted crayons, to give his mother as a gift. As his neighbours started expressing interest, he started to make more and in four years moved out of the garage to a bigger building. The Yankee Candle Company is now the US’ largest scented candle manufacturer.



Steve Wozniak started developing the baseline for Apple personal computers, the Apple I, with Steve Jobs at the latter’s garage. Assembling the circuit boards, building parts, and constructing everything needed was done from the garage. They managed to build 50 computers by hand in just 30 days.  


Now the best search website in the world, Google started in Susan Wojcicki’s garage in 1998. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Stanford Graduate students, based their operations at the garage for five months while indexing websites and developing algorithms. They outgrew the garage in a year, taking Susan along as their Vice President of Product Management.



William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson worked out of a friend’s wooden shed in 1901 to build their motor-bicycle. The then equivalent to a garage was only 10 ft by 15 ft but they quickly expanded and formed their company in 1903. As the most well-known brand of high-octane and high-quality motorbikes, it seems hard to believe that their first prototype was for a small motored bicycle. 


Beginning the Dell Computer Corporation in his off-campus dorm accommodation in 1984, Michael Dell started building his computers while still at the University of Texas at Austin. When confident that his business would be successful, he dropped out of university and ran his business from his garage. His computers began to sell really well in 1985, making him a gross profit of $73 million just in that first year.


Providing the best possible garages for rent, at Lock Up Garages we’re sure you’ll find what you need. Simply get in touch if you have any questions!

5 of the Hidden Treasures Found in Garages

Have you ever wondered about the value of things that you keep in your garage? Or if other people have a hidden treasure hiding in their garage sale that they just don’t know about, perfect for you to discover and make a profit from for yourself? Well, some people have managed to do that by buying some of the strangest objects you might imagine. Not your usual garage sale buys in the slightest.

So, what are some of the weirdest things that people have found in their garages that turned out to be a treasure?

16th Century Oil Painting

Have you ever watched the comedy series Are You Being Served? British comedy at its finest and the reason one man decided to buy a random painting, because it reminded him of his favourite character from the series. It was only later that he chose to translate a French inscription that he discovered it was actually a 1573 painting by the painter Francois Quesnel. Having it appraised he found that it was worth an estimated £5,000!

Not bad for a painting reminiscent of a sitcom.

Original Avengers Artboard

For comic book fans, this will create a great sense of jealousy. One little girl ventured to a garage sale and discovered some uncoloured drawings, wanting to colour them in she had her stepfather buy them for her. However, before he let a crayon touch paper he had the thought that perhaps the drawings would be worth something. They were: around $48,000. Unfortunately, they had also been reported stolen and arrests followed (though they were later released).

Declaration of Independence

Kind of. It wasn’t the official declaration locked up behind many layers of security, only accessible to the likes of Nicholas Cage, but a version of it. Many writers have a first draft, but the Declaration of Independence is perhaps one of the only documents with around 200 copies. John Quincy Adams commissioned 200 copies in 1820 to ensure it remained intact and independence was preserved no matter what, which this garage sale find just happened to be. Worth a reported $477,000: it seems there is a price for freedom after all.

Ancient Treasure

Looking for a new fruit bowl to act as the centrepiece of your dining table? Well, be careful what you put into your £2 garage sale finds as you may accidentally be using ancient treasure. Instead of a pretty bowl, it was actually a 1,000-year-old Chinese treasure. It’s quality and intact state meant that it sold for approximately £2.2 million… a profit made one million times over.

At Lock Up Garages, we specialise in providing garages for rent up and down the country. If you would like to find out more about any of our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team by calling 020 8882 8575 and we will be more than happy to advise you further.


With temperatures rising, it’s essential that your possessions are safe inside your garage. After all, the heat can ruin them easily and when you put things in storage, you want them to be safe at all times; the last thing you want is to be constantly stressing about whether or not they’re getting damaged!

However, no amount of careful thinking will help if you are storing items that should never be kept in a garage. We have already looked at some of these items, such as books and wood, so what else shouldn’t you store in your garage?


This beverage always needs to be stored in the appropriate place, which is why many wine lovers invest in their own cellar. However, you don’t need to build a cellar in your home in order to keep your wine safe – you just need to avoid storing it in the garage, especially in summer! When wine becomes too warm, the taste won’t be the same. In addition, both the wine and the wine can expand, which will allow air to enter the bottle and, of course, ruin the wine!

Vinyl Records

You might not have a lot of space in your home for your vinyl collection, but your garage should never be on top of your list for storing records. Mice and other critters nest in celluloid, and mould and mildew can grow on the surface of the vinyl and on the paper case, completely ruining them. Also, the heat will ruffle and coil the materials, rendering your records useless.


Again, it might seem like a good idea to store old or unused mattresses in the garage (out of sight, out of mind), but this couldn’t be further from the truth! Mattresses become exposed to a variety of unpleasant things while there, from rodents and insects to dust and humidity. No matter how insulated the garage is, you still run the risk of damaging the mattress.


Storing paintings in a garage is also never a good idea, especially if they’re valuable! With the humidity and heat levels always present inside garages, you would be exposing them to differences in temperature and wetness – this, of course, will not do your paintings any favours. These delicate items should be stored in more appropriate locations, in order for them to not become damaged.


Garages are great places to store (nearly) everything, so take a look at our lock-up garages and how they can help you keep your possessions safe and organised!

How to Efficiently Organise Your Garage

Summer is almost here and so you may be beginning to think about all of the things that you will be buying and need to store. Whether it’s a new bike or something a little more exotic, making a room for your summer purchases is an important task. Or you may just want to give your garage a good old clean, either way, you will need a plan of action to get your organisation underway.

Here are some tips to get you started:

Box It

It may seem obvious, but many people struggle to find space in the garage as they have piled items into the space without thought over a long period of time. You may be surprised by how much space you can actually save by putting these ragtag items into boxes. Boxes neatly stack away, hold a plethora of things that you might not want to have just lying around and make moving all of your items that much easier next time.

Start from Scratch

This one is a high effort and high reward method. The idea is that you take everything out of the garage, then meticulously go through and place it back inside in a much more space-saving fashion. This method also means that for a time you have a free garage which you can spruce up in itself to make the space feel new. A bit of paint could be the perfect solution to do just this, especially if its white as it can help your space feel like a much bigger space.

Sort Your Items

Sometimes, grouping your items together can be the best way to sort your garage and make it much more accessible. Group together everything of the same type – i.e. your bikes, files and other similar items – and designate them a particular area of the garage. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous you can even label all of these and put in them in alphabetical order. This is the path to a super organised garage.

Delete the Waste

Of course, a final way you can organise your garage is by eliminating some of the items altogether. Throw away the excess items that you no longer have a need for. Take the time to finally part with that long-forgotten gym equipment, the rusty outdoor benches or other miscellaneous items you forgot you even had. Start throwing and save today!

At Lock Up Garages, we specialise in providing garages for rent up and down the country. If you would like to find out more about any of our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team by calling 020 8882 8575 and we will be more than happy to advise you further.

Spring Clean Your Garage

So, get your gloves and cleaning supplies and get ready to deep clean your garage!

Follow these three simple steps and you’ll be finished in no time:



Garages tend to get cluttered very quickly, which makes it difficult for you to navigate and find what you need. Clutter can become dangerous, as you can trip over something and seriously injure yourself. In addition, if you happen to have any mould in your garage, you might not be able to see it due to having piles and piles of your belongings.

Make sure to remove what you don’t use and don’t need, so that you can have more space in your garage. You can give away items you don’t need to charity, and be sure that someone in need will appreciate them.



After decluttering, make sure to thoroughly clean your garage. Allergens are particularly harmful, and dust or mould need to be taken care of so that you don’t develop or worsen any health issues. With asthma being a big concern, ensure that every object is properly cleaned. You might not have realised that your cardboard boxes have developed mould, so check them all individually.

Sort through your possessions and make piles of what you don’t need. Donate them to charity or to friends, to make sure that they are still utilised and not wasted!



Take some time to think about how you want to organise your belongings. Do you need shelving? More boxes? How often do you need to access what belongings? An efficient system will ensure that your possessions occupy less space and that you can reach them quickly when you need them.

Label boxes, shelves, and everything else. You’ll find that you’re more organised and the effects will be seen on your mood. An organised garage leaves you less stressed and worried, and you can relax and focus on what matters to you!

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a long process. Start small and work your way up to the bigger items for an efficient organisational method. If you need a garage to storage your growing amount of possessions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! Our friendly team is always available to answer any questions you might have, providing you with the best possible service.

How to Prevent Mould in Your Garage

This could be down to poor drainage, ventilation, and little natural light, all of which are a haven for mould growth, as mould thrives in damp, dark environments.

Mould is removable but you want to be able to prevent it forming as best as you can; here are a variety of ways on how to prevent mould from forming in your garage.

Dehumidifier -  Installing a dehumidifier will lower the moisture levels in your garage. Water is a large factor in what causes mould, and so reducing the water within will reduce the risk of mould. A healthy level of humidity should be between 30-50% of the room, any higher than this will be a danger sign of mould to fest.

Natural light and air – if you can, open your garage door for a couple of hours a day to keep fresh air spreading throughout the space. Adequate ventilation will reduce the risk of mould forming and spreading.

Dry area – you should remove any standing water which you come across in your garage. Wipe any surfaces using a sponge to soak up any moisture to lower the risk.

Shelves – try not to keep your items on the floor and keep them on shelves if possible. This is to prevent moisture infesting your belongings which will spread throughout your garage.

Roof – check your roof is in good condition as if there are any gaps, water will find its way through. On days where the weather is very bad, this can cause a problem. This combined with bad ventilation will be a huge cause for mould to form and that is what you want to prevent. Also check your garage door too, as a lot of the doors rarely have a tight seal to the floor when shut, which allows water to get in.

Replace Cardboard – cardboard and wood are prime objects for mould to form from, this is due to the items insulating and capturing moisture in the air which forms the mould and it spreads from there. Cardboard and wood get damp very easily and quickly which is certainly not what you want in this sort of environment. Replacing these two with plastic will eliminate the risk of that happening, preventing mould from forming.

Waterproof paint – Using waterproof paint on the walls or concrete will stop moisture from sticking and forming, which is another prevention for mould to form.

Mould growth not only damages the structure of the garage but also its containments. If mould has formed it can be removed by scrubbing thoroughly with bleach and warm water, after which, drying thoroughly, but you must take safety precautions if doing so. However, if you take these points into consideration, you should be able to prevent mould from forming in your garage.

Your Office in a Storage Unit?

Storage units are fantastic for a large number of applications, from helping you make the best garage sale ever to serving as a workshop space. They are also ideal for business! Your lockup garage can give you all the extra room you need to conduct your business, whether in terms of storage or in regard to actual office space. And the best thing about storage units is that they are extremely cost-effective, saving you the money of renting office space somewhere else! 

Store Your Office Away

If you’re running a business from home, having extra space can go a long way! If you’re storing desks, documents, boxes, etc., in your own home you might quickly run out of available space – however, if you keep the essentials at home and store the rest (such as equipment) in a separate location, storage units can free up space and allow you to operate your business in a much roomier place. This way, your business won’t take over your home!

In addition, you can keep stock in self-storage, which means that you don’t need to worry about storing products in your home until you sell them. Other items you can store include bulky promotional displays, tools and equipment and archives.


Work from Your Lockup Garage

If, on the other hand, you don’t want to conduct business from home, you also have the option of working from your self-storage unit. The advantages this brings are many. Not only will you have plenty of space for everything you need, but you’ll also have all the necessary peace and quiet to focus on work. Your home-life can get in the way of work, so keeping the two things separate can be more productive!

There are many types of businesses you can run from your storage unit, such as eBay reseller, arts and crafts, mechanic, photo studio, video editing, and much, much more. The options are limitless and can help you achieve the results you’re looking for, whether you’re just starting out, you own a small business or you’re looking to expand.


Many start-ups begin in garages and storage units (and whole shows are even dedicated to them!), which just goes to show the importance these units play in our everyday lives. They might have originated as a way for homeowners to store items that were taking up too much space at home, but now they have a lot of different purposes – using them as an office is only one amongst many!

Take advantage of our amazing prices and fantastic garages to take your business to the next level – we’re always here to answer any queries you might have, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

How Normal Are Your Garage Storage Habits?

Everyone is different, and we know that many of our customers use their garages for different reasons. So how much do you have tucked away in your garage? Take our quiz and find out how normal your storage habits are! Just give yourself a point for every item you keep in your garage and tot up your total at the end to find your score.

1. A car.

2. A bike, or maybe even bikes!

3. Tins of paint – may still be just about usable, but it’s fairly likely that you’ll never use it again!

4. Large cardboard boxes – these may be the boxes that your large appliances arrived in, or may just be from when you moved house.

5. An old workbench – it may have been years since you last used it, but you never know when you’ll need to make a set of shelves again!

6. An item of sporting equipment from a long lost sporting dream – this could be anything from a tennis racket to a hockey stick, you may not have used it for 10 years but you can’t face the idea of throwing it away!

7. A very large, heavy television set from the 90s – seriously, who throws a TV set away… and how?

8. Piles of dust sheets – well, where else are you going to store them?

9. Roughly 243 instruction manuals from gadgets you no longer own.

10. An old sweet tin or ice cream tub filled with screws and nails.

11. At least one large piece of old furniture from the 80s that will never see the light of day again.

12. Old Christmas decorations that don’t quite meet the cut for being stored in the attic.

13. An Allen key for every occasion, and probably at least three of each size.

14. A ladder of some description.

15. A selection of cleaning supplies that may be at least 10 years old.

0 – 1: Do You Even Need a Garage?

You have so little in your garage, you might as well not have it! Are you sure a cardboard box wouldn’t do the job?

2 – 4: You’re a Minimalist

You like to keep your garage looking neat and tidy and free of clutter.

5 – 8: Very Normal

You have a perfect balance, making great use of your garage, but you can still move around in there!

9 – 11: You Must be a Hoarder

Your garage is a little on the full side! That’s what it’s there for, keep storing!

12 – 15: You Need a Clear Out Now!

Are you able to even get into your garage?! It might be time for a clear out…


Whether you garage storage habits are normal or not, here at Lockup Garages, we’re not judging. You can find out more about renting a garage from us by getting in touch with us. Just give us a call on 020 8882 8575 or fill out our online enquiry form and we will be in touch.

How to Organise a Garage Sale

A garage sale can be fun, a way to declutter your home and best of all, profitable. It can be a fun and rewarding experience for anyone that organises one of these fantastic days. However, it is important that you get the planning right leading up to the event to have a truly great day. Organisation is a key component of a perfect garage sale.

So, how do you organise the perfect garage sale that will get you lots of sales?

Put Up Signs

If people do not know there is going to be a garage sale, rather obviously, they will not turn up to one. There is an element of marketing your sale that is vital for a successful day. It may be a bit of extra effort and time, but it will be worth it to create more footfall to your sale.

Arrow signs can also be a fantastic idea to lead people to the sale, as the easier you are to find, the more people that are likely to actually find you.

Use Tables

No one wants to buy something off of the floor – unless that’s it’s natural placing – so putting a few tables out is the best way to go. You look more professional and it makes browsing much easier for your customers. They don’t even actually have to be tables, you could pile up a few of the boxes you have lying around or make do with whatever table-like objects you have lying around.

Have a Free Section

Sometimes, you don’t actually want to sell everything that you want to be rid of at a garage sale. Or at least you’re not too fussed if they are purchased for the attractive price of £0.

A free section, or a whole box depending on your generosity, also makes people more inclined to make a purchase. It seems a greater bargain to buy something, then get an added extra on top of that for no cost.

Fair Pricing

Don’t overcharge. Of course, you want the most money for your own benefit. But, ultimately people won’t expect to have to pay a huge amount for second-hand goods. Having a pricing strategy that is fair to both you and your potential customers, then, is important. If you want more money for a certain product, try a buy one and get one free strategy in order to ensure value for money.

At Lock Up Garages, we specialise in providing garages for rent up and down the country. If you would like to find out more about any of our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team by calling 020 8882 8575 and we will be more than happy to advise you further.

Great Storage Unit Moments on Film and TV
Storage units are becoming more and more popular, and movies and TV series are reflecting this. There are countless amazing moments captured on film that feature self-storage units – some are scary, some are serious, others are hilarious.
There are many great self-storage scenes, so cutting them down to a manageable list was difficult! Take a look below at the films and TV shows we think portrayed the units in amazing ways:
Breaking Bad
This show is responsible for many pop culture references and has already become a classic! Skyler is unable to launder the large amounts of money coming into her car wash, so she does the obvious: she rents a storage unit and hides it there. This scene is one of the most iconic, especially with both Skyler and Walter staring at the huge pile of cash and wondering what to do with it…

Storage Wars

No one can speak as fast as the auctioneers of Storage Wars! The speed with which they spell out names and numbers is truly astonishing, especially because they can keep track of who’s bidding at all times! But viewers who tune in to watch the show do it mainly for one reason (apart from the drama happening on-screen): to see the contents of the storage units being unveiled.

What will be inside? Will the bidders find valuable objects? Or will the unit be empty? Part of the popularity and excitement of the show is peeking inside locked units and see the treasures hidden inside.

Arrested Development

An incredibly funny show that had a huge following, Arrested Development saw the adventures and misadventures of the Bluth family, and one of the most iconic moments is just in the second episode. Michael believes that his father, George Sr, is still conducting business from prison, so he tries to get inside his storage unit to find out more.

The unit is completely burned down, however, as George Sr was intent on destroying evidence, and so sent a former convict-turned-employee to do the job.

Silence of the Lambs

Who can forget this psychological thriller that is now a cult classic? The whole film was tense and scary, and that famous scene in the storage unit was no different. Dr Hannibal Lecter sends Clarice to a storage unit that ends up playing a crucial role in the film; without it, the young FBI trainee would never have found what ended up becoming a pivotal clue for her case.

Storage units are not only popular in real life, as they’re just as important in films and TV shows. If you are looking for storage solutions, we have exactly what you’re looking for – with great prices and offers as well!

How To: Spring Clean Your Garage

Spring is the perfect time of year to think about all those things you keep in your Lockup Garage and how you can better use the space. So, if you’re looking to give your garage a good spring cleaning, make sure to take a look at our tips to get you started.

Cleaning Supplies

Declutter Your Space

The best place to start is decluttering your garage in order to cut down on what you keep in your garage. You are likely to find a number of items that you no longer need or want, enabling you to clear some space for other, more important things.

Why not move everything out of your garage and take an inventory as this will give you a clearer idea of the things you may want to hold on to and the things to get rid of.

Get Cleaning

Once everything is out of your garage, this is the perfect opportunity to get to cleaning! Sweeping the floor is always a good place to start, especially if you don’t fancy doing much else. Not only will the space look better, it also means that the items you store are less likely to be soiled when it comes time to retrieve them from storage.

Sort Out Zones

Depending on what you want to store in your garage, it may be beneficial to arrange zones for your storage. It is wise to organise things based on how often you are likely to need access to them. The items you need access to the most should be easily reached so you don’t have to re-organise every time you need to retrieve something.

Label Everything

To make things easier for yourself, you could create labels for any boxes you have. This way, you don’t have to go searching for things every time you want to find a particular item.

Have a Sale

If you have items that you no longer need or want, you could make a little extra cash by taking them to a car boot sale. Alternatively, charity shops are often looking for donations – you may need to check what they are willing to accept before making the trip.

Having a good spring clean can make your Lockup Garage feel like new, so why not jump on the season and make the most of it!

At Lock Up Garages, we specialise in providing garages for rent up and down the country. If you would like to find out more about any of our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team by calling 020 8882 8575 and we will be more than happy to advise you further.


You’re probably used to see your garage as a space where you can store anything you can’t, or won’t, have in the house. That’s true to a certain point. There are certain items that shouldn’t be stored in any garage, especially because it’s not a room that is climate-controlled. It also can’t keep critters and pests away.

Take a look at some of the things you should never keep in your garage:



Your garage is not the best place for books. This is because it’s likely the space will be subjected to changes in temperature, poor ventilation, pests and humidity, which will do paper no favours… When placed in a humid environment, books will become weaker and mouldy. If you do not have any other option than to store your books in your garage, make sure to wrap your books in waterproof containers.


It might seem like a good idea to store leftover paint in your garage, but if you plan on using it again, avoid it! garages are typically warm in summer and cold in winter, and these extremes can ruin the paint – even if it’s properly sealed. If placed on the floor, paint cans will also become rusty very quickly.


Canned Food

Storing food in your garage is never a good idea, but neither is storing canned food. With temperatures higher than 21oC, your food will have a shorter shelf life and, when they reach 35oC, the food will spoil very quickly. As for low temperatures, if they happen to freeze they won’t spoil – however, their quality might diminish.



Objects made from wood, like furniture, should never be stored in a garage. Wood is fragile and susceptible to humidity: the wood fibres swell and contract with the moisture in the air, which can lead to cracks. Wood is also vulnerable to pests, which can ruin your furniture.


Also because of the humidity levels in your garage, electronics should not be stored there. No matter what they are, TVs, computers, DVD players, etc., avoid the garage unless you don’t intend to use them anymore.


We love that you want to store everything in your garage, but the truth of the matter is that that’s not possible. If you do, make sure that you can control the moisture and temperature of the room, to avoid finding your possessions ruined! Contact us to learn more about our storage solutions and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

The Different Type of Garage Users

A garage can be a great storage solution for many different reasons. For this reason, we offer a number of different locations to suit the many reasons you may have for using Lock Up Garages for storage.

So, what are the different types of garage users are typically storing their treasures in our lock up garages?

The New Parent

Bringing new life into the world is beautiful, a moment you will never forget. However, this new life also comes with a lot of space that is suddenly taken up in your home. This means you need to find space for all of the unnecessary items in your home, but that you don’t quite have the heart to give away.

A garage is a perfect place to store these items, as you either save to upscale your home to fit the items again or your child grows to allow the items space back in your home.

The Mover

Sometimes, moving to a new home can be a lengthy process – especially if you are having to sell one home and buying another. As such, you may find that you need to move into temporary accommodation in the meantime. This may mean downsizing in return for convenience. As such, you will need somewhere to store the items. A lockup garage is the best solution for this, as it will give you a perfect place for you to leave your possessions until you are ready to move.

The Downsizer

Or you might be downsizing your home permanently. In which case, you need space to store all of the furniture that no longer fits until you sell it or move again. For those pieces of furniture that are too large, but are perhaps family heirlooms, then this is the best way to hold on to them for future family members.

The Memory Keeper

Some may say this is ‘hoarding’, but holding on to memories is one of the best ways to commemorate a lifetime of achievements and memories. However, you don’t want these to block up space in your home and so having an external storage solution for this is the best solution. All of your memories can be kept in one space, conveniently located for you to explore your history whenever you choose.

If you would like to find out more about any of our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our friendly team by calling 020 8882 8575 and we will be more than happy to advise you further.

Making the Most of a Small Space

Garages tend to be on the smaller side as a rule. There’s always the exception, of course, but most of the time you’ll have to store your car or your possessions, as well as installing a workshop for your DIY projects, in a tight space. We understand how frustrating this can be, which is why we want to help you make the most out of your garage so that you can enjoy it to its fullest!

But how can you take advantage of your space?



Maximising your vertical space is one of the best ways to make the most of a small room. A great way to do it is by shelving from floor to ceiling, which can service as a storage area – and avoid boxes everywhere! And if your garage has rafters you can even pay down some boards and use the new space and storage of bulky items, such as bicycles or surfing boards.

You can also install cabinets in the garage to place all of your tools. Not only will your floor be uncluttered, but everything will be a lot more organised. And easy to find!



Don’t you wish you could just pick up a shelving unit, a bin or workbench and move it somewhere more convenient where you don’t have to keep elbowing your parked car when you move? A great solution to this is to place wheels on them so that you can turn stationary units into mobile ones.

You can move them all around and away from walls, for instance, to create a much-needed temporary workspace – or even move them out of the garage for bigger projects.



The last thing you want to do is organise every single screw, nut, and bolt into labelled boxes or drawers. It might be a tedious and time-consuming process; however, it allows you to keep your garage organised so you don’t have to keep searching for this or that. This also means you won’t have to move everything out of the way everything you want to find nails, fishing poles or wires.

In a small garage, the best thing to do is to ensure your tools and other objects are all visible or, at least, in clearly labelled storage units. Otherwise, it can be a pain to even move around the space!


Extra Storage

If you still find this is not enough and you simply have too many things, don’t despair! A lock up garage can be a fantastic solution to any of your storage needs, given that you can move everything that is currently cluttering your garage to a difference space.


Make it your 2017 resolution to keep your garage in tip-top shape! Take advantage of every available space by following these tips – we’re confident you’ll soon be enjoying your ‘new’ garage if you do! Contact us today to learn more about our lock up garages and how you can benefit from having one.

Converting Your Garage: What NOT to Do

Converting your garage can be a long process, as there are many things that you need to consider and do in order to convert it well. There are plenty of things that you should do when converting a garage, but also many things that you shouldn’t do. Unfortunately, sometimes it is easy to not realise the difference between the two.

So, what shouldn’t you do when converting a garage for more uses?

DON’T Knock Down Walls

Walls are the support system that holds up your home – the same can be said for the garage. If you remove one, without properly consulting a professional, then you may discover that you have in fact removed a load bearing wall. This would eventually lead to the roof of your garage collapsing entirely as there would be nothing to support the roof.

If you are considering removing a wall you should first consult a building inspector, ensuring that it is not a wall which will negatively affect the integrity of the building once removed.

DON’T Cover Ventilation

It is tempting to cover anything that mars or otherwise disturbs a wall. However, you should resist this temptation when it comes to ventilation. Often, garages do not have windows and unless you plan to insert some in your garage then covering ventilation panels can be very dangerous. This is especially true if you plan to use your garage as a workshop or for other uses that will create a build-up of dust or debris.

Ventilation is irreplaceable for your long-term health and the safety of your garage – so, don’t cover them!

DO Check Building Approval

Sometimes converting a garage without the approval of your local governing body can be illegal. This changes depending on the size of your garage, what you are converting it for and other such factors. You should seek out the advice of local authority and determine whether your proposed alterations will need permission.

If so, your conversion may need to wait until this planning permission gains legality.

DO Hire a Professional

Hiring a professional is the obvious answer when converting a garage; it helps to reduce the likelihood of a mistake occurring due to DIY. This is especially the case when it comes to electrical wiring and plumbing. One mistake with either of these can lead to serious, life-threatening, problems and so you should always seek professional help.

It will also likely be completed much faster with professional help, as they are more likely to know what they are doing and will be able to work faster.

If you want to know more information, then please don’t hesitate to contact us. Just give us a call today on 020 8882 8575 and one of our incredibly friendly members of staff will be more than happy to help.

Prepare Your Garage for 2017: Top Things to Throw Away

With 2017 just around the corner, many people are thinking about their New Year’s resolution. The team here at Lock Up Garages suggest you start the year off by clearing the clutter out of your garage!

We know that it can be hard to let go of some of the items, but it’s for the greater good, we promise! Every time you get sentimental, just think of all that space you’ll free up.

We’ve complied a list of some items that we think you should consider throwing away before going into the New Year.

Things That Are Broken or Out of Date

This may sound obvious to some, but once you start going through the contents of your garage, you’ll find that quite a few items are either broken or out of date.

That power tool you bought many moons ago has seen better days and that saw from the last millennium has gone blunt. Many of the tools you will find in your garage will be rendered useless if you tried to do a spot of DIY with them now.

So, it’s probably best to start to sort through those tool boxes, you’ll be shocked at just how much ends up in the bin!

You’d also be surprised at just how many things that you store in your garage have a use by date. Things like cleaning products, motor oil, paint and batteries all have a set lifespan. So, if it’s gone off, get rid! 

Unused Sporting Equipment

With the kids grown up and addicted to video games, that skateboard and the decaying football goal are probably not going to be used again. So, why not donate them to a charity shop, or simply take them down the local landfill?

More often than not, sports equipment are awkwardly shaped items that can be difficult to store.

You’ll be shocked at just how much space you can save once you start getting rid of all the sporting goods you’ve accumulated over the years. 

The Unfinished Project

Remember that project you started years ago, but you never got around to finishing it? It’ll probably have some sort of sentimental value to you as it was started with good intentions.

But as we find out, life gets in the way of things sometimes and the likelihood is the project is never going to get finished.

It’s probably time to let go of it and save some space in your cluttered garage!

Outdated Electronics

With technology evolving so quickly in the 21st century, we find ourselves constantly upgrading our electronic goods. The replaced electronics usually end up condemned to a lifetime in the garage, rotting away.

The bulky old TV, endless game consoles and speaker set you’ve got stored away in your garage can take up a whole lot of space!

You’re probably never going to use them again so it’s time to get rid and better utilise the space you gain. 

The Collectables

Any hoarders among us can relate to this one, some people have large collections of memorabilia that is worth a pretty penny.

Others have masses of objects that have been accumulated over time, that may have little street value, but huge sentimental value.

The only problem with these kind of items is that they usually take up vast amounts of space!

If you can afford to use that space, then by all means hold on to those prized possessions. If not, maybe it’s time to quit the hoarding and let go!

If you’re looking for storage solutions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with an expert here at Lock Up Garages. You can call us on 020 8882 8575 or simply fill in our online enquiry form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Merry Christmas From Everyone at Lockup Garages!

Merry Christmas From Everyone at Lockup Garages!

It’s that time of year again, and here at Lockup Garages we’re getting pretty excited for another Christmas spent stuffing ourselves full of all the very best festive foods and drinks! So this seems like the perfect time to wish all of our customers a very happy Christmas!

We want to share our Christmas wishes with all of our valued customers who have made it possible for us to have such a great, successful year.

Here at Lockup Garages, we have had a fantastic 2016 and have had the opportunity to work with a huge number of great people. We can’t wait to get stuck into 2017 with all of our current customers as well as with new customers – we just know it’s going to be a good one!

We expect to continue to deliver the very best in garage rentals and customer service, so you can count on us in 2017. Make sure you also continue to check out our blog where you will be able to find plenty of tips and advice, making your life easier!

So, for now, we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We hope you have a wonderful festive period and we’ll see you again in the New Year.

If you would like to find out more about any of our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our friendly team by calling 020 8882 8575 and we will be more than happy to advise you further.



Even More Unusual Items Found in Garages

We at Lock Up Garages like it when we find stories across the UK, and even across the world, of very unusual items being found in people’s garages, as they would be the least likely place to find these items in a traditional sense.


We have started off in one of our previous blogs called ‘The Most Unusual Items Found in Garages’, so it’s now the time to carry on with the second part to this mini series.


A WW1 Military Arsenal


In September 2014, a man from St. Albans in Herefordshire was arrested for a military arsenal within his garage. It turned out that the man has been digging up and collecting artillery, ammunition, and anything associated with the military from WW1, and even parts from WW2, for over 40 years.


Apparently, the bomb disposal unit was called in to examine the collection to make sure none of it could be used. Eventually, the entire collection was destroyed.

 photo Old20Gun20-20iStock_000012316474_Medium_zpsyhx35u6m.jpg

An 18th Century Jewish Manuscript


Some of the strangest items that can be found are ones that have a religious significance, as you would naturally wonder why it would ever be in someone’s garage.


A garage in the Greater Manchester town of Bury was actually a home for such an item. It turned out that when the owner of the garage was clearing out their house and garage, they found a 300 year old Jewish manuscript in a cardboard box. The manuscript was written in Jewish religious text, possibly something that could have been passed down from previous generations.



A 1968 Chevrolet Corvette


In Colorado Springs in 2011, a woman passed away and passed on her entire estate to her next door neighbours. It turned out that, when the neighbours went next door to check out the house and garage, they discovered a 1968 Chevrolet Corvette.


It was reported that the original owner of the car bought it with some money that she won in Las Vegas. The car itself had clocked just under 3,000 miles, which is astonishing considering the fact that the car is currently 48 years old.


In the end, the vehicle was auctioned off for a whopping £75,000!

 photo Sixties20Car_zpsirlaarll.jpg

And there you have it! Who knows, if you have a rummage through your garage, you might find some weird and wonderful treasures within your garage. At Lock Up Garages, we specialise in providing high quality garages to a multitude of customers.


If you want to know more information, then please don’t hesitate to contact us. Just give us a call today on 020 8882 8575 and one of our incredibly friendly members of staff will be more than happy to help.


Following our recent post on frequently asked questions, we decided it would be handy for you to have even more of your queries on our services answered.


What Is The Minimum/Maximum Lease On A Garage?


Most people who rent with us choose to enter into an on-going quarterly agreement, which will run for as long as you need our services.


If you are looking for a short-term rental, we do offer a one month rental, although this may be subject to a one-off administration fee of £25.00.


If you find that after the initial month of renting, that you require a longer-term lease on your secure storage facility, we would be more than happy to extend the rental agreement for you. 


We offer a flexible approach to our leases, and we are willing to help secure the right storage facility for you, to fit your budget and requirements.






What Locations Do You Have Storage Facilities For Rent?


We are proud to have the largest portfolio of lock-up garages in the whole of the UK. Our collection boasts around 14,000 garage units, which are available on over 1,000 different locations.


We have storage space all over the country, from Plymouth to Nottingham. Our service also covers the entirety of London and extends down onto the south coast near Brighton and Eastbourne.


If you’d like to see a detailed map of our locations click here.


If you don’t happen to find a storage facility in your desired location on our map, please feel free to contact us, as we keen to continue adding units to our portfolio.



What Can I Put In My Lock Up Garage?


Simply put, anything that will fit!


Our storage facilities are designed primarily for vehicles, but our storage facilities are fit to serve almost any domestic purpose.


If you are looking for a secure place to store your work tools, our storage facilities across the country could be the answer to your storage needs.


Our current clients use their lock-up garages for a wide variety of reasons, from storing excess furniture following a downsize in house to keeping their vehicle in a safe place overnight or while on holiday.


Whatever your needs, we pride ourselves on offering a hassle-free, streamlined service.



If you would like any more information, feel free to call one of our friendly experts on 020 8882 8575, who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


Alternatively, you can submit an online quick enquiry here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Is Your Garage Winter-Proof?

The cold has begun to set in, winter is officially on the horizon and soon we will all be singing a merry tune as the festive season takes hold. Now is the time for preparing for the season, both by buying a holiday turkey and doing the maintenance needed to ensure your assets aren’t frozen. This includes sorting out your garage.

Lots of stuff can accumulate over the year. After Christmas, you will need all of the extra space you can get, so you need to do a little bit of spring cleaning early! But, it’s also important to ensure that your garage is winter proof and that all your wonderful possessions are protected.

So, how do you ensure that your garage is winter-proof this winter?


This is the key issue that a lot of garages face. People don’t live in these spaces, so often see no point in keeping them warm in the winter. However, the damage that can be caused to your possessions because of freezing or other adverse weather can be irreparable.

Planning early to keep your garage warm this winter will protect your possessions so that you avoid any disappointment. It is a much cheaper, cost effective, solution compared to your possessions being ruined by the cold. The insulation stuffing is cheap and keeps your space warm without any effort on your part. Overall, a small initial cost is better than any potential damages!

Garage Door

The door of your garage can be a source of potential hazard in winter. Not only can any faults let the adverse weather in, but it can also be an access point for vermin and even human invaders. You do not want to risk your Christmas hoard being stolen or covered in animal droppings!

If you have a deteriorating door it will likely be made worse by the conditions of winter. Replacing it is the best option as it removes any risk, leaving you with a fully secure and weather-proof garage.

Protective Boxing

Of course, all the preventative measure in the world are still sometimes not enough. Particular violent conditions can leave your garage worse for wear. As an extra precaution, it may be a good idea to wrap and box the contents of your garage. Boxes can get wet, but ensuring the contents are wrapped in plastic inside adds an extra level of security. Giving you peace of mind all winter long.

If your home doesn’t currently have a garage but you are still in need of that little extra storage space, why not get in touch with our team and discuss the possibility of hiring a garage from Lock Up Garages. Our garages are ready for the winter 

Lockup Garages - Frequently Asked Questions

We have devised a handy post with all the information from your frequently asked questions. All you need to know and more is in the information below and you will then be ready to take on your very own lock up garage.

Choosing your garage

When deciding on your garage, you should consider a few factors. First of all, our garage standard size is 16ft x 8ft, or 5m x 2.5m, although we do have some larger garages on request if needed. The garages are primarily used for vehicles, but they are also an affordable alternative when storing domestic items. If you need some extra space for items that you just don’t have home space for but can’t part with, our garages could be the solution.  Self-storage warehouses can be expensive and may be too large for your storage needs, so a lock up garage can be the perfect substitute.

When choosing your garage, consider location and budget. We have garages in over 1000 locations, and you can use our map to find out the nearest suitable location to you. We suggest using our garage locator, finding a preferred space and going to scout it out first before going ahead with any payments.

It may also be handy to know that we don’t just rent out garages, but we also provide parking bays, sheds, containers, land, stores and workshops.


To begin, an initial deposit will be taken to secure you garage or space. The amount of this is £200 but will be refunded on exit, dependant on the cleanliness and maintenance of the garage, with the locks still in place and it being generally clean and tidy.

The invoice will include your initial deposit as well as the rent which is pro-rata. Many customers choose to pay as a part of an ongoing quarterly agreement. The payment is calculates from the date of enquiry to the end of the billing quarter. The rent is payable in advance on the dates of either ; 25th March, 24th June, 29th September or 25th December, which can be made by credit/ debit card, cash or cheque. If you would rather, a standing order can be set up to pay in three monthly payment amounts.

We also offer shorter term lettings, with the shortest time period being a month. This option will incur an administration fee of £25.00.


All our garages come already fitted with a combination padlock and you will be provided with the combination over a quick phone call one we have received full payment. Some of our sites have security gates, which will need a key. This will be posted to you. If you feel the need to add extra locks to your lock up garage, we ask if you could apply in writing.

We do not take any responsibility for damage of goods or vehicles, so if you feel you need protection, please get separate insurance.

Storage protocol.

When storing you items, we recommend keeping on top of the cleanliness and maintenance. By keeping your domestic items off the ground with palettes, and not stack the goods against the walls directly, which allows for ventilation. If necessary, cover the items with sheets or polythene, to keep condition. A humidifier could help if you are worried about damp, especially in the winter.

When you decide to leave your lock up garage, the standard notice is a full quarter’s written notice. You can see our Rental Agreement for more in depth details. If you decide that your garage space is no longer suitable or big enough, you can change your garage location or size with a small charge of £50, unless there is a maintenance problem as you are solely responsible for the maintenance of the space.


If you would like to find out more information, feel free to call our friendly lettings team on 020 8882 8575 who will be more than happy to answer any question, or submit a quick enquiry here and we will get back as soon as possible.



What You Should Know About Renting a Lockup Garage

If you’re thinking about renting a lockup garage, for whatever reason, I’m sure you have plenty of queries and questions. Whether you are moving house and need storage, or you have vehicle repair work, these are some of the key important points to renting a garage lockup.

What are you Storing?

Before renting a lockup garage, you should consider the size and number of items you are intending to store there. This can make a difference in the type of space and size of space you may require. Whilst most lockup garages are used for storing vehicles, they are also great for any domestic items and can be a more affordable and convenient alternative. Most of the garages available to rent are a standard 16ft by 8ft, but there are bigger spaces available on request.  You can use our garage finder to help you in your search.

Looking After & Maintaining the Space.

Before you get access to the garage, one of our experienced team members will check the space and make sure it’s suitable for renting. We scratch your back, you scratch ours, so we would love it if when you leave the space, you leave the lockup clean and tidy. We expect the average wear and tear, but it would be great if the garage was left clear, so we can get it ready for re-letting. You can look after the space easily by just keeping on top of the cleanliness, and don’t overstuff the contents.

If you keep a clear space it will be easier to clear out and return to its original state. A humidifier could be a great idea, if you are worried about damp, especially in the cold seasons and putting items on pallets could help with ventilation. Maybe cover certain items with polythene or other appropriate fabric to help conserving stored items.

Lockup Specifications.

As any business, lockup garages have a few small asks for our customers. We ask that you don’t store flammable items, unless it is a vehicle that you are storing and it has petrol in. This is the same with any waste or refuse; which should not be stored in the lockup, but disposed of appropriately.

When the lockup is not in use, you should keep the door securely shut and locked. The same goes for the main security gate if there is one on entrance. This isn’t just for your safety and your items safety, but for others too. Taking this into consideration, the supplier isn’t responsible for insuring your goods, so if you feel necessary, contact your own insurer. You can look more closely at the specifications from our rental agreement.

Security and Location

Lockup garages have over 1000 different locations with garages, so the chances of you finding a garage within driving/walking distance is high. Dependant on the location of your lockup storage you might want to consider extra security locks (although if you want to so this, then we would ask if you apply in writing) although a standard combination lock comes with your lockup garage for insurance reasons, and for your piece of mind. We will provide your combination code over the phone. If the entrance to garage has a security gate, a key will appear through your letterbox.

If you have any more questions about the requirements, specifications and general knowledge you of renting a lockup garage, you could send us a quick enquiry here, or pick up the phone and say hello on 020 8882 8575.

Essential Tools to Keep in Your Garage

A man (or woman) is nothing without his tools. Some items are essential to everyday life and should be kept in a safe place – your garage!

A garage is the perfect way to keep important items safe and secure. But which of your tools are best left in there?

Don’t worry, we’ve put together a list of items to help you out! 

Tool Chests

The more tools you possess, the more organised you have to become. Having good quality tool chests can make things so much easier for you in terms of storing your tools. You won’t have to worry about spending ten minutes looking for a misplaced tool.

Extension Cords & Power Strips

If you want to have efficient source of power for your garage, a power strip and an extension cord is ideal. There are many forms of power strips, but the ideal one is the yellow jacket surge protector. This is because they come with 15ft foot cords which is perfect for garages that are full of electrical devices that are distant from each other.

Work Bench

If you’re a DIY person who enjoys activities such as carpentry, having a work bench can make life a lot simpler. A work bench allows you to carry out your DIY activities more comfortably.


If you’re someone who loves to repair cars, it’s important to have the right oils to maintain the performance of your car’s engine.  Pennzoil Platinum oil is ideal to maintain a clean engine

Cleaning Equipment

No one wants to have a filthy garage! So, it’s important that you make sure that you have a brush, a mop, and a vacuum to help keep your garage sparkling.

DIY Tools

Screwdrivers, hammers, wrenches and flashlights are all things that come in handy for the everyday homeowner.! Keeping these in your garage means that they are out of the way of the house but easy to find!

Safety Gear

Safety first! You should always have some form of safety, whether its gloves or glasses, to protect you whilst you’re doing activities within your garage.

Hopefully with our list of essentials you will have a better understanding of what you can store in your garage. If you feel you garage is not secure enough to store your belongings, why not rent one of our lock up garages so you can have a peace of mind.

Contact us today on 020 8882 8575 to find out how we can help you out.

Keeping Your Belongings Safe

In today’s world, where they are so many ways to protect your belongings safe, you may be overwhelmed by all the sheer volume of information that is out there as to which is the best one for you and your needs. 


Whether it’s car insurance or house insurance, insurance it is always great for emergencies; your car getting broken into and then stolen, for example. Furthermore, its helps secure your peace of mind, should your household belongings be stolen or damaged.  As your belongings are likely to in the be valued in the thousands, it’s great to  know you have a safety blanket should the worst happen.


It’s always good to store some of your belongings in a nice, secure safe as you can lock it up with a key or a passcode; but make sure to keep the code to yourself that only you know about.!  The advantage of a safe is that you can also hide a safe it in an unknown location so the would-be intruder won’t know where your most precious belongings are kept hidden

Alarm System

Another method to keep your belongings safe is having an alarm system. If an unexpected intruder invades your house or car, the alarm won’t only alert you, but may can have the effect of putting off the intruder and preventing them from taking any of your goods.

Lockup Garage

A fantastic way to keep your belongings safe, is to have through opting for a lock up garage. A lock up garage allows you to store huge large amounts, if not all your precious belongings, in one place. You can add an alarm system and even introduce safes to help strengthen the security of the garage from intruders.  In addition, you can also get insurance for your lock up garage that covers it in case it gets in broken into. 

There are various ways you can protect your belongings from getting stolen,; you can use insurance, you can set an alarm system or even store your belongings in a nice and secure safe. However, you can combine all these methods into one if you opt for a use a lock up garage, you where you can store all your belongings.

We Lockup Garages we are proud to offer lockup garages for you to rent, whatever your individual requirements may be. So, why not get in touch with our team and allow us to address your security needs.to help you secure your belongings.




How to Choose the Best Door for your Garage

As a customer, you can be easily spoilt for choice or feel confused when deciding what product best meets your needs. The garage door has become such an important part of the modern day home, that manufacturers are offering more colours and flairs to the consumer than ever before.  Therefore, as a consumer, you can struggle to find the perfect garage door for your home due to the extensive amount of choice.  

What door suits me?

What material should my garage door be made out of?

You’re bound to have many questions while deciding on which door is the best fit for you and your garage.


When deciding on your garage door, you have to take into consideration what style best suits your taste, but also best fits your garage. As well as being something that’s secure and long-lasting, you of course want to pick a style that blends in well with the architecture of your home. There are numerous different styles you could opt for, from Victorian to Edwardian, Modern to a rustic Farm aesthetic.


When choosing the colour for the garage door, the colour, like the style, should complement and blend in with the structure of your home. The colour should not stand out; it should be cohesive with the rest of your home. Therefore, when choosing the colour of your garage door, avoid vivid and contrasting c
olours that will not assimilate well with the rest of your home.  

You should contemplate matching the garage door to the window of your home rather than your front door. Also you should consider matching the colour of the garage door with the colours of the bricks or siding of your home. 


Another major factor to take into consideration is the material of your garage door; you have to think about the durability, cost, style and maintenance of the material. Also will it work well with your home and the weather conditions of your area.  Materials such as steel, wood, aluminium and fibre glass all have their benefits and weaknesses.

Steel can easily rust but is stronger than aluminium, wood is an extremely popular choice of material for garage doors and is cheaper than steel, but requires regular maintenance – such as painting. Fibre glass is generally more hard-wearing than steel and wood, but can break easily if hit hard.


How convenient will the garage door will be for your home? This is ver
y important as you have to think about issues such as insulation, installation, security, safety and door openers. Will the garage door improve the security of my garage or will it cause problems? Will it be easy to install myself or should call a professional to install it for me?

Furthermore, what door openers should I purchase; a ½ horsepower door opener may not last as long as ¾ horsepower model, for example. The higher end in-line openers dispense with chains have less moving parts therefore they make less noise which improves the comfort level for you and your neighbours.

The Final Touches

After you have weighed up your options related to all of the major variables of your garage door, you can begin to decide on the cladding, the windows and the enhancing hardware to complete the look of your exterior. After all, the design choices aren’t restricted to the door itself, lots of manufacturers offer enhancing inflections and hardware which improves the overall look of your garage door.

Hopefully now you will have a better understanding and are e
quipped with knowledge on how to choose the right door for your garage. If your home doesn’t currently have a garage but you are still in need of that little extra storage space, why not get in touch with our team and discuss the possibility of hiring a garage from Lock Up Garages.


Unique Uses for Your Garage That You May Not Have Thought Of

Garages have a number of different uses, whether it’s to store your unwanted items or as a good place to keep your car safe and secure. However, there are a whole variety of things that you could use your garage for that could benefit you, your family, and your friends. Here are some great uses that you may not have first thought of.

Games Room

A games room is a great way to turn your cluttered garage space into a family friendly environment. You can customise your garage so that the interior looks incredibly similar to the interior of your own home, or you can make it an entirely unique room in itself.

You could use the room to host a game night for you friends – just make sure to add more comfortable features to make it less like a garage, such as rugs, family photos, artwork, comfortable settees and even some décor that will warm up your new games room.

Home Cinema

If you are the kind of family that really appreciates watching a great film at the cinema, then this would be an excellent addition to your home. To turn your garage into a spectacular home cinema, all you need is either a large wall-mounted TV or projector, a great surround system, and some incredibly comfy and relaxing chairs.

These could either be reclining chairs, plush chairs, or a large settee. To top it off, you could add features such as soundproofing and insulating so that you can stay nice and warm while you and your family or friends, or both, watch your favourite films.

Home Office

Do you work at home? If so, then this would be of great benefit to you. Trying to separate your home life and your work life can be quite difficult. Therefore, turning your garage into a home office is a great way to separate the two different parts of your life.

For a home office, a good internet connection is key, as well as good insulation. Also, security is an incredibly important aspect, as you need to make sure that your important belongings and documents are kept safe.

These are some excellent ideas for transforming your usually uncomfortable, untidy, and cold garage into a space that can be used constructively in your work life, or your social life. At Lock Up Garages, we are able to supply you with garages can be used for any use whatsoever, from using them to store items to turning them into your very own cinema.

If you would like to know more information about the storage units that we provide, then please don’t hesitate to contact us. Just give us a call today on 020 8882 8575 and we will be more than happy to help.

Preparing Your Garage for Autumn

Now that the weather is getting colder it’s time to prepare your garage for autumn, especially as winter is also around the corner! Because this season brings with it chillier days and nights, your focus should be on making sure your garage can withstand more adverse weather conditions, including an increase in wind and humidity levels.

Install Heating

This is especially useful if you’re using your garage for purposes other than storage, such as a workshop or a music room. Temperatures can fall to levels that are damaging to your property, so consider installing a heating unit to avoid issues. The vast number of heating choices out there means that you can easily choose an eco-friendly system without having to worry about the energy bills at the end of the month!


Insulate Your Garage

Not all garages are properly insulated. When the weather becomes cold and the levels of humidity in the air rise, it’s necessary to make sure your possessions will be safe. Insulation guarantees that your garage and everything inside it will not suffer through temperature extremes that may occur outside.

Check Weather-Stripping

This is something that should be done as soon as possible! Routinely checking the weather stripping around the windows and doorways of your house ensures that everything is in top condition – and that cold air won’t enter the garage while warm air escapes it.


Keep Your Doors in Top Shape

Garage doors provide a barrier against the outside, so they need the same attention that you give to the garage itself. It’s not unheard of for cold air to seep in through nooks and crannies around your door, especially if it’s not insulated. If this is the case, consider adding insulation to it or even replacing it with another door that can offer better protection against the elements.

If your garage door is properly sealed, then the temperature inside will be warmer!


Keep Things on Hand

The last thing you want to do when the cold gets here is having to wade through everything you have in your garage to access autumn and winter equipment and tools (such as shovels and rakes), so you need to ensure your garage is cleaned and organised before the cold really arrives. This way you’ll also know where everything else is, from storage boxes to your DIY tools.

Even though your garage might not be as warm as the rest of the house, you should still prevent it from becoming too cold. Preparing the garage in advance can avoid issues in the future, so ensure that it’s properly equipped to deal with the increasingly higher levels of rain, wind and snow that are about to come your way!

Thinking Outside the Box: Pop Ups

The world is full of ideas. They make it go around, according to some people. So, pushing a new and amazing idea out into the world is a sure way to keep it spinning that little bit longer. One idea that could take advantage of the amazing spaces that a garage offers is to create a temporary ‘pop-up’ shop. These are impermanent, temporary, ventures that utilise clever advertising and people's thirst for rarity.

This is especially useful for online businesses that do not want a permanent store but want to generate more awareness and perhaps a boost in sales during the off-season.

So, how does a pop-up store help to promote your online business and ultimately drive more traffic to your virtual store from a physical one?

Bringing Online Offline

The primary purpose of creating a pop-up garage shop would be to transfer your online sales to the real world. It may be as a result of a slow reason, so added revenue is needed to recuperate the losses. Or, you may feel that some real-life interaction is needed in order to get people interested in your products.

There are many advantages that a store in real life can have internet shopping. They appeal more widely to impulse shoppers, not to mention a pop-up store in a garage would be an extremely memorable experience. The customers would not be forgetting your business anytime soon. Something which may convince them to make future purchases on your online store. In this way, you will generate both awareness of your brand and extra money throughout the day.

Either way, in order for this to work you need to create the appropriate exposure to ensure that this is not a flop.

Promoting Pop Up Shops

Social media is your friend. No, really. It is almost impossible to get as good exposure anywhere else than on your preferred social media platform. This is especially crucial for such a short-lived venture as a pop-up shop. Place a banner on your website, create a post on Facebook, tweet everything from your preparation to a prize for your first customer of the day. The more you do, the more people you will find popping into your pop up.

Overall, a pop up can be great for business. Plan it well, put in the effort to let people know where you will be and you may find that a permanent shop is in your future after all!

If you would like to know more information, then please don't hesitate to contact us. Just give us a call today on 020 8882 8575 and we will be more than happy to help you with any enquiry you may have.

Tips for a Perfect Garage Sale

Garage sales are a great way to sell your used or unwanted items, as well as a good way to interact with your neighbours and the local community. But when it comes to the perfect garage sale, how do you go about it? Well, you're in luck because we know how!

Make Sure You Have Enough Time to Prepare

One of the easiest things you can do for your garage sale when it comes to preparation is making sure that you have enough time beforehand. Preferably, giving three or weeks notice is ideal for a garage sale. In the run up to the sale, you can advertise what things you're going to sell, so you can attract more attention.

If You Are Selling Items, Label Them Prior

Some garage sales give items away for free, but if you are planning on selling your unwanted items, such as books, toys, and clothes, try to price and label them as much as possible to save time and hassle as well as to avoid confusion when it comes to pricing products on the spot.

Make Sure You Have Enough Tables Available

The crux of this is that the more you have out on display, the better the garage sale will be. People want to take a look at the items that you have on display and purchase them on the spot – they don’t want to sift through all of the cardboard boxes that you have lying around to find the items that they might want.

Keep Your Security in Check

This is mainly common sense but there are a couple of things to you need to remember:

  •          Be very strict about keeping the inside of your house off limits to strangers
  •          Get a close friend or relative to agree to help you in the garage sale, just in case you need to leave for a little bit
  •          Keep any cash you have acquired safe. A great tip is to keep change in a change box and notes in a wallet or bag that is kept on you at all times
  •          If you have items that are worth a lot more than others, make sure that they are not easily accessible

If you stick to these rules, you will undoubtedly have the perfect garage sale. One of the reasons you may be interested in a garage sale is because your garage is so full that you cannot fit anymore items in it! At Lock Up Garages, we are able to provide excellent storage spaces so that you can fit even more items in which, in turn, could result in an even larger and better garage sale in the future.

If you would like to know more information, then please don't hesitate to contact us. Just give us a call today on 020 8882 8575 and we will be more than happy to help you with any enquiry you may have.

Converting Your Garage into a Workshop

Apart from allowing people to park their cars, garages have long since been converted into workshops for all DIY projects they have been inclined to do… while the success of those projects can’t be 100% guaranteed, the garage is still the perfect place to attempt them!

This is because your garage has the advantage of being a room without any furniture that could be damaged, as well as a space that is isolated from the rest of the house, meaning you can make all the noise you want to.

Clean the Garage

The first thing you need to do is make sure you get rid of everything you don’t need, so that you can unclutter the garage and create the necessary space for your equipment – and for your creations. This can be challenging, however, as you may have been using your garage as storage. If this is the case, then consider creating an area in the garage just for household items, while the rest is to be turned into your workshop.


Make Space for Your Tools (and Your Tinkering)

One of the must-haves in your workspace is shelving, since vertical storage allows you to save space and still have everything you need at hand – this includes tools and other pieces of equipment you may need, as well as any materials you’re going to be working with.

Not only do you want somewhere to keep your tools, but you also want enough space to be able to work with them! Creating a workspace often involves adding a workbench or table to your garage, so that you can have a surface to work on your projects.

Clean and Organised

It’s easy to lose track of nuts and bolts and wonder where you left this or that tool, so make sure your workspace is always organised! And if you can find what you need quickly, your project will progress in a faster and smoother manner as well.

The other reason why you want to keep a clean space is safety. If the workspace is cluttered you risk tripping over power tools, wood boards, boxes, hammers, etc. If everything has its spot and is kept neatly organised at all times, you have less opportunities to hurt yourself – or damage your project.


Electrical Outlets

A very important aspect of converting your garage is ensuring you have enough electrical outlets. You need them to charge your equipment and power corded tools, as well as any computers and radios, so make sure you not only have them in abundance, but that they’re also spread out safely.

After all, you don’t want to trip over a cable laid out across the floor! If you think you don’t have enough outlets, request an electrician to install some more.

You can spend a lot of quality time in your garage if you create a workspace for yourself. For a very long time garages have served this purpose, as they offer the perfect space for DIY projects – if you’re still unsure whether or not you should convert your garage, take a look at the lock up garages we provide and we’re sure you’ll find exactly what you need!

Garage Storage Tips

Garages can easily become a storage room instead of where you park your car, especially if your home doesn’t have an attic or a basement. If you have a wide range of gardening equipment, tools, and other belongings you can’t find space for, your garage quickly transforms into a messy room.

Organising your garage for optimal space will let you use it for what truly matters to you. Whether you want to park your car or use it as a workshop, making sure your belongings are put away will give your garage a neat appearance - and you’ll have optimal storage space, too!


Use Your Space

As small as your garage might be, you will still have some space you can use. Decluttering your garage is the first step to knowing just how much space you have to work with. Organise your tools and other items and think about the last time you used them. If you can’t remember, then it’s probably time to give them to someone who will!

Make sure that the storage you have available is used to its best capacity; organising what you own can take some time, but you might find that your belongings are simply taking up space and can be easily arranged to make way for extra items.


Think Creatively

There are probably some old containers and jars lying around in your home, and you can put them to good use! Smaller items like nails and screws fit in jars perfectly, and can provide you with a quick and easy way of finding what you need for your projects.

If you have any ladders you don’t utilise, you can place them where they are more convenient and use them to store containers or items that are best kept off the floor.


Vertical Storage

It’s very simple to make your own shelves; you can deconstruct old pallets and use the wooden boards as inexpensive shelving. After clearing the area where your shelves will go, make sure you carefully measure your space.

Hooks and peg boards are other simple ways of creating vertical storage without spending a lot of money.  You can use them to hang tools or wire, and make sure that any dangerous situations are avoided.


If your garage is still a bit too cluttered for your liking, you can get in touch with us on 020 8882 8575. We’re always happy to answer any query you might have.

Organisation Hacks to Declutter Your Garage
Organisation Hacks to Declutter Your Garage

Unless you’re some sort of super human, you probably don’t have the gleaming, grime free garage that the couple from two doors down are so proud to have achieved. Instead, you clamber over rusting bikes and surplus bits of 2 x 4, gazing in envy every time their (meticulously cleaned) car glides out of the automatic door and you get a glimpse of the clutter free garage heaven that resides within.

But wait – it doesn’t have to be that way! With a few simple hacks, you too can be the envy of your neighbourhood… or at the very least, you can find whatever suddenly-vital-bit-of-debris it is you’re looking for next time you venture to the depths within.

Tin Can Alley

The humble can of baked beans… delicious, nutritious and, once you’re done with the delightful contents, a perfect organisational tool for the smaller bits and pieces that can easily become misplaced. From paintbrushes to nuts and bolts, simply moving things into dedicated cans gives you an instant sorting system.

You can keep it really simple just by lining up your tins on a shelf at the side of the room – however if you’re also looking to give the space something of a makeover, a simple design using washi tape or even wrapping paper will brighten them up in no time.

Old Ladder = Instant Shelves

You’ve almost certainly already got a ladder (or two) lurking somewhere at the back of the garage, taking up space – and unless you’re really passionate about clearing out those gutters, how much use does it really get? Instead of balancing it precariously against the back wall, set it up, secure it to the wall and start using those steps as shelving.

Perfect for boxes full of assorted bits and bobs, all those shiny new cans we just talked about – and even a couple of plant pots to breathe some new life into the room.

Pick Up Some Free Pallets

Local businesses, tips, warehouses… they’ll all hand out their old pallets for free if you ask nicely enough. Once you’ve got your hands on some, you can use them for a whole host of different garage D.I.Y projects, including…

  • Making your own shelves
  • Putting together a basic, two-pallet bike rack
  • A few pallets stacked on top of each other makes for an instant D.I.Y workbench

You can also paint them in funky or fancy colours, stand them up against the wall and decorate with crawling plants – your imagination really is the limit.

Still got a garage that’s overflowing with stuff? Our lock up garages offer the perfect solution, with locations all over the country – get in touch today to find out more! 

Why are Roller Garage Doors Amazing? Part Two
Why are Roller Garage Doors Amazing? Part Two

Ah, the humble garage door. If we’re honest, it’s probably not something that many of us give much thought to but... when you think about it, that rolling, sliding door that’s seen on garages across the country is really pretty great. In fact, we think that it quite possibly deserves the title of the best door ever made – so smooth with its sliding, gliding power.

Well, before we get carried away with ourselves we’d better think of some reasons to back this up; why is the garage roller door so awesome?


You’ve obviously never tried to break into a garage through a roller door because you’re a decent, law-abiding sort. But if you had, then you’d already know what we’re about to tell you: it’s darn near impossible. With a sturdy lock, alongside the fact that you’re never going to be able to prise it up off the floor, you’ve already got the makings of an impenetrable fortress. Add to that the fact that roller shutters are generally made out of pretty strong metal, and no crooks are going to be smashing their way into your treasured possessions any time soon.


No messing around with the roller garage door, no fumbling around in the dark when you go to retrieve your car on a cold winter night... these doors are effortless, which we think is a serious win when it comes to great garage design. It might not sound like much, but the importance of a simple, straightforward idea shouldn’t be underestimated: you know it’s not got any complicated mechanisms that are about to break down (which means you’ll always be able to get to your stuff when you need it), and you know that it’s going to keep on keeping on, doing its simple, straightforward job until the end of time.

Satisfying Sounds

Oh that woosh and click; there’s something so wonderful about the noise of well oiled mechanics just doing their thing. Okay, so sound might not be the most important feature when deciding on a garage door, but couple with these other benefits it’s a nice little extra that’s not to be sniffed at.


We love using roller shutter doors on our lockup garages because we know that they’ll help you keep all those important belongings safe – and even if you find it difficult to get enthusiastic about well designed mechanisms, we hope you’ll agree that they’re a great choice.

Want to know more about out garages? Get in touch today – online, or at 020 8882 8575.

Most Common Items Found In Garages

In the busy lives we all have today, a garage is always the best solution to store belongings and provide a member of the family with a space of their own. In most cases, garages end up being a miscellaneous space used by everyone in the family to store magazines, DIY tools and even that electric bike you only ever used once.

However, there are some things that you will find in every single garage...

1. Paint Cans

Well, you’re not going to risk it and store used paint cans in the corner of the living room where your children will definitely throw them on the floor in a matter of days. Chances are that the paint left inside these cans has not been used for months or even years. But it’s always useful to keep some in case your three-year-old decides to turn into a Van Gogh and redecorate your bedroom walls...

2. Work Gloves

These are a must, as you’ll find yourself using them on so many occasions: working in the garden at night to get rid of the slugs that seem to love your strawberries, taking the rubbish out, and even emptying your cat’s litter box! Just make sure you keep the gloves in a visible place, or you think you have lost them and will purchase new ones. (And, in a matter of a year or less, gloves will have multiplied around your garage).

3. Old Newspapers and Magazines

Perhaps it’s the collection of comic books you loved when you were a teenager, or your children’s school books or old dated newspapers. Everyone is guilty of having towers of those in their garage – if you haven’t seen them yet, it’s just because they’re hiding behind a shelf or a mountain of sport gear.

Why we keep things like this is still a mystery. We’re never going to read them again, that’s for sure, but they do often hold some sentimental value – like those calligraphy books your children learnt to write with.

 4. Spiders

If there are lodgers in any garage – no matter what part of the country it’s in – these are spiders, although sizes and species change according to the location, of course. They may scare your kids and disgust you but, seriously, think twice before sending these creatures away. Yes, it’s true they are not paying you any rent, but they do something for you, and that’s keeping flies and other pests that are also trying to take advantage of your garage away.

5. Bikes

It’s not a good idea to leave the bike in the backyard. First of all, the rain will rust it pretty quickly, and its chances of being stolen multiply. That is why people who have garages use them to keep their bikes safe and in the best condition possible. (You wouldn’t leave a pile of cash in the garden to be attacked by the rain, right?)

Here at Lockup Garages we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the best garages they can use to store all those things they still need but can’t fit in their houses. Our garages are suited to keep your belongings comfortably and safe. Contact our friendly team today and we will be delighted to help.

Things You Can Find in Your Garage

Garages give you the option to store your unwanted items or useful items that you use for outdoors frequently. However, there comes a point where things start to accumulate and creatures can dwell in the surroundings. Luckily, there are some fantastical creatures that you could find in your garage that are a lot better than spiders and woodlice.

Soot Sprites

These little bundles of joy emerge from sooty areas, such as the exhaust from your car. These little creatures are small and inquisitive who move around by levitation but they can also walk and carry objects much larger and heavier than themselves. They seem pretty dull to start off with but they can understand human emotion, so if you're a bit upset, they will be able to cheer you up!

Sock Gremlins

Have you ever wondered why, once you have put on a brand new pair of socks, you always find one sock missing? Well, it is probably due to the sock gremlin! These little creatures are the reasons why you always have an odd pair of socks. If you manage to find a sock gremlin in your garage, make sure to have a look around for any socks you may have lost in the past few months...

Nymphs and Fairies

It may seem strange to find these creatures in your garage, as they are said to inhabit rivers and woodland areas, but that doesn't mean that they can’t appear in your back garden and even end up in your garage!

Nymphs are spirits of nature that are said to take the appearance of beautiful women, but you don't want to mess with them – they are known for abducting people! Fairies, on the other hand, are much calmer than nymphs and they are a lot smaller too, varying from the size of bugs to the size of a small child. If you want to keep fairies around and make them happy, make sure there are some Rowan trees nearby, as they are considered sacred.


Skellig is a creature that is found in a garage in the beloved children's book of the same name. In the book, a little boy called Michael goes into his garage and finds a creature amongst the boxes. He assumes that the creature is a homeless man, so he begins to take care of it. Through the book, it is found that the creature is a hybrid of human, owl and angel. So, the next time you move boxes in your garage, have a look to see if there is an angel around.

Now that you know what types of creatures you can find in your garage, there's no reason to be afraid anymore! Unless you get on the wrong side of a nymph, then you'll be in big trouble...

If you would like to find these creatures for yourself, then you can definitely trust our garages, as they are able to house all kinds of mythical and spiritual creatures. However, even if you just prefer a simple garage where you can store things, then please don't hesitate to contact us! Just give us a call on 020 8882 8575 and one of our members of staff will be more than happy to help.

Top Tips on Garage Security

Garages are places where you can store some of your old rubbish or one of your most valuable items... your car. Because of this, it is incredibly important to keep your garage secure and make sure that it isn't susceptible to theft. However, there some easy things that you can do to make sure your garage is as secure as possible. 

Remember to Close Your Garage Door 

This may seem like an obvious thing to do, but a lot of people forget to close their garage door. A good thing to install in your garage is a garage door monitor. These are small devices that remind you whether or not your garage is closed. Or, if you wanted, you could install a system that will automatically close your garage door whether you are home or not. 

Maintain Mechanical Garage Mechanisms 

It is very important to make sure that all of the mechanisms involved with your garage door are up to date and free of corrosion. If your garage doors are rusty and loose, then burglars will have a greater success in breaking into your garage. This includes making sure that, if you have an automatic door, your opening mechanism is fully operational and free of any faults. 

Physically Lock The Garage Door 

When people go on holiday, if they have an automatic garage door, they normally tend to unplug the opener and leave it at that. For a normal garage, people just tend to leave it and assume that it is secure. However, locking the door itself will prevent a thief trying to enter from the outside and even escape from the inside. All precautions need to be taken into account with garage security.

Cover the Garage Windows 

If you have windows on your garage and a burglar walks past, he can look right into your garage, understand how the door operates, what things are valuable inside and the easiest entry and escape routes. So, by covering the windows, it reduces the risk of a burglar breaking in and taking your valuable items. 

By applying these useful tips, you will be able to add extra security to your garage and prevent any of those nasty burglars from trying to break in. If you would like to know about any more useful tips to fully secure your garage, then please don't hesitate to contact us. Give us a call on 020 8882 8575 and one of our friendly members of staff will be more than happy to help.  

Why Are Roller Garage Doors Amazing?

There are a multitude of garage doors that you can buy, from side hinged and round the corner doors to retractable doors. But there is nothing quite like the roller garage door. And here is why!

They Offer More Storage

One of the main reasons why roller garage doors are great is that they roll up into a small compartment in the roof of your garage. If we look at a retractable garage door, the door swings up towards the roof of the garage. However, because of the swinging motion, it means that you can’t store anything close to the door because things could fall over.

With a roller garage door, it rolls up so there is no swinging motion involved, meaning that you can store more stuff into your garage; it is a better way of storing your items safely and without them falling over.

It Takes Less Effort to Open

When operating a standard retractable garage door or a side hinged door, they can be quite difficult to manoeuvre. Good quality garage doors tend to be made of steel or galvanised steel to make sure that they offer good security for the contents of the garage. However, they can be quite heavy and difficult to use.

With a roller garage door, the door is split into small sections that are connected together, which make it easier to lift. Because it is rolled up, you don’t have to lift the entire door, which will benefit if you struggle with lifting.

They Can Be Automated

Another great thing about roller garage doors is that they can be automated. When compared to other styles of garage door, because they are heavy and can be quite difficult to move, they don’t tend to be automated just in case something goes wrong.

However, for a roller garage door, you can click a button that operates the rolling mechanism, just like an electric shutter for a window, so the door can open easily and with no hassle whatsoever.

At Lock Up Garages, we make sure that our storage units are specifically tailored for your needs, whether you need a specific size or a garage with a certain type of door. If you would like to know more about the services, then please get in touch today on 020 8882 8575 and speak to our friendly team.

How to Efficiently Store Goods in Your Garage

Garages tend to become a place where you just dump everything. Because they’re big, open spaces, they’re more difficult to keep organised than the other rooms in your house. We’ve previously discussed how to pack boxes properly in order to maximise space, so now we’re taking a look at how you can store your possessions in a garage, lockup or otherwise, and ensure that everything is neatly organised!

Assess Everything

It’s tempting to just keep on adding stuff to your garage without stopping to organise it, especially as this room is kept separated from the rest of the house and you don’t have to see it every day. Then the day comes that you finally notice how many things you were actually accumulating.

The most important thing you need to do first is analyse both the size of the garage and the goods that you actually want there. Then you can start planning what to remove or keep, and begin to find out ways to keep it all organised.

Vertical Space

Whether or not you’re planning on keeping your car in your garage, you’ll benefit from vertical organisation. This means keeping things on shelves or hanging from the walls, so that the floor is mostly kept clear of any clutter. This way you can also easily find everything you have in your garage without having to lose too much time searching.


Remove Before Organising

This can be especially useful if your garage is cluttered and is difficult to move around, but also works well if you just want to take a look at the available space you have before beginning to organise your goods. Take everything out so that you can start with a blank slate – which can also help you visualise more easily where things can go.

Use Zones

Garages are multi-purpose, so if you intend to set up a workshop or park your car, for instance, it pays to plan it early on. Divide your garage into different sections, and use them to keep all of your different goods; you should also ensure that you group them by similarity, so they’re easier to retrieve when you need to.


Keeping the space in your garage optimised means you can quickly and efficiently retrieve anything you require, and that you can fit more things in there as well. Having the right-sized garage is also important, so at Lock Up Garages we ensure that you pick the one that best suits you and your storing needs.

What Size Garage Do You Need?

Garages can be used for a wide variety of applications; whether it’s somewhere to house your car safely when it’s not in use, act as an additional storage space or even be converted into a living area.

But how can you tell how much room you will need, especially if you are looking to keep your car in your garage? What are the standard measurements you must know before choosing a garage?

For Storing Cars…

It may come as a shock to many people, but the standard garage size hasn’t really changed much since garages were first introduced. Of course, if you are building a garage, you can make it any size that you require, but the standards seem to have remained the same.

For a single car garage, the standard here in the UK is usually 8 by 16 feet for a small garage, 9 by 18 feet for a medium sized building and a larger 10 by 20 foot garage can also be created.

To ensure that you’re getting the right size garage for your car, it takes a little bit more effort and planning than simply pulling out a tape measure and finding out the dimensions of your car. You will need to take into account some of the other factors that may affect the size of your garage; the amount of room you need to open the door and get into your vehicle.

On average, cars are usually around 1.8 meters in width with their doors closed, so you will need to account for the driver’s door being able to open adequately, too. This is usually accomplished by adding an extra 800mm to the width of your car, as well as 300mm on the passenger side to ensure that the car fits comfortably, but not too snugly!

For Storage…

Storage wise, it really does depend on what you are intending to store in your garage, as well as how much you want to store there, too.

If you are simply storing items that you want out of your house that are in boxes or are compact in size, you should be able to get away with using a standard garage size. If the items are much larger (such as large dining tables, bikes or other large objects), it might be best judging how much you will actually really need to store, and if there’s anything that you could get rid of.

If not, it would be wise to opt for a larger garage option, just to fully ensure that you’re going to have enough space available! It’s also best to go for the larger, more spacious option if you are looking to keep some space free for more item storage in the future, but only make this choice if you know you’ll definitely be looking to add to your storage, otherwise you may end up wasting your money on a larger garage which you don’t actually need.

If you’re looking to rent a garage, but don’t know what size you’ll need, feel free to contact the team here at Lockup Garages today – we’ll be delighted to help you find the best garage solution to suit your needs.


How Can You Successfully Lower Your Car Insurance?

Car insurance is that one thing that collectively brings out a loud groan from most people. Unfortunately, most drivers couldn’t imagine life without their vehicles, so are stuck paying over the odds on insurance.

Getting the price down can sometimes be a challenge – there are lots of different factors that go into the final quote. One year it could be fine, only to drastically go up the next year.

But don’t despair! There ARE ways in which you can successfully lower your car insurance and Lock Up Garages has some of the secrets that might just help you out...

Shop Around                                                                  

You should never settle for the first price that you get when searching for car insurance. It’s much better to shop around and see what different options are available. You can use price comparison websites to get an accurate idea of what price you’re looking at, as most insurance companies will be relatively similar.

Consider the Number of Drivers on your Policy

In some cases, adding another driver to your policy – especially an experienced one – can bring the price of your insurance down. A lot of young people do this when they first pass their driving test – putting their parent on there to bring down the cost. However, this doesn’t mean that you should add more and more people.

Depending on circumstances, an increased amount of drivers could bring up your costs. If possible, avoid putting anyone under the age of 25 on there too – young drivers often drive up insurance prices.

Utilise Your Garage

Is your garage currently full of junk? Or is it sat there with nothing inside? If you’re using it for anything other than parking your car, now might be the time to reconsider. Insurance companies look favourably on people who keep their cars in their garage. This is because it proves that it’s more secure and less likely to suffer from damage.  You’ll see an instant change in your insurance quotes when you add this piece of information. Parking off a road is always the preferred method of parking.

You need to make sure that you declare that your vehicle is going to be kept in the garage every night. The main thing to remember is that you definitely keep it where you said it would be! A lot of insurers are now carrying out checks to ensure that cars that have declared as being park in garages, are actually being parked in garages.

The more secure your car is; the cheaper your insurance will be!



Bring down your car insurance by hiring a lock up garage. Available in lots of locations across the country, it should be easy to find one that is located close to you.

Contact us today on 020 8882 8575 and we will be happy to provide you with more information.

Do You Need an Extra Garage?

Getting extra storage space might have crossed your mind, especially if your house has seen a big change recently. You might think that you can cope with a more cluttered house, but there are a few signs that you need an extra garage or two, depending on how your life has changed.

A New Arrival

If your family is growing and you find that your house doesn’t have enough space, you might be thinking about getting extra storage. Converting your office into a nursery might seem simple, but if your car is already in a lock-up garage, where are you going to store your belongings?

An extra garage will let you store the contents of your extra room without making you choose between your car or the contents of your home. It’s easier than looking for a bigger house for a bigger family, and definitely much less expensive!

Spare Bedroom with No Bed

If you have an extra room that is being used as storage, then you might want it back. Having a guest room is always useful for when your friends or loved ones visit. You don’t want to have to explain that they need to sleep on the couch because your spare bedroom is a living museum of your belongings!

No one likes getting rid of possessions, especially if they have sentimental value. Putting the contents of your now free guest bedroom into storage is the perfect solution if you can’t bear to part with anything. This way you have a place for your guests to sleep in privacy, and a safe place for your possessions.

Change in Circumstances

Having one car for a family isn’t always possible; families sometimes require more than one car to quickly get to work or to help make life easier. Your garage is likely to already hold your car for you and, if you don’t live alone, you might wonder where you can fit another car.

Leaving a second car parked on the street can be very stressful. Making sure your second car is secure in a lock-up garage will let you sleep well at night with the guarantee that, when you get up in the morning, your car will be waiting for you.

Safe and secure lock-up garages for your belongings are a necessity to give you peace of mind. We have a wide range of lock-up garages throughout the UK, ideal for storing your belongings, whatever you may need. You can contact us on 020 8882 8575 to learn more about our services; our friendly team is always happy to help!

How to Pack a Box Efficiently

Moving house, or simply packing up things for storage, can be a difficult task. Realising how much stuff you actually own can be a daunting prospect – how on earth did you acquire three toasters anyway? But fear not, there are plenty of ways for you to pack mountains of your stuff into as little space as possible.

How? Simply learn the ancient art of efficient box packing.

Step One – Choose the Box

The box is a very important part of packing a box. You could choose any old box, but this is not a reliable way to pack as it may not be particularly sturdy and could fall apart at any moment. Old boxes are particular culprits of this and so new boxes are your best friend in a packing endeavour. Plastic boxes are the premier box of choice; they are sturdy and will not break without a lot of effort on your part. The only downside perhaps comes after you have used them as they take up more room than their cardboard counterparts.

Step Two – Fold or Minimise If Possible

Anything that can folded or be made smaller in any way should be – but don’t go too wild, your cat won’t appreciate you trying to tuck their tails into a box. This is especially the case for clothes and other such fabric items (curtains, bed sheets, etc.) as these can take up a lot of unnecessary room if not folded correctly. If you have limited space then this is even more vital, don’t waste it!

Step Three – Unleash Your Inner Tetris Genius


The final step to packing a box is of course the actual placing of objects inside of your box. This is the pinnacle of packing a box as an art form; it takes patience and a logical mind to master but it is an immeasurable life skill that should be sought after. There is a certain satisfaction to be gained when everything fits perfectly together in your box and there is nothing but a flat surface to close your flaps on. A box that is perfectly packed makes moving or storing your possessions much less stressful, so learn the art today!

Now all that is left to do is play Tetris as you place your boxes in the garage itself...

If you have any further question don’t hesitate to contact our fantastic team on 020 8882 8575, we have the storage solution for you!

Tips on Storage for Students

There are a number of reasons why you might need storage for your stuff over the summer break; the landlord may sublet over summer, you may be worried about the safety of your possessions or perhaps didn’t secure housing for the following term. Whatever the case, finding a secure and well-located garage is important to ensure the safety of your possessions.

Packing and preparing your stuff for a lock up garage can be a confusing process, so you should do your homework and pack your stuff beforehand rather than making a rash decision.

Choosing a Unit Size

The size of the lock up garage unit that you choose will obviously depend on the amount of possessions that you have. If you only want to store a few items, such as a bike or a piece of furniture, then it will obviously be more cost effective to choose a smaller ‘storage closet’ than an actual garage. Storing the entire contents of your university bedroom will obviously mean getting the larger garage. If you are restricted by a budget then the efficiency of your packing will be almost as important as the unit size of your garage.


Preparing your possessions beforehand for storage is a great way to keep track of it all and make sure that you know what is where. You may panic if you cannot find something, only to discover weeks later that you had it in your storage unit the whole time. So, pack efficiently and create a list of what has gone in which box. Numbering the boxes is a great tip for this. Being as efficient and economical as possible is the best way to approach this task.

Peace of Mind

If you have any expensive gadgetry that you will not be taking home with you, such as a television or a large desktop computer, then it is vital that you protect them in a secure location. An empty house can be a prime target for thieves and you do not want to lose your possessions just because you thought ‘it wouldn’t happen to me.’

Need extra storage over the summer between university terms? Here at Lock Up Garages we have a fantastic range of garages across the UK.

If you have any further enquiries then do not hesitate to contact us on 020 8882 8575, a member of our friendly team will be more than happy to help. 
Alternative Uses for a Lock up Garage: Home Theatre

We recently wrote a whole post that looked at some of the best alternative uses for your garage. Although they are most commonly used for parking your car; there are actually lots of different options available to you.

We already looked at turning it into a home gym, perfect for those who are looking for something flexible that saves them money. This time we’re turning our attention to the TV and movie buffs.

Looking for somewhere to escape to watch your favourite blockbusters? Want to create somewhere unique for your children to entertain their friends? If so; you should consider turning your garage into a home theatre! Here are some of our reasons why!

Offers You Privacy

If you have a large family, it can often be hard finding somewhere to just be on your own. By converting your garage into a home theatre, you’ll have somewhere to escape the busy household and get some privacy.

It can also be used to give your children some privacy too. If they have friends over and want somewhere to hang out with a little bit of privacy; something like this would be perfect!

You’ll Impress All Your Friends & Family

If you really want to impress your friends then you can’t do much better than inviting them around to experience your very own cinema room. It’ll make your home (well, garage) the go to place for all your friends in the future.

It also provides you with the perfect setting from which to make some brilliant memories. Just imagine you and your loved ones sitting around the TV and watching all your favourite movies and TV shows.


Doesn’t Take up Space in the Home

By converting your garage into a home theatre, you’re not taking up any space in your house. Lots of people dream about having the perfect home theatre; but it’s not always realistic. For those who don’t have a huge house, converting one of the rooms means that you’re losing out on a lot of valuable space.

Using the garage as the setting for your cinema, means that you get somewhere private to go and watch your movies, and don’t have to worry about losing space in your home.

Saves You Money

Although converting your garage into a home theatre may cost you a bit of money initially; you’ll definitely save money in the long term. With your own home theatre, you’ll find yourself less likely to go to the cinema. Why would you pay money to go to the cinema, when you have your very own set up in the comfort of your own garage?


Looking for some extra space but don’t have your own garage? We have a fantastic range of lock up garages located throughout the UK.  

For more information on how we can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Just give us a call on 020 8882 8575 and a member of our expert team will be happy to help.



Are You Looking For a Second Garage?

Lockup garages are incredibly useful, since they can be used as garages, storage areas, music rooms and much more. Many people choose to store their belongings in a lockup garage, whether because they don’t want the extra clutter in their home or because it’s the safest place to park their car. Homeowners are not the only ones who benefit from having a second garage. Business owners and professionals can also hugely benefit from the extra storage space.


If you’re interested in a second garage you should first consider why you need it. Do you need a place to practice the violin or to dance? Do you repair cars? Do you sell antiquities but need a safe place to store them? Lockup garages provide the necessary security and space that you need, but it’s important that you ensure that it meets all of your requirements, from appropriate air flow to plenty of legroom to practice your dance moves.

It’s more than feasible for you to convert a lockup garage into a space that suits your work well, from creating your start-up like Apple did to storing your large collection of vintage cars, like Jay Leno!


Where is it Located?

As a professional or business owner, it’s vital that you can find storage space near your place of work, so that you can easily access it anytime you need. It’s not reasonable to drive miles to retrieve products that you sell in your shop, for instance, so you should always map out the area and ensure that your belongings are close by at all times.


Saving Money

Instead of renting an extra workspace somewhere else, relying on a lockup garage can provide you with the necessary space you need at an affordable price. Renting can be expensive, whether you’re starting up and need to save on initial costs, or your business is gaining traction but you’d rather cut down on renting costs.

And where you work also determines rent, so you might not be able to find affordable spaces nearby, meaning by opting for a lockup garage you’ll be able to use space in premium locations at a much lower cost.

Here at Lockup Garages we strive to provide all of our customers, home or business owners, with the best second garage possible. We know that space is not often available, so our lockup garages can give you exactly what you’re looking for at great prices! Contact the team today on 020 8882 8575 and we’ll answer any questions you might have about our products and services!

To Store or Not to Store

Over time we tend to accumulate things, from souvenirs we bought from that trip abroad to important documents we somehow still leave lying around... cluttering our spaces is part of what we do, but then comes the time where you’re just tired of it all. Once you decide to ‘spring clean’ your home, another question arises: how do you know if you should indeed store that stuff or if it’s worth having it around?

Sentimental Objects

The worst culprit is things we consider to have sentimental value. It’s always very difficult to get rid of something like that, so storing them is usually the right thing to do. Still, while objects might be important to you, it still doesn’t mean you should keep them around. A storage area outside your home, like a lockup garage, is ideal, because you’ll still be in possession of the things you love while not having them hinder you in your everyday life.


Frequency of Use

While you might love that beautiful dress you bought a while ago, it might just be taking space in your closet if you don’t use it. By keeping it stored, you can still come back to it when you feel like it, without having to throw it away. To have a clutter-free environment you need to make space for the things that really matter and that you use frequently, otherwise you’re surrounding yourself with things you have no use for. If you don’t like something, it’s better to take it out of the house – and if you don’t want to get rid of it forever, store it!

How Much is it Worth to You?

Because we tend to hold on to so many things during our lives, it’s necessary that you think about whether they truly mean something to you right now. Another way to put this question is: do you need it? Regardless of how much it cost, you shouldn’t keep anything around if you no longer find any value in it.

If you’re like most people, however, you’ll always doubt yourself and think that you’ll probably use that piece of clothing again in your life, which means you can always store it and come back later to it. Who knows, maybe the next time you'll see it you’ll fall in love all over again!


At Lockup Garages we understand that sometimes it can be difficult to decide whether or not you should get rid of something in your life, and we believe the best solution is to not do it at all! Our garages are perfect to keep stuff out of the way, so feel free to get in touch with us on 020 8882 8575 at anytime. We’ll find the best lockup garage for you!

3 Reasons You Should Store Your Car in a Garage

For many people, their cars are their pride and joy and they’ll do anything to keep them looking immaculate. This often means storing their vehicles in a garage while it isn’t in use to keep their cars maintained and in perfect condition.

But what advantages does storing them in this way have when it comes to caring for your car? Does having a garage really make all that much of a difference? Well, let’s find out 3 main advantages of storing your car in a garage!

It’s Additional Safety

Although you should hopefully be locking your car every time you leave it, there is still the chance that it could be targeted by thieves as it will be out on show.

A garage will be able to keep your vehicle safely out of sight of prying eyes, reducing the risk of them being able to break into your car and either attempting to steal the car itself, or simply rifle through any belongings that you may keep in there.

It also keeps you car safe from any road accidents that may occur. If you’re parked out on the street, there is still a chance that your car could get hit by a moving car, so completely eradicate this risk by parking your care in the safe protection of a lockup garage

Gives Protection Against the Weather

If how your car looks is something that you’re concerned about, you’ll more than likely want to protect it from the weather outside as much as you possibly can.

All weather brings about some risk of damage to your car, so it’s important that you’re able to adequately protect the exterior of your car. Whether it’s protecting the bodywork from peeling in the sun, rusting in the rain or even ensuring that no debris gets blown into your car during a storm, keeping your car in a garage provides that little extra protection against the elements.

It Reduces Your Insurance Cost

When it comes to insuring your car, you may notice that many insurance providers will ask whether you’re storing your car in a garage or on the street.

This is because they see keeping your car in a garage as a positive, mainly because of the protection that they provide. It will lower the premium and will ensure that you’re not paying over the odds for extra cover that you won’t need.

Having a garage accessible to you is always advisable, especially if you are looking for a safe, reliable place to house your vehicle. To find out more about how we can help you with housing your garage, feel free to get in touch with us today.

How Do You Know When You Need a Lock-Up Garage?

There can be a number of things that lead to the decision that a lock-up garage is a necessity and not just a luxury. Life is a constant flow of change and evolving to our surroundings, a change in the world around you from one day to the next may be the final point in convincing you that a lock-up garage is the way forward.

Neighbour Trouble

An idyllic neighbourhood lined with trees, blooming in summer roses with the soundtrack of children’s laughter is not the reality for a lot of people. You might find that your neighbours are a little less than picture perfect. Or worse, a small misunderstanding or disagreement can snowball into a strange feud that eventually no one remembers who began or why.

Often this kind of ill-feeling can erupt from disagreements over parking. An average household can often have two cars or more between them, and in areas without driveways or adequate parking provided this can lead to a great struggle for dominance and an eventual huffy game of Tetris to get the cars all parked right. Day after day, the same argument can get tiring and a lock up garage, where your car can reside without a daily complaint, can be the solution to a harmonious and somewhat happier neighbourhood.

High Crime Rates

Unfortunately crime exists. Some men and women have little disregard for the property of others and might choose to steal, damage or otherwise tamper with your property without acquiring a guilty conscience. In this case it is easier to locate your high value items in a more secure location such as a lock-up garage and avoid the heartache that a night-time visit from one of these scoundrels can induce.

High-Value Property

An expensive vehicle left on the driveway, a boat in the garden or any other high value commodity can be a source of worry for you as you leave your house on a daily basis. How can you ensure that it will be there upon your return? Other than staying home all day with one eye on your precious property there is very little you can do other than find a secure location for it. So, a lock up garage can give you the peace of mind that might otherwise escape you on the adventurous days you lead away from home.

If all of the above, or only even one, applies to you then it might be time to invest in our secure garage rentals. So stop worrying about these garage woes today – simply call our team on 020 8882 8575 or contact us online for more information about our services. 

What to Look For in a Lockup Garage

There are many reasons why you’d want to rent a lockup garage, from creating your own start up company to converting it into a place where you can rehearse with your band. No matter the reason, finding the right lockup garage for your needs can be tricky, because you need to ensure that it can provide you with everything you’ll need. So, when hunting for a lockup garage to rent, you might want to consider choosing one with all these features:


When on the market for a lockup garage, the first thing you want to take a look at is pricing. High quality, reliable garages are available at affordable prices, so you’ll always find what you’re looking for – paying the necessary attention to competitive prices means that you’ll get the best deal and don’t need to go over budget.



Making sure that the garage has all the space you need is vital, otherwise it won’t be a good investment. You want to be able to place your musical instruments there, de-clutter your home of furniture you don’t need, store an extra vehicle, and much more. You might want to measure everything you want to store, so that you know the best garage size to rent – and fully enjoy it!


You’re opting for a lockup garage because you need the extra space, so it’s vital that you ensure the garage is easy to access. You don’t want to have to drive hours to get to your destination, only to have to drive back again after spending very little time there. Choosing a garage close to where you live or work is convenient and can save you time.



Finally, but equally important, is the need for safety. First of all, you want your garage to be in a good neighbourhood, so that you’ll feel comfortable leaving your possessions in there. Then you can consider other factors, such as the security of the locks and whether there are cameras keeping an eye on the garages. This has the added benefit of letting you sleep easier at night!


Lockup garages are extremely useful spaces that can be turned into anything you want, so choosing the right one is crucial to take full advantage of everything they have to offer. If you’re looking to rent a lockup garage, feel free to contact us today on 020 8882 8575 and we’ll be more than happy to discuss our services and products with you!

4 Alternative Garages to the Lock-Up

If you’re looking for a garage you’ve come to the right place. But what if you reckon that a lock-up might not be for you? You’re hunting around for an alternative or three, and what have you got – well, we put our heads together, and maybe these will float your garage-themed boat...


Airport Runway

No matter how bad you are at parking, there’s tons of room on pretty much any runway you can find at Gatwick airport (or any airport, for that matter). Sure, you may risk losing your car under the hefty wheels of a Boeing 747, but at least you’ll always know where you’ve parked the car.


Epping Forest

If you’re looking for a location in a nice and natural location, pop your motor under the canopy of trees at Epping Forest. True, there is a chance that the birds overhead may take vengeance upon you and your vehicle for disturbing their peace, but that’s a risk you take for getting the location you want, right?


O2 Arena

Exposure to the elements isn’t great for cars – we know it can damage the paintwork and even damage the engine. That’s why you might consider parking up under the white dome of the O2 Arena (or the Millenium Dome, for those old enough to remember its original purpose). +10 points if you do it while Justin Bieber is ‘performing’ on stage.


Your Living Room

If security’s a big deal for you, there’s no better spot than in your own living room. That way, you can always keep one eye on it, while the other catches up with the latest episode of House of Cards. This may require having a big ol’ move around to make space for your car, but you could always get a lock-up garage to store those possessions like the couch, the coffee table, or your beloved partner.


So, what do you reckon to your options? Ok, truth is, there’s nothing quite like a lock-up garage for storing your vehicle and belongings.

If you’re looking for space, we got it.

And we have over 900 locations, so you’re bound to find one that suits you.

Our lock-up garages are safe and secure, too, so you can be sure that your motor will be protected from the elements, as well as any scallywags lurking about eyeing up your car radio.


Want to know more? Then drop the team a line and you can gain instant access to your lock-up garage as soon as we receive your initial payment. 

Six Famous Business That Started in Garages (Part 2)

Garages are not just great for parking cars or storing your stuff. They can be the starting point for something great, and even become famous and known all over the world, whether it’s because they contain millions of pounds in cars and motorcycles, or because they formed some of the largest music bands and companies of all time.

Jay Leno – Extremely popular amongst car enthusiasts, Jay Leno’s garage has almost three hundred vehicles, both modern and vintage. Collecting all of these takes time, passion and patience!



Mattel – The largest toy company in the world, Mattel was nothing like we know it now when it was founded in a garage in Southern California. Creators Harold Matson (Matt) and Elliot Handler (El) began selling their dollhouses there, until they reached success.

HP – Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard started out HP in a garage, with only £378 in their pockets. Nowadays, HP is one of the biggest technological companies in the world.

Microsoft – In 1975 Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded the company inside a garage, from where they licensed their first operating system to IBM. They’re worth hundreds of billions of pounds now, but at the time it was impossible to predict this would ever happen.

MagLite – After designing parts for several different industries, like aerospace and military, out of a garage, Anthony Maglica went on to create a household name in this market.

Nirvana – While not exactly a business, Nirvana is, undoubtedly one of the most famous bands that started out from a garage. Formed in 1987, they had a great initial success with college radio stations and are now known and beloved by millions of people.

Garages inspire creativity and innovation, maybe because it’s a versatile space that can be turned into anything you desire. You can rent a lockup garage and create the next big thing in it! Contact us or give us a call on 020 8882 8575 for more information about our services. 


Even though we’ve already mentioned Jay Leno’s garage a few times, this is a topic that never gets old, especially with so many car aficionados out there. He’s amongst the famous celebrities that inspire awe for the stunning vehicles he’s been able to collect over the years. For petrol-heads everywhere, Jay Leno’s pursuit of his passion is not only inspiring, but also encouraging, as it shows that everyone can fulfil their dreams. This might begin to explain why we love talking about his garage so much.

His Impressive Collection

So what draws us to Jay Leno’s garage? Well, the obvious answer is his vast collection. His passion and commitment led him to gather a large collection of beautiful vintage and contemporary vehicles, and has even allowed him to have his own car show, appropriately titled ‘Jay Leno’s Garage’, where you can also glimpse some of the vehicles he owns.

There are so many of them, however, that you probably won’t be able to see them all. Actually, with such a huge collection, it’s a wonder that he keeps track of them all as it is! The numbers surrounding Jay Leno’s custom-built garage in his Beverly Hills’ home are beyond belief:

Leno owns 286 vehicles (169 of which are cars and 117 are motorcycles)
The square footage of the garage is 2,000 feet, and boasts a first-rate HVAC system
Plenty of storage areas where he can keep his tools
Large space outside to park his vehicles


The Vehicles Themselves

Jay Leno is an avid collector of both old and new, and his garage reflects that. Because of the sheer volume of vintage vehicles from the late 1940s he had at the time (almost 100), Leno was able to help the team who made the popular video game L .A. Noire build accurate graphics. His vintage models include popular cars like:

1913 Mercer Raceabout
1931 Bentley 8-litre (one of only a hundred)
1932 Packard Twin Six 12-Cylinder Coupe
1955 Buick Roadmaster
1963 Chrysler Turbine Car (one of the nine remaining in the world)

He’s also a fan of the contemporary, as evidenced by his collection of modern cars:

2004 Porsche Carrera GT
2005 Chevrolet Corvette C6
2006 Ariel Atom
2006 Bugatti Veyron
2015 McLaren P1

With such a vast collection it’s impossible to name them all! You just need to know Leno is the owner of some of the rarest and coolest vehicles in the world, including a jet turbine-powered EcoJet he and his team built from scratch. So the reason why car lovers can’t get enough of his show and his real life garage is not just the impressive number of vehicles he’s managed to amass, almost three hundred, but the models he went after and got, some after years of searching.

He’s a prime example of how passion and dedication can make your dreams come true, and this is why we admire him – and envy him, of course.


At Lockup Garages we’ll certainly never tire of talking about Jay Leno’s remarkable collection. While you may not have a collection quite like Leno’s, you could still benefit from a lockup garage! If you want to learn more about it, or how you can rent a garage in the UK, don’t hesitate to contact us or give us a call on 020 8882 8575, and we’ll be more than happy to help with any query you might have!


You’re in the market for a lock-up, but you’re having trouble figuring out how to find a garage that’ll fit the bill. So what do you do? Sit down, have a brew, put off the whole thing until it’s forgotten about? Well, that ain’t gonna fly. Actually, there are few things to take into consideration before choosing the garage that works for you.



First things first, you need to assess your budget. Knowing whether you’re seeking to rent for a long time or on a short-term basis is vital, and we offer garages that can be rented at a price that’s right for you. They’re also cheaper than a lot of other self-storage options out there, which is nice, right? But knowing how much you have to play with in your wallet or purse is only part of the issue. There’s also…



What are you looking to use your garage for? Our garages have two primary purposes: storing motor vehicles and storing, well, pretty much anything else (That’ll fit, of course. If you’re storing African elephants, a lock-up probably isn’t going to work!). Sometimes the home’s just a wee bit cluttered. Rather than dumping your junk, you can just pop it into storage until you need it.


Size and Space

If you know what you’re storing, then you’ll have a pretty good idea of how much space you’re going to need to keep it safe and secure. The majority of our garages are of the usual size you’d expect, so if you know your possessions will fit inside, then you’re good to go. Of course, there’s always the option of renting a couple of lock-ups if you have more possessions that need a home. If you’re unsure, just get in contact with the team.



Like buying a house, renting a garage is all about location, location, location. You might want it close to your house or work, or even halfway across London, well out of the way. That’s cool – we’ve got you covered. After all, there are over 900 locations to choose from. Basically, what we’re saying is, you’ll be spoiled for choice.


Lock-up garages have a whole wealth of storage options available to you that others just can’t compete against – and if you don’t believe us, just try parking your motor inside a self-storage warehouse. Better yet, as soon as you’ve signed the rental agreement, we won’t keep you waiting for days to process your application. Nah, that’s not how we roll. We think it’s better to give you instant access to your garage. That way you can start storing the right way right away today. 

Why Would You Want a Garage Conversion?
Garages are an incredibly useful part of your home, as they let you store your vehicle so you don’t have to park it on the street. If you don’t actually have a car, or don’t believe in parking it indoors, you might decide to convert the space into a habitable room and gain an extra living area – although this might seem like a good idea at a first glance, it’s important not to rush this decision.

Where Will You Store Everything Else?

So it doesn’t bother you that you’ll no longer be able to park your car or motorcycle in your garage. Still, have you considered where everything else will go? If you have a lawnmower, an extra freezer or garden tools in there, you’ll have to move them somewhere else or, if you’re not able to, you might have to let go of your things.

Garages are practical because they’re easy to access and you can keep everything you don’t want in your house there. Without this room, storing all of your belongings will be difficult.


Converting Costs

Transforming your garage into a completely different space doesn’t come cheap. It might seem like the best option to make an extension on your home but, if you truly want to turn it into a liveable space, you need to consider adding windows if you didn’t have them already, installing an HVAC unit for cold or hot weather, or even adding plumbing, for instance.

Resale Value

Also very important is the fact that houses with garages, especially in an urban area, are more sought after and sell at higher prices. So, should you go ahead and convert your garage into a bedroom, a playroom or a music room (which would be noisy for anyone else in the house) you might actually decrease the value of your home. Some quick research on prices of houses with or without garages will show you just how much of a difference this room makes, even if you don’t use it that often.


So why would you want to convert your garage when you can just have your music room or, for that matter, a relaxing space you can go to get away from it all (and everyone), in a lockup garage? Besides being affordable, you can find in it the perfect solution for all of your needs: if you need to make noise you won’t disturb your family or your pets, and if you don’t want to see anyone you can just hide away until you feel like rejoining the world.


So, to learn more about how to rent a garage in the UK, why not get in touch with us on 020 8882 8575 and talk to a member of our dedicated team? We have spaces in more than 100 different locations, so you’re sure to find something close to you.

Whats the Best Way to Secure Your Garage?

When securing your home, it’s worth paying attention to the security of your garage too. As it’s usually separate to the house, it’s really easy to forget about it. Unfortunately, this is the reason why the garage is often seen as the weak link within your security, offering thieves a perfect opportunity.

Is your garage leaving you vulnerable? We’ve put together a guide to some of the best ways to secure your garage and lower the risks of anything happening to you, your family or your possessions.

The Door is the Key to Good Security

As with any residential, commercial or industrial property, the garage door plays an important role in keeping everything inside safe and secure. It needs to be as secure as any other door in your home – you wouldn’t dream of leaving your front door unlocked all the time would you? Apart from locking the door, you should ensure that it’s made from materials that are strong and sturdy. You should have high quality locks on the door that aren’t easy to break.

Security Systems Are For the Garage Too

For some reason, a lot of people neglect to apply any type of security system to their garage. This is a huge mistake. Your garage needs to be protected just as much as your home, therefore it’s important to have high quality security methods in place. We suggest installing both an alarm and motion detector lights. With an alarm, if anyone tries breaking into your garage, you’ll be alerted to their presence straight away. Motion detector lights will come on when they sense somebody near your property, again alerting you to their presence!

Don’t Let People Peek Into the Windows

Some burglars treat theft a little bit like window shopping. They walk around an area until they spot something they like in a window. However, instead of purchasing the item(s), they just go in and take what they want. Don’t let your possessions be next on their list – keep your windows covered. Blinds or curtains will keep them from being able to peek inside – spoiling their fun! If this isn’t possible then you should keep anything of value or importance out of sight.

A Garage Timer is a Good Idea

If your garage door is automatic, it’s definitely worth having a timer installed. If you forget to shut or lock your garage door whilst in a rush, you’re basically sending out an invitation to all the potential burglars. By using a timer, your garage door will automatically close after a certain amount of time. With most timers, you can choose the amount of time that it waits before automatically closing. 

Looking to rent a garage? Contact us today on 020 8882 8575 and we will be more than happy to help you out. With over 13,000 garages in 100 different locations, it’s likely that we’ll have something available near your home.

Ultimate Car Cleaning Guide!

For most of us, our car is the second most valuable possession and it’s rightly many people's pride and joy. We not only spend a lot of money on them but also a lot of time in them too; according to some studies, Britons spend an average of 10 hours every week in their cars.

With this in mind it makes sense that your car be a pleasant place to be and there are a couple of things you can do to make sure that this is the case. The first should be obvious due to where you are... get yourself a lock up garage to store it, nothing keeps vandals, dirt and bird droppings away like storing your car in a garage.

The second step is to master the art of car cleaning and luckily enough we've got a guide that will have your car gleaming in no time!

Step 1: Rinse

The most commonly missed step in the car cleaning process is by far the most important step in preventing damage to your paintwork. A thorough rinse should remove grit and any other abrasives that could possibly be dragged back over the paintwork causing damage.

Top Tip - If you notice stubborn bird droppings on your car, don't be tempted to give it a scrub as it can scratch paintwork. Simply place a hot damp towel over the mess and leave for 15 minutes, it should then rinse away easily.

Step 2: Shampooing

Now comes the fun part, out come the sponges and chamois cloths and hot soapy water to get rid of all of that excess dirt. The best tools to use are a nice soft sponge and a soft swirling action to gently lift away the dirt. If there are any tough spots of dirt remaining, don't be tempted to scrub at it, simply leave the wet cloth over the top for a few minutes and remove it layer by layer.

Top Tip - A grit grate at the bottom of your bucket will help to prevent any small stones or grit from scratching the paintwork.

Step 3: Rinse and Dry

Once shampooed, give it a good rinse to get all that shampoo and dirt off. After this it's time for drying, the vital step to ensuring that the shine remains and isn't corrupted by any water stains. The temptation is always to give it a good scrub with a dry towel but the trick is to pat the car dry with a towel to prevent any risk of scratching.

Top Tip - a microfiber towel will absorb loads of water but is also light and wrings out very easily.

Step 4: Sit Back and Admire!

This step is pretty much self explanatory but trust us, it's well worth spending a good amount of time over.

Top Tip - Treat yourself to a nice cold drink after this, you've earned it!

So there you go, four steps that are sure to make sure that your car is kept as clean and damage free as possible. Don't forget that if you want that shine to last then we offer secure garage rental for that extra layer of paintwork protection, simply contact us today to discuss it.

Thanks for reading!

7 Things You Cant Use a Lock Up Garage For

Well, we can’t stop you from trying…

  1.        Wall to Wall Adult Ball Pit

Cannon baaaaaaaaaall!


  1.        Makeshift Haunted House Attraction



    1.        Olympic Stadium, 2020

It still might be an improvement for this poor guy.

      1.        Homemade Time Machine

If you’ve already got one to hand you can go nuts.

      1.        A Theme Park Attraction

Ducking hell...


        1.        Plotting Your Next Heist

Crime never pays.


          1.        A Royal Residence

She’s had way more practice waving than you have!   

So what can you use our great lock up garages for? Well it might not be as ... glamorous... as some of the options above, but don't knock finding a safe and secure place to store your car, bric-a-brac and other belongings! Get in touch today to find out more. 

Why You Should Say YES to a Lock up Garage

For a lot of people, the idea of a garage to store their car or possessions is something that they can only dream about. A lot of houses don’t allow for the addition of a garage – whether it’s because of layout or space.

However, you’re not entirely out of options. You can rent a garage – a safe and secure unit that offers you 24/7 access and the opportunity to use as you wish.

As a company who specialises in large garage rental in over 900 different locations, we know that there are plenty of advantages to choosing to rent a lock up garage.

Don’t just take our word for it though – check out this whole list of reasons for why you should be saying YES to one of our lock up garages.

They are Safe & Secure

Lock up garages are safe and secure. You can have peace of mind knowing that your possessions inside are safely locked away and that you are the only one that has access to them. You can also choose the location – so you can easily choose a garage in a location you know is safe. It also means that your car is safe from theft or damage – things that can unfortunately happen to it whilst its parked on the street.

All garages will come with good security but you can easily add your own extra security measures too!

No Arguing With Your Neighbours

We’ve all had an argument with a neighbour over parking. For those of us not lucky to have our own parking spot or drive, it’s a common occurrence that can be really frustrating. Whether it’s them parking in front of your drive or your neighbour complaining that you’ve taken their favourite parking spot – the arguments are endless. By parking your car in your very own lock up garage, you can avoid butting heads with everyone!

Store Items That Clutter Your Home

Do you have items in your home that you really don’t want to part with but have absolutely no space for? This is where a lock up garage can be extremely handy! They’re not just used for cars – they can be a really good means of storage! De-clutter your home and transfer the items you don’t need but want to keep, into your new garage space!

An Extra Room

You can do whatever you like with your garage. Don’t have a car? Don’t need storage space? How about transforming it into a home office or gym? There are lots of different uses for a garage that aren’t quite the traditional one. You’ll need to discuss it with the company who own your garage but if you’re just adding furniture inside, you’re probably okay!



Swayed by the benefits of lock up garage? Contact us on 020 8882 8575 and we will be more than happy to give you more information or to answer any questions.

Alternative Uses for a Lock up Garage: Home Gym

Traditionally, lock up garages are used for parking your car and keeping it safe from theft or vandalism. Whilst this still remains the most popular and obvious use for your garage space, it’s not your only option.

There are lots of alternative options for taking advantage of the extra space that a lock up garage provides you with – including somewhere to create your own personal gym.

A lot of people dream about designing their home gym but never actually get around to doing so or just don’t have the space. There are lots of advantages to creating your very own ‘garage gym’ – here are just some of them.

Saves You Money

It might seem like an expensive idea but it should actually save you a lot of money in the long term. Gym memberships don’t come cheap and can often mean a good chunk of money is often being paid out each month. This can often feel like wasted money for those who can only make it a few times a week. It will cost you initially to get all the gym equipment that you want but you’ll easily save this and more after you cancel your gym membership.

You Can be Flexible

Most commercial gyms are open standard hours, usually something like 7am-9pm. Whilst this does give you a large period of time to get your workout in, you can be even more flexible if you have your own garage gym. Some people prefer to work out late at night or really early in the morning, which you can do when you have 24/7 access to your own equipment.

You Can Work Out Alone

Not everyone feels confident in the gym. In fact, lack of confidence is a reason that a lot of people give for not joining one in the first place. By creating your own personal exercise haven, you can feel comfortable working out without anyone watching or judging you. This means you can go at your own pace without worrying that someone is breathing down your neck to use the same piece of equipment.

No Sharing Necessary

Ask any regular gym goer for the worse part of attending a commercial gym and we guarantee that lack of space or equipment will be on their list. There is often not enough equipment for everyone to use, which means you usually have to settle for doing something else whilst you wait for a bike or cross trainer to free up.


Looking to rent a garage in London? We’ve got you covered. Our lock up garages provide the ideal space for parking your car, storing any unused items or for making your own personal home gym! With 24/7 access, you can make use of it at any time.

For more information on how we can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Just give us a call on 020 8882 8575 and a member of our expert team will be happy to help.


Common Parking Errors People Make

At Lock Up Garages we only ever strive to deliver the best service. Whether that’s via our up-to-date industry insider blog or through our secure garage rental, we only ever aim for the finest levels of customer service. While we feel it’s important to highlight the need for your own secure space to store one of your most valuable assets – your car – we understand that you can’t always be around your garage to keep it safe. As such, here is a selection of common mistakes that people make when parking their car, so you know just what to avoid in future!

Not Locking Doors

OK, we accept that this is obvious, but you’d be surprised! Many people think that because they’re only making a short dash to a shop or even to a pay and display machine, that their belongings are safe... think again! You’re presenting an opportunist thief with a prime opportunity to make that iPhone or bag in the back theirs.

Keeping Valuables in the Open

It’s understandable to want to keep your valuables handy when in a car, but that doesn’t mean that they need to be on show. Through leaving your valuables out on display you’re offering them on a plate to a thief who is only separated from them by a sheet of glass.


Not Parking in Designated Zones

This is a given, but far too often people chance their arm when they are parking. Whether being obnoxious in parking illegally while out for a whole shopping trip, or whether it’s a quick dash in and out of a shop, you’re not only risking getting caught out, but also the chance of taking up space that is needed by someone who may genuinely need it.

Leaving Notes

One common mistake that many people make is to leave a note to dictate their whereabouts; more problematic is when you leave a note saying what time you’ll be back! This gives your would-be-criminal every opportunity to time their theft and allows them to know just when they need to finish the deed by! Don’t lend them a hand!


While all of the above are easily avoidable, the best way to keep your vehicle protected is through one of our secure garage rentals. We are always keen to provide you with a reliable and secure garage for you to store your precious belongings, so if you are ever in need, don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can contact our team on 020 8882 8575; your security is our business.

Have You Experienced any of these Common Parking Problems?

After a long day at work and a commute home that feels even longer, all you want to do is jump out the car and get your slippers on! You’re going to have to park first though, and when you’re already having a stressful day these common parking problems can really start to grind your gears…

Your Neighbour Nicked Your Spot

This is probably the number one complaint from people who share a parking area with neighbours, and short of leaving a passive-aggressive post it note on the windshield it can be difficult to resolve – especially if parking spaces aren’t specifically designated to individual houses.

You end up driving all the way around the block, to find a space that’s a good couple of minutes away from your home… a couple of minutes that you’ll now spend muttering angrily under your breath as you hurry through the cold.

You’re Boxed in Before Work

If you live down a narrow street, there is nothing more frustrating than getting up in the morning and finding that you’ve been boxed in. As time creeps on and you start to worry about missing the morning meeting you can hammer on the neighbour’s front door all you like – but if they’re still catching up on their beauty sleep you might end up stranded at your own home!

Snow and Ice

Not one that applies to everybody, but if you’ve experienced the pain of shovelling snow at 6am simply to make sure that you’ll have room to park when you get home, you’ll know exactly how stressful it can get.

Combine this with problem number one and you have a real recipe for disaster – what could be worse than having all your hard work wasted when the spot is stolen by the noise-makers down at number 28?

Even those of us that don’t live in snowy parts of the world know just how annoying it can be to set your alarm 20 minutes early just to make time for de-icing the car…

If any of the items on this list sound familiar then you’re in luck: there is one simple solution that can solve them all! By renting a garage that’s near to your home, you can ensure that you always have a parking spot reserved – and you don’t have to exert any energy getting your car, or your parking spot, ready in the morning.

With tons of garages to hire in great locations across the UK you can stop worrying about these parking woes today: just give us a call at 020 8882 8575 or contact us online for more information. 

Garage Resolutions for the New Year You Have to Make!

As large garage rental specialists we've grown used to all the different reasons why a rented garage might be needed though, despite our array of posts, not many people realise the importance of their garage.

So, if you're wanting to spice up your New Year Resolution, we've got a couple of garage resolutions we think you'll love!


Make the Most Out of Your Garage

A large garage can fit so much into it besides your vehicle it seems such a shame to waste such space. Make the most out of your garage space, whether it's decking out the interior with your vehicles essential gadgets and fixtures, or whether it's padding the walls with unwanted belongings collecting dust in your own home. Whichever the case, this new year don't waste the space.

If you need any help with ideas for your garage, why not take a look  at a couple of our blogs?

Clear Out What You Don't Need/ Want

It's not uncommon to open up your garage door and find yourself faced with a wall of boxes full of belongings you've never used and never will. While it's a good idea to make the most out of your garage space, with a new year comes a new start. You might have been able to de-clutter your house by moving unwanted belongings into your garage, but now it might be time to de-clutter your garage.

Clearing out your garage is a great way to re-freshen your garage and reduce your risk of harbouring pests!


Keep It Tidy

How long does it take you to find what you're looking for when you open up your garage? Just because you don't live in your garage, doesn't mean it needs to be unnecessarily messy. Once we enter into 2016, why not make a resolution to keep your garage as tidy as possible? You can even try out some of the cool, unique ways of organising your garage we've mentioned in previous posts!

The more organised and tidy your garage is, the more things you'll be able to fit into it later on in the year!

Don't fall into the same old patterns this new year, try to maximise your garage space or organise it a little differently, you never know, you may find it works out for the better!

For more information about our secure rental garages, don't hesitate to get in contact with us on 020 8882 8575 and we'll help you find the perfect garage for you!

We're Dreaming of a Safe and Secure Christmas and New Year!

Well it's happened, we've tried to prepare for Christmas as much as possible, and now the big day is upon us. When did that happen? Not too long ago we were celebrating 2015 and the birth of Princess Charlotte, now those of us unorganised with the festivities are madly racing around the stores for anything we can present to our nearest and dearest on one of the biggest days of the year.


Taking a Look Back at 2015

2015, we're very proud to say, has been one of our most successful years so far. We've had the great pleasure of helping home owners and business men and women find a safe and secure place for their vehicles and belongings. Our large and small rental garages have offered a reliable alternative to a cluttered home to or workplace. Most importantly- during this time of year- our garages have proved to be the best hiding place for those carefully wrapped treats you want to keep secret until the big day.

We've had an amazing year, taking a close look at all of the items you can and can't store in your garage, the many different ways you can keep your garage neat and tidy, how to best organise your belongings and even what type of people use a garage! It's been very entertaining getting to know our own garages as well as letting you into a few hints, tips and advice.


A Huge Thank You to All of Our New and Existing Customers!

If it weren't for you, however, our 2015 wouldn't have been as successful as it has been. We've loved every second of this year. We've loved seeing a few familiar faces returning to us and we've enjoyed meeting a couple brand new faces as well. You've helped us to fine tune our customer services and provide you with quality garages you can rely on to keep all of your belongings safe and secure all year round. So, on behalf of everybody here at Lockup Garages, thank you.


What Does 2016 Hold for Us?

With the New Year only around the corner, what are you hoping for? Maybe you're looking forward to a summer holiday? Or perhaps you're wishing for a fantastic garage to keep all of your belongings in?

Well, we're simply hoping to see a few familiar faces return to us next year (as well as a couple of new faces!) We're hoping that, with your help, our 2016 will be just as successful as 2015.

If you're looking to rent a garage in London, don't hesitate to contact us on 020 8882 8575 and we'll find a garage to keep your belongings safe come the New Year.

Before we sign off for the festive holiday, we'd just like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas and- if we don't see you before hand- a fantastic New Year!

Awesome Garage Gadgets!

It's hard when renting an amazing garage to find gadgets you can install without breaching the terms of your contract. Though it's always a good idea to double check before including any type of storage or gadget into your garage, we've come up with a list of non-damaging garage gadgets you're going to love!


Parking Mats

If you're not using your garage to keep your unwanted or bulky belongings out of your house, then you'll more than likely be using it to keep your treasured vehicle safe and sound. While you may be able to skilfully park your car in a driveway, a garage requires a little more manoeuvring to ensure you don't accidently hit anything... such as the back wall.

One way to help reduce the risk of parking too far back that you can't open your car boot, or so far back that your back bumper meets solid brick, is by using a nifty parking mat.

A parking mat can be secured to the floor of your garage via adhesive tape. It has a 1 inch rise at the front, which tells you you're in the right position, and a 2 inch rise at the back which tells  you when you can hit the brakes!

Bumper Guards

On the topic of making sure your vehicle and garage remain safe from dents and scratches, here's another nifty gadget; the bumper guard.

Again, with its unique and innovative adhesive backing, these padded strips are covered in reflective tape to help you see them, no matter what time of day it is. Their 1.4 inches of padded safety allows you to relax when parking your car, knowing that, no matter how close you are to your bumper guards, you're vehicle and garage walls are protected!

Tool Dots

Moving away from your vehicle now, you may have read some of our previous blogs Ingenious Ways to Organise Your Garage Part 1 and Part 2, well here's another great gadget to  help organise your tools!

Toll Dots are fantastic for keeping your metal tools in perfect order. Small enough to not be seem intrusive, these magnetic gadgets have a self-adhesive backing to them for easy application to your walls!

When renting your garage you should be able to make it feel as homely as possible without causing any lasting damage to its structure. If you're looking for garages to hire and need any advice on what you can or can't install in your garage, don't hesitate to contact us on 020 8882 8575 today!

Pest Trap! Protect Your Garage Against Unwelcomed Guests

In one of our previous blogs Does Whatever a Spider Can: How to Spider-Proof Your Garage we talked a lot about how to prevent our eight legged friends from finding their way into our garage. What about all of those other leggy fiends though? How can you prevent ants, flies, rodents and other creepy crawlies from finding their way into your carefully stored belongings?


Spring Clean... or All Year Clean

It doesn't have to be spring for you to give your garage a good ol' scrub. In fact, during the colder, wetter months, you should probably make sure you're cleaning out your garage regularly as this is the time when pests try to bed down for the winter.

Clearing everything out of your garage will give you the chance to see if there's anything snuggling down in your box of fabrics... or that old sofa you can't fit in your house anymore. Not only will a constant check help you eradicate any pests from your belongings, it will also help you see exactly what you have in your garage!

Sweep your garage floor and bring in a portable heater to remove any moisture as damp patches act as a homing beacon to some bug species.

Once clean and tidy why not move around your garage interior?

Find a Pest? Remove it!

If you do find any pests in your garage make sure you remove them. While they may be docile during winter, as soon as it grows warmer you can expect them to become more active. The last thing you want to open your garage door to is a nest of bugs!

Non toxic pesticides are great for repelling pests from your garage without harming the environment. Make sure you're constantly removing any rubbish and food from your garage as well; it's a garage after all, not a five-star hotel for cold pests.

Seal the Holes!

While sweeping out pests and cleaning your garage are good ways to prevent pests from making a home in your garage, the only way you can ensure they can't ever return is to find how they got in to begin with!

Pests can creep into your garage via the smallest hole or gap in your garage structure. Take a torch and investigate the base of your garage, the door and the roof for any cracks or gaps. If you're renting one of our garages and you do find a gap pests can crawl through, however, make sure you report it to us and get permission to fill the gap in.

While pests in outside buildings are common, that doesn't mean you have to put up with them. If you're looking to rent a garagemake sure to contact us on 020 8882 8575 and we'll help you find the best garage for you!

Ingenious Ways to Organise Your Garage (Part Two)

In our last creative post we took a sneaky peak into some ingenious ways of organising your garage. Garages, as we're all well aware, have a tendency to become over cluttered and messy. With their accumulation of children's toys, bikes, tools and the scraps of home decor we don't want in our homes, it sometimes gets incredibly hard to move around our garage, let alone find anything!

So, because we want you to enjoy some quick and quirky ways to organise your garage, here are a couple more ingenious ways you can organise your garage!


Everything in its Place- Tool Stencils

A tool box is great for keeping your favourite items of equipment safe and sound, but they don't necessarily keep everything neat and tidy. Many a time you may find yourself digging through your box for a particular Allen Key, only to find it fifteen minutes later in a side pocket.

One way you can keep all of your tools and gardening equipment in the right place is by outlining them on your wall or shelving unit. Outlining is easy, first take your tools and stencil them onto coloured card. Cut out your stencils and stick them onto your pegboard! Alternatively, you can use coloured tape on your pegboard to stencil the outline into place.

Designated Parking Spaces

Children's toys are as much of a hindrance in the home as they are in your garage. Toy cars, bikes and trains are constantly rolling back and forth across your garage floor. To keep them in their own designated area of your garage, why not outline parking spaces for them with tape?

Tape is perfect whether you use it in the house or in your rented garage. Easy to put down and easy to pick up, coloured tape leaves no damage behind and yet works fantastically to keep your little angel's toys in check.

Keep Nuts and Bolts in Check

No matter how tidy you strive to keep your garage, you're always going to find your nails, screws, nuts and bolts lying about the place, especially if you enjoy a spot of DIY. One ingenious way to keep everything in check is with coffee jars.

Big and beautiful, coffee jars are the perfect, cheap way to store all of your loose bits and bobs. The best part is that you can cut out holders in your workbench to keep your jars in!

When you look to hire a garage, though you aren't permitted to physically install anything into the walls and ceiling of the garage, these simple, non damaging ways of organising your garage can greatly help keep everything neat and tidy. Contact us today on 020 8882 8575 to find out more about our rental garages. 

A Brief History of Your Garage

The modern garage has become a feature to the home that most of us couldn’t live without. Whether you use it for your car or for storage of all those things without a place in your house, the garage has become a vital part of our home lives.

Because of how important garages have become to all of us, we thought it would be a good idea to take a brief look at the history of the modern garage.

Did you know ‘garage’ comes from the French word, ‘garer’ which means ‘to shelter’ – isn’t that nice?

Fetch the Carriage!

The garage dates back to over 100 years ago, and if you think what garages are most commonly used for today, it’s not hard to work out that that has always been the case. However, cars, while certainly invented, weren’t the everyday tool they are today, which meant garages were built to store the more common transports of the time – wagons, carriages and horses.

 Of course, when the ‘horseless carriage’ took Europe by storm, manufacturers began producing ‘portable garages’ which were designed to store cars on properties which didn’t already have a garage attached to them.

Cars Galore!

After the Locomotives on Highways Act of 1896, it was a fact that cars were here to stay, which meant garages became as popular as the motor vehicles. When people began constructing more garages to house their cars, they modelled them on the carriage house of the past. That was until the necessity of innovation forced their hands to create something new.

This led to the overhead garage door, which was created in 1921 and then, a mere 5 years later, the automatic garage door opener became available -  a result of the demands by the public for a more functional garage door.

Does it come with a Garage?

This led to prospective homeowners all over the country asking real estate agents if the home included a garage, and if it didn’t, that would often cost the deal. By the early 1940’s, architects were designing homes specifically so they could accommodate more garage space for people’s vehicles.

We move swiftly through to today where garages continue to be in the majority when we look at homes, with over 80% of homes in the UK including a garage. Of course, the garage has evolved from a simple storage space for people’s cars into a space for people to get really creative.

Whether it’s an art studio, a spare bedroom, or even a recording studio, the garage is still proving just how essential it is to our home life.

Here at Lockup Garages, we can find you the perfect storage space, whatever you need it for. We specialise in large garage hire so whatever your storage needs are, we can fill them! For more information, contact us on 020 8882 8575 and speak to one of our team members today.


Ingenious Ways to Organize your Garage
Ingenious Ways to Organize your Garage

You might remember that a while ago, we wrote about making the most out of the space in your garage. We talked about de-cluttering and packing things into clear boxes which are all great ways to keep your garage organised.

However, if you’re more of the stylish type and want to show your garage some extra love with a make-over, while at the same time keeping your things organised, we’ve come up with some ways for you to do exactly that!

Pegboard wall hangings

In our earlier post, we told you of the brilliance in investing in some shelving and cabinets for your garage, and we stand by that – shelving is not only a great way to keep things in plain sight but it also helps to de-clutter your garage.

However, you can have some fun with it – when we say to invest in shelving, you don’t have to stick with the standard units, there are plenty of different options, and a pegboard for all your smaller items is one such option.

Why not give each of your tools their own proper place with outlinings too?



Storing bikes vertically

Space is the priority in your garage – it’s long sought after and you’ll always want more. You might not be able to make your garage bigger, but you can make more of your space by storing your bikes vertically.

You might have seen this done in the shops or even in someone else’s garage - it’s a really helpful and ingenious way of storing your bikes while saving on space.

You might also want to try hanging them from the ceiling. You can do so with some strong hooks and a couple of pieces of wood.

Just make sure those hooks are secure!

Shoe Racks

Shoe racks don’t get enough credit these days, with most people opting for the floor when it comes to putting their shoes away – but a shoe rack offers organization and a much more visually appealing way to keep your shoes together.

It gives them all a proper place; it means no-one can end up with a single shoe or a mismatched pair, and it get rids of all the clutter lots of shoes can create.

If you want a more niche option, you could use old crates to create your very own shoe racks – you could even have separate boxes for the different style of shoes!

Of course, there are plenty more ingenious ways to keep your garage organized, so be sure to check back with this blog in the future where we’ll make a return to this series!

Here at Lockup Garages, we provide top-quality garages to hire so that if you’re moving home, or you just need some extra space, you have somewhere to put your things. For more information, contact us on 020 8882 8575 and speak to one of our friendly team.


The Ultimate Hideaway- Things to Hide in Your Garage


It's heart breaking for you, realising the surprise you were hoping to see on the faces of your loved ones is ruined, as they’ve already had time to admire your present before it's carefully put back into place. So, it's time for a new hiding place. Somewhere out of sight and out of mind... at least for the time being.

Introducing a friendly garage rental.


Hiding Presents in Your Garage

If your garage is very rarely visited by anybody else in your household, it's the perfect location for all of your surprise presents. Granted there are certain items you need to be careful of storing in your garage and, subject to our terms and conditions, there are some things you may not be able to safely tuck away. For the majority, however, welcome to your new super secret hideaway.

Use Different Levels

Placing objects on the top of shelving or on the bottom shelf can keep them out of eye sight. In general, people tend to look for objects at the same height as themselves as it takes effort to look up and down. That makes high and low areas perfect for stashing away your goods.

Cover Them Up

Covering up presents makes them less interesting for nosey people. It takes up time and effort to unwrap an already wrapped gift (especially without anybody noticing). If you don't want your family members to realise where you're hiding your Christmas presents this year, however, you could experiment with how you cover them up.

Placing gifts in boxes is a great way of hiding gifts and, if you throw a few bits of other items such as tool boxes, helmets etc. over your wrapped gift, it'll blend right in with the rest of your garage.

Another way for you to cover up your gifts is by wrapping them in simple brown paper or newspaper. Closer to Christmas, you can wrap them again in wrapping paper. Not only do you make the gifts look unimportant when stashing them in your garage, but you create a fun 'pass the parcel' game when your family open up your presents!

A simple rented garage is more than just a place to keep your vehicles safe and sound. For more information about our garages this winter, don't hesitate to contact us today on 020 8882 8575.

Becoming Best Friends With Your Garage During Winter

Your friendship is valuable to your garage and, if you take care of it, it will take care of you. As with most friendships, it's the little things that matter the most so sit for a minute and listen to your garage, before you know it, you'll be the best of buds for sure!


Constant Visits

As with anybody, if you don't make the effort, neither will they. Staying away, tucked behind a solid door in a cosy warm house while your car and belongings shiver in your garage isn't going to set your friendship off on the right foot.

During the winter, make the effort to visit your garage. You don't have to stay for long if you don't want to, a short five minute stop on your way to work or town will suffice. Check to make sure everything is still running smoothly, and that the freezing nights haven't broken your garage into fits of squealing hinges and icy floors. Popping in every now and then can mean the world.

Look After It When Sick

Catching cold is awful; you know it and so does your garage. The only difference is that you can easily look after yourself while your garage is left to suffer in silence. If you want a strong and reliable friendship with your garage it's important to keep it healthy all year round. During winter the cold can set into the walls and cause brittle or weak fixtures to weaken further.

To help prevent your garage from suffering irreparable damage, make sure you see to any problems as soon as you discover them, whether that means notifying somebody or dealing with it yourself. Trust us, your garage will love you for it.

Give Presents, 'Tis The Season After All

Christmas may be a month off yet but it's always nice to give your best friend a present anyway. Though we must insist against leaving electrical equipment on unsupervised in any of our garages to rent in the UK (the last thing you want is to accidently burn your best friend after all) when you drop in for a visit, why not bring along an electric heater?

Giving your garage a well deserved warm up as you tend to its moans and groans is a great way to keep the threat of damp from the walls and any fabrics you may have stashed away. It's always nice to treat your nearest and dearest every now and then anyway.

If you're wanting to find yourself a best friend this holiday season, don't hesitate to contact us today on 020 8882 8575 and our friendly staff will help you find the perfect garage buddy for you!

Autumn Proofing Your Garage

It’s that time of year again, with the weather knocking at your window. Shorter days, longer nights... it’s hats and gloves weather. However, your garage doesn’t have the luxury of being able to slip on a lovely new coat and cosy scarf, so whether you rent a garage in the UK or you own your own, there are several things you can do to give your garage a better life through these chilliest of seasons.


OK, this may seem a little obvious, but with the wicked weathers coming around, your garage will thank you dearly for giving them fresh weatherproofing measures. It is recommended to weatherstrip your doors to help fend off the water which likes to eat its way through everything. If you are in the position of having a garage underneath a room, then you can help block the presence of cold air sneaking in through weatherstripping and putting in strips across the foot of your doors. If you have been wise enough to do this last year, just give it a check to see it’s in tip-top condition for the winter ahead.


We know that it’s no one’s favourite job, but it’s a necessary evil. Through using a stiff broom to give your garage a brisk brush, you can prevent the build up of dead leaves and insects as well as just general debris. This stops any unwanted guests taking up refuge in your comfy dirt. Equally, give the walls and corners a clean to help prevent those eight legged inhabitants appearing, besides that, spider webs can really make a garage look really untidy!

Sealing Cracks

Cracks and holes have a nasty habit of letting in moisture as well as allowing all your hard-earned money seep through the walls in the form of warm air. This is exactly the sort of energy inefficiency you need to tackle prior to the bad weather being ultra-omnipresent, so the sooner you do this, the better. Not only will you make your winter a more comfortable one, it can also serve to make for a cheaper one.

Garages are an easy thing to forget about when undertaking your general tidying chores, but through implementing a system you can serve to save yourself money, as well as giving yourself a warmer home in winter; which is what we’re all after, right? Of course, you won’t experience any of these problems if you are looking for a quality garage to rent in the UK from our friendly team; we’ve done all the leg work for you! So, if you would like to discuss our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us on 020 8882 8575, where we will be eagerly awaiting the opportunity to set you up with a great garage for the autumn and winter months ahead.

Does Whatever a Spider Can: How to Spider-Proof Your Garage

Last week, Britain was sent a warning from the British Arachnological Society that one of the world’s most aggressive spiders will be making their way into our homes as the weather becomes cooler this autumn. As a result, Arachnophobics of all scales are starting to panic, as these spiders aren’t the tiny things that scuttle away at the first sign of movement, instead they’re what’s called the ‘Giant House Spider’.

Now of course these little fiends aren’t venomous, they’re not even likely to bite you but never the less, we’re guessing that you don’t want to house-share with these guys and as we specialise in garages to hire, we thought we’d show you how to spider-proof your home. This way, you don’t have to have the inevitable debate about whether or not to take them outside or to simply take a rolled up newspaper to them.

Did we also forget to mention autumn is their breeding time?

Step 1- Get yourself a runner door seal and install it at the bottom of your garage door. You might find it by the name of a storm threshold, this fairly cheap device is available in most handy ware shops and it keeps light, cold air, water and most importantly, insects out of your garage.

Step 2- Get cleaning! If you use your garage as place of storage, you are practically inviting spiders to move in rent free. Any boxes you have filled with books and papers are a spiders 5 star hotel, and any leaves and grass cuttings that are lying around- they’re the pool.

Step 3- Keeping up with the yard work also helps to spider-proof your garage. If you let your grass grow long around the perimeter, or you prefer to stack firewood against the house, you make it easier for your eight-legged pals to find their way into your garage. Trim your grass with some clippers or a lawn-mower so it doesn’t make contact with the building; and stack your firewood well away from the structure.

Step 4- Seal any and all cracks in the garage floor, walls and foundation. Don’t take it as an exaggeration when we say that a space as small as 1/16th of an inch is enough room for spiders to make their way into your garage. The best way to seal any small cracks like this is with a caulking or cement patching kit.

Step 5- If you already have some spiders in your garage, you can go full metal jacket on them and route them out with some pesticide (this will also help with any future problems as well). Remember to follow the directions on the can, and that all pets and children are clear from the area before you start spraying.

So now we hope you feel more prepared for the incoming spider invasion. We realise however, that some people love spiders, so what you can do instead is set up your garage to welcome in your new residents; throw them a part perhaps and name them all as they accomplish the miracle of life.

You won't find one of these in your garage, but cute right?

Of course, we keep a tidy ship in our garages so you’re not likely to find an eight legged visitor co-sharing with you. For more information on what we can do for you, contact us on 020 8882 8575 and one of our  friendly and professional team members will be happy to help! 

Celebrities and Their Amazing Garages

If you’re looking at garages to rent then you know that there are lots of different ways to use them. Whether you’re looking to start a business from there, need somewhere to store your belongings, or just want to keep your car in a safe place, then rental garages are ideal.

But every now and then it’s nice to look at how the other half live and how they take a practical solution to a whole new level. Here are some of our favourite garages that are owned by the celebrity elite.

Jerry Seinfeld

The American comedian and actor keeps his supercars safe in a Manhattan underground hideaway. To regular passersby, the side street shows no sign of holding 46 Porsches. But to those in the know, there’s an elevator that takes you down to Seinfeld’s collection.

This mega garage is made up of three stories and has an 844-square-foot living area complete with a club room, kitchenette, bathroom and an office.

The producer is also able to control the climate via computer and check everything is in order through his phone.

Ralph Lauren

Once the fashion designer’s car collection reached a whopping 60, Ralph Lauren decided to invest in a single place to store them all. A car technician found an old car dealership in New York, and Lauren’s vice president set about designing the masterpiece that it is now.

Nicknamed from the initials of his sons, the D.A.D Garage is composed of two floors, with a workshop, display area, a small living space, an office and a library.

The decor is just as extravagant, with white stainless steel counters, black flooring and white walls and ceiling to draw your attention to the cars.

John Travolta

The Grease actor has moved on from his days waxing and drag racing a 1946 Ford De Luxe. Now he needs to store not one but two aeroplanes.

Travolta’s garage has a 1.4-mile runway leading up to it, where inside you can find a Gulfsteam jet and a Boeing 707, as well as the support vehicles needed for both of them. Oh, and there’s room for up to 15 vehicles.

Although you may not need a mega-garage to store hundreds of supercars, you probably have something in your home that could do with being stored remotely. Whether it’s a car, boxes of things you need to keep, or you want to have your own office, a rental garage is a great option.

For more information about what we have on offer at Lock Up Garages, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 020 8882 8575 and a member of our helpful team will be happy to answer your queries.

Garages to the Rescue: How the Humble Lockup Can Help Charities
 You may think of lockup garages as just a place to store your car or your extra possessions, however, these humble and modest little buildings can help to change the world, too. How? Well, by playing a part in the act of charity.

Convenient Collection Points

Right now, in various towns and cities across the UK, garages and other storage spaces are being used by generous souls to collect together donated goods for those caught up in the Syrian refugee crisis. One such campaign in St Albans was so successful that the organiser had to appeal for extra space.


Whether it’s a manmade crisis like the Syrian civil war or a natural disaster like the Nepal earthquake, it’s heartening to think that people can pull together in this way to help their fellow human beings.

However, it’s important to bear in mind that donating the wrong items can hinder efforts rather than help them. In the event of a large scale disaster, the relief agencies in charge will often make it known what they do need and what they don’t. Clothing, for example, is often not listed because it needs to be sorted by size and type, cleaned if necessary and repackaged to deploy to those who need it – time which could have been better spent on other efforts.

Charity Sales

So, what can you do if you’ve got a lot of stuff that you don’t need, but it’s not the sort of thing that is needed for a charity relief effort? Simple – have a garage sale. By selling off your unwanted clothes, toys, furniture and other knick-knacks, you can raise a hefty amount of cash to donate instead; the relief agencies on the ground can then use this money to get exactly what they need, exactly where they need it.

To make sure that your garage sale is a success, it’s a good idea to speak to the neighbours before you start planning (and to the owners, if you hire a garage) to make sure that it’s not going to cause a nuisance to anyone. Then, make sure it’s publicised – use social media as well as posters in the local area to get the word out, and make it clear that the proceeds are for charity so you get the customers in. Thirdly, make sure everything is clearly priced and labelled. Use round numbers so that making change is easier, and have a bumbag for the takings so it’s securely on your person.

At Lockup Garages we have a wide range of garages in convenient locations around the UK available for hire – for more information, get in touch with us today on 020 8882 8575.

Protecting Your Garage From Floods

It happens from time to time. The weather gets out of control and the next thing you know the drains are pumping up water instead of swiftly carrying them away. It can't be helped, especially if your garage is at the bottom of a hill or if there are drains outside of your garage door.

Though a little bit of water is harmless, it can have the potential to cause significant damage to the belongings you've so lovingly stored away in the large garage you hire. Luckily there are some quick, easy and cheap ways to keep your belongings safe and sound when the heavens open.


Keep Precious Belongings Off Of The Floor

There might be some times you can't help but keep on the floor of your garage. Your car for instance, or your ladders may be too big to store on shelves, nails and hooks. Smaller items, however, should be handled with more care and thought. Don't be fooled by paint tubs, they may seem nicely secured, but the last thing you want is to find that Royal Red has spilled out of its tin and decorated your garage and the rest of your belongings.

Cardboard boxes full of clothes, toys and fabrics are should also be high on your priority list. Getting these items wet with dirty drain water can make them smell and (if you haven't caught them in time) can make your fabric mouldy. Investing in a simple shelving unit or set of draws to keep all of your precious belongings in can greatly help to protect them from any water damage.

Remember To Turn Off Electrical Appliances

This is the main area for concern when it comes to flooded garages. If you have any electrical appliances they should be kept off of the floor and in an air tight container at all times. Failure to do so can greatly damage your wires ability to work safely and effectively. Not only that, but if you've left any electrical appliances on, the possibility of them short circuiting is very high. The very last thing you want is to start a fire or to turn a small amount of water into an electrical minefield.

Invest In Sandbags

If you know your garage could be at risk of flooding, be it drains or the gradient it's situated on, it could be a good idea to think ahead and invest in some sand bags.

Sandbags are the go-to when it comes to possible floods and they can greatly reduce and risk of water getting into your garage. Although we do supply our own in-house maintenance or your garage, taking that extra bit of security can help to save your personal belongings.


Though we don't insure your personal belongings, we put our customers concerns and worries above all else and do our best to help where we can. For more information about what large garages we have for hire, contact us today on 020 8882 8575.



Location, Location, Location? Your Lockup Garage Location Matters
 So, you’ve decided that a lock up garage is the ideal storage solution, allowing you to clear out your home without ditching some of the items that you still love or giving you a handy halfway house whilst you’re in the process of moving. So far so good, but now comes the not-so-small matter of choosing a location. You might well be tempted to think that choosing where your lockup garage should be located is a pretty simple matter; it just needs to be close enough to your house for you to drive over there without any hassle.

Well, that is a big factor – you definitely don’t want to choose a storage space that’s halfway across the country unless you absolutely have to. But we’re pretty sure that you don’t need us to tell you that! However, the fact of the matter is that this isn’t the only thing that you should be taking into consideration; there are many other factors which could also be important. Here are just a few of the things, aside from distance from your home, which we think you should mull over before you make up your mind on a garage that’s right for you.

How Safe is the Neighbourhood?

No matter how secure a lockup garage is, it can lend extra peace of mind to know that the neighbourhood itself is also relatively friendly and crime-free; you don’t want to take the risk of leaving precious belongings in a crime hot spot – even if nothing happens to your goods, it’s never pleasant to have that lingering worry lurking in the back of your head.

Take a wander around the nearby streets to get a feel for how safe it seems or, for some more reliable information, take a look at published crime stats. Then, simply pick a garage in an area that doesn’t have a history you don’t like – job done.

What Amenities are Nearby?

Imagine that you’ve just spent several long hours transporting your belongings into your new storage container and now, well, you’re exhausted. From the bead of sweat on your forehead to the foot that’s going to sleep, you’re ready for a break – most importantly, a cup of tea and a hot bite to eat.

At this point, it can be handy to know that there’s somewhere to stop nearby, whether that’s a fast food restaurant or a local café. Of course, this isn’t going to be the most crucial thing that you consider, but you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of knowing in advance that once the hard day’s work is done, there’s somewhere to put your feet up before driving home – after all, you should never risk driving tired!

What does the Location Offer?

Of course, you should also think about the garages themselves – do they offer everything that you need? Some locations have limited access which can make it difficult to get to your belongings when you actually need them; this is why we offer 24 hour access across the 900 sites we currently have available for you to choose from. You might also want to think about additional factors, such as how close a garage is to a location such as work or your child’s school as well as home if there’s a likelihood that you might have to travel between the two!

With so many different garages currently on our books, we happy to say that we feel confident you’ll be able to fulfil every requirement that you have, finding the perfect site to store your goods. For large garage hire across the country, you’ve come to the right place, and if you want to find out any more information or talk to us about your needs then you’re more than welcome to contact us today, online or at 020 8882 8575.

Six Famous Businesses that Started in Garages
Here at Lock Up Garages, we understand that there are a number of reasons why people look for a large garage rental. It could be that you’re looking for somewhere to store your car, keep outdoorsy gear, or maybe to have a place to put things out of the way for a start-up business. If it’s the latter then you could be onto something, as a number of world-famous companies began in the humble surroundings of their garages.

It’s no wonder that start-ups such as Apple and Amazon saw success when you consider the benefits of working from a garage. There’s the safety element of a lock up garage, the space to store equipment without cluttering up your house, as well as having relatively cheap overhead costs that you can renew on a short-term basis. Furthermore, using it as your own personal headquarters means you’re able to separate your home and work life without having to worry about travel costs.

Here are a few of the businesses that have expanded from their humble beginnings and seen global success.


Yes, that site most of us use every day to find out the answer to pretty much anything was started in a garage.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin based their small project, Google, in the Californian garage of their friend, Susan Wojcicki in 1998. The duo began the search engine as a PhD project and soon found it too time-consuming, and attempted to sell it to Excite for $1 million. However, the company refused and Google is now the most trafficked site in the world.

The search engine has also expanded into a number of other apps and sites such as Gmail, Google Drive and Google+.

Yankee Candles

In 1969, 16-year-old Michael Kitteridge went into his garage, melted some wax crayons and made a scented candle as a gift for his mother. His neighbours expressed interest in purchasing some of the candles, and he soon started mass-producing them.

Four years later, Kitteridge moved his production to an old mill in Massachusetts as his operation had outgrown the garage.


Everyone seems to have at least one piece of Apple technology – whether it’s a laptop, phone or iPod. However, what a lot of people won’t know is that it all began in the garage belonging to Steve Jobs’ parents.

In 1976, Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne developed the Apple I computer, selling it to a local retailer for $500 apiece. They soon developed the Apple II computer, but it wasn’t until the creation of their Macintosh line that they first earned millions of dollars.


In 1923, Walt and his brother Roy Disney moved in with their uncle and began creating movies in his one-car garage. The ‘First Disney Studio’ saw the creation of Alice Comedies, which were a part of the original Alice in Wonderland animation.

After a long journey towards success, Disney is now one of the biggest media conglomerates in the world. Their uncle’s garage is only a 45-minute drive away from Disneyland Park in California.


Now the go-to place for pretty much anything, Amazon started as an online bookstore in 1994. Jeff Bezos invested $40,000 into his start-up and managed to sell his first book in 1995. Two years later, he began selling shares of the company.

From what was once based in a garage in Washington, Amazon is now the world’s largest online retailer.

Harley Davidson

Ok, so this one wasn’t quite a garage – it was a shed. But since cars weren’t as common as they are nowadays, it’s the 1901 equivalent.

William S Harvey set about creating a small engine to power a motorcycle in his friend’s shed in Wisconsin. He and his childhood friend who helped on the project, Arthur Davidson, combined their surnames and founded their company in 1903.

It’s now the best-known motorcycle brand in the world, selling a range of merchandise as well as two-wheel rides.

If you’re inspired by some of the most successful businesses in the world, then look no further than Lock Up Garages for a start-up space. With our options for large garage rental, we can ensure you have the space you need to start a thriving business and separate your home and work life.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling 020 8882 8575 and one of our friendly members of staff will be happy to help.

Don't Throw Me Away! 3 Things to Keep During your Next Clear Out
 We’ve all been there: Years of clutter, junk and, well, stuff, have amassed in your house, taking up much needed space and making it difficult to find anything that you’re actually looking for.

And then you say those fateful words… ‘Let’s have a clear out.’

Suddenly, it’s all stations go as everybody starts to gather up all of their unused and unwanted belongings to be carted off to the charity shop or thrown out for good. The house is clear and clean, and you have space to breathe again – we probably don’t have to tell you how great it feels.

But before you go overboard and start throwing out everything and the kitchen sink just to reclaim a few valuable inches of floor space, bear in mind these things which it might just be worth hanging on to for a few more years to come:

Kid’s Toys

As a young adult, you might be looking at your precious childhood toys and thinking that they’re outdated and not worth the space they take up. Alternatively, you might have kids that have flown the nest; either way, it’s not uncommon to throw out old toys (the ones that don’t have treasured memories attached, at-least).

But you never know when you might hear the patter of tiny feet, whether that means children or grandchildren of your own, or a friend’s new baby. And while you might think that these new kids are going to want all new toys, nothing beats spending an afternoon showing them all your old favourites; that’s a memory you don’t want to lose all thanks to a hasty clear out. So, if in doubt… keep it!

Wooden crates and Cardboard Boxes

Unless it’s broken, there are simply no excuses for even thinking about throwing out an old crate box – they’re just too useful! Seriously, think of all the ways in which they can be repurposed: boxes can be slotted into a wardrobe or closet to help keep things tidy or used for crafts with the kids, while crates can be painted up and used for anything from growing herbs to adding some shabby-chic storage to your home.

Even if they are broken, there are still a lot of good reasons to keep hold of them. If the wood or card is still of a decent quality then you can almost certainly make use of them for DIY or arts and crafts, saving you a trip to the hardware store and a few pounds for your trouble – not bad.

Glass Jars and Squeezable Bottles

From pasta sauce, pickled onions to tomato ketchup and fairy liquid, these days it seems like half of what you buy comes in a glass jar or a squeezable plastic bottle. But when you’re done with them, you’re probably guilty of the same mistake as the rest of us – chucking them in the recycling bin and forgetting all about them. But if you give them a good clean then they can be recycled at home, helping you to spruce up your kitchen.

Jars are perfect for storing things like spices, herbs, sugar and coffee, and if you feel like getting creative then you can easily jazz them up with some paint or decoupage. Squeezable bottles are even more useful though! Transfer condiments and other things like soy sauce into old bottles and it will make cooking so much simpler – you can just add a quick dash of flavour to your recipes without any fuss.

If you’re keen to join the recycle and reuse revolution but wondering where on earth you’re going to keep all these handy bits and bobs then we can help. With our options for large garage hire, you can keep everything safe whilst still benefiting from a clear and spacious home – the best of both worlds. For more information feel free to get in touch, online or at 020 8882 8575, we’d love to give you a hand. 

Garage Safety: Hidden Dangers and How To Avoid Them (Part 2)

There are many ways a garage can be beneficial to us. From storage to hideaways, treasure troves to canvases for our artistic expressions, there's no doubt that a decent garage is truly man's best friend.

Supplying you with reliable and efficient garages to rent means we've seen our fair share of slips, trips and falls in and around a garage environment. Unconnected to your home and less likely to have swarms of people traipsing past every other minute, it's not just your garage’s safety and security you need to concern yourself with; you matter too.


You may have read Garage Safety: Hidden Dangers and How To Avoid Them (Part 1), if you haven't, we strongly recommend you hurry over and immerse yourself in the safety procedures of fires and your trusty garage door!

Electrocution can happen anywhere. Sometimes it's down to silly behaviour (WARNING: Do not stick a knife into a live toaster)

Other times it's all down to an accident. It's important that when you're in your garage you know exactly what to look out for and how to protect yourself if the worst happens.

As we stock everything in our garages it's no surprise that we sometimes find ourselves with balls of cables, leads and other assortments of wires. Never leave any power packs on and unsupervised in your garage; this can cause the battery packs to overheat and become a fire hazard. It's not just your garage you can damage through this carelessness; adjoining garages or buildings can also suffer significant losses, especially as garage fires tend to spread quickly.

Never leave any of your wires or cables uncovered in your garage. We won't lie, garages aren't known for their amazing thermal insulation and if you're not careful and don’t take measures to protect your garage properly, insects and rodents can get inside and enjoy chewing on your bare wires. You may not realise cold weather or rodents have damaged your wires until you come to use them... and at that stage it can be too late.


Always keep your wires and leads covered and in a secure container to prevent any damage from taking place. It's a small step, but it'll help keep you safe in your garage.


Tripping Hazards

We've all taken a tumble at some point in our lives. Whether it's happened indoors or outside, we're no strangers to a good bruised knee or twisted ankle.

Though in some cases this may simply be a small accident, a shock to the system, an 'oops we won't be doing that again' moment, in other cases it can become very serious.

When you're alone in your garage you need to keep yourself well aware of what's around you. Keeping a busy, cramped garage is not the best course of action; the amount of tripping hazards will be enough to give a health and safety officer a heart attack. It's not so much tripping that is the cause of concern in your garage, it's what may fall on top of you, or what you may fall into that worries those of us who truly care about your welfare.

Ladders, boxes of unwanted toys, tools and electrical equipment are amongst the few common items found in the garage. Do you know how much an unused tub of paint weighs? Can you imagine one or two of those falling on your head if you've stacked them on top of rickety shelves? Can you image how much trouble you'd be in if you got caught up on a perilously placed set of ladders with boxes balanced at their very top? We're going to say quite a lot.

There's one simply and easy way to make sure you limit the tripping hazards in your garage; clean it.

Organise your garage so that you have room to move. Secure loose items and place heavy objects on the floor or low to the ground. It may seem obvious, but you'd be surprised at how many people allow their garage to become a junk jungle.


We offer up secure garages to rent all over the country, so while we can be sure you get a sturdy, reliable garage to keep all of your valuables in, your safety is up to you. Contact us today on 020 8882 8575 and our friendly team will ensure you get the perfect rented garage for your short or long term needs.




Garage Security: How to Prevent Garage Break-Ins
Many people spend lots of time and money securing their home and car with high quality security measures, yet they don’t seem to think that their garage needs the same amount of defence. We’re not sure why this is the case, but it’s the reason for why garage theft has become a real problem in certain areas.

If you think about it, people store thousands of pounds worth of stuff in their garage, including expensive cars, tools, and golf clubs. Therefore, it seems pretty crazy that they have little to no security in place.

Do you know how to secure your garage against theft? Read on for some of our best tips!

Keep Your Windows Covered

Would you have windows in your house without any curtains or blinds? Probably not, so why is it okay to have nothing covering your garage windows? If people can see into your garage, then they know exactly what is in there. Putting up curtains or blinds means that people can’t peer into your window and see all your valuable goods! You could also install frosted glass windows, as it’s incredibly hard to see through these. If this isn’t possible, don’t leave anything valuable in view of the window.

Have Good Security in Place

As we mentioned above, people just don’t seem to think it’s important to secure their garage. We think that the best way to prevent break-ins in your garage is to have good quality security in place. The first thing you can do is to make sure that your door securely locks. Whatever type of garage door you have, it needs to be one that locks properly. Potential thieves will look for a weakness in your door, so it’s important that you deny them entry. Make sure that all your windows are locked – don’t ever leave them open if you’re not in there.

Apart from that, you can invest in other types of security such as door sensors, CCTV and alarms. Door sensors and alarms will alert you to the presence of someone, whilst CCTV will allow you to retain any evidence.

Put Some Lights up Around Your Garage

Thieves won’t target a house that has plenty of light surrounding it, as it’s likely that someone will see them trying to break in. Therefore, you should consider lights around the windows and doors, as well as interior lights such as floodlights that come on whenever someone is nearby.

Consider Having an Automatic System

Sometimes it’s really easy to forget to shut your garage, especially if you are busy moving things in and out. Unfortunately, it’s a little accident like this that could lead to your garage being broken into – or walked right into! You could install an automatic system that closes your garage door after it has been left open for a certain period of time. This might not be a good idea for those who have children, as you don’t want it shutting accidently when children are messing around.


Now that you know how to properly secure your garage, we hope that you’re now able to avoid any horrible break-ins. Prevention is always the key!

However, if you’re looking for a private garage that is already well secured, we can help. We have an extensive range of lock up garages for hire, providing you with the perfect storage solution.

If you have any questions on how you can hire a garage, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can give us a call on 020 8882 8575 and a member of our team will be happy to help. 

Signs That You Need More Storage Space!

Nobody can every have enough storage - fact!

Space is a valuable commodity in any home and it's something we could all do with having a little more of. After all, some extra storage space can be all your need to transform your home from cramped and cluttered to spacious and tidy.


Here at Lock Up Garages we have a wide selection of garages to rent, which are ideal for storing you old and unused items. And as far as we're concerned our garages are the ultimate space savers.

Want to know if you could do with a little more storage in your life? Then check out our guide to signs that suggest you've got too much stuff for your space!


Certain Rooms Are Off Limits

We've all seen it, that room that no one dares enter due to the perilous piles of boxes and other items that are stacked to the ceiling.

If you're running short of space it can be all too easy to let one of the rooms in your home become a dumping ground for all the items you cannot find a home for. But this can be a big waste of space!

If you want to reclaim the rooms in your home then consider investing in some extra storage space. This way you will no longer have to keep one room off limits to your guests and can enjoy having a little extra living space

Finding Things Takes Forever

There's no denying that the more stuff you have, the more difficult it can be to find the things you need.

If you find yourself spending ages routing around to uncover what you're looking for then this is a clear sign that you've got too many things in your home. Having too much stuff can make keeping your home organised a real challenge. So why not streamline your space and declutter your home by putting some of your items into storage - simple!


Lots of Large Unused Items

Large items, such old furniture and appliances take up space. A lot of space. But because these items are expensive they're definitely not the easiest to part with. That's why if you've got a few of these lying around then you're probably going to want to find some extra storage space so that you can free up some room in your home.

Crowded Closets

If you're a devoted fashion follower then you're going to want to ensure that you've got enough space to indulge in your favourite bad habit.

But If you can't close your wardrobe doors then this is a clear sign that it's either time to step away from the clothes shops or find somewhere else to store the clothes that you're not using - a pretty easy decision, surely!

Your Kids Are Gone But Their Stuff Isn't

If your kids have flown the nest but you've still got plenty of their old toys and games lying around then it's probably time to let them go - or find somewhere else to keep them. As a handy tip if you want to avoid family arguments, then the latter is probably the best option!

You've Got A Car... But Nowhere To Keep It!

These days, many people no longer use their garage to park their car. The reason - it has become a makeshift storage facility. And this often means that their car is simply left out in the cold.

To overcome this problem you could simply consider renting another garage to keep your car safe and secure. Or use this to store your stuff and reclaim your existing garage for your vehicle - whatever works!


So there we have it, some key signs that it's high time you got yourself some extra storage space. And that's where we can help! Our lock up garages are an ideal option for storing your old and unused items and will make saving space in your home a breeze.

If you would like to know more about our services, then simply contact our friendly team today, by giving us a call on 020 8882 8575.

Advantages of a Rented Garage
Advantages of a Rented Garage

We've spoken a lot about how to create the best spaces in your garage, about the different items and goods you can keep in your garage, and even about how to turn your garage into a suitable Fort Knox.  If you're looking to
hire a garage, however, what are the advantages you'll have over the everyday garage owner?


Buying a New House?

When it comes to buying a new house how many check and tick lists do you have to make sure it matches up to your criteria? How many times have you turned down a perfectly nice house because it didn't have a garage? Because it didn't have enough room? Because you'd have to turn the garage into the spare bedroom and then where would you park your car, or store your ladders? The benefits of hiring a garage in these cases are vast and peppered with bright flowers and a yellow brick road. No longer do you have to fret about your house not meeting with your criteria. You can tick off that spare bedroom, cross out the lack of space and circle the garage storage space in bright red. A lot of city and town houses lack a garage, and if you're looking in this general area, you can now stop worrying and simply fall head over heels with the house of your dreams knowing a rented garage is there to take care of all of your house buying worries.


Can be anywhere

With over 900 sites nationwide, if you're looking to hire a garage it's hard not to find the perfect location for you. If your job requires you to keep a lot of bits and bobs for your business, the best place to store them is in a rental garage. Not every business can have a state of the art warehouse to securely store goods and valuable items. If you live out of town you don't want to have to lug around bags and boxes over a vast distance either. A secure, sturdy and reliable garage could be just the ticket to help you store your valuables without any of the hassle.


Short and Long Term Rentals

Renting a garage doesn't mean you're tied to us at the hip for the rest of your life. If you need a temporary place to keep your car secure, or even if you're moving home and need a secure place to keep your heirlooms and priceless objects until you collect the keys for your new house, a short term rental contract is the best choice for this task. It's quick, easy and most importantly secure. You get the peace of mind knowing where your belongings are instead of worrying about their safety if you allow a company to take them away. You get the reassurance that you can happily check all of your belongings are accounted for with our 24 hour access. A hired garage acts as if you owned it, once given the garage it's yours to look over, ponder, and utilise as you please and if you want to enter into an on-going rental contract from a temporary contract  that is fine by us, check out our FAQ page for more information.


And what about the maintenance?

With an owned garage any faults, malfunctions or damages have to be taken care of by you. You're the ones who have the joy of replacing hinges, handles, light fittings and making sure that your garage won't fly away with a simple gust of wind. When you rent a garage, however, you have none of this stress or worry. Our dedicated, experienced maintenance team offer an in-house maintenance service to help satisfy any questions, queries or issues you may have. And what do you have to do? Only make sure that the locks and door workings are well oiled and that any issues or damages are reported as soon as possible so that they can be dealt with before deteriorating too badly.


There are many great uses for hiring a garage, whether it's to temporarily store your priceless belongings, or to securely stash your products before filling your store shelves, a rented garage gives you more space and more opportunities to do what you like with your home and business. If you would like to know more about how our rental garages could help you, contact us today on 020 8882 8575.

People of the Garaging World: The Neighbours
People of the Garaging World: The Neighbours

Dealing in
garages to rent has brought us into contact with a lot of people and, as such, a lot of different means our garages have been rented for. You may have read our previous blog People of the Garaging World: The Family but have you ever considered just what your neighbours get up to in their garages?

The Hoarder

We all know a hoarder; the people taken with keeping their homes, office desks, cars and... well, basically anything chockablock with items and objects they just can't seem to let go of. These individuals take compact packing to the next level, covering sections of their property with boxes and bags full of, well, stuff. They're a brilliant go-to person for all of your unwanted belongings, whether you mean to or not. If they see you throwing something out they're round in a shot, saving it from your bin and locking it away in their garages, never to be seen by you again. In fact, these particular neighbours love keeping hold of things so much you could probably keep an entire store running for a week on the amount of things they have stashed away in their garages!


The Mechanic

Garages cover this country up and down the coasts and no, we don't mean your own personal refuge, we're talking about the proper working garages. Unfortunately for you, your neighbour thinks of themselves as something of a professional in this department and who knows, maybe they are! All you know is that, day in and day out, noises and flashing lights come from their garage. Perhaps you're granted the privilege of seeing these spectacular people sticking their head out every now and then, or even as they take a better look at their soldering iron. The truth is that in that particular garage, your neighbour is creating a masterpiece, a work of vehicle ingenuity, and any moment, the door shall slide open and a shining body of completely mechanical artistry shall emerge.


The Invader

Give these people an inch and they'll take a square foot. Being the ever generous neighbour you are, perhaps you thought you'd stretch out your hand and offer the people next door a little help in keeping some of their prized possessions safe from the horrors of the skip? Perhaps you've offered up the corner of your own, personal garage, especially for their use (for the time being). The next thing you know, you're the ones looking for a less risky place to keep your car for fear of being scratched. We can't condemn your big heart or your neighbours invasive nature, all we can do is hold out our own hand and offer you (or your neighbour) a garage especially for them.

The Minimalist

Though they may perplex you and your homely garage decor, these neighbours have no worry with keeping the very bare minimal in their garages. With a box in the back corner and a bike propped up against the wall, the resounding echo as the door is pulled open rings through your head miles away. You may look at the narrow alleys and walkways you've created in your own garage and ponder over how much you can get away with storing in there but there's a reason for their gaping spaces and airy container. It could be the calm before the storm, the prequel to their hectic home spring clean, they could be waiting for a specific vehicle to fill the void, or it could simply be their way of life.


The truth is that there's a garage out there for everybody, it's simply a matter of how you wish to utilise it for your own, particular needs. If you're looking for garages to rent and would like to know more about what we have to offer you, contact us today on 020 8882 8575. 

Tips&Tricks: How to Get The Most Out of The Space in Your Garage
 Do you have a small garage and need to utilise the space better? Or do you have a good sized garage that you feel like you’re wasting?

Garages don’t have to be the dumping ground for everything that you don’t want in your house, and they don’t have to be cramped, overcrowded and dirty spaces.

Read our tips and tricks for maximising your garage space – whatever the size – to produce an organised and enjoyable space.


Declutter the garage

The first thing that you should do before attempting to introduce any storing solutions into your garage, is to do a big clear out! There is bound to be a lot of unwanted items in your garage that you didn’t even realise were still there. People sometimes want to keep things for sentimental reasons, but some of these items just have to go. Be brutal – throw out, give away or donate anything that you don’t actually need.

Pack stuff into clear boxes

Packing small items away in boxes is a good way of maximising space in your garage, as they can easily be stacked on top of each other. We suggest that you only pack away stuff that isn’t going to be used every day, as this can waste time if you have to keep going through different boxes to get to your stuff every day.

We suggest using clear totes instead of normal boxes, so you can see what is inside. They are also good at protecting your possessions from dirt, water and pests.


Invest in some shelves and cabinetry

The best way to create space in your garage, and limit the amount of clutter, is to invest or build a good shelving or cabinet system.  It doesn’t matter what size your garage is, they are the best solution for maximising the space that you have.

You can either build shelves into the wall – but this will limit the amount of stuff that you can put on them. It can also be time consuming, as you will have to drill holes. We prefer the idea of free standing shelves – they can be easily moved around and will hold a lot more weight.    

Cabinets with doors are good for storing hazardous items that you don’t want lying around. Keeping them locked away in a cabinet will keep things out of reach of children and pets.

Shelves and cabinets will keep your stuff organised, whilst creating more floor room due to the fact that they are stacked vertically.

Use your ceiling space

A lot of people don’t realise that they have tons of storage space already in their garage – the ceiling. Ceiling space is often forgotten about, either because it looks too difficult to put stuff up there or people simply don’t realise the potential. Use overhead racks and rafters to store all the stuff that you want to keep, but don’t use on a regular basis. You are creating a lot more room in your garage, just by freeing up floor space.


If you don’t own a garage, but need somewhere to store all your stuff, Lockup Garages have you covered.

We have an extensive range of high quality garages to rent in more than 1000 locations. They can be used for a variety of purposes and needs – whether it’s a storage solution or somewhere to keep your car.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can give us a call on 020 8882 8575 and a member of staff will be happy to help.


Evolution of the Garage
Evolution of the Garage

We've spoken a lot about what you can do with your garage, where you can have a garage and why a large garage rental is great for you and your family, but how did the garage first come about? We've had motorised vehicles for a good century now, and as everything has to start somewhere, we thought we'd go on a trip back in time to see how our high-tech super garages have evolved.

Our very first garages began as simple stables and coach houses. Their function was as simple as their design, shelter the coaches, horses and any other modes of transportation from the elements. With the birth of the motorised car, however, coach houses naturally became the first place we chose to protect our newly-beloved mode of transport.


As the motorised vehicle took the world by storm, businesses saw a potential in the big, bulky coach houses  to be rebuilt for the everyday household user as a means of protecting their cars, though on a smaller scale. Sears Roebuck and Company created the 'portable garage' in 1908. These primitive designs were made from wood or metal panels and were very flimsy. Though these garages were able to be set up within a day or two, it also meant that they were prone to falling apart.



As our cars evolved so did our garages; by the 1920's the garage became the show room of the common household. With large and flashy garages, the demand for a more efficient garage door came into force. Instead of a wide, sweeping barn door, the over head garage door was introduced in 1921, allowing more space to get cars into and out of the garage. In 1926 the revolutionary automatic garage door was introduced to homes with great cheer, and we've loved them ever since.




The age of design in the 1940's brought about an new frame of mind when it came to housing architecture and design. Where once the garage had stood separate from the home in perfect replica of the original carriage house, it was now integrated into the home design. Sitting beside or joined to the building, it began to take on similar features, becoming part of the home and toning down its extravagant show room design. One of the main features introduced to the garage in this era is the use of internal doors, allowing home owners to access the garage without having to step outside.

Late 1940's/ 1950's

Following the end of WWII the demand for larger vehicles bombarded manufacturers and architects. The garage had to be bigger, it had to be better and it had to become a part of the home. It had to be able to hold numerous  vehicles and it had to have capacity to withhold larger vehicles.


Present day

In today's society the garage has been used to accommodate a number of tasks, jobs and belongings. We've spoken before of the variety of uses you can get out of a garage, as cars have grown to accommodate more people, such as the people carrier, the garage has either also expanded or has been used for alternate purposes such as an extra room or storage space. The rich and famous have altered their garages to include TV's, LED lights and air conditioning and, more importantly, the rise of rental garages have come into play. Now, for those home owners without space for a garage, large garage rental units are available to help keep your mind and ease and your vehicles safe and secure.



You can be sure that our garages haven't stopped evolving yet; with the birth of new, energy efficient and eco friendly vehicles will soon come with the birth of a new range of garages to accommodate our favourite motorised vehicles. If you can't wait until then and would like to know more about our large garage rentals, contact us today on 020 8882 8575 for more information.





Ultimate Celebrity Garages; Chris Evans
Radio presenters, even the most popular ones like Nick Grimshaw and Fearne Cotton aren’t exactly paid a fortune. A good amount yes, but millions per year? Almost certainly not.

So why then in 2010 did radio presenter Chris Evans drop $12million on a single Ferrari? ... Well it turns out that this is just the tip of a high octane iceberg!

With the news last week that he has landed the job of presenter on Top Gear, many questioned his aptitude for the job, so we thought we’d have a look at his garage and see if he really qualifies.

Well the first thing that you learn about his garage is that it is extensive and exotic, here’s a list of just a few of his cars.

-          Ferrari Enzo
-          Ferrari 246 Dino
-          Ferrari F40
-          Ferrari 288 GTO
-          Ferrari 458
-          Ferrari La Ferrari
-          Ferrari 250 GTO
-          Ferrari 250 GT Caifornia
-          Ford Escort Mexico Mk1

We think that he has a thing for Fords...

His Garage

Here at Lock Up Garages we are experts in garages to rent and like to think that we know a good one when we see it. And when it comes to good garages, Chris is in a class of his own!

With an autonomous piano playing constantly as well as a brilliant white colour scheme you instantly know that the cars inside are going to be special. The garage even has its own office in which Chris can sit back, and enjoy the list of automotive royalty before him.

A Collector

With his line up of Ferraris accounting for not even half of his overall cars, Chris is undoubtedly a collector, but a petrol head? Well for that we’ll have to look a little more into what these cars are and what they represent in the motoring world.

Lets start with one of the oldest and most significant cars in his collection, the infamous and rare 250 GTO;

Ferrari 250 GTO

Utter this name near a petrol head and you will instantly grab their attention, and for good reason, it is one of the rarest cars ever made with only 39 ever made. This car has more than just rarity on its side and it is a truly special machine, its engine for example is a handmade 3 litre V12 that propels the car to a top speed of 174mph. By modern standards that may not seem like much, but when you consider that this car was made in 1963, it becomes a more impressive feat... and the price, something around £23 million!

Ferrari 288 GTO

From a visual perspective, this car may not stick out in this collection, but this is one of the most unhinged cars ever to be allowed onto the roads. We could prove this by talking about its twin turbo V8 or its insanely wide wheel arches, but the best proof of this is in the video below.

Not Convinced?

Still need further proof that Chris Evans’ garage is epic?

Well it is worth bearing in mind that, once a year, Chris auctions off a drive in his classic collection for charity, and raises thousands of pounds. If you’d spent millions of pounds on a car would you then let a complete stranger drive it? We suspect that most would be too scared to drive it themselves.

Perfect Top Gear Host?!

So he’s rich, has an amazing garage and is incredibly benevolent with his collection of cars... not only does he sound like a great guy, we personally think that he is the perfect person to take the reins of Top Gear.

If Chris has inspired you to start your own car collection, but you are a little short of garage space then you know what to do, simply contact us and we will be more than happy to find some space to house your collection.

The Best Places to Have a Garage
The Best Places to Have a Garage

We tend to forget that garages aren't simply a household fixture; yes some people buy a beautiful detached house purely because it comes with our most beloved outdoor space, but there are plenty of other places where either owning a garage or investing in large garage rentals can come in handy.

In the Country

It brings to mind breathtaking, rural images of green fields and graceful livestock, of wholesome farms and winding country roads. Just because it's like this in some areas doesn't mean it's like that in others. There are some areas of the countryside protected from having any additional buildings added to them. This means you have to go through a lot of paper work in order to be granted permission to build on your own land, especially if that land borders on greenbelt territory. A rental garage in this instance could be just what you need to survive the harsh wind and rain, if nothing else, then at least it'll stop potential car thieves from seeing your vehicles and targeting your property.

In the City

It's all about safety in the city; we've all heard of the horrors of car thefts, scratches, dents and straight up vandalism. It's a scary thought but it doesn't have to be. Different areas of London present different risks and problems, but for those of you living in a city you can make use out of a garage by protect your belongings.

Blocks of Flats

What if you live in a block of flats? Well, we know some buildings offer car parking facilities, but these can sometimes be in crammed and insecure locations. At other times they can simply be non-existent. It's always a welcoming thought knowing that your vehicle is safe in a garage, and to make it even more secure, you can take a look at our blog, Keep It Safe: How To Turn Your Garage into Fort Knox, to see how else you can keep your goods out of sticky hands.

Terraced Houses

We know how hard it is travelling around a city, the very last thing you want is to get stuck trying to find a parking space. You're a busy person after all, and sometimes driving around the block multiple times, trying to find a place to park can take up your valuable time. However, a rental garage would suit you- and your claustrophobic streets- perfectly. Not only will you always remember where your car is, but you can relax after a busy day at work knowing that you definitely have a parking space to lock your car up in when you get home.

Because Parking is a Pain

You could even rent a garage simply to help you out in town. If you find yourself travelling by car a lot and don't have the pennies to dish out for however many hours you're in the office, you could always park your car in your rented garage when you're at work. We like to think of it as your personal ParkSafe.

With your job

We've spoken before about how a garage can double as your entrepreneurial work space, but what if you already have a business? Well large rental garages don't just cover your homes, they can cover your work place too. If you find your current storage room is too full, you can store your supplies in your rented garage without any hassle, giving your store or office more space to utilise to the best of your business.

Lockup Grages are a perfect opportunity for you to keep your car safe and to keep your peace of mind, no matter where you're living or what you're intending to use them for. If our large garage rentals in London suits your fancy, contact us on 020 8882 8575 for more information.


Famous People and their Garages: Peter Sellers
If you’ve seen classic movies such as The Pink Panther, Dr. Strangelove or Murder by Death then you’ll know Peter Sellers by more than reputation; his comedic talent set him apart as one of the great actors of his era, and he’s still revered as a master of the genre. What not everybody knows is that Sellers was also an unapologetic petrol head, filling his garage with beautiful motors which would often show up in his movies after he’d finished taking them for a spin.

By the time he was 39, Sellers is believed to have owned an incredible 83 cars, including some true, timeless classics: Aston Martins, Mini Coopers and Ferraris, as well as many, many others, were all known to grace the floor of his extravagant garage. He was also a huge fan of British motors, and looking back on his enviable car career, many people now believe that he considered the Rolls-Royces and Bentleys to have been the greatest cars that he was ever lucky enough to own.

Although he loved his cars with a passion, Sellers was also known to get bored of them quickly, keeping many of his vehicles for just a few days before he begun to covet a newer or more interesting model – so his garage had to withstand the constant flow of vehicles moving in and out. It’s not surprising that his good friend Spike Milligan referred to them as his ‘metal underwear, because he used to change them so often’.

At the same time, he was very precious over the cars that he did love; at one time, he gave Spike Milligan a 1930 Austin – ‘Old Min’ – only to take it back a week later after being horrified by seeing how Milligan had not only left it out in the rain, but also replaced the temperature gauge with... a coffee percolator! Sellers definitely saw how important it was to take good care of a vehicle by locking it up safely in a garage, where the outside world couldn’t cause rust, dents or other damage.

Cars weren’t the only vehicles to find a home in Sellers’ garage, as he also found it to be the perfect space for his model railway – using a substantial portion of his wages to fill an entire garage with an impressive 500 feet of track. The garage is an ideal place for people, like Sellers, who want to engage in a space-consuming hobby such as building up model railways, as it provides a dedicated space away from the house, where other people could quickly get annoyed by tripping over train sets on their way to the kitchen!

Sellers also enjoyed paying visits to other great garages, to take a look at the wares and perhaps even make one of his regular purchases. United Service Garage in Portsmouth, set up by Major Sharp in 1924 and quickly built up to attract celebrity buyers, was one such gem – and Major Sharp’s son, Douglas, fondly remembers the ‘wonderful days, days such as the one when Peter Sellers came in and bought a white Cresta while he was appearing on South Parade Pier’.

It’s always fascinating to see how superstars such as Sellers made use of their grand, capacious garages, and it’s inspiring to see how Sellers used his to fuel such a dedicated passion to gathering the best cars available. If you want to make space in your own garage, perhaps to indulge in a hobby like model trains, or if you’re missing out because your home just doesn’t have the room for a garage of your own, then you could benefit from one of our great garages to hire. With locations across the UK, we’re sure to have something available near you – to find out more, get in touch at 020 8882 8575.
People of the Garaging World: The Family
People of the Garaging World: The Family

We've spoken a lot about what you can do with your garage, and how you can utilise it for your own purposes. Your garage can be your office, your storage unit, your car park, your car boot sale... even your spare room! But who exactly uses your garage? Being a
large garage rental business, trust us, we've seen and heard it all.

So in this blog we're looking to name, shame and reveal your family's inner secrets for wanting-and using- a garage.


Mums, wives and long-term girlfriends of the household. You may squeal at spiders and grimace at the nets of cobwebs draping from the roof, but we know you love garages as much as anybody else. In these secluded parts of the property, tucked out of sight and out of mind, you can hide away unwanted clutter from the house. You can buy and store garden material and accessories to use in the winter and summer months; the garage becomes your garden storage cupboard and yes, it will be taken over.


Dads, boyfriends and husbands, we feel for you. It's not easy living alongside the opposite sex (and vice versa). You may say that you want a shed for the garden, but we all know a garage is far better. For one thing, it's not made from wood (no rotting walls or sagging roof), it's a solid structure and there's plenty of space for all of your tools, car accessories, mini fridge and old sofa. Yes, the garage is the men's home away from home, it's your 'special place', a place where you can finally relax without being asked to wash the dishes or clean the bathroom. The garage is your tool shop, a DIY HQ for some of the most inexperienced shelf creators and the most experienced brand-new-door inventors. Make no mistake, a garage is your haven.


Grandparents or parents, you wise sages have stood the test of time and you know exactly what to do with a garage. There's no modifying for your well-weathered souls, a garage is, above all, a car park. It's a place for your vehicles, your ladders, your tubs of unused and empty paint. It's a place of darkness and little ventilation. Yes, the garage is a cave of goodies and artefacts David Dickenson would just love to get his hands on; and don't you know it.


A special kind of garage user, children neglect the conventional use of a garage in place of a jungle. Yes, a world of unprecedented cubby holes and hiding places, perfect for favourite games like 'Hide-and-Seek', and 'I Dare You', a garage is another adventure playground for children to spend their time in. And when they aren't hiding amongst the garden furniture and mini fridge? They're trying their hand at DIY. Some of their fondest memories will come from discovering grandma's jigsaw boxes, copying dad and learning the difference between screw heads and screw drivers. It becomes another learning environment they will be able to take into their DT classes and show off to their friends at school. We mean, who doesn't love that?

A garage is another extent of the family, though it may not seem it. Discarded by many and ignored by most, there really is no fault with a decent garage and- though you may not look at it in the same way we do – you can't deny that a garage is an essential part of the family life. To start using your garage in your own unique, exciting and traditional way, check out our large garage rentals or
contact us on 020 8882 8575 for more information.

Garage Safety: Hidden Dangers and How To Avoid Them (Part One)

Everyone who has a garage will be able to give you a long list of why they are useful to have. Garages have advantages such as being a great place to store items, and being somewhere to convert into an office or a man cave!

However, garages can also be a dangerous place, so it’s important that you can identify problems and hidden dangers so that you can prevent them from becoming hazardous.

There are several factors that contribute to these dangers, including what you store in there, and how much you store in there.

Here at Lockup Garages we understand that your garage is an important part of your home. As a company that specialises in garages to hire, we have expert knowledge on potential dangers within your garage and the things that you can do to avoid them.

Read on for more information!  


A worrying number of home fires start from within a garage. They also tend to spread a lot quicker due to flammable materials and fire starters that are stored in a garage, therefore are more likely to cause a lot of damage within a short time. They are also detected a lot later than a fire would be that has started in the house – which can have devastating consequences.

You can prevent a fire from happening or spreading by following a few simple steps.

  • All flammable liquids – Liquids such as gas and oil are normally stored in the garage. It’s important that you only do so in very small amounts – so they are less likely to cause a fire. They should be kept in a small sealed container and kept away from all sources of light and heat.
  • Mess – By simply cleaning your garage, you could be avoiding a fire. You shouldn’t allow things to build up, either put them away in storage or throw them away. Clear the garage of dust, cobwebs and rubbish whenever possible.
  • Fire equipment – Don’t forget about your garage when you are installing fire alarms and smoke detectors in the rest of your house. A fire that is discovered early is less likely to cause too much damage.

Garage Doors

We’ve all seen a horror film in which someone is trapped or killed by a fast moving garage door. Whilst in real life garage doors are less likely to fall on your head, due to improved and modern safety precautions, they can still be a danger – especially to unaware small children.

Children will be tempted to play with the garage door – they are simply always curious. It’s important to explain to them that it isn’t a toy, and it shouldn’t be played with. However, children will be children and may not listen, so in case of this, you should take the following steps.

  • Keep any control buttons and remote controls out of the way of the children – put somewhere they can’t reach or find.
  •  Learn how to use the emergency release feature that most modern garages have.
  • Inspect your garage door every month – check for any loose springs, cracks or faults.
  • Never leave the door partially open as it could fall down on unsuspecting heads.

Indentifying potential dangers is a good way at preventing fires from ever spreading. Hopefully this post has given you some things to think about! Keep on looking back for more for more information on hidden dangers in your garage.

If you don’t own your own garage but are looking for somewhere to store some of your stuff – we can help you out! We have a large catalogue of lock up garages to hire, so there should be something available to suit all individual needs.

You can contact us on 020 8882 8575 and a member of our staff will be happy to help.

How To Ease Your Mind

We've spoken before about how you can transform your garages into workspaces, workshops, offices, storage spaces and the traditional, well loved car parking; but what does it really mean to use your garage as your own, personal HQ? How will it make your life so much easier if you stash away your unwanted belongings? Well, here are a few reasons why a
large garage rental will benefit you.

The Entrepreneur- Separating Work from Home Life

It's a long established fact that if you want something done, you have to do it yourself and with the nation still reeling from the recession, perhaps it's time to turn towards a more self sufficient means of money making; enter the entrepreneur.

Using your garage as your own, personal HQ is any visionary’s dream come true. Always on the look out to cut the costs, having your own garage office becomes a cheap and easy way to keep your work life and home life separate, while not having to worry about travel costs and expensive office rent.

How you organise and design the interior of your garage is your choice, but remember, how you present yourself will reflect how serious intended clients will take you. You don't want a cluttered work space, boxes and bikes strewn around your work desk, especially if you have a visitor. Hey, if Sir Allen Sugar could start his business out of his car boot then what's stopping you from becoming a millionaire out of your garage?


The Hoarder- Helping You Breathe a Little Easier

Tidy house, tidy mind - or so the phrase goes. If you're a secret hoarder there's no need to fret, you don't need to throw out any of your prized possessions. By safely storing your cluttered belongings in our garages, you'll have the peace of mind you need to function in a healthy environment.

The health benefits of a tidy, uncluttered house are remarkable. With less clutter occupying your house you'll allow more light to reach those dark and dingy corners; brightening up your house and leaving you feeling lighter. With this new sense of freedom you'll feel like a new person as you run from room to room rather than tip toe around chairs and boxes.

Mental satisfaction aside, your respiratory system will thank you. With less objects to collect dust you're less likely to inhale all of the dust particles. This is a great benefit to anybody suffering from asthma visiting your house.


The Perfectionist - De-Stressing any Situation

Let's be honest, when you think of storing your belongings in a garage you imagine a jumble sale of boxes, plastic cases and musty smelling suitcases. Everything is crammed into that just-big-enough-for-your-car space with the all important step ladders lent up against the very back wall. With our large rented garages, however, you won't need to worry about trekking through such a jungle.

Everything has a place and your garage is no different. Whether you're storing bikes, canoes, helmets, tools or broken furniture ready to take to the tip; a garage is the perfect storage space to offer you peace of mind.

Living in a de-stressing environment is important in keeping you healthy, after all, you spend hours at work, the very last thing you want to do is to come home and walk into the bike propped up in the hallway. By relocating your belongings too big for your home, you won't need to stress yourself out every time you walk through the front door. Organising your large garage will also allow you to finally reach those pesky ladders; no more clambering over boxes and suitcases for you!


Traditional Car Park- Peace of Mind

Of course we can't neglect to mention the traditional use of the nations much loved empty space; parking your car.

We've mentioned it before, how a garage is the perfect way to protect your car from the horrors of vandalism, scratches, pushed in side mirrors and the frosty winters, but how will this help you?

Well first and foremost you will have continued peace of mind. You won't need to worry about taking your car for a quick trip down to the car garage to fix a scratch or a dent or a chipped windscreen. That means you don't have to worry about having to spend money on something you could easily prevent.

Secondly, you won't need to fret about turning up late to work. Of course it's still going to be frosty on those dark winter mornings, but you won't need to worry about defrosting the car before you jet off to the office; at the end of the day who wants to start their morning off frantically scrubbing the ice from their windows?

There are many benefits to having a garage, from protecting your vehicle to giving you peace of mind, you can be reassured that a Lockup Garage can help you with any of your day-to-day storage and organisational situations. If you would like to know more about large garage rental and what we can offer you, contact us on 020 8882 8575 today. 

Why You Need A Garage in Your Life!
It probably goes without saying, but here at Lockup Garages, we love garages! These space saving, storage kings are the ultimate accessory. And as far as we're concerned when it comes to keeping your belongings safe and secure, there really is no better option.

A garage is much more than a space to just park your car, and we're firm believers that everyone can benefit from hiring a garage.

Not convinced? Then read on as we explore the many reasons why you need a garage in your life!


Extra Space

Space is a valuable commodity and is something we could all do with more of!

Need a little more space in your home? Then a garage can be your best friend. After all, that's pretty much what garages are for! Whether you're looking to de-clutter, free up some space, or simply find a new home for your prized collection of, well, whatever, a garage can help you to do it all!


Looking for a new home for your prized motor ? Then look no further than a lock up garage! A common dilemma faced by car owners is to garage or not to garage. But trust us, when it comes to keeping your car safe and secure you cannot beat a garage as the ultimate storage option.

Not only will this keep your car protected from the elements it could even save you money on the cost of your insurance too!

There's no denying that in many areas parking space is at a premium. A garage can take the stress and hassle out of finding somewhere to park your vehicle and what's more, will give you the added peace of mind that your vehicle is both safe and protected.

Garages aren't just for storing cars either, they're an ideal place for tinkering with your motor too. So why not create a workspace in your garage and have a go at giving your car some TLC - your car will thank you!


Fancy indulging your creative side and trying your hand at a new hobby? Then where better to get to work than in your garage. From bands to billion dollar companies you'd be surprised how many amazing ventures have started off life in a humble garage.

So who knows, rent a garage and you might just find the inspiration you need to be the next big thing too!

The Possibilities Are Endless

When it comes to the uses of garages the possibilities are endless. No, really, from man caves to home gyms, garages have been used for it all. So why not unleash your imagination and have a go at creating your own unique garage space.

Moving Home?

Moving home and looking for some extra space to store your stuff in the mean time? No problem. Garages are the ultimate storage space and are an ideal place to store your possessions when planning a move.

So there we have it, some of the many reasons why if you don't have a garage in your life already you should get one!

If there's a garage shaped hole in your life, then here at Lockup Garages we can help! We're garage experts and can provide a wide range of garages to hire. And with in excess of 13,000 units here in the UK, we're confident we can provide the right option for you.

Want to know more about our services? Then simply contact us today, by giving us a call on 020 8882 8575 and a member of our friendly team will be happy to help you with your enquiries. 

Things You Can't Store in Your Garage

A garage is a pretty good place to store all the stuff that don’t want in your house but you just can’t throw away. Many people will admit that they use their garage to dump all the things that they don’t actually need. It’s an easy way to decrease clutter in the main house and create extra room.

Whilst there is no harm in storing things that want to keep safe in your garage – it’s not always the best place for certain items.

Most garages are not climate controlled and are an open invitation for bugs from outside to enter.

Here at Lockup Garages we believe that your garage is an important part of your home. As a company that supplies garages to hire, we have expert knowledge on what should and shouldn’t be stored in your garage.

Some things may come as a surprise to you – read on to find out!


Where you store your food is very important. It’s surprising that a large number of people continue to store their food in their garage despite there being reasons why they shouldn’t.

Most people assume that canned food is safe being stored in their garage, when in fact the hot humidity in a garage can cause your canned food to have a shorter shelf life.

Exposure to heat and humidity can also cause food such as groceries to spoil – wasting money! It’s not safe in the winter either, as garages can reach freezing temperatures, again spoiling your food. Food also attracts rodents, meaning you are handing them a reason to infiltrate your garage. Nobody’s idea of fun!

This is why we think keeping food inside your house is a better option! Plus – you don’t have to go far when you’re hungry.

Propane Gas

It’s tempting to keep propane stored in garages so that you are prepared for the summer months – BBQs!

However, propane should be kept outside at all times, where it is well ventilated. You are risking starting a fire by keeping it in your garage, as you may ignite the fumes accidently when starting your car.

Set your propane on a flat surface outside that is away from the house!


We all love the idea of having our very own wine cellar in the garage. However, it’s possible that you are causing harm to your alcohol collection by leaving it in your garage.

Wine isn’t meant to get overheated and should be kept in a fridge where possible, and if not, then kept in a cooler place in your kitchen.

Important Documents

Passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, graduate diplomas – why not store them in the garage in a ‘safe place?’

Whilst it’s true that you’ll know where they are at all times, a garage is in fact, the last place where you should be storing your most important documents.

Papers can be damaged by dampness and moisture, which you don’t want for all your hard to replace items.

We suggest you keep them in safe dry place in your house!


We hope that we have given you the inspiration to give your garage a spring clean – and move anything that shouldn’t be in there.

If you don’t have a garage but would like to rent a secure lock up, we can help you out. You can contact us on 020 8882 8575 and a member of our staff will be happy to help.

Famous People and their Garages: Ray Harryhausen
 Previously on this blog, we have discussed different ways in which your garage space can be adapted to transform it into a totally different environment.

It’s a little known fact that stop motion wizard, Ray Harryhausen; creator of terrifying frame by frame animated monsters, actually began his animating career in his father’s garage.

His Studio

Renowned for his pioneering animation style that was in full force way before the computer generated animation of today, Ray spent a lot of his childhood in the comfort of his home-made stop motion studio within his dad’s garage.

His father was a machinist and helped create the armatures for the puppets; essentially the pliable skeletons which gave the puppet its range of movement and his mother helped him create clothes for his characters.

Ray always saw his animation as a hobby, and the use of the garage space enabled him to leave sets and equipment up for long periods of time without being moved or disturbed; something that is essential in the making of a smooth flowing stop motion film. It also allowed him to have his own space to practice and learn without the prying eyes of his peers.


The garage provided him with the perfect stop motion studio environment; a dark room which could be artificially lit to suit each shot. Again, this allowed Ray to experiment not only with the stop motion technique, but with the more directorial task of successfully lighting a scene.

Pioneer of Visual Effects

Harryhausen wasn’t just an amazing animator; he inspired more and more filmmakers and directors to experiment themselves with special visual effects.

Numerous large names that we see producing films today have been influenced by Ray’s work; including Pixar’s John Lasseter, Stop Motion king Tim Burton and even special effects extraordinaire Steven Spielberg himself have all praised  his work and listed him as one of the main inspiration for their creations.


It’s safe to say that had he not had the garage-studio environment available to allow him to experiment and create these crucial first animations, the great animations we see in such pioneering films such as Jason and the Argonauts (1963) and Clash of the Titans (1981) would not exist today.Many budding animators out there would agree, after all, that practice really does make perfect.

We can definitely assume that we wouldn’t be watching films such as Star Wars and Jurassic Park in the same way. Without visual effects, how would we be able to enjoy scenes such as a Tyrannosaurus Rex chomping down on a poor unsuspecting man on a toilet? Or see spaceships tearing through the galaxy?

These big film production companies may have massive studio builds and ridiculously expensive equipment with teams of animators and effects artists working on our films, but Ray’s work is proof that you don’t need much in terms of space or equipment. He managed to produce some of the best stop motion the world has ever seen.

Here at Lock Up Garages, we love to learn what garages have been used for and think that the work that Ray produced was just simply phenomenal. We love encouraging people to think outside the box and create something special with their garage space. Why not hire a garage and see what you can achieve? Who knows, maybe you could be the next Ray Harryhausen?

To begin your garage based journey, or for more information on any of our services, don’t hesitate to contact us on 020 8882 8575 and have a chat with one of our friendly team members today!

Ultimate Celebrity Petrol Heads

It’s a fact that the rich and the famous love their cars. From Kanye's Lamborghini Aventador to Nicolas Cage's Ferrari Enzo it really is a case of the bigger the star, the better the car. But it's not just the blokes that love a quality motor; there are a lot of ladies with the need for speed. Nicole Kidman owns an Audi Q7, while Angelina Jolie drives a Range Rover.

However for a lot of celebrities, one car just doesn’t cut it. In this blog we’re looking at five ultimate celebrity petrol heads.

Chris Evans

A huge fan of fast cars, particularly Ferraris, Evans has a multi-million pound collection of cars. He is known to attend motoring shows and sometimes brings one of his pricey motors with him.

Within his garage you can expect to see some incredible cars including:

  • 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO - one of 36 made
  • 1971 Ferrari Daytona Spyder - one of 122 made
  • 1961 250GT GT SWB California Spyder - Once owned by Holywood actor James Coburn
  • Hesketh 308 - James Hunt’s first F1 victory car
  • 1970 Jaguar E-Type
  • 1973 Lamborghini Muira
  • 1965 Morris Mini Cooper S
Jaguar E-Type

Jerry Seinfeld

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld has one of the biggest Porsche collections in the world and is estimated to be worth over $15 million.

With an affinity for blue cars, many of his collection appear in his web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee where he and a fellow comedian take a drive to a cafe for coffee.

His collection includes:

  • 1949 Porsche 356/2
  • 1952 VW Bug
  • 1955 Porsche 550 RS - Only 70 were produced!
  • 1963 VW Karmann Ghia
  • 1964 Porsche 911
  • 1966 Porsche 356 SC Cabriolet - Only ten were ever produced!
  • 2004 Porsche Carrera GT - Known to be one of the most dangerous supercars ever built!
VW Karmann Ghia

Jay Leno

Former host of NBC’s Tonight Show Jay Leno owns enough cars and motorcycles to fill a 130-car garage and is worth over $50 million! He is also an advanced manufacturer, making parts from scratch and casting his own engine blocks.

In his garage you’ll find some incredible motors including:

  • 1963 Jaguar XKE
  • 1970 Citroen SM
  • 2014 McLaren P1
  • 2001 Blastolene Special "Crystal Tank Car"
  • 1986 Lamborghini Countach
  • 1969 Lamborghini Miura P400S
  • 1966 Yenko Stinger Corvair
Lamborghini Countach

Jay Kay

The hat enthusiast and Jamiroquai front man owns over 60 luxury cars. In addition to his well-known large collection of Ferraris, Kay has more recently professed to becoming a fan of Porsche cars.

At the 2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed, Kay showed off his bright green Ferrari LaFerrari, which is currently the only one in the world!

Amongst his incredible collection of luxury cars you’ll find:

  • Lamborghini Miura SV
  • Maserati A6G
  • Ferrari Enzo
  • Aston Martin DB6 Mark 1 Volante
  • Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster
  • Porsche 911 2.7 RS
  • Ferrari Vignale 330 GT
Ferrari Enzo

Kanye West

Kanye recently claimed "People who don’t drive nice cars have empty lives." He's certainly nothing to worry about on that front!

When it comes to cars, Kanye’s "Gotta Have It!"  Whether it’s one he’s bought himself, or a present from his wife Kim, he’s got some incredible wheels in his garage, including:

  • Aston Martin DB9
  • Lamborghini Aventador
  • Lamborghini Gallardo
  • Maybach 57
  • Mercedes-Benz S-Class
  • Mercedes-Benz G63
  • Mercedes-Benz SLR
Lamborghini Aventador

How does your car stack up against those? If you’ve got a car collection yourself and are looking for somewhere safe to store them, we provide a large garage rental service. Simply contact us on 020 8882 8575 and our team will be delighted to help.

Keep It Safe: How to Turn Your Garage into Fort Knox
Even a casual reader of all things news-related in the world of garages is sure, sooner or later, to come across a story about some scallywag breaking into a lock-up and pilfering the contents, whether it’s a car or a tin of paints or boxes of old clothes destined for a charity shop. It’s not only theft that you should worry about either; it’s the cost of criminal damage too.


No-one likes a break-in, right? Except those amoral characters who dig on crow-barring open a lock and stealing what’s inside. And when it comes to home security, the garage is often the last place on the list – and that’s a serious weakness. So as the premium provider of garages to rent in the UK, we thought we’d take a gander at a few top tips to keep your garage safe, secure and theft-free. Good, huh?


Close It

You wouldn’t leave the living room windows wide open while you’re out in the garden – because then every Tom, Dick and Harry would know that you own an awesome 42” LED flat-screen. So why leave the garage open when not in use. Any pro burglar will see what valuables you have inside. Sure, you might think that old bike and oily rags aren’t worth much, but you still don’t want them nicked, right?


Lock It

They’re called lock-ups for a reason. But a whole lot of people forget about actually, y’know, locking the garage. Sure, they may twist the handle to kick-start the locking mechanism, but that’s only half of it. If you’ve got a key, use it. If you don’t have one, get one.  It might be easier access for you to get in and out – but it’s easier for those cheeky beggars too.


Then Lock It Some More

Most basic garages have one lock. But why stop there? The more locks the better. So in addition to the in-built system, soup it up with a padlock, or installing deadbolts. Anything that keeps the thieves out, and increases their chances of getting caught, can only be a good thing.


Remote Location

If you’ve got an automatic garage door, where do you keep your remote control? Probably clipped to your car’s sun visor or in the glove-box. And if we know that, then so do potential thieves. It’ll be the first place they look. Play it smarter by keeping it on you at all times. Or, if you’re really crafty, hollow out a copy of Pride and Prejudice and fit it in there.


Light It Up

A smart thief – if there’s even such a thing – will work in the shadows. So disarm their advantage with a motion detector light. Not only will its glare put the spotlight on the would-be burglar, it’ll also alert anyone in the house that there’s someone outside. Team up the light with a security camera, or even a dummy camera if you’re tech-phobic, to really put the fear of God in these rascals.


Code Your Valuables

If you’re worried that, despite your valiant efforts, your garage is still susceptible to thefts, then you can always imprint a security code on your valuables. You can pretty much add a security serial number to anything you own – not just those items you keep in the garage. Ok, that might not prevent them from being stolen, but if the police track the items down, they’ll be able to identify them as belonging to you.


Maintaining your home security requires an overview of the whole house – not just locking the back door when you go out. And a garage is real part of that, especially if you have an adjoining door that allows access from the garage to the home. But if you don’t have a garage, but would rather rent a secure lock-up, we’re on hand to help. Simply contact us on 020 8882 8575 and our team will be delighted to help.   

Spring Clean Your Lock-Up
 Ah, spring! The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the essence of summer is nearly in the air, so why not embrace this goodtime feeling and give your garage a good old clean?

Spring is the perfect time for getting your marigolds on and joining the cleaning-craze, so whether you fancy getting a little organised, have an afternoon spare to tackle the tack or just enjoy a good spring clean – here's our top cleaning tips and tricks to making sure your garage is an organised haven, whatever the season!

Getting Started

Rule One: If you pick it up, find a place for it!

We know, facing the mammoth task of cleaning any space can be a little daunting, but our best advice is to begin with the furthest corner from the door, and work in a grid-like way.

Try to avoid walking around the area and picking up the stuff that grabs your attention. You'll get to these bits and bobs in time, so whatever you pick up – make sure you find a space for it! Whether that's in the bin or in storage, put it where it belongs so you can keep organised as you go.

Scrap the rubbish!

Those annoying rubbish bags, empty boxes and lingering items that you kept because, well 'they'll come in handy one day' have finally accumulated, and it's time to get rid! Clearing your garage of these items will have you feeling as though you've made at least a small dent in the clear-out mayhem, and once you start to get organised – everything else will become much easier!

HOW TO: Make an organised pile, separate the things you need from the things you don't, and always consider your recyclables  from your non-recyclables. Be careful with how you throw things out, also. If you have any concerns regarding the removing or recycling of various objects and/or materials - rent a skip or a professional removals company, just to be safe!

Get Rid!

Go on, if you haven't missed it in years, you're probably not going to miss it in the future – so, chuck it out! If it's brand new, or you don't want to just throw it away, consider donating it to charity or advertise it online via websites such as Gumtree and Freecycle.

HOW TO: Create 4 categories, and be strict when deciding within which category each item is going to go. For items you are keeping, group them together in one area of your garage, and for items you aren't – collect them outside in order to avoid them creeping back into your soon-to-be very spacious, and very organised, garage!

Go Clean Crazy!

Now for the fun part, once you've rid your garage of unnecessary clutter and rubbish – clean it!

HOW TO: Nothing says organised, neat and tidy like a smelling-fresh and looking-spotless floor and wall area. So, give your storage units a wipe, your floor a clean and your walls a lick of paint (depending on their appearance!) Once you've started, your garage will soon start to feel like a brand new space that you'll feel excited to spend time in again.

Here at Lockup Garages, we understand that our large garage rental spaces are utilised for a number of various uses, and we're here to provide you with quality garage and lockup spaces, whatever your needs! So, for more information, or to speak to one of our friendly and helpful team – please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 8882 8575 today!

Under Lock and Key
Lock Up Garages offers you fast and dedicated service, to give you security and peace of mind with your storage,  but we are not the only ones that take security seriously; here are just a few of the most secure locations in the world. And you think the guy with the chain on his lockup is paranoid?

Fort Knox

Possibly one of the most well known in the world; but many don’t realise that the actual name of the department is The United States Bullion Depository. Strictly speaking, this is inside Fort Knox, which only adds to its fame for being one of the most secure locations on the planet. Fort Knox is a still active military base and training ground for US troops, and as such has a constant armed guard on watch. Why? Well it is roughly estimated to house over ten billion dollars in gold bars alone, not to mention numerous other US financial assets. Everything from the US Constitution to the Magna Carta has been held within its walls. If you want to see all this, you’re going to be disappointed; the only way into the Bullion Depository is through 4,200 cubic yards of concrete and 750 tons of reinforcing steel.

ADX Florence

Describe by one official as ‘A cleaner version of hell’ the Administrative Maximum Facility is the world’s foremost supermax prison and houses only the worst of the worst.  Designed purely to contain inmates that pose the biggest threat to security, staff and fellow inmates, the complex can be considered one of the most secure in the world. This placed is reserved for some of the most vicious drug lords, gang leaders, killers and even traitorous spies! Such infamous individuals include: disgraced FBI agent Robert Hassan, currently serving 15 consecutive life sentences for selling classified information to Soviet spies, drug lord Juan Garcia Abrego, serving a staggering 11 life sentences as head of the Gulf Cartel, and finally gang leader Luis Felipe of the Latin Kings street gang, also known as King Blood, serving a 250 year sentence.

Area 51

The Mecca of UFO enthusiasts, this mysterious military base has always been the focus of accusations of aliens, shady government dealings and secret scientific testing. It’s possibly most famous due to the Roswell UFO incident of July 7th 1947, the tale of which - thanks to ever growing interest and developing media - persists to this day. In modern days the restricted 23 by 25 miles area which has become known as the ‘Box’ is off limits to the public and even other military aircraft, with the threat of severe disciplinary action even levelled at the neighbouring military base, the Nevada Test and Training Range. Numerous amateur investigators, conspiracy theorists and daring individuals have tried to cross the ominously unstaffed border of Area 51, but all find themselves set upon and arrested by groups of armed soldiers. Threat of imprisonment soon follows for ignoring the various warnings upon battered red signs, with warnings of interment and fines for those that attempt to take pictures let alone cross the invisible line.


Svalbard International Seed Vault

Finally leaving America, we find ourselves in Spitsbergen; enveloped in the freezing conditions of the Arctic Circle, this small isolated Norwegian island houses what some have rather ominously referred to as the Doomsday Seed Vault. Its actual function is much less dire but still of great importance, as this vault acts as the ultimate reserve for all gene banks on a global scale. They are tasked with gathering seed samples of every possible breed of plant to help preserve crop diversity and furthermore by proxy preserve food crops for the human race.

Covered in a layer of permafrost and showing little to no signs of any tectonic activity, this proved the ideal location. Svalbard was built into a mountain, the entrance tunnel alone 100meters long and located roughly 430ft above sea level. Additionally, there are entrance doors made of reinforced steel, three other steel doors and key operated airlocks, all of which is powered by onsite generators keeping the base at a permanent 18 degrees Celsius. Combined, this could mean that even if any global disaster occurred or if it was simply left unattended, it and its precious cargo could last thousands of years. 

Safe and Sound

When you don’t need to store precious gold, dangerous inmates or priceless seeds, you can rely on our great range of garages to rent in the UK. Lock Up Garages offers secure and economical storage space throughout the UK, so if you have any enquiries contact us on 020 8882 8575 and we’ll be happy to help. 

5 Unbelievably Lucky Garage Finds
When it comes to lucky finds at car-boot or garage sales, you've got to have a keen eye for uniqueness and a dedication to having a good root.

As garage specialists, you'd be surprised what we've found over the years, however - it's never been as cool as these lucky folk! So, if you fancy yourself as a bit of a bargain hunter - here's some of the most unbelievable jackpots ever discovered at garage sales! Prepare to be a little jealous.

5 (Random?) Paintings

Bought for: $5

Value: $2 million


A UK Man picked up the paintings at a Las Vegas garage sale in 2010. However, it was only when he reframed one a few years later that he discovered a sketch inside the previous frame by none other than a 10-year old Andy Warhol. Very cool.

A Stock Certificate

Bought for: $5

Value: $130 million


A Californian man purchased a stock certificate for a company called 'Palmer Oil Co.' at a local garage sale as a bit of a wild-card purchase, however, the company later turned out to be a predecessor company to Coca-Cola.

A Box of Nintendo Games

Bought for: $50

Value: $50,000


A game-loving Rob Walters picked up a box of Nintendo games at a random garage sale for $50. This box of Nintendo treats was later valued at a whopping £50,000 - with one of the games selling in 2009 for more than $20,000! Not a bad profit on a few old games, eh?

A record

Bought for: 75 cents

Value: £155,000


Record collector, Warren Hill, picked up a pristine copy of the 'Velvet Underground' record in 2002 at a New York City garage sale. When he got the record inspected, the album turned out to be an acetate copy of the band's unreleased first album. He later sold it on eBay for a music-to-his-ears price of $155,000!

A denim jacket

Bought for: $20

Value: £18,000


A lady from California sold a denim jacket at a local yard sale, and was pretty happy with your $20 profit! However, it wasn't until later that she remembered that she had tucked an $18,000 pair of earrings inside the pocket for 'safe keeping'! She is still holding out hope that the earrings will be returned.

So, if you're looking to rent a garage in London, please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 8882 8575 and a member of our professional and helpful team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

How to Convert Your Garage into a Room (Part 1)

For a business that revolves around garages, you wouldn’t expect us to love garage conversions as much as we do, but we honestly think they’re great. You add space to your house without having to move or build a new extension completely from scratch, and you could even increase the value of your house by up to 10%. If you currently use your garage for storage then that’s still no excuse for not converting your garage, you could always use a large garage rental service like ours.


Garages are much smaller than typical rooms, so when you’re converting a garage you’re going to have to be a bit more creative. Garages are probably narrower and longer than whatever room you’re going to convert it into. It may be a good idea to have the garage as two rooms rather than one, to avoid ending up with a room the looks oddly slim. A standard garage could be converted into one regular-sized room and an adjoining bathroom. Of course, you know the dimensions of your garage more than anybody else, so take the measurements and get designing!

Planning & Building Regulations

Unless you’re going to change the structure of your garage, you won’t actually need to apply for planning permission. A structure that goes unchanged need only comply with building regulations when it’s converted into a room and this simply means delivering a notice to your council. Although, occasionally in a newly-built estate, a conversion will need planning permission, so make sure you check before you put on your hard hat.

Insulation & Damp Proofing

The insulation of a habited room needs to meet certain specifications that the insulation of your garage didn’t need to. After all, your car doesn’t mind getting a bit cold, but you certainly will! It’s also necessary to damp-proof your new room, otherwise your decor and furniture will start to smell. Your walls, ceiling and floor need layers of damp-proofing to make sure that your room stays dry.

Plumbing & Wiring

It’s almost certain that your room will be used for something that requires either plumbing or electricity, so the conversion will have to take this into consideration. If the conversion is going to use a significant amount of electricity then you may need to install an additional power supply, so that you don’t strain the one already in your house too much.

Coming up in the next part: flooring, walls, windows & doors, completion certificate.

Here at Lock-Up Garages, we’re passionate about all things garages. If you’re looking to rent a garage for a bit of extra storage or anything else then look no further than us. For more information about what we can provide, don’t hesitate to contact us on 020 8882 8575 and a member of our friendly team will be happy to help.

Four Ways You Can Use Your Garage Space
 Especially in major cities like London, living and storage space can be hard to come by. If you’re looking for more space, a large garage rental could be your solution. At Lockup Garages, we want to inspire you to get the most out of your garage, so here are our top four ways to use your garage space.

Private Gym


Have you purchased exercise equipment, but now have nowhere to store or use it? A garage space can be easily converted into your own private gym!

Get away from the busy local gyms that can cost fortunes in membership fees, and enjoy working out in your own private space that you can alter to suit your exercise preferences.



If you’re a fan of handiwork, a large garage can be easily converted into a functional workshop!

Not only can a garage provide a useful place to store all your tools and equipment, but it can also function as an easily useable space to create anything you like, with all the privacy and personal time you could ask for.



Inner-city offices can be incredibly expensive, yet working from home may not be the most productive use of your time. A garage may be the perfect solution for you.

If you’re seeking a small space to run your own business, or just complete some work in your spare time, a garage can be easily converted into the ideal office space. Just bring in a desk, computer, filing cabinet and bookshelf and you’ll have the perfect professional hub.

Parking Space


Of course, one of the most common uses for a garage is for the storage and maintenance of cars and motorcycles.

Parking spaces in cities are incredibly hard to come by, and others may charge astronomical parking fees, or you may even run the risk of clamping and fines. Take the stress away with a secure, easily accessible garage for parking your vehicle.

Garages have many uses, and if you’re looking to rent a garage look no further than Lockup Garages. Contact us today by calling 020 8882 8575.

Lock-Ups in the Limelight
 If you’re a movie buff, then you’ll probably know that the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, starring Michael Fassbender and Seth Rogen, has been filming at the original garage where Jobs and Wozniak started Apple. And if you weren’t aware, then have we got some news for you! …The upcoming Steve Jobs biopic has been filming at the original garage where Jobs and Wozniak started Apple.


But it’s not the only film to feature a cameo from a garage. There have been a few notable examples, and since we’re pretty big on garages – what with owning 13,500 of them – we thought we’d share the best three garages in the movies. So, let’s start with…


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

For everyone who ever wanted to play truant from school, work, or even their sister’s wedding, Ferris Bueller is a hero. The wise-cracking, laid-back high school student decides to have the ultimate day off. And what better way to do that than in a 1961 Ferrari 250GT California, which he ‘borrows’ from his friend’s dad, who stores it in a neat glass garage suspended above woodland. That’s a decision he may regret…



In the 90’s everything was carried out with a self-knowing post-modernity. And man, was it tiring when done badly. Thankfully, post-modern slasher flick, Scream done it just right. One of the stand-out scenes put a seriously dark spin on garages with automatic doors though, as one poor victim was tormented by the series’ terrifying Ghostface Killer. She tries to escape through the cat-flap – which ends about as well as you’d expect in a movie named after a shriek of terror.



James Bond is a man who knows a thing or two, right? And when it comes to storing his vintage Aston Martin DB5, he chooses the only logical choice – a secure lock-up garage. Perfect, really, since not only does it provide protection against the elements, it’s also unknown by the baddies. Oh, and he also gets to take his boss, M, out for a spin. She’s a lucky devil!


Here at Lock-Up Garages, we can always appreciate giving garages a starring role in a movie – especially ones as good as these. Feeling like you need to get your hands on one too? Then we’ve got you covered. Contact us on 020 8882 8575 and our friendly team will be delighted to discuss how you can rent a garage in London from us. 

Tips for Organising Your Garage

A garage is an excellent storage solution, particularly if you only have a small home. However, some garages run the risk of becoming dumping grounds, void of any organisation or structure.

At Lockup Garages, we want to help you get the most out of your garage, so here are our top tips for getting organised.


Take Everything Out of the Garage

Before reorganising your garage, the best way to start is by taking everything out first.

Take a note of what you have, and ask yourself the following questions about items where you aren’t sure if they belong in the garage or not.

·         Do I love the item?

·         Do I need the item?

·         Does it need to be stored in the garage?

·         Is there a way to store it efficiently in the garage?

If you have something that’s useful, but that you haven’t used in ages, donate it to a charity shop or sell it online. If the item is no longer safe to use or wouldn’t be wanted by anyone else, find out whether it can be recycled or take it to your local tip.


Group Items Together

Using storage shelves and cabinets in your garage can help to keep everything secure and tidy.

To make it easier to find things and keep your garage tidy and organised, group similar items together. For example, keeping car maintenance tools and equipment together allows you to be able to find them immediately when you need them, and not spend hours looking through untidy drawers of items you don’t even need.


Use Wall Space

Particularly if you are using your garage to store your car, it is important to utilise wall and ceiling space as much as possible in order to maximise floor space.

You can use shelves and hanging frames for any tools or bikes to keep them tidy but easily accessible and visible should you need them. This also prevents running over them when you are parking your car.

We hope you found our garage organisation tips helpful. If you are looking to rent a garage in London, Lockup Garages can provide you with the secure space you need. Contact us today by calling 020 8882 8575.

Amazing Garage Designs from Around the World (Part 1)
Throughout history, garage designs have evolved significantly, and today's garages are as diverse as they are impressive. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the most amazing garages from around the world, which really are architectural marvels in their own right.

Autostadt, Germany

Volkswagen have arguably designed the best car show room and parking garage in the world. The Autostadt, located adjacent to the Volkswagen factory in Wolfburgh, Germany, is a tourist attraction in its own right and attracts around 2 million visitors each year.

In addition to a museum dedicated to the principle automobile brands in the Volkswagen group, the site also features two 20 ft tall glass silos, which are used as a parking garage for new Volkswagens.

These two towers, which span 16 stories, are connected to the Volkswagen factory by an underground tunnel. The cars are transported to the towers by a conveyor belt and, upon arrival at the towers, are lifted into position at a speed of 2 metres per second by a specially designed robotic arm.

In certain European countries, customers have the option of having their vehicle delivered to them, or alternatively they can travel to the Autostadt and collect it for themselves. If the latter option is chosen, then the car can be delivered to the customer without having driven a single metre.

This futurist garage typically stores around 800 vehicles at any one time, and is also the world's largest vehicle delivery centre.

The Glass Pavillion House, Miami, California

The Glass Pavillion House, designed by Steve Hermann, features its very own auto gallery – which is more akin to an art gallery than a garage. The auto gallery, which features highly polished floors and a glass facade, is a work of art in its own right and can accommodate up to 30 vehicles. The garage is currently used to display the owner’s impressive vintage car collection.


Here at Lock-Up Garages, we're passionate about all things garages. If you're looking to rent a garage of your own, we can offer a range of services including large garage rental to meet your individual needs and requirements. For more information, please don't hesitate to contact us today by giving us a call on 020 8882 8575 to speak to a member of our friendly team. 

 Despite, perhaps, an unfair reputation for utilitarianism – word of the day, right there - garages are pretty versatile. Sure, they’re perfect for slipping your car inside, all snug and cosy, the way nature intended. But they can also be a home for all the essentials that your other half claims are too filthy for the hallway, or too messy for the bedroom. Y’know, well-used tools and oily dipsticks, that collection of festering paint cans that probably won’t get used, broken cardboard boxes filled with...absolutely no clue what they’re filled there. But they’ve been around so long they’re like part of the family, right?


But there are some out there who reckon that, although you can get your hands on affordable garages to rent or purchase, there are better alternatives out there. So, let’s put that wacky theory to the test, and check out some possible places you might considering storing your car. Things like…


The Carport

Carports are typically American, easy to erect and they look about as sturdy as a pogo-stick on wheels. If you’re seeking seriously protective cover for your vehicle, then you’ve found a great option – so long as there’s no wind, winter is warm and summer mild, and the rain falls dead straight. Yep, they may seem like wall-less garages, y’know, if you squint a bit from three miles away, but the only similarity between a garage and a carport is that they both have A’s and R’s in their name.


The Kerb

It’s a classic, particularly when you’re popping ‘round to your nan’s bungalow for a cheeky roast dinner. Just pitch the car up at the side of the kerb and you’re sorted, right? Except… there’s not much protection on the streets. Someone might scratch your awesome automobile – either accidentally or on purpose – as they pass, and drivers of a reckless persuasion (Hard to believe, but they do exist) might speed past, clip your car and take your wing mirror with them. That’s hardly protection!


The Driveway

For those without garages, the driveway is the obvious fall-back. It’s well clear of the streets and the paint-scratchers and maniacal drivers who dominate it, so there is that. But in terms of environmental protection there is, precisely, none. Not only that, but what are you going to do with everything else you store in your garage? Sure, you could put all those tools and the outside chest freezer huddled around your car – but that’s not going to help you win village of the year, is it?


Your Neighbour’s Garage

In theory, this might work - if your neighbour is as friendly as ol’ Kris Kringle and equally as generous, at least. Or if Jay Leno is your neighbour, with his colossal garage. But if you barely speak to them, except that token nod of acknowledgement, the occasional smile, and to decline that disingenuous invitation to join their monthly dinner parties, then you might run into a few problems. How are your neighbours going to react when they realise you’ve shunted their gorgeous new Beamer to the back just so you can fit your car in?


Up a Tree

If you think you can manage parking your vehicle up a tree, then go for it. Especially if you don’t mind bird’s mess on the bonnet and branches in the wheel arches. Hang those hammers, drills and paint cans from twigs. Shift the nest out of the way and pop your workbench up there instead. And fingers crossed the car’s handbrake still functions while parked at a full 90 degree angle without any real support. Ok, not really. Of all the alternatives to garages, this has to be the absolute worst, a total horror show.


Of course, you could just go for the classic garage. And if that’s your bag, we’ve got you covered – after all, we own more than 13500 units in over 900 locations. For more information on our services simply go ahead and contact us on 020 8882 8575 and we’ll be delighted to assist with all of your enquiries. 

A Canvas for Your Carport: Checking Out Garage Door Art
 Since the early days of civilisation, we’ve been hooked on drawing and painting on things. From cave walls daubed with charcoal, to toddlers going nuts on their bedroom walls with a felt tip pen, we just can’t stay away. It’s like music. Only less aural, of course. It’s just part of us, and has been since time immemorial. So it’s no surprise garage doors have become just another form of canvas for some.


Ok, we may not know art, but we know what we like. And boy, do we like these ideas. Usually, when someone mentions garage door art, you’re most likely to think of a battered old sheet of metal coated with an unhealthy amount of spray-paint, as well as a few words that your mother wouldn’t approve of, and make a nun blush.


But it doesn’t have to be like that. There are tons of other ways to brighten up the much-maligned, and frankly utilitarian, garage door. Let’s take a look at a few examples of seriously awesome artwork that makes a garage door really stand out from the crowd.


Just Paint It

Sure, you could just go right ahead with a tin of exterior paint – probably in claret, midnight blue, or British racing green – and slap it on your door. But where’s the artistic merit in that? With the right paints, you could get really creative. Fancy turning your garage door into a trippy, acid-house fever dream? Yep, that’s totally a thing.

How about transforming it into a Batcave? Well, why not? It’s your garage, and in a world where personality is public, it’s the perfect way of showing off how cool you are!

If you’re thinking of pulling out all the stops, but lack the artsy side, you could always hire a pro painter. Or pay your nephew a few quid, cross your fingers and hope for the best.


Make It Real

Ah, if you want to make a serious impact, you’ll want more than a cool idea and a lick of paint. If you’re intent on creating the garage door of your dreams – it’s a thing, we swear – then make it real… Both your dreams, and your door.  There are services out there that, with a bit of magic – but mostly with a plastic sheet, some creativity and printing methods – can turn your garage door into a hyper-realistic 3D image.

So instead of the garage just being home to your lovely motor, a few jerry cans and some tools, you can create the illusion that you’re storing an iconic sports car...

A jumbo jet...

...or even a horse inside.

Which actually looks pretty cool, and is limited only by imagination. Although our favourite has to be the Road Runner-style fake road.



Leave It Be

If your garage door already has a bit of charm to it, you might just want to, y’know, not cover it with paints or prints. Old-fashioned wooden garages can look pretty great all by themselves, and it’s a real statement. Just because Mrs. Jones next door has a phoney horse-box for a garage, doesn’t mean you should follow. Letting your traditional garage speak for itself is just as creative – especially if you can have it modelled after its original look, like HP did with the HP garage.

And if you must add something, how about an engraving of a family crest – even if you designed it on the back of an envelope down the pub that one time? Now that’s pure class!


Here at Lock-Up Garages we love seeing just what’s possible with garages – especially if it’s adding a creative twist. But if you’re simply looking for a classic garage solution then we can help. With more than 13500 units in over 900 locations, we offer small and large garage rental services designed to work for you. For more details about what we do and how we can help, simply contact us on 020 8882 8575 and our team will be delighted to assist with all of your enquiries. 

The Weirdest and Wonderful Garages Ever
Ah, the humble lock-up garage. So serene as it stands to attention; so confident in its ability to totally perform the task with which it was designed… right? Some might even go as far to say that if you’ve seen one garage, you’ve seen them all – except, maybe, with different paintwork on the doors.


But we strongly disagree. In fact, there are so many kinds out there these days, that you’d probably be stunned at the just how unusual lock-ups can be. Some are fantastically creative, others are practically an art installation unto themselves, and some, well, some are just so plain strange that you have to wonder what the devil were they thinking?


Let’s take a look at a few of them now though, from the wonderful to the downright weird – these are the most unusual garages we’ve ever seen.


The Garagenatelier

Take a trip to Switzerland – y’know, just on the fly, because we’ve suggested it – and you’ll find the Herdern Mountains. Beautiful scenery, tranquillity itself. But look a little closer and you’ll see what appears to be five pillbox-like structures. Concrete blots on an otherwise luscious green horizon, you might think. Closer still, though, and you’ll find the ‘garagenatlier’. Those five cubes were designed by Peter Kunz Architecture. Below the surface of the hillside, embedded in the landscape itself, is a parking garage, which allows folks to have probably the best views from a parking garage since that multi-storey in Milton Keynes. Which is quite nice, especially if you intend to sit in your car and just watch the world go by.



We’ve all been there. We want to park our cars, but someone else is in the spot we usually use. It’s times like these that we wish we had access to our very own version of a multi-storey. And someone heard that agonised cry, my friend. A company called Cardok has developed a hydraulic lift system for your home, in which one car can sit neatly atop the other on your driveway. At the push of a button, the lower car will disappear below ground. So, basically, it’s a big James Bond gadget for your driveway. Or the greatest magic trick Paul Daniels never played.


Kre House

Enough messing about in Switzerland. Time to hot-foot it to Tokyo, where you’ll discover the incredible Kre House. The house itself is about as futuristic as a hoverboard, all the mod-cons amd minimalist designs in every room. Oh, and there’s even a 9-car garage. But wait! What if you woke up, late for work? Fear not, you wouldn’t be rushing out the door – after all, this is Japan we’re talking about, where they invented the Sony Walkman and the Bullet Train. Simply flip a switch and out pops your automobile, right in the middle of the living room. Just don’t spill your Corn Flakes on the hood! And hey, it’s nicer than having to watch what’s on TV, right?


The House Façade

You’ll notice a trend with all these wacky garages – the cars are all hidden away. Well, how about hiding your entire garage away? Yep, if you’re tired of people looking at your garage – all those side-eyes, the murmuring, the gossiping – then there’s a solution for you. Take this creative San Francisco garage. It was designed by Beausoleil Architects, who were tasked with installing a ground-floor garage which matched the rest of the ol’ Victorian building. And, let’s be honest, if you didn’t know any better, you’d swear it was just part of the house.


Jay Leno’s Garage

Need we say any more? Look at it! Just look at it. Envy it, admire it…


Here at Lock-Up Garages, we know just how important it is to keep your car and belongings secure. That’s why we’re providers of over 13500 units in more than 900 locations – so if you want to rent a garage in London, we’ve definitely got you covered.  For more info on our services, simply contact us on 020 8882 8575 and we’ll be happy to assist with your enquiries. 

The Top 10 Most Expensive Garages in the World (Part Two)
The Top 10 Most Expensive Garages in the World (Part Two)
 Here at Lockup Garages, we’re professional providers of the best and most affordable lockup garages to hire, and understand the many purposes a garage can be used for.

Whether it’s to store your car, your private jet or your monster truck collection – a garage offers an extra room in your home, and allows you to store the things that maybe won’t fit in your, say, living room.

In part one, we discovered some of the most expensive and luxurious garages throughout the world – so, as promised, here’s the final 5 of our top 10 garage-beauties round-up!

Ralph Lauren’s D.A.D. Garage – No Price Available


When the daddy of fashion’s car collection hit 60 cars, he dedicated to store them in one place. After an underground operation failed to be feasible, a car technician found Ralph Lauren an old car dealership in Westchester, New York; he requested vice president Alfredo Paredes design the garage ASAP.

Named the D.A.D. Garage, (after his children David, Andrew and Dylan), the build is a two-floor-museum-like garage where cars are parked on white stainless steel counters under bright halogen lights. A simplistic yet stylish black floor, white pillars and minimalist ceiling make this garage one of the most simple yet expensive garage designs in the world, and there is no definitive figure as to how much the garage cost or is worth. The garage also offers a workshop, a small living area and an office and library – for when, you know, get bored of looking at all your beautiful cars!

John Travolta’s Garage – No Price Available


We understand most celeb garages are packed with a few hundred luxury sports cars, but when it comes to John Travolta – his garage is full of a few planes, jets and support vehicles.

Set amidst his Jumbo-lair estate, his facilities can accommodate a Gulfstream jet and a Boeing 707 as well as the support vehicles needed for both. It offers a parking space for up to 15 vehicles, and a 1.4 mile runway leading up to the garage. So, it’s really not surprising the price isn’t available for this lot...

Craig Jackson’s Garage - $2 Million


Situated in Paradise Valley, car collection company CEO Craig Jackson built a garage for his muscle and luxury car collection at his mountain home in Arizona. When building the garage, Jackson thought it best to build the garage like his house, in the shape of a circle.

The $2 million garage is shaped like a tyre with the roof and lighting designed to look like a hub cap, his cars are displayed in the side facing the centre like spokes in a wheel – and in the centre, his most prized possession – a Bugatti Veyron resting on a rotating platform.

The computer-operated garage system took 2 years to build, and has a total area of 3,600 square feet. It’s lined with leather panels to sound-proof the build, and the lighting can be programmed to switch between hard and soft presets in order to bring out the best of his car collection.

Emirates National Auto Museum – No Price Available


The museum is an amazing private collection of H.H. Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan. The collection houses a vast array of cars and others vehicles; with many still functioning. However, where does the UAE royal family store his cars? In a climate-controlled garage shaped like a pyramid in the middle of the desert, of course!

Since the garage also services as the Emirates National Auto Museum, it is open to the public, and some people have described the building as a small city complete with walkways, street lights, park benches, painted streets and a rotunda.

In the collection, there are more than 200 cars including a Chicago Highway Patrol car, a $755,000 Rolls Royce and the biggest Dodge jeep in the world.

Jerry Seinfeld’s Garage - $500,000


Comedian Jerry Seinfeld hides his Porsche collection away in a Manhattan side street. Hidden by a plain façade, and an elevator ride down to the subterranean garage - his collection is home to 46 Porsches, over an 844 square foot living space, including a club room with a billiard table, a kitchenette and bathroom and an office.

The building is security and climate controlled by a computer, and Seinfeld can apparently receive updates on the condition of his garage and cars via his phone! Posh, eh?

The world really is your oyster with a lockup garage, so if you require more information or have any questions – please do not hesitate to contact our friendly and helpful team on 020 8882 8575 today!

The Top 10 Most Expensive Garages in the World (Part One)
The Top 10 Most Expensive Garages in the World (Part One)
 As professional providers of garages to rent, we understand the various uses a garage build can be utilised for. Although garages were originally just a place to keep your car, we think it pretty incredible to see how the everyday ‘garage’ concept has evolved over the years.

But when exactly does a garage become much more than just, well, a garage? When it becomes more expensive that the usual home, private jet, or celebrity pad in LA, of course!

So, let’s try and compare the two...

The average garage


And the not-so average garage... (Okay, now you’re just showing off John Travolta!)


But who are we to judge? Whatever the use - here’s a quick look at the top 10 most expensive garages in the world. Prepare to be a little jealous!

“The Garage next to Harrods” - £850,000


Well, this cheeky garage look’s a lot more like your average lockup than anything else, but the price tag seems to say something a little more luxurious! Priced at a whopping £850,000 – this 6.4 metres wide and 4.75 metres deep build isn’t expensive for its features or stylish appearance – but for its location! Located in one of the prime lots in Britain, this Knightsbridge beauty is next door to swanky department store Harrods, and is as expensive as 3 averaged-sized homes in the UK! Wow.

Tom Gonzales’ Garage - $5 Million

After software engineer Tom Gonzales retired and sold his company, he bought an estate in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. This estate was where he built the ultimate garage to house design, in order to protect his car and motorcycle collection. As most of his cars and motorcycles are in a building that’s pretty much a mansion, the very best of his collections are stored underground in a lower floor than can only be accessed via elevator.

Although don’t be fooled – it’s not your average elevator. It’s 60ft long, 12ft wide and 15ft high, and is the type of contraption that is used in aircraft carriers to lift planes. Very swish, Gonzales!

Million Dollar Garage in NYC - £1 Million


This pretty boring looking parking garage is located in an eight-storey post-war building, which was formerly used as a parking space and currently houses condominium units. The spot is only being offered to anyone who lives in the building, but will be treat as a real property transaction and comes with a very impressive deed of sale and contract. With that kind-of price, you think you’d be living a parking dream, eh? No – the buyer will also be charged for maintenance fees of the parking spot!

But go on, what does the buyer get? A parking garage that has direct street access and a 12ft by 23ft parking space with a high ceiling... Shame about the price tag!

Francis Wisniewski’s Garage - $1 Million


Forty4 Asset Management CIO Francis Wisniewski wanted a garage with a bit of home to it, so opted for a Las Vegas theme for his garage build.

Located in a rectangular 15,000 square foot garage in downtown Chicago, Wisniewski’s creation is complete with ‘Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas’ sign, an avenue lined with glossy red pillars and a small basket ball court. The build even homes a pretty impressive collection of sports memorabilia and a gambling room, too!

His cars are stored in lifts, each costing $5,000, and he estimates all electrical work and ventilation systems cost a pretty hefty £400,000. In total, the garage took him 9 months to design, and a further 9 months to build...

Jay Leno’s Big Dog Garage – N/A

Jay Leno is already pretty well known for his vast collection of vintage, classic and luxurious cars and motorcycles, but where does he keep them all? Well, in his Big Dog garage in his Southern California home, of course! Spread across 2 buildings, the 17,000 square foot garage is fully equipped with a fabrication shop, a machine shop, and a kitchen!

The garage is usually closed to the public, but Leno did offer 215 guests a personalised guided tour for $100 each, and the proceeds went to the Juvenile Arthritis Alliance. How much did the joint take to build, though? Leno isn’t up for sharing those details, but what we do know is that it took around $450,000 to turn the place green with solar panels, in 2010... So we’re guessing it was quite a bit more than that. You go, Jay Leno!

...To be continued!

Are you jealous yet? Well don’t forget to check back for part-two of this blog next week! And in the meantime, if you fancy renting yourself a little more of an affordable garage option – please get in contact with our friendly and helpful team on 020 8882 8575 today!

 Previously on this blog we’ve brought you news of the UK’s most expensive garage. Remember that rundown, poky place nestled around the back of some terraced houses in Kensington and Chelsea? That was sold at auction for a little over a colossally cool quarter of a million pounds. Developers said they planned to carve the place up and use the land to create a neat little apartment house.


Well, move over, crazy-expensive Chelsea garage – there’s a new garage on the block that’s on the market now for even more than £500,000. With space at an absolute premium these days, and property prices at an utterly gargantuan level, it’s probably no surprise that people are looking to make a quick and cool buck – and estate agents are certainly in no hurry to dismiss the practice of selling such tiny spaces.


No surprise for guessing where this particular garage is located. Yep, let’s get ourselves heading back to Kensington in London, this time to see a garage which is on sale for pretty much the same price as an eight-bedroom mansion pretty much anywhere else in the country. The oh-so-exclusive W8 postcode, however, means that folks can charge an absolute bomb for the little garage.


Fancy taking a punt on how much it’s going for?


Take a seat – you’ll need one, along with a stiff drink – and we’ll tell you.


£650,000. Well over the quarter-mil mark, and for that you’ll get yourself access to precisely 420-square foot of uninhabitable shelter. Sure, Raglan International, the estate agents who are selling the property, claim that the place has the potential to be turned into a snazzy little one-bedroom ground-floor apartment – but the fact is that while planning permission was granted a decade ago in order to perform such a miracle, it’s since expired. So if you’re feeling in the mood to pony up for the property, you’ll also have to reapply for planning permission to turn it into the garage home of your dreams.  Currently the garage has exactly what you’d expect a garage to have. A forecourt with room for two cars, and a roller-blind door – which is electric, if that swings it for you.


Raglan International spokesman Christopher Mackay has said: ‘It is no ordinary garage. Although it seems ridiculously expensive, it’s actually quite a good deal when you think about what it could be worth if it was turned into a house.’ He continued, ‘’It’s only been on our books ten days, but we’ve  already had a lot of interest. And every viewing is different, because every prospective buyer gives you their vision of how they’d turn it into something special.’


And what does special mean to Mr. Mackay? ‘If you did it well you could have a good sized one-bedroom flat, with two off-street parking spaces, and sell it on to easily make 10% of what you invested. It has the potential to be an incredible and unique property.’


Over in Australia, meanwhile, they’ve got their own uber-expensive garage going on. And while it’s certainly more expensive than that paltry £500,000 garage, it’s not quite up there with the latest offering from London. The garage was originally worth around £450,000, but after the owners converted it into a house, the price shot up to £640,000. So perhaps there’s something in this garage-living business.


Ok, we may have more than 13000 units in over 900 locations across London and the south-east - but we’re not going to make you shell out that much for renting one of our garages. If you’re in the market for large garage rental, then relax – here at Lock-Up Garages we’ve got you covered. For more information about our units, locations and services, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 020 8882 8575 and our amiable team will be more than happy to help you find precisely what you’re looking for. 


It sounds like the stuff of science fiction – it is, after all, straight out of Star Trek – but one man is set on boldly going where no one has gone before, and he’s doing it from his garage. What are we talking about? Building a warp drive – the hypothetical propulsion engine which allows the fictional starship Enterprise to travel across the universe faster than the speed of light.

You might be forgiven for expecting the man in question to be some sort of crazy hermit, but he’s actually a science professor at the University of Nebraska by the name of David Pares. In between teaching a dozen courses a year, he puts aside a couple of hours a day to sit in the garage attached to his home and work on bending the very fabric of space itself.

So, the first question is, what is a warp drive supposed to do? Well, the biggest problem that mankind faces if we want to explore space is speed. The nearest star outside of our solar system, Proxima Centauri, is over four light-years away; according to Einstein, travelling at the speed of light would require infinite energy (which we don’t have!) and travelling faster than that would be impossible. That means if we’re going to go outside of our solar system with current technology, it most likely means signing on for a lifetime trip.

The theory behind the warp drive, however, could be a way around that. If you imagine that space is like a sheet of fabric, and you want to go from one spot to another, the traditional way would be to travel (for several light-years) along the fabric. If, however, you could simply fold the sheet, you could put the two points right next to each other and jump across – so the journey time becomes negligible. The ship would travel inside a “warp bubble” where space is conveniently not folded up, keeping everybody inside safe.

According to Pares’ theory, these bubbles already occur. They are the explanation for strange events such as the 1970 flight of Bruce Gernon, an experienced pilot who steered through a gap in the clouds when facing a fierce thunderstorm and found himself a hundred miles away from where he ought to be. This flight did happen in the area known by many as “The Bermuda Triangle”, though – make of that what you will.

Pares believes that these local space warps are created by the immense electrical energy within the storms so he set about replicating those conditions in his garage.

In a series of experiments, he beamed a laser into the core of his field and observed a compression of the beam. He’s since turned his attention to creating a warp drive motor to create the same effect, and to demonstrate it he’s been building a seven foot “spacecraft” which his motor should be able to lift a few feet off the ground.

As to why he’s conducting these experiments in his garage – as opposed to a fully equipped and funded university laboratory, perhaps – well, not all of his colleagues are supportive. Although he’s submitted papers to conferences and publications, he doesn’t have the support he needs to pursue it officially. At least, not until he can prove that it works – then, no doubt, a wide range of agencies across the world will be clamouring to have him on board.

The thing is, we know he won’t succeed. After all, everybody knows that the warp drive will be invented in 2063 by Zefram Cochrane, and he won’t be born until the 2030’s...


Here at Lockup Garages, if you’re looking to rent a garage in London we have over 13,000 properties that might suit you – although we must admit, we hope you won’t be trying to build a warp drive in any of them! For more information, get in touch with us on 020 8882 8575 today.

The Birthplace of Silicon Valley
 Quick question – where’s the birthplace of Silicon Valley? Don’t worry, it’s not a trick question, just a pinch of trivia. Give yourself one point if you said the United States; two points if you guessed correctly that it was in California; three points for Palo Alto; and a whopping one million points if you said 367 Addison Avenue, Palo Alto, California.


It might seem like a pretty innocuous address – the type that Ma and Pa Spencer and their two lovely daughters reside in, inviting neighbours over for barbeques on the 4th of July and letting Scotty the Dog run wild in the back yard. And if that’s the sort of image it conjures up, there’s a reason for that. 367 Addison Avenue is a nice, quiet residential house on a nice, quiet residential street. It’s been there since around 1905 – a house, and a shed. 19 years later, 367 got a new and very important addition – a wooden garage.


And that wooden garage, set back from the road and measuring just 12’ by 8’, is the birthplace of Silicon Valley – the tech hub which changed the world.


Previously on this blog we’ve looked at businesses which started life inside garages. From Apple to Amazon, we’ve seen some amazing start-ups in humble garages. But there’s plenty of companies we haven’t studied. Harley-Davidson, say, who began in a little garage emblazoned with the company name on the wooden shack door. Or toymaker Mattel, who started making picture frames in a workshop tucked away inside a garage. But never once have we turned our lock-up love on 367 Addison Avenue: the birthplace of Silicon Valley.


When we think of awesome tech start-ups, we tend only to think of stalwarts Apple and Microsoft, and newer companies like Facebook and Youtube. But what about the granddaddy of them all, Hewlett-Packard? That wooden garage in Palo Alto was where David Packard and William Hewlett first set up shop in 1938. They started with just $538 of working capital. In the beginning they created an audio oscillator, which, according to HP’s website, ‘generates one pure tone or frequency at a time. Through the years, HP oscillators were used to design, produce and maintain telephones, stereos, radios and other audio equipment.’ Walt Disney was one of the first to use HP’s equipment, to test the sound systems of cinemas showing his films.

Packard and Hewlett lived in the adjoining house and worked part-time in the garage for a couple of years, until, eventually in 1940, their business outgrew the premises – as they tend to do when you’re on the road to a multi-million dollar company.


The garage then traded hands several times throughout the years, with the garage being rented out by people who possibly had no idea just how important, technologically, the garage really was. In fact, it wasn’t until 1984 that HP decided to really embrace their heritage. Horrified of the idea that the garage may well be knocked down, or moved to some other corner of the globe, they began attempting to have the location blessed with historic landmark status. This was granted the following year by the Palo Alto Historic Resources Board, and, two years later, the tiny garage was granted California State landmark status. In 1989 a bronze plaque was set on the front lawn commemorating the ‘Birthplace of Silicon Valley.’


Even then, the garage’s story wasn’t over. In fact, Hewlett-Packard didn’t even own the garage until 2000 – after that, the tech company renovated the garage back to its original state as it was when ‘Dave’ and ‘Bill’ first joined forces. These days, the HP garage is a private museum, not open to the public, but still an important reminder of both the technological heritage and just what’s possible with a shedload of ingenuity and a garageful of…garage.


Here at Lock-Up Garages we love seeing just how important garages are, no matter how big or small. That’s why we offer over 13000 garages to hire in 900 locations across London and the South-East. For more information about our premises, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 020 8882 8575 and our pro staff will be more than happy to help. 

Have Yourself a Careful Little Christmas...
 And so it’s nearly upon us. The fake snow in the windows of a thousand shops, people getting under each other’s feet on the high street, massive electricity bills for all those flashing fairy lights, and hey, the less said about that music we have to endure each year the better, right? You may not want to know all the words to a Shakin’ Stevens track, but boy you do anyway. Yep. If you haven’t got an advent calendar you might not have noticed the festive season slowly creeping up on us, strangling suburbs with red and gold tinsel and clobbering us all over the head with TV specials.


Ok, it’s not that bad, we’re not really Scrooges here. We love Christmas – the family, the food, the inevitable moment when Auntie Jan produces Monopoly, and of course, Santa’s imminent arrival. But that doesn’t mean it’s all festive fun for everyone.


Christmas is a prime time for crooks too. While the crime rates across Britain have steadily fell for the last 20 years or so, each year the Christmas period usually sees a dramatic increase in crimes like shoplifting, car theft and burglary. And one of the prime places to be robbed by prowling criminals isn’t just the gifts stacked underneath the Christmas tree – it’s the garage.


That makes sense, from a criminal point of view. It’s often overlooked by homeowners who may fret over whether or not they locked the front door, but rarely spare a thought for the garage. Coupled with that is the fact that a garage can often hold plenty of expensive equipment, like power tools and transport like bicycles and motorbikes.


Garage theft is an issue which affects people up and down the country. Only a couple of days ago in Hull, ten garages in the same street were targeted by thieves. In one garage, they made off with a collection of golfing equipment including clubs, putters, bags and even an electric golf cart. Milton Keynes police have been appealing for witnesses after a local garage was burgled, with criminals nabbing a yellow, orange and black mountain bike, as well as a crate of beer. Residents of Horncastle, Lincolnshire are being urged to check their garages for signs of theft after the cops arrested four men in possession of apparently stolen goods. Meanwhile in Northampton, thieves damaged a motorbike while attempting to steal it from the garage where it was kept.


This isn’t, of course, designed to scare anyone. It’s more a reminder to ensure your garages are kept secure – that’s sound advice at any time of the year, but especially around the Christmas season. Already police chiefs across the UK have issued warnings to garage owners and users to be mindful of their lock-ups, and there are plenty of ways you can ensure your garage remains secure.


On their website, Warwickshire Police advise concerned visitors on ways to reduce theft –crime prevention techniques as simple as adding an alarm, or extending your existing alarm to cover your garage can help. As can chaining together heavier equipment like the aforementioned motorcycles. Of course sometimes bad things do happen, despite the messages of those saccharine Christmas movies. As such, it’s advisable to make a note of all the tools and other equipment stored in your garage, along with the serial numbers and other distinguishing features, which will help identify them should they be stolen. So please, please, please make sure you take care and secure your garage this Christmas.


Here at Lock-Up Garage we’re always keeping an eye on the industry. If you’re looking for secure lock up garages to rent, then we can help. After all, we have over 13,500 units in more than 900 locations. If you’d like more information about our services and products, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 020 8882 8575 and our pro staff will be more than happy to help. 

Bigger is Better: The Best Garages in the World
 It was only last month that we brought you news of one seriously pricey garage. Well, it seems that another has gone on sale in Chelsea – although this time for the far less eye-watering amount of £100,000. The property, which is being sold by John D. Wood & Co., is situated in a courtyard just off of St. Loo Avenue, and described as having a width of 7’, 6’2” height, and a depth of 20’. So, you might think, it’s a basic garage in a swanky part of London, only with a excessive price tag. And how far do you reckon that hundred-thou get you? About 14 years worth of care-free parking. Yep, the lease for the garage runs out December 2028. That’s a lot to spend to avoid the parking meter in the capital.


But does expensive mean best? After all, it was only two years ago that another estate agent in selling a garage just ‘round the back of Harrods in Knightsbridge. That was being sold for what passes for chump change in those wealthier parts of London - £525,000. Although that did get buyers a double garage with a freehold, so no being forced to moved out after 14 years have spiralled by.


But what about the truly expensive garages? The kind the rich – but not always famous – maintain? We’ve already looked at the garages of John Travolta, Jerry Seinfield and the garrulous Jay Leno – but some of those were small-fry compared to these…


Ralph Lauren

For many, Ralph Lauren is just a name on a polo shirt; for others, a fashion icon. But to those who dig on automobiles, he’s a total car connoisseur (or car-nnoisseur, as nobody says). The king of fashion owns a vast vehicular collection, secreted inside a garage the size of a mansion. Some of the top numbers include an Alfa Romeo Mille Miglia and a Bugatti Coupe, both from 1938, and the only existing 1930 Mercedes SSK Count Trossi roadster.  It might sound like a museum of auto-awesomeness… and you’d be right. Lauren has exhibited his car collection (car-llection…?) at Paris’s Musee des Arts Decoratifs.


Tom Gonzales

If you’re still thinking about that £100,000 garage in Chelsea, spare a thought for poor ol’ multimillionaire Tom Gonzales. The former software engineer seriously spent out after selling his company, dropping a colossal $6 million on what could possibly be the strangest – and most incredible – garage ever designed. Oh, it’s also the world’s most expensive, which some have dubbed a garage-mahal. The garage sits underground, but is raised to ground level through a hydraulic lift. It’s a two-tier affair, with the first half given up to an impressive collection of motorcycles. Once that’s raised, you can gain access to the underground section, which houses – surprise, surprise – yet more automobiles. Fancy getting your hands on this subterranean storage solution? Well, bear in mind it’ll also cost a hefty $25 every time you use the hydraulic elevator.


Emirates National Auto Museum

Ok, you might think this is a bit if a cheat – but seriously, the Emirates National Auto Museum just outside of Abu Dhabi isn’t just any old museum. For one, there are over 200 cars stored in the custom-built pyramid. And secondly, they all belong to one man – Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan. The Rainbow Sheikh, as he’s known, owns one of the largest collections of cars in the world with some estimating he has over 400 of them. Those which he stores at the museum, which is open to the public, are ones he still uses to attend functions. The garage – or museum – has been described by visitors as a small town, with paths, street lighting and park benches inside. Since retiring from public life he investigates new vehicles development across the globe. ‘Cause hey, the man just loves cars.


Here at Lock-Up Garages we think that’s a pretty impressive collection of massive garages. We even have our own large garages available to rent. If you’re seeking large garage rental then simply contact us on 020 8882 8575. With over 13500 units in over 900 locations, we’ll be only too happy to help. 

Grudge Match: Shed vs. Garage
It’s on! The brawl with it all. The squabble on the cobbles. The rumble in the… well, not quite jungle – overgrown garden, perhaps? Ladies and gentlemen, in the red corner – the Dreaded Shed. In the blue corner, ‘Gorgeous’ Lock-Up Garage.


That’s right, today we’re going to pit two of the world’s foremost domestic storage solutions against each other in the ultimate grudge match. So which is better? There’s only one way to find out…



Take a look at your average shed. If you can even see it. Yep, sheds sure are tiny when compared to a typical lock-up garage. Which is fine and dandy, if all you’re looking to store inside is a hammer, a few nails and a garden chair. But you couldn’t fit a car in there, could you? You can barely squeeze a kid’s tricycle in there. And even if you can, there’s not going to be much room in there for you at the same time. What can a garage hold? Well, a whole shed, for one – and then some. Whether it’s automobiles, old tins of paint, or even chest freezers, garages definitely have the size advantage. And in this case, big is most definitely best.



At first glance, this might be an easy victory for the shed. People have been known to decorate the exterior of their sheds – after all, there they are, lounging in the garden, and no-one wants an eyesore in the garden. And yes, a garage may seem pretty utilitarian in its appearance. But a well-maintained garage, like the ones we hire out, can be so much more attractive. It’s like comparing a pretty little rose bush to a strong and mighty oak, frankly. Sure, one might be pretty, but the other gets the job done – and done right!



Speaking of the mighty oak that is a lock-up garage, they’ve certainly got the edge when it comes to durability. How many times have you heard of a garage blowing away in high wintery winds? None, that’s how many times. It never happens, because garages are built to last – they’re as sturdy and as firm on their foundations as a heavyweight boxer. Sheds, on the other hand, are forever blowing away in a hurricane, circling above us like a colony of vultures before crashing to Earth when the gales drop. And that just renders what was once a shed now simply firewood. Thanks to poor weather and lack of durability, the average person buys approximately 42 sheds in their life-time. Probably.



Quick question: where’s your shed? Well, if you have a garden, that’s usually where you find it. If you don’t, chances are you don’t even have a shed. Maybe there’s one on the allotment. But that’s it. Garages, on the other hand, can be found in countless locations up and down the country. In fact, it might sometimes feel as though you can’t move for lock-ups. Especially our garages. We’ve got more than 13,500 units in more than 900 locations – that’s the largest portfolio of lock-up garages in the UK (And possibly the entire known and unknown universe – we haven’t counted them all, to be honest).


Ease of Access

Ok, so you’re looking for a professional, dedicated shed hire company. Who do you go to? That’s the problem, see. No matter how long you want to keep your shed for, your only option is to purchase one outright. Ultimately, you just can’t rent a shed in London as easily as you can rent a garage in London. All you’ve got to do is contact us here at Lock-Up Garages and voila - the garage is yours. A clear KO by the Garage Champ. For more information about our services, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 020 8882 8575 and our friendly, reliable staff will be more than happy to assist with your enquiries. 

What Kind of Garage User Are You?

Here at Lockup Garages, we’ve been offering garages to hire for many years, and we’ve come to recognise the many uses they can have – and the many different kinds of people who use them. Some types are more common than others, however, and by answering the following questions you can find out which type you are!

What TV show does your garage remind you of most?

A – Obsessive Compulsive Hoarder
B – Fast and Loud
C – Dragon’s Den
D– The X-Factor

Which of these is the most vital feature of your garage?

A – Lots of shelving units
B – Good security
C – 24 hour access
D – Soundproofing

How is your garage organised?

A – It sort of orders itself chronologically – the older stuff is at the bottom of the pile...
B – Tools in easy reach.
C – Everything is filed and stored in its proper place, for maximum efficiency.
D – The door is where the front of the stage would be.

What’s the most important thing plugged into your electrical socket?
A- You can’t get to the electrical sockets any more.
B - Dehumidifier – you have to have dry air
C – Phone or laptop charger
D – Speakers

You find an odd metal thing in your garage – you’re not sure what exactly it is. What do you do?

A – Put it away. I’m sure it’ll be useful one day.
B – Check your Haynes guides to work out where it came from.
C – Put it on eBay.
D – Try and make an interesting noise with it.

If you were to walk into your garage blindfolded, what would happen?

A – Something might fall on your head. Not that you could walk very far in, anyway.
B – You wouldn’t do that for fear of scratching your paintwork.
C – You could put your hands on exactly what you need without looking.
D – An almighty crash tells you when you reach the drumkit.

Count up your answers and see your results below:

Mostly A’s : The Hoarder


Your garage is a treasure trove of stuff; childhood memories, potentially useful things, stuff that you keep meaning to fix and things that you just can’t bear to throw away. There may be some boxes in there that haven’t been opened in years, but that’s OK; you know where to find them when you need them, right?

Mostly B’s : The Petrolhead


Your car is your pride and joy and you just can’t understand why people would leave their vehicles parked outside. You have a few bits and pieces stored around the edge – mostly spare parts and tools for vehicle maintenance – but the main reason for having a garage is to store your car.

Mostly C’s : The Entrepreneur


Your garage is your work space – you have a business plan, and it calls for that bit of dedicated space to help you pull it off. It could be the storage for your eBay business, it could be impromptu office space or it could be the workshop where you’re refining your prototype ready for the Dragon’s Den. You’re pretty sure that one day, though, you’ll be as big as Apple, right?

Mostly D’s : The Musician


You need somewhere to practice where you won’t annoy the neighbours; somewhere with enough space for your whole band, perhaps. Particularly popular with drummers, because then you don’t need to disassemble your kit to go to rehearsals, and you can just get the rest of the band to come to you.

We hope that you enjoyed our lighthearted quiz and remember, whichever type of garage user you are, if you need a rental garage here at Lockup Garages we have over 13,000 across the country to choose from. For more information, contact us on 020 8882 8575 today.

The Apple That Costs a Million
 In a previous blog we looked at companies which started out small – small enough, in fact, to operate from a garage. And one of those was none other than Apple computers. It seems starting in a garage turned out pretty well for what is now a multi-billion dollar tech empire.

Now the last known surviving Apple-1 sold by Jobs directly from his parents’ garage is to go up for auction in December. The machine is known as the Ricketts Apple-1 Personal Computer after the name of the original buyer, Charles Ricketts. In addition to the computer, the winning bidder will also get their hands on two cancelled cheques; one labelled ‘Purchased July 1976 from Steve Jobs in his parents’ garage in Los Altos.’ The other reads: ‘Software NA Programmed by Steve Jobs August 1976.’


Insiders reckon that because of the documentation linking the Apple-1 directly to Jobs, it could sell for up to $1 million dollars. For that price we have only one question: After almost 40 years, does it still work?


The answer is yes. In preparation for the auction, due to be held on December 11th, the PC was booted up, and ran not just its original operating system – in this case, Microsoft Basic – but also a Star Trek computer game. Although you might struggle to update your Facebook or, well, do pretty much anything else. But it does go to show what a little hard work, ingenuity, and a decent garage can do, right?

That garage was without a doubt the main hub of Jobs’ fledgling empire – it became the location where he, alongside partner Steve Wozniak and others, would design, build and ship the first Apple computers.  Last year the garage was designated a historic site by the Los Altos Historical Commission.


Although we can’t promise any Apple-1 computers in our garages, you’re more than welcome to hire one and design the next digital revolution inside. But whatever you need one for, if you’re looking to rent a garage in London, we’ve got over 13,500 of them in more than 900 locations. Just contact us on 020 8882 8575 and our friendly, professional staff will be more than happy to help. 

UK's Most Expensive Garage Sells

Last week we brought news of the UK’s priciest garage. You know, the one with barely enough room to fit a saloon car in it, much less anything else? Well, some lucky – and positively loaded – person can look forward to those beautiful rear-of-terrace views, watermarked walls and broken guttering. But hey, at least you’ll be located in London, living the dream!


London property prices have always been pretty astronomical. But at least you usually get an actual living space right off the bat. Here you’ll walk away with a ramshackle old garage with a single padlock on its faded blue door. Bargain, right?


You may remember the asking price was £500,000. And how much did it actually make? Well, according the auctioneers, Allsop of Marble Arch, it sold for ‘close to the asking price’. How close? Care to guess?



You read that right. The garage sold for £50,000 more than reserve. With the garage measuring 11ft by 7ft, that works out to a colossal £7,143 per square foot. Sure, developers intend to build a luxury, singe-storey apartment plus a basement. But for now, it’s just that garage and those views.


The reason the garage garnered so much interest wasn’t just the outstanding location in the wealthy Chelsea area of London – although that undoubtedly helped – but also the promise of future development. Last year planning permission was granted for the site, which allows investors to build a home on the site.


But think of all the things you could get with £550,000: An apartment pretty much anywhere else in the country; a new car or two; a holiday – or even an around the world cruise. You could even rent a garage in London long-term, which would actually serve a purpose, unlike this rundown old lock-up that’s bound to leak and get your tools wet.


Here at Lock-Up Garages, we own the largest portfolio of lock-up garages for hire in the UK. That’s more than 13,500 units in over 900 locations. Better yet, we won’t charge you over half-a-million quid to get your hands on one. Just contact us on 020 8882 8575 or use our online contact form for more details. 

Storage Hunters Unleashed in UK

We all love a bargain, right? We all dream of foraging around in our attics and sheds and discovering some lost painting by Picasso, an original copy of The Bible, or some unreleased recording by The Beatles. And just think of what you could do with all of that money once you’ve made millions at auction…


It’s that mentality, that dream, which makes shows like America’s Storage Hunters a must-watch. Gather up a group of seven bargain-hungry bidders (plus a host of background bidders), one over-the-top comedian/auctioneer – which isn’t a phrase we often hear – and a ton of garages and storage units holding hidden gems. That, in a nutshell, is Storage Hunters.


It might not sound like much, but it somehow makes for incredible reality TV. The inter-play between the principal ‘characters’, the drama of the auction and the voyeurism involved with seeing what some goof has left to rot in a garage all combine for one awesome TV show.

We were gutted when the American show was yanked from the air after three solid series’. So we couldn’t be happier to hear that the TV channel Dave, which airs the US version of the show, has imported both the show and its affable host Sean Kelly for a UK series. Ones man’s trash is another man’s treasure, after all.


Kelly, who has hosted the show since its inception in 2011, reckons that the show’s success is down to the fact that ‘the viewers could embrace the characters, and it's addictive and fun to find out ‘What's in that unit and how much did they pay for it? Did they lose money? Did they make money? What's in the next unit?’’ We couldn’t agree more.


Storage Hunters UK will run for ten episodes, Tuesdays at 8pm on Dave.


Here at Lock-Up Garages, we love seeing our industry on-screen – especially in shows as awesome as Storage Hunters. But if you’d rather rent a lock-up than watch one being opened, we’re here to help. If you’re looking to rent a garage in London, you can contact us on 020 8882 8575 and our professional, reliable staff will be happy to help. 

The UK's Priciest Garage

We all know that property rises are on the increase. In fairness though, when aren’t they? It’s typical newspaper copy, filling column inches day in and day out. But this is possibly a new high – or a new low, depending on your viewpoint – for real estate in the UK.


Last week, news broke that a dilapidated garage, situated near London’s wealthy King’s Road area of Chelsea, has gone on sale for a colossal sum.


Want to guess how much it’s currently on sale for?


…Double it.


…Then double that figure.


If you said £500,000, you’re a winner!

Bear in mind that the garage would struggle to fit a single car and the usual storage stuff inside, as it measures just 7ft by 11ft. And as for those stunning views of the capital, forget it. Located to the rear of a residential area, the only views on offer are of old terraced brickwork and guttering. Estate agents would call it cosy. A real fixer-upper. And for half-a-million, it’s yours. Plus fees.


Incredibly though, despite the staggering asking price, the garage looks set to sell. Property developers are keen to get their hands on the land to develop - what else – property. While they lack the vision to turn the rundown garage into an actual apartment, these developers believe that the price-tag is a drop in the ocean compared to what they’ll make once they’ve demolished the garage.


In its place, they intend to build a single-storey apartment and basement. We’re talking about a two-bedroom home, with an en-suite bathroom for the master bedroom, and a shower-room for the guests, toilet, kitchen and dining area, living room and a patio for those lazy summer days. Which is pretty incredible when you think that it started life as a simple garage.


An auction, at Allsop auction house, for the property is set for October 30th.


There’s a more affordable way to get your hands on a garage though. You could rent a garage in London from us, and it won’t cost you half-a-mill. Just contact us on 020 8882 8575 and one of our friendly team will be glad to help with your enquiry. 

Living in Lock-Ups

In our previous blog, we looked at Jeremie Bucholtz’s incredible conversion of a garage into an apartment. But he’s not the only one to take up residence in a lock-up.

 In case you haven’t seen the many, many headlines and news reports on it, we’re currently in the middle of a housing crisis. OK, it may seem like the usual media fodder – I mean, even if literally everyone could comfortably afford to own their own house, we’d still need more for an ever-growing population. So it’s hardly the sort of news that’ll send out any shockwaves.


OK, setting glibness aside, it doesn’t mean it’s not a major issue. These days, garages are seriously being considered as one way to alleviate the stress of finding property. And we’re not talking about people like Carol and Andy Jones, who built a two-storey apartment disguised as a garage, complete with phoney garage door. A genius idea designed to fool council planning inspectors… well, genius, right up until the authorities demanded that they gut the entire building.


One pretty unscrupulous landlord in London convinced a young couple to sign up for a ‘compact studio flat.’ Upon moving into the property, the couple, who were expecting a child, discovered that their new home was, in fact, a boarded-up garage at the rear of a Victorian terrace. Caveat emptor, my friends.


Despite this gloomy news, there are positive signs elsewhere. In Hackney, one company has proposed pop-up garages which can be converted into bedsits for the homeless. After the transformation, the homes will feature a bedroom and shower, and the laundrette, kitchen and dining rooms will all be communal.  Which is a pretty nifty step up for disused garages.


OK, we don’t do garage homes. But we love seeing what’s possible in the industry. If you’re looking to rent a garage in London for all your storage needs, it couldn’t be easier. Just get in contact on 020 8882 8575 and our friendly staff will be happy to help.  

Can You Live in a Lock-Up?

Ah, that age-old question again: can you live in a lock-up?


I suppose the short answer is, yes. Just grab a sleeping bag, and prepare for a few uncomfortable nights with your creature comforts. But we definitely wouldn’t advise it.


But some clever folk out there have actually converted their garages into a living space. Take French photographer Jeremie Bucholtz, who desperately wanted to live in Bordeaux – for work, he claimed; for the excellent wine, we imagine.


The house was designed by Bucholtz’s architect pal, Matthieu de Marien, which is about as French a name as we’ve ever heard, and it’s deceptively brilliant for such a cosy space. Inspired by old stables, which were converted into garages, and then into a single apartment, the garage-home has everything you’d expect a normal house to have. Y’know, things like a kitchen, bathroom, lounge (where Bucholtz can smoke cigarettes and languish with existential ennui, like they do in Jean-Luc Goddard movies) and even a bar area and a well-lit and ventilated patio.


The real feature though is the 10 cubic metre box; a series of cupboards, wardrobes and drawers which house Bucholtz’s clothes, photographic equipment, vacuum cleaner… pretty much everything, in fact, that a house might need. Inside the box is the bathroom and washing machine, and up top is the bedroom. The trick here is to squeeze every last drop of space out of the 60ft square garage.

The photo above shows the state that the garage was in before du Marien got his clever architect paws on it. You can exactly how this ‘maison garage’ looks now in this pretty comprehensive video.

And we’ve got to admit, we’re kind of jealous of Bucholtz’s unique pad. While we don’t offer garage apartments in Bordeaux, we do have the largest portfolio of lock-ups in the UK – more than 13,500 of them in over 900 locations. So if you’re looking to rent a garage in London, we’re certain we can help. Contact us on 020 8882 8575 and we’ll help in any way we can. 

Hoarding: What You Should Know

The news has been full lately of stories about so-called hoarders. For example, according to a recent news article from the Guardian a New York postal worker was recently caught 'hoarding' 40,000 pieces of mail. According to police the man had been hoarding the mail in his home and car, and authorities recovered a total of over 2,500 lbs of mail.

Hoarding is a complex issue and scientists are only just beginning to uncover the reasons behind such behaviour. However one of the most common reasons why we hoard is to avoid wasting things, particularly items that might be of value.


Thanks to a number of TV documentaries and series there is greater awareness today of hoarding than ever before. However most cases of hoarding are not as extreme as those we see in the news or on TV. Most of us have felt the compulsion to hoard at some point in our lives and it can often be the case that the number of things in your home can get out of hand. Hence it is important to get on top of the items you store in your home and take steps to stop clutter from taking over.

Garages are great storage spaces, and can provide some valuable extra space to help you de-clutter your home; however it’s important you do not allow your garage to become overly cluttered as well. Garages can easily become hoarding hotspots and it can sometimes be tempting to fill your garage with all your unwanted items.

A top tip to stop your garage from becoming a dumping ground is to avoid impulse buying and to think twice before buying new things to give yourself a little more time to think about whether you really need them. Utilising storage solutions such as boxes and shelving units can also be a great idea and can help keep things organised in your garage.

Lock up garages are a great storage option and can help you free up some valuable extra space in your home. Here at Lockup Garages we have a wide selection of garages to hire to meet your needs. For more information about our range of lock up garages please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our friendly team will be happy to assist you with your enquiries.

Lights, Camera, Lock-Up: Garages of the Rich and Famous
 When you’re a multi-millionaire, you can afford to drop a bob or two on some seriously awesome vehicles. But where are you going to store them? Well, if you’re these celebrities, you’ll have yourselves built a custom garage for all your motor storage needs. And, just like everything else that celebrities do, they’re big!


Jay Leno

TV chat-show host and comedian Jay Leno is a major petrol-head. His garage, located in California, measures a stunning 17,000 square feet and comes equipped with a work-shop and a team of mechanics. Leno’s collection– there’s well over 200 vehicles stored inside - could basically be opened up to the public as a museum, since Leno’s real love is for the classic cars. Not bad for a guy who’s paid millions to read words off of a teleprompter.


John Travolta

You can tell by the way he walks that walk he’s a… film star. And boy, does John Travolta’s Florida home prove it. Though you may find the odd car spotted here and there on his property, Travolta’s major joy is flying his two jet planes. And mugging about in Tarantino movies. But mostly the planes. And where do you think he keeps them? At home in his purpose-built garages, of course, just like every other ordinary fella does, right?


Jerry Seinfeld

All the J’s today. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld made his billions when he sold his eponymous sit-com for syndication, making sure he never had to work again. He did, of course, but when he’s not lending his voice to animated bees, Seinfeld maintains a large collection of Porches – around 50 of them, all told. In 2004, he went ahead and did what any self-respecting billionaire would do, and built his own garage. With his own feeble comedian hands, no doubt. The garage measures a colossal 844 square feet, and even includes touch-screen controls, and a space to live in. Oh, and all those cars, of course.



Although we can’t promise anything quite like these, here at Lock-Up Garages, we can definitely offer you high-quality, secure lock-ups at an affordable price. If you’re looking to rent a garage in London, we have over 13,000 units in over 900 locations waiting for you. Just contact us on 020 8882 8575 for more information. 

Stuff You Can't Store in a Lock-Up Garage
 In the past, we’ve looked at some unusual or rare items found in garages, calculated how many pound coins can fit in an average garage, and looked at some of the biggest vehicles in the world (that definitely won’t fit in your standard lock-up). Now we’ll take a look at a few things you can’t – or shouldn’t – store in a garage.



Old laptops, TVs, VCRs. Sure, you can’t remember precisely how they got there – maybe you wanted to donate or eBay them once upon a time, before they started gathering dust. But after a long time in storage, it’s unlikely they even work anymore. The varying temperature inside a garage is a sure-fire way to damage electronic equipment. And do you want to explain why they don’t work to that angry buyer who bought that old Alba DVD player for his super-excited son?


Another Garage

Quite why you’d want to store one garage inside another is beyond even us. Maybe you’ve always liked those little Russian dolls that fit inside each other, and you want to apply that to real-world objects. We don’t know. But unless you’re picking apart a garage brick by brick, this one’s a physical impossibility, not to mention a pretty big waste of time. Still, whatever floats your boat (possibly with another boat stored on-board).


Paint Cans

So you’ve finally got around to painting the bathroom, and now you’ve got several tins of Flamingo Pink just taking up space. What you gonna do? Well, not putting them in your garage is a good start. Again, it’s all down to the fluctuating temperatures inside a garage, which can ruin the paint and rust the cans. That doesn’t mean you can use that as an excuse not to re-paint the kitchen though; it just means you’ll have to buy more.


All Kinds of Paper

Those temperatures in a garage are going to play havoc with anything paper-based, not to mention dampness and humidity. Sure, most of your photographs are uploaded onto Facebook thanks to your social media-savvy kids – but there’s nothing quite like thumbing through old polaroids. And we know you’d never consider dealing drugs (it’s a mug’s game), but one gang got so rich, they literally left £60,000 in cash to rot away in the corner. Imagine how many garages that could’ve rented!


Here at Lock-Up Garages, we have over 13,000 secure garages, in over 900 locations, for all your storage needs. So if you’re looking to rent a garage in London, just get in contact with us on 020 8882 8575.

Well established property company in Southgate, N14 requires a Junior Property Administrator to assist on Satudays 9am-5pm. 

Job function to include:
General Office Admin
Assistance to other staff members
Assistance to customers when required.

To apply please email CV and covering letter to Mrs J Ancell - 'jancell@dudrich.co.uk'.

The Most Unusual Items Found in Garages
 Most of us have a few treasures hidden away in our garages – usually old dollhouses that would fetch a couple of quid on eBay, or photographs taken in times when flares were fashionable the first time around. But nothing we’ve ever had in our garages can top these unusual items.


Rolls Royce Collection

In 2013, in a quiet suburb of Milton Keynes, a stunning collection of 13 Rolls Royce and Bentley cars was unearthed, in the garage and surrounding garden. Alongside several vintage 20/25s produced between 1929 and 1936, other pre-war beauties including a pair of Silver Wraiths and a 1933 Phantom II Continental Touring Saloon thought to be worth an astonishing £30,000, were also found. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that leaving your old Fiesta banger in storage will net you anywhere near as much.


Spanish Cat

Earlier this year, an Aberdeenshire resident got an exotic surprise when they opened their garage, only to discover a short-haired tabby cosying up inside. Enlisting the help of Cats Protection, it was found that Tina the tabby was originally microchipped in the Spanish town of Fuerteventura. Assuming that the cat wasn’t just here on holiday, with a little more hunting, they discovered Tina’s owner had recently moved to Scotland – 30 miles away, to be precise, in Bridge of Don. Perhaps little Tina was trying to make her own way back to the sun, sea and golden sands of Spain.


Hitler’s Toilet

Probably the weirdest item ever found in a garage – at least for now – has to be Hitler’s toilet. Even seriously evil fascist dictators need to relieve themselves occasionally. The Nazi khazi, now owned by Greg Kohfeldt, was originally installed on the Fuhrer’s yacht, the Aviso Grille, built in 1935 and later found in full working order in a garage in New Jersey. Kohfeldt claimed that there are tons of artefacts from the yacht dotted around the American town of Florence, including the ship’s wheel, and a map table on display at the Veterans’ Association. There’s a joke here about rhyming Adolph’s surname with the contents of that toilet, but we’re far too professional to make it.


We can’t promise you’ll find anything unusual inside one of our lock-ups, but if you’re looking for quality storage, we can provide affordable garages to hire across the UK. Contact us on 020 8882 8575 and we’ll be glad to assist, whatever your needs. 

3 Movies That Could've Used a Lock-Up Garage
Security is a major concern when renting a lock-up garage, and we’ve detailed previously a few great ideas to keep your belongings safe. With that in mind, let’s take a tongue-in-cheek look at a few films that could’ve used a lock-up garage to secure their cars.


Back to the Future Part II

The well-loved 80’s trilogy Back to the Future was a pretty fun time-hopping jaunt starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd as the eccentric Doc Brown. But we can’t help but focus on one particular aspect during the second movie. In the stylishly futuristic 2015, Doc Brown’s time-travelling DeLorean is nabbed by arch-villain Biff Tannen to create an alternate timeline where he’s rich and powerful and even more evil than before. Sure, it might have meant a shorter film, what with not having to change the past back to normal, but we can’t help but think, if only Doc had stored his car in a lock-up he wouldn’t have all those problems.


The Big Lebowski

Jeff ‘The Dude’ Lebowski has, like, three loves, man: Smoking, bowling and a rug that really tied his room together. When his rug gets stolen he spends much of the time searching LA for it, in this quirky, noir-inspired movie by insanely awesome cult directors, the Coen brothers.  But that’s not the only thing The Dude loses. His 1973 Ford Gran Torino, complete with rust coloration, is stolen, taken for a joyride, and used as a toilet by a tramp, before being retrieved by the cops. The Dude might’ve saved himself, like, a long walk to the impound lot if he’d rented a garage though, man.


Gone in 60 Seconds

Where to start with Gone in 60 Seconds? All fifty cars stolen in this movie, starring Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie, would’ve been safer in a lock-up. But then, hey, there wouldn’t be a movie if they had. The title is based on the fact that an experienced car thief can steal your vehicle in a single minute. We think that’s a timely reminder to keep your possessions secured in a lock-up.


If you’re looking to rent a garage, don’t make the same mistakes as these guys. We have over 13,000 units in 900 locations across the UK at great prices, ready for all your storage needs. Simply contact us today on 020 8882 8575.

Keeping Your Garage Safe

Whilst a garage is a great storage space which makes it easy for you to unclutter your living space, it is important to make sure that you only store suitable items there, and make sure that you store them safely.

Garage Hazards

When it comes to keeping your garage safe, there are a few things that you simply shouldn’t store there – for all sorts of reasons.

Residents of Windmill Avenue in St Albans would probably have preferred it if their neighbour, an unnamed 48 year old man, hadn’t been keeping a collection of weaponry, mortar shells and ammunition from WW1 and WW2 in his garage. When they were discovered by police investigating alleged thefts from heritage sites, the entire street was closed to vehicles and the nearest neighbours were evacuated. The collection was reportedly taken to a nearby field for controlled detonation.

Whilst most people wouldn’t think about storing old munitions in their garage, there are other, everyday things that could be just as dangerous. Gas tanks could potentially heat up in a hot garage over the summer and explode and flammable substances – including many types of paint – present a fire hazard. It’s far safer to store these things in a suitably controlled environment rather than in your garage.

Common Mistakes

One of the most common safety mistakes people make in their garage is just stacking things poorly. If you’ve got stuff stored on your shelves, make sure that the heavier items are on the bottom and the lighter items are on the top. This not only makes it easier to get them out when you need them, but also reduces the risk of the whole thing toppling over!

You should also make sure that you have a place for everything, and put everything in its place. Leaving things on the floor can lead to tripping hazards, so make sure that your stuff gets put away. You should also invest in proper storage – leaving tools like rakes, shovels and brooms just propped against the wall means they can fall over, leading again to tripping hazards.

This sort of organisation not only makes your garage safer, but it also makes it a lot easier to use, so whether you have your own or you rent a garage from us, take the time to organise your garage and you’ll be able to enjoy a safe and practical space. For more information on our garages, contact us on 020 8882 8575.

Top Tips For Organising Your Garage
Storage is a commodity you can never have too much of, and which is in great demand. Lock up garages are a great storage solution, providing you with some extra space to store your belongings and the chance to free up a bit of room in your home. If you are considering renting a lock up garage it is important you take steps to ensure you make the most of the space it provides. Organisation is the key to maximising the available space and storing items effectively in any garage, large or small. Here are some handy hints and tips on the best way to organise your garage so you can make the most out of it.

The worst thing you can do when attempting to organise your garage it to go into the process blind without assessing first what exactly needs to be done. Thus planning is in many respects the golden rule of garage organisation and can prevent you from running into problems further down the line. An effective way to plan the organisation of your garage is to first attempt making a list of what exactly you want to store in it, from there you can then start looking down your list of items and try grouping similar items together. Storing similar items together is another key tactic when organising a garage storage space. For example tools should be kept together in the same place, and your sporting equipment in a further section. This way you will find it much easier to find what you are looking for later on. To make this process easier it is often a good idea to look at the bigger picture first before putting your plans into action. For example it can be a good idea to do a rough sketch of the layout of your garage first and then designate particular areas for the storage of particular kinds of items


Make use of the walls

As you are not allowed to pin or drill anything through the walls of the garage, freestanding shelves make a great investment and an answer to your storage needs. A neat trick to help you remember where each tool goes is to create labels for your boxes or shelves; this way you can easily identify where each should go, helping you stay organised .


For larger items shelves are ideal, and it’s worth noting that there are also a number of different shelving options available. Furthermore you don’t just have to stick to one wall; you can also make use of corner shelving units, which are a great way of making the most of the unused corners in your garage and can also be built with several tiers in order to offer the maximum amount of storage space. It’s worth noting that you don’t have to spend a lot on shelving, and whilst readymade options are available you can also have a go at making your own. Take a look at this article for some more great storage and DIY shelving ideas to get you inspired. 


Labels are very simple and cheap to make and are a great way of ensuring you know where things are in your garage and can ultimately save you a lot of time. If you have to hunt through your garage and move things around in order to find what you’re looking for, things can become messy very quickly. It can be particularly useful to label larger items such as boxes so you know exactly what each contains before you have to go rooting around inside.


Box it up

Small items can be easily lost, hence try using storage boxes to store your odds and ends; this can also act to ensure your garage does not look cluttered.


Lock up garages are a great storage solution and following theses simple organisation ideas can help you make the most of the extra space they provide. If you’re looking to rent a garage in London, then here at Lockup Garages we have a wide selection of lock up garages available to hire to meet your needs. For more information about our range of lock up garages please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our friendly team will be happy to assist you with your enquiries.

What You Will Need To Do To Use Your Garage As An Office
 We believe that there is more to a garage than its boxy exterior. A garage door can hide secret rooms, years of collected treasure, beautiful cars for the Sunday drive, and much more. One of the most popular uses for garage conversions is the home office. According to the Telegraph, in 2010 650,000 garages had been converted to be used as a room with 470,000 in the pipeline to be converted.


So if you’re planning on converting your garage to an office and storing your hidden treasure away in a lock up garage, you'll need to follow these steps in how to achieve the perfect garage office!

Planning Permission / Building Regulations

When changing any part of a building you need to consider whether or not you'll need permission and paperwork. We suggest you get in touch with your local council and find out for definite what it is you will need. If you are only changing the inside of the building with floors and adding furniture, chances are you'll only need building regulations. But, hey, cover your back and find out for definite from those important people at the council.

Now the legal and boring things are out the way you can focus on how you are going to create the perfect garage office. 


What is an office without office furniture? Surely the reason you're creating an office space is so you don't have to spread your work out over the kitchen counter any more or sit with your laptop battery burning your legs. You need a nice big desk!

The obvious point of call has to be IKEA, and for obvious reasons; easy to build, easy to afford, and very easy on the eye! They have a wide range of desks to suit everyone's needs so check them out here.

We all know what IKEA is like, they’ll have drawers and shelves to match with every little helpful thing you can think of, so we suggest you pop down to your local branch to kit out your office, and don't forget a big potted plant (they always look good in offices).



With an office you’re likely to be running computers, laptops, lamps and other electronic equipment, so it's worth calling in a local electrician to make sure you have a suitable power supply to your garage; the last thing you want is a power failure when you are mid way through some work!

Finishing Touches

Time to make it your own! Bringing in the personal touches will really top off your new home office. Add pictures of your favourite locations, or perhaps the hard-earned degree should have the centre spot on your wall!

Floor lamps and potted plants such as yucca trees make great decorations and will make your office feel a little more homely, and in doing so creating a pleasant atmosphere to work in, especially if you are bringing clients to your garage office.  So don't forget another chair or couch for people to sit on!


If you're looking to have your own converted office and are in need of the perfect place in London, or are converting your garage and need external storage, here at Lock Up Garages we offer large garage rental at competitive prices. We do supply a number of different sized garages for hire but we think for a work space bigger is better! If you want to sort out your new garage, talk to a member of our extremely helpful team on 020 8882 8575 or contact us by using our online form.  

Don't Let Clutter Take Over Your Home
You may have noticed that over the past couple of years there has been a spate of television programs focusing on ‘hoarders’, those people who just cannot seem to let go of anything and end up accumulating such a collection of junk that the structural integrity of their home is under threat.

There is a point when a person cannot simple call themselves a ‘collector’ anymore, and usually that point is when the collection is severely impinging on your living space.

If you’re looking around your own home whilst watching ‘The Hoarder Next Door’ and thinking to yourself that you’re a few piles of old newspaper away from becoming a fully fledged hoarder, then it’s time to act!

Living Space is for Living, not for Junk Storage

Living space, especially in London, is at a premium, so many of us are compelled to keep our houses and apartments free from clutter. Of course, if you own a lot of stuff that you’d like to hang on to and simply don’t have the space at home, then this is a problem.

However, you could rent a garage in London or storage space offered by Lock Up Garages, to help alleviate yourself from the burden of clutter. Whether you’re looking for long term storage or just need some space to temporarily house your stuff whilst you have a good sort out at home, this is the ideal solution.

Whether it’s items of clothing, toys or other paraphernalia that aren’t in use right now, but could become handy again in the future, your ex’s possessions, or you just need some extra space and don’t want to move, a secure garage or unit is a great place to store these used objects until you find a use for them again.

Time for a Clear Out

If you’ve got a serious clutter problem in your home, then it’s best to take things one step at a time to alleviate the junk issue. Start with one room and focus on that; by breaking the whole task down into a series of smaller and more achievable goals it suddenly becomes less daunting. Try making a schedule and sticking to it; allow one hour each evening for decluttering and before you know it you’ll have freed up a great deal of space in your house and got rid of an awful lot of useless stuff that was just taking up room.

It’s also important to recognise what you’ve achieved through your clear out. Take a photo of the room you’re clearing before you start. Once it’s tidied you’ll be able to make a direct comparison to how it was when it was cluttered. The photo will also serve as handy reminder not to let things get that out of hand again!

If you need to clear out a room quickly, then the storage space offered by a garage will let you get the room clear and then come back to the items you’ve removed later. Then you can decide whether they’re worth keeping or it’s something that can be sold, recycled, or disposed of.

You may be pleasantly surprised if you opt to sell some of your items; remember, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so a car boot sale might be the way to go. You could find that you were sitting on a small fortune in junk!

If you do go down the car boot sale route, just resist the temptation to buy whilst you’re there. You may end up coming back with more stuff than you started with.

Contact Lock Up Garages today if you’re interested in hiring a garage or storage space. Whether you want to park your vehicle securely or store some old possessions and clear space in your home, we’re here to help. Give us a call on 020 8882 8575.
Will an Elephant Fit In My Garage?
 Here at lock up garages we understand how valuable space actually is, and that is why we have such a big selection of large garage hire available as well as the standard sized ones. To get your head around the actual sizes of these spaces we have compiled a list of a few crazy things that will fit inside one of our standard sized garages.
Asian Elephants


Luckily the Asian Elephants are a meter smaller than African ones! Growing to up to 3 meters tall, this species of elephant will fit in at a tight squeeze! The African elephant grows on average 1.5 meters taller than its Asian relative just to warn you! So your limit is one Asian elephant.

(Elephant calf may fit underneath!)

Pound Coins


The standard British pound coin has a diameter of 22.15mm and the height of 3.15mm. We have done the math for you and you could store a whopping £997,354,514 in pound coins in a standard sized garage.

Savoy Cabbage


Standard Savoy Cabbages from a super market are all stocked at a similar size, roughly 30cm by 21cm. So, how many would it take to fill a standard sized garage from Lock Up Garages? You would have to buy 2024 of them! This would also cost you around £1400 if you were actually looking to buy them today!



The standard sized garage will comfortably house one car, a good number of tools, and space to manoeuvre about if you wanted to use a garage for its normal use, that’s if you don’t have a large collection of cabbages.

So if you are looking to for that extra bit of space to help with moving, or just have a life-size elephant statue that needs to be stored, we have a solution for you. For large garage hire Lock Up Garages are here to solve all your space problems, so contact us on 020 8882 8575 to speak to a member of our fantastic team! 

The Largest Vehicles Ever

Many of our customers come to us for large garage hire because they simply can’t fit their vehicle into their own garage at home. We’ve written before about these size problems; older homes were built with garages to fit the common cars of their time, and tend to be just too small for the larger family vehicles and SUVs of today, and even modern homes are all too often built with garages too small to practically park a car inside.

However, if for some reason you were looking for parking space for one of these vehicles, even we couldn’t help you!

Caterpillar 797

Introduced in 1998, the Caterpillar 797 is the largest, highest payload capacity, mechanical drive haul truck in the world. The picture above is of the first generation truck, which was a few feet shorter in both height and length than the current version, which is 51 feet 6 inches tall with the body raised and 49 feet 6 inches in length; it can carry 363 tonnes and has a top speed – when loaded – of 42mph.

NASA Crawler Transporter


They were designed to carry the space shuttle into place, so it’s hardly surprising that they’re sizeable. The NASA Crawler Transporters – there are two – are 131 feet long, 114 feet wide, and over 20 feet tall. They each have two 2,750 horsepower V16 diesel engines, but their top speed is only two miles an hour. Not something that you’d like to get stuck behind!

Big Muskie

If you’re building a vehicle that is essentially designed to eat mountains, then naturally you’re going to be working on a pretty big scale. Big Muskie was made for the Central Ohio Coal Company in 1969, and it was the largest single-bucket digging machine ever made – you could fit two Greyhound buses side by side into its bucket. Sadly, although enthusiasts wanted it to be relocated and turned into a museum, it was scrapped on site in 1999. Big Muskie was 222 feet 6 inches tall and 487 feet 6 inches long with its boom down, and weighed 27 million pounds.

The Bagger

The Baggers are a family of giant industrial bucket wheel excavators. The biggest is Bagger 293, which stands 314.9 feet tall and 738.2 feet long, weighs 31.3 million pounds and needs five people to operate. It’s used in a brown coal mine in Germany, so you probably don’t need to worry about meeting it on the motorway.

For more information on our services here at Lockup Garages, you can contact us online or call us on 020 8882 8575.

Who First Sold Empty Space?
 The self-storage industry is the largest in Europe, however, thirty years ago – it didn’t even exist. You may wonder who are the geniuses behind the master plan of selling empty space, and why exactly it is as popular as it is. Here is a quick article on the entrepreneurs who started one of Britain’s fastest growing industries and why our hoarder-instincts are encouraging the storage industry!

It may not seem like a fantastic idea; however the self-storage industry has boomed in recent years and produces a whopping revenue of nearly £500m per year! The industry is the product of huge sociological shifts, and Danny Dorling, professor of Geography at Oxford University has said “we have six times more stuff than the generation before us!”

By stuff, we mean furniture, clothes, technology and beloved knick-knacks that we continue to cram into the smallest of homes and refuse to get rid of. This is exactly what encouraged the storage boom and the constant pop-up of multicoloured storage units for us to safely store our excessive stuff!

Roger Dudding, also known as ‘Mr Lock Up’ became one of the first storage millionaires, and says his portfolio of properties is worth over £100 million. As Dudding built his empire up, he freely admits that he didn’t anticipate their ultimate use, and he originally expected people to store their cars over night.

80% of lock up garages are actually used for domestic self-storage, but as Dudding initially gave Britain somewhere to store their home wares, it was Doug Hampson who in fact created the modern day self-storage industry.

Hampson is titled as the ‘father of UK self-storage’ and brought the idea from America, where the self-storage industry had started in the early 1960’s and is on an enormous scale today! In 1979, Hampson had set up Abbey Self-Storage, the UK’s first storage chain, and the idea was pretty simple – disused factories and warehouses that were “past their sell-by-date and obsolete for their former use.”

Today, self-storage isn’t necessarily the industry it was, but owners are in agreement that this is due to the fact that buildings and land prices are continuing to rise and becoming harder to obtain, and not because of a decrease in our desire to hoard!


Here at Lock Up Garages, we offer high quality and cost-effective lock up garages on a rental basis to suit any storage purposes. For further information regarding any of our services or large garage rental options available, please feel free to get in contact with our friendly and helpful team on 020 8882 8575 today!



The UK's Cheapest and Most-Expensive Lock Up Garages
 Lock up garages are fast becoming huge ‘rental investments’ and as the old saying goes, ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’; and even the most unattractive and seemingly useless garages are now leading to money and profit.

Lock up garages may not be the most appealing of properties; however, they can prove to be great investment and versatile-use opportunities, providing fantastic storage, parking, home extension or even workshop options to suit any renter.


In the UK alone, lock up garages of recent years have boomed in selling price, and find themselves in many an auction room. Although on first appearance they may not get the interior design interest; they are actually the ideal property ladder investment due to their versatility and compared to a house, cheap price tag.

What’s the appeal?

Firstly, lock up garages are possibly one of the lowest maintenance properties on the current market. They do not require regular modernising, decorating and will not cause heating or boiler-breakdown problems due to their standard build.

How much?

In recent articles, two lock up garages in the city centre of Edinburgh have in fact sold for price tags of £50,000! For the full article please visit the Edinburgh News website. This may seem relatively cheap in comparison to the garage in London that went for a whopping £550,000 and sold for triple the asking price - but when you consider you can buy a two-bed house in Muirhouse for £40,000 – it seems a little crazy!


The most expensive garage to have ever sold in the UK cost an unbelievable £1.25m and was a run-down 3-part garage block situated in the fashionable area of Primrose Hill, North London. The shocking truth was that the 224 square metre garage had the same asking price as a five-bedroom detached house in Cheshire.

Here are a few things you could buy instead…

·         A car
·         A Speedboat
·         A flat
·         A round-the-world holiday

As stated above, lock up garages are the ideal property investment. However, if you are cannot afford the current prices to buy your own, why not rent one? You will still receive the same great benefits at a fraction of the purchase price.

Here at Lock Up Garages, we offer affordable and fantastically located garage options to suit all needs and purposes. Our huge catalogue of garages includes all small and large garage rental options situated all over London, so we are confident that there is the ideal garage near you! For further information please feel free to get in contact with our friendly and helpful team on 020 8882 8575 today!



One Sign You Need To Hire a Garage!

A true sign that you need to hire a garage must be if your car doesn’t fit in it. This isn’t the case for Eugene in the video below but he would be a little bit stuck if he was to get a new car that was 6 centimetres wider!

Now this video has been circulating the web for a few years now, but we think that this chap could perhaps benefit if he was to rent a garage in London!


The man in the video has managed to convert the alley way next to his terraced house into a perfect parking space for his Fiat Uno. The tight squeeze doesn’t even have room for his wing mirrors! As seen in the video, he has to open his car door straight into his living room! You can’t help but give this man credit for his determination and parking skills!

If he ever gets a new car the chances are it’s not going to fit, even the dimensions of the new Mini Cooper exceed the Fiat Uno!


The average size of the garages we have to rent are 5m x 2.5m, which in this case would leave this chap and his Fiat Uno over 7 meters of available floor space after parking, and no more worrying about losing his wing mirrors every time he parks!

If you own a super small garage like Eugene then it might be time to protect your car in a larger garage. To rent a garage in London has never been easier and with over 900 locations available there will be the perfect garage waiting for you! Contact us now to discuss our fantastic garage hire services on 020 8882 8575 and don’t struggle like Eugene any longer!

Need to Make your Move Easier?
 Need to Make your Move Easier?

Moving house has the potential to be an extremely stressful time, with everything being a whirlwind of emotions. But fear not as there are simple steps you can take along your journey of moving house to make life easier for you, both before and after.

One of these steps is to rent a garage in London!

Renting a garage in London has never been easier; with long term and short term lets available, this is a perfect way of making your move easier and these are the reasons why!


External Storage

A rented garage is a perfect space between your new and old property to hold your possessions, as it is freestanding from both properties. Plus you won’t have to annoy friends and relatives by asking them to house some stuff!

Take Your Time

With all your gear safely locked away in your new hired garage you can ease yourself in to the unpacking process. Bringing up small numbers of boxes at a time will make the overall task less daunting and easier to manage. Plus your beautiful new home won’t always be cluttered with unsightly boxes stashed wherever they will fit!

More Storage Space

Perhaps you have downsized because your kids have left home or you just didn’t need the size of house you were in; there’s a chance you won’t be able to fit all your things in. With a rented garage you have a home for all the things you still want to keep without having to cram everything into your new house.

You might even get attached to your extra space and rent a garage in London for a while after you’ve finally moved! If you are interested in garage hire we have over 900 spaces all over London and the surrounding areas. Contact us now on 020 8882 8575 to chat with a member of our friendly team.

The UK Garages Super Statistics
 Are we becoming a nation of hoarders?

Once upon a time garages were used for storing cars in, but now in 2014 the domestic garage is no longer being used for its original purpose. A study from the RAC shows that over half of Britain’s 10.6 million domestic garages are not being used; with on average 2 in 5 drivers admitting they don’t use the garage for their car due to it being too full with household possessions or junk.


The study also revealed that 62% of drivers no longer use their garage for motoring uses and would rather use it to store home DIY and gardening tools. 1 in 5 of the remaining 38% that still uses the garage for its intended purpose admits that it is a struggle, due to space and design. The average size of a car has changed dramatically, so older home garages can struggle to house a car comfortably.

Here at Lockup garages we have posted before about alternative uses for garages, and this study has revealed the top 5 items kept in the garage other than cars.

1. DIY tools: 76%

2. Decorating Kit (including ladders: 67%

3.Gardening Equipment: 64%

4. Sports and Gym Equipment: 49%

5. Bikes and Scooters: 47%

Around 9% of the people questioned admitted to having their garage converted into additional living space.

If you are lucky enough to have a garage with your property, but can’t store your car because of possessions and junk why not rent a garage in London and have your very own separate storage building, and give your car the shelter it deserves.

Please contact us on 020 8882 8575 if you are interested in additional space with one of our fantastic garages, and we will be more than happy to help.

Is Your Garage Cluttered? This May Be Why...

Many people choose to rent a garage in London to give themselves more space for their possessions. As discussed in our last post, this is hardly surprising when you take into account the lack of space in many London homes, which give you very little room for anything but the essentials. However, you may often find that you’re storing things that you don’t really need – and yet can’t bring yourself to de-clutter. If that’s you, you may be relieved to know that there are specific psychological processes that can often stop you from de-cluttering. These thoughts are the source of your clutter – and when you realise what you’re doing, you may find it easier to get organised.

I’ll de-clutter as soon as I find the right storage solutions

This is like telling yourself that you’ll write a book as soon as you find the right pen – the tools are not the problem! If you find yourself thinking that you need to find a perfect set of storage containers before you can sort out your garage clutter, remind yourself of this: once you de-clutter, you won’t need as many storage containers.

It’ll come in handy one day

Perhaps it will – but ask yourself how long you’ve been keeping it without that handiness surfacing? Is it really something that’s worth keeping on that slim off-chance, or is it something that you’d be able to buy or borrow if you ever did find yourself in need? If it’s been sitting forgotten in your garage until you spot it, the chances are that you wouldn’t even remember it was there if you did need it.

I’ll get around to fixing it

Broken items are the bane of many a cluttered garage. While you put them aside with all the good intentions in the world, after a while the chances are you’re not actually going to get around to those repairs. Unless it has significant sentimental value, it’s probably better to dispose of it and get a new replacement.

I’ve put that aside for...

Many people trying to de-clutter set certain things aside, to give to charity shops or to give to friends and family that will appreciate them more. This is an excellent sentiment – so long as you do actually pass them on. Too many people start making piles of things to give away, and then leave them there! There’s no minimum limit on giving gifts, so as soon as you identify something to give away, do it straight away.

Once you get past these kinds of thoughts, you’ll find that you can easily de-clutter and organise your space – and then who knows what uses you might be able to put your rented garage to?

For more information on our garages, or to find one close to you, you can call us on 020 8882 8575 or contact us online.

Stuck For Space With Your New Build?
 It has been noted by the British Homebuyers Association that recent new builds are getting smaller and smaller, and that the average room for rent in London doesn’t have enough room to swing a cat, let alone store your clothes. More people have to opt for rented storage to hold their possessions or just for extra space for the snooker table.

With the price of rent spanning from £250 - £600 a week for a one bedroom flat in London, it is evident that the price of floor space is rocketing sky high, leaving you with just enough room for your very basic needs as well as a compromise between a kettle or a microwave. Living in London might be necessary for your job but you should still have your possessions close to you, meaning additional storage space might be necessary.   

A recent viral internet prank boasts of a loft conversion available to rent in Westminster, London for a mere 40 per week. The advertisement also says the room is only suitable for people less than 5”4 who have no history of claustrophobia; the room is in fact storage space for the house’s water tank, just going to show how valuable space is in London.

Houses in the UK have been reported to have the smallest floor space in Europe, and are in fact less than half the size when compared with new builds from Australia and the USA. On average, new builds in the USA have 214m2, Australia has 206m2 and the UK has a mere 76m2. This leaves British homes with hardly enough room to store things such as vacuums and ironing boards, as well as not having enough space for children to play safely.


Here at Lockup Garages we understand the value of space and can provide the perfect solution to your storage needs. We provide small and large garage hire in London and the surrounding areas at over 900 locations, so do not hesitate to contact us on 020 8885 8575. We’ll be more than happy to help.

How Lock Up Garages Could Solve Your Parking Problems

Many people have the best of intentions when it comes to parking their cars in their garages, but for one reason and another it just never seems to happen. Either the garage is too full or it’s simply too convenient to leave the car pulled up on the pavement outside, but housing a car is clearly still an important function for a garage in the minds of many UK residents, even if this ideal situation isn’t always realised. 

This fact has recently been highlighted by the halting of construction on a controversial housing estate in Workington, Cumbria; this cease in work has actually been brought about by a perceived lack of garage space. Planners have been called in to visit the homes on the estate in question after residents lodged complaints that the garages were just too small; with one spokesperson claiming that he couldn’t open the doors of his car when it was inside the garage.

The News and Star relates how residents of this Workington estate have been expressing concern over parking space for months, and the proposal to extend the estate even further could make the situation worse in light of the fact that cars physically cannot be parked within garages here. Obviously, this case is an extreme example of how serious a lack of garage space can be, but it goes some way towards illustrating how many UK homeowners would like to park within their garages, but find that it just isn’t a viable option.

More cars parked on the streets is a sure-fire way to increase the congestion of our towns and cities and, as related in the aforementioned story, the result of such a problem can have severe consequences. Whether you’re unable to park your car in your garage because of spatial confinements or because you need the space for other purposes isn’t important; the fact remains that it’s frustrating to have to leave your car on the road where it risks getting damaged.

Of course, sometimes parking space on the road can’t be relied upon, so you may have a real conundrum on your hands. However, here at Lock Up Garages we have the ideal solution for those of you who happen to live in the London area, as we provide large garage hire for you to take advantage of. Renting such a garage space means that you can use your own garage to park your car in (if it’s big enough at least!) and can still keep your possessions in storage, or you can even use your lock up garage as a parking space if you prefer.

We have units in a variety of locations around London, and even facilities elsewhere in the country too, so we really can make your parking worries a thing of the past. Contact us now by calling 020 8882 8575 to find out more.

Garage Jackpots $$$
 Reports have shown that over £2 billion worth of unworn clothes and shoes is being hoarded by the women of the UK, but over the last few years with the economic situation, Britain has become a lot more money savvy and the rate of hoarding has dropped by 20%.

So with people letting go of what could be potentially just junk and clearing out garages there have been some extremely interesting finds over the last few years. Here are a couple of examples of what some lucky people have found.

Original Picasso


In 2012 at a garage sale in Columbus, Ohio, Zach Bodish paid a mere $14 for a Picasso poster that he assumed was a reproduction from a garage sale. After some further research the poster appeared to be an authentic original reproduction with Picasso’s very own signature in the corner. He later sold the print for $7,000!

Arthur Pinajian


For one lucky duo that bought the former house of an obscure Armenian-American artist they got more than they bargained for with what they discovered in the garage. Thomas Schultz and Lawrence Joseph bought the house and garage contents in Long island for $302,500. The entire collection that was found in the garage was later valued at a remarkable $30 million.

Vintage Pictures – Marilyn


In 1980 at a garage sale, photographer Anton Fury bought a collection of original vintage pictures of Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield for only $2! These photos are still in his possession and will be for a long time! Currently vintage pictures of these two legends are selling for thousands of pounds on eBay.

Baseball Cards


In 2012 Karl Kissner was cleaning his late grandfather’s house in Ohio and discovered a bundle of baseball cards over 100 years old. The deck of cards was in mint-condition and featured some big name players including Ty Cobb, Cy Young and Honus Wagner. The cards were valued at over $3 million and called ‘The most significant find in the history of the hobby’ by Heritage Auctions.

Who knows what you may have that needs to be stored and here at Lockup Garages we can offer small and large garage rental so there will be something perfect for your storage problems and to house your cherished possessions. If you are interested in hiring a garage please don’t hesitate and contact us on 020 8882 8575.

The Garage: Home of Some of the World's Most Influential Music
 I got rid of my car, and bought a garage band instead. Music gets better gas mileage.”

We’ve already brought to your attention to some of the world’s biggest companies that started out in garages, but the humble garage has played a vital part in another fantastic area; bands and music. Everyone, whether they’re a multi-million, multi-national company or the band that’s going to take the world by storm, has to start somewhere, and a garage is an ideal place to get started.



Nirvana was formed in 1987 in Aberdeen, Washington, by singer/guitarist Kurt Cobain and bassist Krist Novoselic. The band started out rehearsing in their garages and gained a lot of their initial popularity from airplay on college radio stations. Nirvana are now regarded as one of the most important and influential rock bands of the modern era.

The Ramones


Another American band that started on their path to success in a garage was the Ramones. They were founded in New York, and every member adopted a pseudonym ending with the surname of ‘Ramone’ although none of the members were related. They eventually found major success and left the garage to tour nonstop for almost 22 years, playing 2,263 concerts.

The Kinks


A garage in London once played host to a now-world-famous band; The Kinks. Formed in 1963 by the brothers Dave and Ray Davies, The Kinks rose to fame during the mid-1960s and were considered a big part of the British Invasion of the US. The band is famous for such massive hits as ‘You Really Got Me’ and ‘Waterloo Sunset’.

Foo Fighters


Although the Foo Fighters didn’t start out in a garage, Dave Grohl, their front man, did start out as the drummer for Nirvana. The Foo Fighters recorded their entire seventh album, Wasting Light, in Grohl’s garage in Encino, LA, in order to get back to a rawer sound. They even embarked on a tour of fans garages in the summer of 2011.

If you want to start the next Nirvana or start a fresh new company and are looking for a location why not rent a garage in London from Lockup Garages. You may even need one to park your car! With over 900 locations around London there will be a storage solution available for you so contact us now to discuss the possibilities on 020 8882 8575.

Give Your Garage Some TLC
 As long as your garage - hired or not - is holding all your prized clutter over the spring cleaning months, you must not neglect to clean it!

 A well used garage deserves a good clean every now and then and here at Lockup Garages we have a few solutions for how you can clean and manage your garage.


Empty it!

Set aside a full day to clean your garage, as the length of time this process will take depends on the amount of junk you just can’t let go of. This process is more than likely going to reunite you with some possessions you totally forgot about, but don’t get distracted by them and focus on the big clean.



Once everything is out and you’re left with your big empty garage it is time to take to the floor with some strong cleaning products. If your garage is well sealed and insulated you will not have to worry about problems such as damp and now is a perfect time to decide if you could do with improving your garages’ seals. Check all the corners for signs of damp as well. If you have the time a coat of paint can make all the difference to your garage.


The key to keeping a garage clean is to organise what it is you are storing in there. After a good sort out of your stuff you can invest in some strong shelves to keep it organised, making future cleaning  much easier and faster. As well as finding things that you’ve stored away and want to keep, this is also a perfect time to find hidden gems that might be worth selling on eBay to generate some extra cash.

If you rent a garage in London and are too busy to take the time to clean your space, there are companies available to come and clean your garage for you. These companies will provide a fantastic service but you won’t get the satisfaction of finding your own hidden treasures.


Here at Lockup Garages we have garages for hire in over 900 locations at fantastic rates. If you are interested and want to rent a garage in London please contact us on 020 8882 8575 and one of our team will be happy to help.

Give Your Garage A Summer Clean Out
 With summer just around the corner, it’s the perfect excuse to give your garage a good clear out of all that accumulated unwanted junk and create more space inside your trusty storage option. So, we rent a garage to make more space in our homes, but what happens when you need to make some room in your garage? If things have got a little cluttered inside your lock up garage and its feeling a little crammed, clear it out and start a-fresh! As they say, cleaning is great for the soul and will make you feel active and content when the dreaded clear out is complete.

Here are a few tips when giving your lovely garage a summer clean to make it a stress-free and easy process!

Assess the mess

Your lock up garage may have become a bit of a dumping ground for stuff you just didn’t know what else to do with, so on a sunny morning pull everything out of the garage to make yourself aware of all the hidden gems and not so great finds that are lurking behind the mountain of boxes. Try to give yourself a limit for getting rid of things that you haven’t used for a certain period of time, i.e. 3 years or more - this will help you separate the keeps from the rubbish and be ruthless in your clearing!

Remain systematic

Rather than just emptying box after box and chucking it back into the garage in an unorganised fashion, try to be systematic in your approach to the throwing and keeping of items. Focus on implementing a clearing system of organised sections to your cleaning, and when putting them back into storage – use a methodical storing system so items are easily at hand if required in the future.

Respect the environment

Separate the things you are disposing of into organised and recycle-appropriate piles. For example, recyclables and toxic waste or hazardous items would be disposed of in different ways. If you require advice, call your local recycling plant and they will be more than willing to advise you of the appropriate disposing service. And remember, respect the environment and dispose of things responsibly!

For all the stuff you no longer need, why not donate it to your local charity shop or hold a car boot sale? One man’s junk is another man’s treasure and all that.

Here at Lockup Garages we make it easy to find and rent a garage in London to meet all your storage and summer clean out needs. For further information please feel free to contact our friendly team on 020 8886 6676 or view our wide range of suitable storage options via our website.


Famous Companies that Started Out in Garages
 Everything has to start somewhere. If you look at some of the worlds biggest companies and businesses you will realise they all started from just a good idea. All businesses need premises and surprisingly some of today’s most well known brands started off in garages. Here are 5 companies you may recognise that all started out in garages.



Founded in a garage in Bellevue, Washington, Jeff Bezos started his online bookstore and sold his first book in July of 1995. Today it is the world’s biggest online retailer.



1976 saw Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, who were in their twenties, start Apple computers. The two Steves, with the help from a small team hand-built the first 50 computers in the space of 30 days from a garage in Cupertino, California. These days Apple is the most valuable technology company in the world.




Even Disney had to start somewhere, and it wasn’t a magic castle, in fact it was in a garage 45 minutes away from the Californian Disneyland theme park! The garage belonged to Walt Disney’s uncle, Robert Disney. It comes as no surprise to say that Disney is the highest grossing media corporation in the world.




Another garage in California also saw the start of another, now globally famous, business; Google was started up in 1998 by Stanford Graduate students Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The project soon started to interfere with university so they tried to sell the company for $1 million, which was refused. Google is now the most trafficked site in the world.



Lotus Cars

Lotus cars today are one of the premier racing car manufacturers in the world and these fantastic cars started off being built in a garage in London! Colin Chapman, aged 20, in 1948 started the production of the Lotus Mark 1 using an old Austin Seven.

Whether you are looking for a warehouse for your business or a workshop to build the worlds next big thing, you can rent a garage in London at a fantastic rate from Lockup Garages to get your business going or expand your work space. If you have any questions about using a lock up garage please do not hesitate to contact us and we will answer anything you need to know on 020 8882 8575.

More Clever Storage Tips

If you are struggling for space in your home and have looked into external storage spaces you really want to make the most out of what you eventually hire. With many UK homes shrinking significantly in the last few decades and people looking for small and large garage hire it is important to use the space wisely. This post highlights even more clever storage tips following on from our previous post, Clever Storage. 


If you have a large number of big tool boxes, or anything that you find hard to move around, why not invest in small casters. If you don’t want to start screwing onto your larger items, add some wheels to a wooden frame and sit them on top. This modular approach to organising your garage will make it easier to rearrange if you find yourself storing more items. Not to mention the strain on your back.

Kitchen Cabinets


A way too really tidy up your garage is to use cheap and inexpensive kitchen cabinets to store all your things away and keep it looking neat. This simple method makes your garage look slick and smart for a low cost. Keep your eyes peeled for people who are re-doing their kitchen and recycle their old cabinets for your garage!

Wall mount


A lot of space is wasted in storage spaces and garages as the space above is not harnessed and used properly. A range of wall mounted storage solutions are available whether it is more kitchen cabinets or purpose built wall mounted tool boxes.

Making the most of your space is vital and these clever little hints and tips will help you get the most out of your money. Head over to Lock Up Garages for small and large garage hire and make fantastic use of the space available to you. Contact us to discuss all your garage and storage needs now!      

Clever Storage

Many people who find their homes to be short on storage space turn to rented spaces for the solution; it’s unsurprising, as the average home in the UK has shrunk quite drastically in size over the last few decades. Garages make an excellent space for storing not only your vehicle but also a wide range of other possessions, and here at Lock Up Garages we provide small and large garage rental services to meet a wide range of storage needs. If you want to make the most of your rented space, here are some clever tips to help you get organised.

Designate Space

If you want to make sure that you can always find what you’re looking for, having designated spaces for specific things will help you greatly. This is especially important if you want to use your garage for both your vehicle and for miscellaneous storage – the amount of space you have for that other stuff will be essentially dictated by how much space is left around your vehicle. You can easily plan, designate and mark out space with chalk or removable floor tape.

Go Up

You can store a lot more if you use the vertical space of your garage as well as the floor space. Make use of the walls and the roof space, with sturdy shelving units and frames to hold your possessions securely and safely. You may have ceiling joists that will support a plywood shelf to hold smaller, lighter things – just remember that you cannot make any structural alterations to a rented garage. If you have a tall garage, then you may also need to store a ladder there to make sure you can safely reach everything.

Peg It

If you’re keeping tools in your garage, then a pegboard is an excellent way to keep them organised. The pegs can be rearranged however you need them, so you can hang all your tools on the wall where they are easy to find instead of losing them in a jumbled toolbox. To keep small items like nails and screws organised, you can use recycled cans with a hole drilled in one side and a hook attached, so that they can hang on the pegboard too.

Whatever you need to store, here at Lock Up Garages we’re specialists in garage rental with over 13,000 units throughout the UK. For more information, simply call us on 020 8882 8575.

Important Things to Consider Before Renting a Garage Space

Whether you are enquiring, thinking about renting a storage unit or have been toying with the idea for awhile, there are some important things to keep in mind before signing on the dotted line. There are so many options as to what different types of rental spaces are on offer, here at Lock up Garages, we aim to help you find the perfect storage option for you and your individual needs. Lock-up Garages are a great alternative to self-storage warehouses; cheaper, convenient and the best alternative for additional storage space. Finding the ideal storage unit is crucial so here are a few things you may need to know before renting your own space. 


What are you planning to store?

Lock up garages and storage units offer a variety of uses and options for any need or requirement. Whether wanting to use it to store vehicles, paperwork, furniture or turn it into a lovely studio space for your artistic talent, be sure to make this clear on enquiring. Be sure of what you are going to store and stick to that purpose, don’t rent a larger spaced unit with the intent to fill it over time, just choose what you need.


Price is always an important factor to consider when renting anything, find a suitable space that will meet your consumer needs but won’t leave you struggling. Are you getting what you want for the price? You may need drive-up and parking access, a certain location or particular size. Address your requirements and stick within your budget!

Space, Size, Location

Explore the options on offer and be sure you have exactly what you need from the chosen storage space. Whether using it as a workshop, art studio or additional domestic storage, the facilities will need to be appropriate for the usage. Larger options are great if you are going to access the unit on a regular basis, giving you enough space to walk around, move things and make the surroundings liveable if using it for another purpose than storage. Location is important, consider whether you will need easy access, within walking or driving distance and how often. If moving home or property, it may be a good idea to rent a garage nearer to your new location, saving on petrol and making the same trip back and forth.


Most places don’t offer independent property insurance, so be sure to check whether your home insurance covers goods that are stored offsite. Insurance is a great idea on such an investment; consider the garage an additional part of your home.

For more information on any of our storage options or if you wish to rent a garage in London, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly team at Lock Up Garages today! 
UK Residents Urged To Secure Their Garages

UK Garage theft has been a concern for many over the past few years, and one look at the very latest news will suggest that garages are still being targeted by criminals in certain areas of the country. However, the issue is not necessarily with garages themselves, but rather with the security measures that people are (or, perhaps more accurately, aren’t) installing on their premises.

A good example of this is a recent article in the Littlehampton Gazette, which relates how a garage was burgled overnight during the course of last weekend. The owner was relieved of both a tool box and a mountain bike, and a further property in Yapton was also raided at a similar time, yet nothing has yet been identified as being stolen.

The police have implored people to assess the security of their garage facilities in response to this small outbreak of malicious incidents, yet clearly many people are still failing to comply with the recommended garage protection suggestions. Police recommend that all property located within a garage is extensively marked with an ultraviolet pen, and they similarly advise that alarms, padlocks and chains should be used to ensure that garage contents stay put.

It is a well known fact that many people overlook the garage when considering their home security systems, and the recognised habit of keeping expensive mechanical equipment within UK garages makes this a very risky oversight . Of course, you may not actually be able to do much with your garage or shed, especially if you own an especially rickety structure, and so at times it can be well worth looking into other ways to keep your possessions safe from unwanted attention.

One fantastic way to ensure that your stored items are kept safe is to look for garages to hire, and at Lock Up Garages we have access to the largest portfolio of these garages in the entire UK. All of our garages are high quality and regularly maintained to be as secure as possible, and so you can rest assured that anything housed within them will be as safe as it possibly can be.

We own units all across the UK and have developed a reputation for our secure garage facilities. Furthermore, lock up garages also allow you many benefits with regards to concepts like location, so hiring a garage from us will be positive in numerous ways. For more information, please be sure to contact us now.

Storage for Spring Cleaning

The skies are blue, the weather is warm, and it’s the perfect time to fling your windows open and clear out the clutter of the winter. However, with space in UK homes at a premium, some people find that trying to sort out their possessions is a lot like playing Tetris – endlessly moving boxes around to try and make enough space to sort one out.

The solution is simple; if you need more space to sort out your possessions so that you can de-clutter your home, you can rent a garage to give you extra storage space.

The first step is to sort out things that you know you won’t need for some time; winter clothes are often very bulky, so they can take up a lot of space. Whilst you may want to keep a couple of jumpers in your drawer against the vagaries of the British weather, packing up the rest and putting it into storage for the season will give you a lot more space to work with.

Car boot sales are a great way to get rid of unwanted possessions that are still in good condition, but in order to make the best of them you need to be organised – having your garage as a staging space is a good way to achieve this. As you sort through your possessions, you can make sure that everything going to the car boot is clean and presentable, packed with similar items and stored together in the garage. This allows you to see quite clearly when you have enough stuff to go to the sale, and also allows you to arrange it ready for packing into the car. As most car boot sales open very early in the morning, you’ll be very grateful for the time you save in this way!

If you want to have a really thorough spring cleaning, or if you’re redecorating at the same time, you can move furniture from the room you’re working on to storage in the garage, allowing you to get to every inch of the carpet and walls to get them properly clean.

Here at Lockup Garages, we provide a range of affordable and secure garages to rent throughout the UK, so whatever you need the space for simply contact us for more information.

Garages - A Sought After Commodity

Garages are a much sought-after commodity in cities and towns across the UK – but nowhere more than the capital.  Many older homes don’t come with parking facilities, because they simply weren’t needed at the time when the property was built; combine that with our modern society, where many families have more than one car and need additional storage for a variety of personal possessions, and it’s unsurprising that the cost of a garage in London has risen.

What is surprising, however, is quite how far that cost has soared in some parts of the city. At an auction earlier this month a garage in South London sold for an astonishing £550,000; triple its asking price and more than £150,000 more than the average house price in the area, making it the most expensive garage in the country. The property in question is a brick built, double-height building which was used for some years to park the Mayor of Southwark’s car; the auctioneer stated that although it was in reasonable condition there were cracks in the wall. Investors and residential developers are thought to have been involved in the bidding war, however the property does not have planning permission to convert it to residential use, so this would mark something of a high-priced gamble if that was the purchaser’s intention.

The previous record price for a garage was set only last year, when a garage close to Harrods in Knightsbridge sold for £525,000; while these prices are extreme, it’s hardly unusual for a London garage to sell for up to £300,000 – a price that would easily cover a family home in other parts of the country.

With prices this high, it is unsurprising that many people are looking for garages to rent instead; they provide you with exactly the same storage facilities for a tiny fraction of the price. Less than two miles away from the most expensive garage in Britain, you can rent a garage from us for as little as £25 plus VAT per week. Space and property in London is at a premium; but for the householder who knows where to look, there are still affordable ways to find storage for your vehicle and possessions in the capital.

Something for the weekend
 As we have mentioned in one of our older blogs ‘Parking your car in the city’ can be very difficult and no city is harder to find an available space in than London. For those that need a car for their everyday commute or other journeys a parking space outside their home is an absolute must. These parking spaces are often only big enough to accommodate a small car such as a three door hatch back or supermini and trying to park anything larger can result in stress and even repair bills.


What if you have a family though and need a larger car? What if you want to keep a sportier car for the weekends? Those longer trips with all aboard to go and see the family, a weekend away in the sun, these trips are simply not practical in the everyday hatchback. The fact is that some people need or simply want another car that can cater for those longer weekend journeys and living in the capitol city should not limit their options. One perfect solution could well be to rent a garage in London and store your second car offsite. Below we have laid out some of the great benefits that come along with renting a garage;


When you leave your car away from your home you want to be absolutely sure that it is safe and not at risk of being vandalised or stolen. All of our rental garages come with a unique combination lock that only the tenancy holder after a number of security questions. The garages are also checked before your tenancy to ensure that they are completely safe. All this means that you can rest easy knowing that your car is safe and is not at risk of the bumps, scrapes and damage that can come from on-street parking.


Unlike London parking spaces, all of our garages are big enough to accommodate the average family car such as a people carrier or a 4x4. This means that come the weekend you can swap the cars over, put the hatch in the garage and load up the people carrier or the roadster for a weekend away. Many of our customers even use their garage throughout the weekend will drop their partner and children off on the way to work allowing them to complete the school run.

Dry storage

Many of our customers use their garage as a place to store their classic car, classics are something that must be cherished and cannot stand up to the changing weather conditions and rain as well as modern cars. Our garages are a safe and dry place where you can store your classic car and ensure that it will be protected from the rust and rot that is the killer of far too many classic cars. With one of our garages you will be able to store your pride and joy away during the week knowing that it will be exactly how you left it when it comes to the weekend.


A place to work on your car

Many people that have two cars have purchased a second car as an investment that they intend to repair and improve to get the full enjoyment from. Unfortunately an outside parking space does not make the best workshop and the British weather rarely permits any outside work. Our garages offer you a space that is dry in which you can perform any vital maintenance or improvements that your car needs.

So if you are struggling with having only one car or perhaps have two and struggle to find space for both why not contact us and see how we can help? We have over 13,000 garages available to rent in over 900 locations and will surely have one that is close to you, who knows we may even have one on your very street.

Lock Up Garages: Brilliant Storage Solutions for Your Vehicles

Garages in of themselves are highly convenient for drivers, and so it should come as no surprise to find that their ‘lock up’ equivalents are also very handy in this respect. With more ‘usual’ garages actually becoming far less commonly used for vehicle storage and parking, lock up garages represent the ideal solution to many people’s vehicle problems. Here are a few of the reasons why you might consider renting one:

Traditional Storage

The most obvious benefit of owning a lock up garage is that it gives you the opportunity to store your vehicle inside a very secure location. More and more UK residents are neglecting to use their own garages for this traditional purpose, instead choosing to turn their garages into alternative household rooms, or simply ‘junk’ rooms for additional storage. Because of this, the ability to store a car in a conventional garage is greatly compromised. Renting a lock up garage allows a homeowner to enjoy the privileges of housing their vehicle off the road, whilst also retaining the current use of their existing garage. Cars within garages are protected from both the elements and unwanted attention from vandals, so the appeal of parking a vehicle in such a manner is clear to see.

Reduced Insurance

This point really comes as a direct consequence of parking your vehicle within a garage. According to Go Compare, leaving your vehicle by the roadside can make a drastic difference to your car insurance. A car parked on the street is naturally more at risk than one that is safely closeted in a garage, and more than 50% of UK drivers are therefore prone to raised insurance costs as a result of this habit. Most insurance companies will tend to reduce the rates for a person who parks their vehicle within a garage, providing that they maintain this pattern, and do not declare that they are using a garage when they’re actually utilising another location. Driving can be costly enough as it is, so being able to save a little on insurance costs is very welcome.

Private Parking Space

The benefits of keeping your car off the street might be fairly straightforward, but the specific properties of a lock up garage gives one an added attraction over a conventional garage. Because your lock up garage doesn’t have to be restricted to your home vicinity, you can actually rent such a unit wherever you wish. This opens up numerous possibilities such as being able to leave your car somewhere further away from your home base, or driving into a busy city to go to work, safe in the knowledge that you have a fail-safe parking space when you get there. With many of the busiest cities making it very difficult for drivers, choosing instead to prioritise buses or public transport, the option to rent what is essentially a private parking space – and also keep a vehicle safer too – is obviously very tempting.

Our lock up garages are hugely useful investments for drivers across the country; especially families with a chronic lack of parking space, or perhaps multiple vehicles. The bulk of our portfolio allows you to rent a garage in London, but if you take a look at our map you’ll see that we also provide units across the UK in a more general sense as well. We can grant you immediate access after your initial payment, so the process of renting a garage also offers instant results. If you’re struggling with vehicle parking, then be sure to get in touch with us as soon as possible!

Seven Amazing Ways to Use Your Hired Garage
 People choose to hire a garage from Lock Up Garages for many reasons. The most common reason is that they don’t have a garage of their own and they wish to store a vehicle. Garages though, aren’t just for cars, they provide the perfect space to store any kind of items. From important documents to your children’s old toys our garages hold a multitude of objects. Lock Up Garages have over 13,000 garages to hire in 900 locations across Southern England. We don’t mind what you use your garage for, provided it is legal and you don’t make any alterations to the structure or fittings of the garage. Here we offer some inspiration for what you can use your storage space for:


1) Home gym

Provided you don’t alter anything about the structure of the property, you can use the garage space to store gym equipment and practice. You may want to request a garage with a window for ventilation or get one which has a roller door so you can have it partially open when exercising. If you don’t have the space in your house for gym equipment and want somewhere private to improve your fitness then this is a simple and cost effective solution.


2) Craft Space

If you have a hobby such as making jewellery, knitting, textiles or card making then you could hire a garage to store all your craft supplies and even work in there. You could buy portable plastic shelving and storage units and move in a table so that you have space to work. This will provide a space where you can make a mess and not worry and you won’t be distracted from your intricate work.


3) Band Practice Room

If you have budding musicians in your family or you already have an established band, then to save money and prevent your housemates from getting headaches, why not practice in a private and more removed location? You can practice to your heart’s content and as the space is yours you won’t have to pack up the drums and cart home the amps when you’re done.


4) Garden Shed

A lot of our lock up garages are based near allotments so if you have an allotment space, you could also rent a garage to keep all your tools and gardening supplies. Alternatively if you have your own garden but your shed is already piled high with equipment then finding a nearby garage would be ideal .Store your lawn mower, wheel barrow, bags of compost and more.


5) Extra Vehicle Storage

You might already have a garage, but it may be so chock-a-block with junk or occupied by other vehicles that you still require space to store a car. According to governmental statistics the amount of British households who owned two or more cars was 31% which is almost a third of all British households. Some people have a single garage at their home or available parking, but in order to keep their extra vehicle safe and in good condition they opt for hired storage.


6) Loft or Basement Replacement

If you live in an apartment then it isn’t likely to have a loft, basement or any kind of storage room as space will be at a premium. If you have items that you don’t often use or things that you need to get rid of but will get  round to it, then you can easily hire a garage to put all your unwanted or bulky items until you find a permanent home for them.


7) Temporary Storage
You may need a space where you can store a lot of items whilst your life is in a period of transition. It may be that you are moving home and until you have sorted out where all the furniture is going. You may also require a temporary space to put furniture if you are redecorating or renovating a room and having all the room contents in one place would be less disruptive than dispersing them across the house.


Whatever your reasons for hiring a garage from Lock Up Garages, you will always find a helpful service and a solution to your storage needs. To find as garage need you just visit our interactive map or if you have any queries don’t hesitate to contact us.

Lock Up Garages: A Complete Managing Service to Meet Your Needs
 Lock Up Garages, officially known as Dudrich (Holdings) Limited, acts as an in-house managing agent for 100% owned companies, and we have an impressive portfolio of 13,000 units in over 900 locations. We own some of the rental garages ourselves, and manage others on behalf of landlords. In addition to storage garages, we also own a number of mews offices, retail units, storage containers, commercial workshops and we are NHBC Registered Developers too. No matter what your storage or business needs are, we can provide an affordable and convenient solution.  
What we do as a managing agent

As a managing agent for thousands of lock up garages in the UK, we can find a solution to your storage problems no matter where you are located. When you first express an interest in renting a garage, we will direct you to our website where you can view an interactive map of all our garages, and then pick one that suits you. Within moments of paying your first rent instalment, we can give you access to a unique padlock code so that you can gain quick and easy access to your garage. The majority of our garages are 5m X 2.5m, although large garages are also available.


As the agent, we are responsible for the maintenance of the garages, including painting, repairing and door replacements. However, if the damage is your own fault then you will be charged for repairs. If you notice any problems with your garage, report it to our in-house maintenance team at the nearest opportunity, and we will rectify the problem as soon as possible.

What you should do as a tenant

As a garage leaseholder, it is your responsibility to keep the garage in the state that you found it upon first entering. If any damage occurs to the property, however it has been caused, then repair charges will be charged to the licensee. It is your responsibility to complete basic maintenance tasks to ensure the smooth running of the garage; such as cleaning, keeping the forecourt clear and oiling the door hinges and locks to ensure smooth operation. You shouldn’t change the structure of the property or add any fixtures.

Our garages

We mainly provide basic garages that are 5m X 2.5m wide; however, we have a limited selection of large or double garages. The garages are fitted with a manual door, a coded Yale padlock and interior shelving. For some garages, we may supply extra pallets for storage use at the client’s request. Our garage doors come in a variety of styles, and this is important as they affect the opening mechanism and the space inside differently. Below, the three main types are briefly outlined, but for more detailed information check out the detailed buyers guides provided by Lakes Garage Doors. These buyers’ guides, written by a long established garage door supplier, give insight into types of garages including descriptions and diagrams.


Up-and-over doors – this is the most common type of garage door, and works using a torsion spring and steel cable system which lifts the door up, thereby creating a protruding canopy as the door changes angle. These are quite heavy to manoeuvre and require optimal space inside the garage when opening, so clients looking to store large vehicles may not want this garage type.


Sectional doors – these garage doors are split into four horizontal panels instead of one large section, so they have greater flexibility when opening, therefore minimising the swing out. They operate in vertical tracks that curve at the top into horizontal tracks to follow the garage roofline. These doors allow for vehicles to be parked outside the garage if needs be, due to the compact opening mechanism.


Roller doors – typically used in commercial settings, these compact shutting systems are becoming more common for domestic garages. The design incorporates horizontal slats, or laths, which smoothly ascend and form a coil above the opening of the garage. These are used on garages where space both inside and in the forecourt is at a minimum. It also means overhead space is maximised, so you can fill your garage efficiently.


If you are looking for a storage space or a traditional garage for your vehicle, then we offer a flexible rental scheme for a variety of garages in hundred of handy locations. Check out our map to find your nearest garage, and call us today to get access to the space you need. 

Advantages of Renting a Garage in This Economic Climate

It has been reported recently in The Guardian that property prices are on the increase. The article goes onto explain that ‘The average asking price on the site (Rightmove) jumped by £8,103 in January, equal to £261 a day, with the typical property now costing £251,964’. Of course, this is good news if you are considering putting your property up for sale. However, if you are in the market for a property then you will most likely have to invest in something smaller during this new economic climate. Affording a property with a garage may be problematic, which is why renting a garage could be a cost effective solution. With house prices being particularly high in our capital, more and more people are coming to us to rent a garage in London.  

If you already have a garage and aren’t considering moving, you could still benefit from a Lock Up Garage. Workers use rented garages as parking spaces because their work is in a busy area.  You can therefore avoid the inconvenience of finding a parking space for work by choosing a garage that is in easy walking distance of your office.      

Although many of our customers use our garages to keep their cars safe, you can use our garages for a number of other reasons. For example, if you are an Ebay entrepreneur or you have a net shop, then this kind of storage is ideal. Perhaps you have noticed that the space in your home is being taken up with the merchandise that you are selling? Forking out the money to lease a business premises will most likely hit your profits hard. Our garages are not only cheap, but they are also safe and convenient. You will have 24-hour access, so it has never been easier to find a storage space that is so accessible.

In addition to the cost effectiveness of our garages, our storage service is also extremely flexible. If you need to rent out a garage as soon as possible, then access can be granted immediately after receiving payment. You can therefore be making use of the garage within minutes of confirming your desire to rent it.  

You may wish to rent storage space on a short-term basis too; your internet shop may have a surge in stock for a short period for example, so you won’t want to commit to a full contract. Although most people choose to enter an on-going quarterly agreement, we can offer a short term agreement too, with the shortest term being a month. This kind of option is also popular amongst people going on extended holidays, and with people who have recently moved house. To keep your home tidy, you will need a place to temporarily closet your old home furnishings, such as outdated laptop computers or appliances, until you find a place to dispose of these items.

If you would like to find out more information about the storage services that we provide, feel free to browse our website. You won’t be disappointed when you come to us, we have many years of experience and during this time our reputation has grown from strength to strength. We have many units throughout the UK, so call us on 020 8882 8575 or click on this link to see our special offers.

Once you have found a garage that you are interested in, we recommend that you carry out an external viewing of the property to aid your decision.  
Drop in Crime Highlights How Seriously Britain Takes Security
  A recent Guardian Article highlighted an 8% drop in UK crime rates; this is a huge decrease and highlights the fact that Britain has taken serious measures to ensure that criminals are stopped from operating.

Here in Britain we have always taken our home security very seriously, and take all the measures possible to assure this. The drop in crime has not simply happened by chance, and is the result of us taking a very serious approach to crime prevention. The simple fact is that the amount of criminals hasn’t dropped; it has simply been made harder for them to perform criminal acts. By learning from crime statistics and criminals habits we have made the average home a far harder target for thieves.

One area that has become far more difficult is burglary. Most of us have an alarm system installed to deter criminals from the home, and are moving away from using such outside storage units as sheds. Even when secured with a padlock, sheds are an easy target; as panels can easily be removed to gain access. Sheds also disrupt the usefulness of your garden and can lessen the useable space that is available. This is an especially big problem in smaller gardens. These items that were formerly stored in the shed cannot simply be discarded; they are still important and need to be stored elsewhere.

One great solution is to store these items in a secure location away from your home; such as a rented garage or specialised storage unit. These facilities have the benefit of being in an inconspicuous location away from your home, and are out of the awareness of any potential criminals. Here at Lock up Garages we have the largest database of secure garages in the UK, and are sure to have one near to you. We offer secure garage rental for those that want valuables to be kept safe without having to resort to stacking the loft even higher.

All our garages are supplied with a unique combination lock that will only be disclosed to the named person on the rental agreement to ensure total safety. So if you have valuable items that you do not necessarily have the storage space for on your property, then contact us today and see if we have the perfect garage for you. 

Parking Your Car in the City

Owning a car in the city can be a hectic experience, the sheer volume of traffic can make it an ordeal getting from one place to another, particularly when you consider parking. The cost of parking spaces can be extortionate, not to mention the fact that during busy shopping periods finding a space becomes an arduous task. It is prudent to hire a garage nearby to the city centre if you want to avoid these issues. Not only is it much more convenient, it is also extremely cost effective as we have garages available for as little as £12.00 per a week.       

In addition to finding a parking space for shopping and getting about the city centre, finding a space for work can cause you a fair amount of stress, as you could be wasting time and potentially end up turning late for work. Here at Lock Up Garages, we understand the importance of getting to work on time. Many of our customers use our garages as a place to park near their work. Have an extra lie in, or get a coffee at your work’s cafeteria rather than rushing, barely making it for 09:00 am. Our garages are tailor made to suit your parking requirements, ensuring your mornings run smoothly.  

If you are interested in renting one of our garages short term or long term then don’t hesitate to contact us, as anyone can rent a garage from us. You will have 24 hour access to your garage and peace of mind that your car will be safe. It will be securely locked up and not out in the open so you get on with your working day without any interruptions.  We have over 13,000 garages throughout the UK and you will be pleasantly surprised with our low prices, so take the hassle out of parking your car by calling us on 020 8882 8575.
Things to Consider when Having a House Clear

Over the years our houses acquire clutter. We buy new clothes every year, furniture, music, DVDs, books and a whole host of other purchases. All these items take space and the truth is you can function in your day to day life without some of them. Perhaps you feel embarrassed that your house seems to be on the messy side or maybe have guests coming over to stay imminently and you want to create a great impression on them? Whatever the reason is, if you have recognised that you need to remove your clutter then it is a task you have to take seriously. 

It can be overwhelming when you see the full extent of the clutter that needs removing , but the key is to tackle this head on. The first thing you should do is go through every room and write down the items that you see as junk, once you have a list of possessions you no longer need, stock up on some bin liners from your local supermarket, and spend a chunk of your Saturday getting rid of these wanted items. Take all clean clothes, footwear and other functional household goods to a charity shop and you can also sell unwanted belongings on eBay to make some money.  

Once you have done this you will most likely notice that, although your home has improved, you still have possessions that are taking up space. However, these are the possessions that you can’t bear to part with even though they are no longer in use. We all have these kinds of items, it can be anything from old records, stamp collections and toys from our childhood and worn out furniture that has sentimental value. To save space you could put these items into your garage, but that will have a detrimental effect to the functionality of your garage as it will take up space, which will no doubt hinder parking your car.

There are many storage companies that can assist you, but they have draw backs too as storage companies tend to provide you with limited access so you will only be able to access your belongings during their business hours. Here at Lock Up Garages, we can provide you with a great alternative to self-storage warehouses, we are not only more convenient but we are cheaper and you will get more space to store your belongings too. It is a good idea to rent a garage from us to store your possessions because our storage has 24 hour so if you do need to access something quickly there will be no problems.

We have a proven track record in the storage industry, our clients use our services for a variety of reason, and storing their household belongings is a popular one. We can grant you access immediately after receiving your initial payment, so you can be making use of the garage within minutes of confirming your desire to rent it and remove your home’s clutter. 

If you have any questions about the services we provide then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today at Lock Up Garages on 020 8882 8575.
The Vital Importance of Secure Garage Facilities

Occurrences of household burglary are becoming more and more sophisticated according to modern observers. The Telegraph relates how evolving technology has allowed burglars to make use of metal detectors to locate hidden jewellery within the home, enabling valuables to be discovered far more quickly than when using a more traditional search technique. Criminals are also using other systems, such as fake 24-hour locksmiths, to ply their trade. Such facts are extremely worrying, but this article is also notable for pinpointing another pattern within modern society.

As related by this report, garage theft is a prominent concern within the UK, and indeed it shows no signs of abating. The fundamental trap that most people fall into when considering garage security is to apply more lax standards than they would do to the rest of their home, and this creates a weak point that can be exploited. Not only can such garages be easily entered, but they also provide an access point into the wider household when they have an interior door. The average figure for each garage theft in the UK weighs in at a substantial £973 worth of damages, and the lack of response from UK homeowners means that this sum is unlikely to decrease.

When it comes to improving garage security, there are a number of options that can be pursued. Trying to open up better lines of sight to your garage is one noteworthy consideration, as are more obvious steps like reinforcing the quality of any exterior, or indeed interior, locks and doors. Garage windows are also a weak point, and selecting a method of restricting entry through these apertures is a fundamental objective. However, sometimes a person might own a particularly rickety garage, or simply not be able to refurbish their existing garage without substantial renovation work. In such situations, it may well be worthwhile investing in some off-site storage.

Here at Lock Up Garages, we provide secure garage hire across the UK, giving you peace of mind about your garage’s security, or allowing you the time to improve your existing setup. We possess the largest portfolio of lock up garages in the whole UK, so are able to meet your requirements no matter what you might need. For more information, please contact us now.

Top Storage Tips

Many of our customers use their garage for extra storage – whether it’s for short term storage while you’re redecorating or long term storage because you simply don’t have enough space in your home, a garage gives you a convenient, secure and easily accessible place to keep your belongings. However, it’s important to use the right storage options for all your possessions, to ensure that they come out in the same condition they went in.

Storing Clothes

If you’re storing clothes, make sure that you wash them first – you don’t want stains to set in – and dry them thoroughly before packing. If you want to keep insects away, consider using cedar blocks rather than mothballs – they smell nicer. Use an airtight plastic container rather than cardboard, which can easily be damaged, and line it with acid free tissue paper. Pack heavier clothes at the bottom, so they don’t crush your lighter items. Finally, store the container in an area that’s clean, cool, dry and dark.

Storing Vehicles

If you’re not going to use your vehicle for a while, it’s wise to store it properly. Change the oil and filter first – if you’re not expecting to use it for a long time, ask a mechanic about oils without caustic detergent additives. Fill the tank with premium fuel; although our rental agreement states that you cannot store flammable materials in our garage, we make this exception as condensation in the fuel tank can cause problems in stored cars. Check the coolant level and tyre pressure, and clean the car. You might also choose to remove the wipers and the carpets and store them somewhere warmer, and attach a battery maintainer to keep the battery charged.

Storing Paperwork

You may have some paperwork that you don’t want around the home, but don’t want to throw away. We recommend that you don’t store any paperwork with personal information in a garage – tax records, bank statements or anything that could be used to access your identity if it fell into the wrong hands should be kept safely at home. For other paperwork, pack it with archival tissue paper or in acid-free pockets, and store it in an airtight, watertight box, on a shelf so that it’s away from the ambient dampness of the floor.

Whatever you need to store, you can hire a garage from us in over 900 locations, giving you a safe, secure and convenient place to keep your belongings.

How to Keep Your Possessions Safe

Our possessions are an important part of our lives. In a number of ways, they represent a small piece of ourselves, and frequently come with a large degree of sentimental value attached to them. Because of this, keeping possessions safe and intact is often a high priority for many of us, and at times certain precautions have to be implemented in order to ensure their safekeeping.

A primary case in point that illustrates this fact is the unfortunate level of flooding that has been experienced across wide areas of the UK. This has been reported by various sources, such as BBC News, and numerous UK residents are now finding their lives badly disrupted by the excess waters. These incidents range from train users becoming trapped in London due to submerged railways, to road closures in Kent and Sussex; although undoubtedly the most distressing situations are being endured by those that have seen their homes affected directly.

One area that has been identified as repeatedly at risk is the banks of the Thames. The London Evening Standard recently stated that the Thames water levels were at the highest heights that had been observed for the last 10 years, and the continued warnings of inclement weather will be sure to set nearby homeowners on edge once again. Floodwater causes untold damage to property and possessions alike, both in the short term and the long term, so if you’re expecting to be affected by floods then it makes sense to prepare a location that can keep some of your treasured possessions safe.

If you find yourself concerned over the security of your London home and contents, then why not consider looking for some external storage to keep your possessions out of harm’s way? Here at Lock Up Garages, we offer a proven service that allows you to rent a garage in London and even in other locations across the UK, and our units are ideal for storing some of your belongings if you feel that your home is at risk from floodwater. To find out more or to enquire about the locations of our garages, please feel free to get in touch with us today.

3 Top Reasons For Renting A Garage

With over 13,500 garages to rent in over 900 locations, here at Lock Up Garages we know quite a lot about garage rental. There are plenty of reasons to rent a garage in the UK – here are just a few.

1. Your House Doesn’t Have One

It may seem an obvious reason, but did you know how common this is? Almost half the country’s population doesn’t have access to a garage. This may because their house or apartment wasn’t built with one, or because it’s been converted into extra living space - back in 2010 a survey by Santander revealed that 1.1million Brits had either converted their garage into living space or were planning to do so. While garage conversions do give you more living room, they leave you with an obvious problem – what to do with the things you would have put in your garage?

2. Your Garage Is Too Small

From the 1930s on, many new houses were being built with garages for homeowners to shelter their cars. However, the builders of the day couldn’t have foreseen the size of the cars we drive today, and many modern homeowners find that their garage is simply too small for them to get their vehicle inside. With garage parking often a factor in calculating car insurance, renting a garage can often be a better option than simply parking on the street.

3. Your House Is Too Small

The average size of a family home has been going down for decades, and today many people are living in houses that are simply not big enough. Back in 2011, the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) found that the average new home was built at only 92% of the recommended size – this means that people are increasingly finding that they simply don’t have enough space in their house for all their possessions and furniture, making a rental garage a vital space for extra storage.

Whatever reasons you have for renting a garage, we’re here to help – to get started, simply check our map for the sites closest to you, or call us on 020 8882 8575.

What to Do With Your Excess Belongings After a Move

Here at Lock Up Garages, we understand that moving house can be a stressful experience to say the least. Once you have made your move, it could be the case that your new residence does not have enough space for all of your belongings. Perhaps there is too much furniture for your new property? You may have old clothes that belonged to your children which hold significant sentimental value, and all of these items take up space.     

One solution is to simply dispose of the excess belongings if they are taking up too much space. However, it is a good idea not to make any knee jerk reactions because you could end up regretting throwing away an item; particularly if it has significant meaning. We appreciate there could be some items that you just can’t get rid of, but after a move space does become an issue. Only time will allow you to be sure of what you want to keep and fit into your new home. If you need time to make up your mind then the solution could be to rent a garage off us, so you can put your extra belongings into storage.

Although our customers traditionally look for garages to rent for storing their car or vehicle in, our garages also make brilliant storage solutions too. Our storage is a great alternative to self storage warehouses as it is cheaper and much more convenient. We don’t charge over the odds and for your convenience you will have 24 hour access.    

If you have just moved into a new house and you are deciding to renovate and decorate then our storage will also come in handy for you, as you can get furniture out of the way so you can complete the decorating quicker.

Although moving house can be a stressful experience, you won’t need to worry about getting rid of your belongings, particularly if you are downsizing, because we can provide you with a cost effective place for your belongings. If you would like to find out more information call 020 8882 8575 and one of our friendly team members will be more than happy to discuss your individual requirements.
Avoiding a Cluttered New Year

Christmas is famously the time for giving and receiving, but this beloved occasion is also a prime cause of clutter for many households. Figures have shown that many London home owners waste millions of pounds at Christmas ‘panic-buying’ presents for their loved ones, and many of these hastily bought gifts never see frequent use afterwards. Such a trend is also evident elsewhere in the UK too, and calls are now being made for these habits to be curbed.

In terms of general waste, the UK produces almost 300 tonnes on a yearly basis at Christmas time; and that figure doesn’t even begin to touch the tendency many of us have to discard or leave many of our gifts lying idle after the Christmas spirit has dwindled. Many of these gifts are not ‘unwanted’ as such, and their owners would never dream of disposing of them, but instead they choose to hold onto them in storage. With space in many UK homes already at a premium, such behaviour has the distinct possibility of resulting in many untidy homes.

With the New Year now ahead of us, the last thing you need is to find yourself inundated with all of those presents that you don’t quite have a place for yet; or indeed any other clutter that wasn’t able to be organised over the course of 2013. The New Year is, of course, a fantastic time to make a fresh start, so why not make that new start a resolution to reduce your clutter and give yourself some more living space? You don’t necessarily have to throw perfectly good possessions away, but instead you could think about renting some additional storage space.

Here at Lock Up Garages we own the largest portfolio of garages for external storage in the whole of the UK, and we have thousands of units that are situated across the length and breadth of the nation. Whether you are looking for a place to keep those Christmas presents that you can’t quite decide what to do with yet, or are trying to spruce up your house for 2014 by freeing up some room, our service for garage rental is exactly what you need. If you would like more information, please get in touch with our team now.

Keeping Your Dream Car Safely Garaged
 Everyone has one, wherever yours is made and whatever era it is from it is in your eyes the very definition of automotive perfection. For many this dream-car remains exactly that, but for some lucky ones the dream becomes a reality and they get to sit bum-to-seat with their automotive heroes. Dream cars are though a very personal thing and even those that agree on a model and even when they do they do not usually agree on the reasons why. One thing that all car lovers agree on though is the fact that these dream cars must be protected and treasured. It’s ok to use them all the time, even to thrash them now and again but you simply mustn’t allow any harm to come to them and they must be properly maintained.

If your dream car is a modern one then it is fairly easy to keep them safe as they are designed to withstand the weather and rigours of modern life. If though you value the classic motoring experience, if models like the Lotus Elan, the Alfa-Romeo Spider or even the (gulp) Jaguar E-type make your neck hairs stand on end then you really must take more care. Older models and especially those with a fabric roof simply aren’t designed to cope with the extremes and really should be garaged wherever possible. But what about those of us that are not lucky enough to have a garage bestowed on our houses? Well there is still an option available to you to keep your pride and joy safe. Why not simply rent a garage?

Here at lock Up Garages we understand that not every house is blessed with a garage and many do not even have the space to build a garage on their property. We have over 900 locations and over 13,500 garages to rent throughout the UK, however old or new your car, whether it is a luxury limo or a stripped-out road rocket you can find a place to keep it safe.

Another great factor in renting a garage away from your home is that you can keep your driveway free for the weekly driver (E-types aren’t much good for the school run) and have your classic dream car safe and waiting to be used for weekend fun. So if you are worried about your dream car or are putting of buying it due to lack of storage then worry not as Lock Up Garages can help.

UK Garage Space Becoming Increasingly Cluttered

Ideally, the garage is usually intended as a space to keep the family car safe. In reality, all too many garages never actually manage to fulfil this purpose, as they are increasingly becoming an additional ‘room’ of the house in terms of storage space. Statistics show that more and more UK homes are converting their garages into extra living space, or simply letting them become inundated with clutter. 1 million UK households have now changed their garages in this manner over the last 3 years, and more than 300,000 other homeowners are considering this measure in the future.

Set against this backdrop, only 28% of existing UK households actually use their garage to store their car, and a growing number of male home owners have been found to lament this loss of their traditional retreat. A full half of the males who were covered in a survey conducted by Halfords said that they would engage in far more regular DIY if they could retreat to their garages in the same manner as they remembered their fathers doing, and many also claimed that they would encourage their own children to get involved should their garage become more of a workspace than a storage room.

The garage used to hold a unique place as the location where practical skills were honed within the home, and this knowledge could then be passed on to the next generation; yet many homeowners are now blaming UK homebuilders for equipping their houses with a lack of usable storage space. These spatially constrained homes are progressively forcing people to store their other belongings within their garage, causing their traditional purposes to be gradually lost.

Here at Lock Up Garages we specialise in allowing you to rent a garage across the length and breadth of the UK. With a multitude of affordable storage spaces throughout the country, we can allow you to store your excess belongings in an accessible location away from your home premises, and at the same time enable you to reclaim your own garage for its primary and intended purposes. If you’re in need of some extra storage space, be sure to call us now on 020 8882 8575 and we will be pleased to supply you with more information.

What's In Your Garage?

Many people use their garages for storage, but for most of us that means boxes of old childhood toys, mementos, sports equipment and toolboxes. Occasionally however, people store – and then forget about – some extraordinary things.

In a Bury garage, house clearers recently found a cardboard soup box containing an extremely rare 18th century Jewish manuscript. Called a haggadah, it’s completely hand written and illustrated, and is painted on goat skin. The manuscript will go to auction at the end of November, and while it’s listed at between £100,000 and £150,000, auctioneers say it could go much higher; up to half a million pounds.

More extraordinary finds from garages include:

Rare Cars – The 1937 Bugatti Type 57S was a very rare supercar; there were only 43 made, and only 17 of those had the “Atalante” body style. One of those 17 was bought by Harold Carr, who parked it in a lockup garage in 1960. In 2008, after Carr’s death, his nephew discovered the car when clearing his uncle’s possessions; it had been there, untouched, for over forty years. It later went to auction and sold for almost three million pounds. Alongside the Bugatti, there was also a classic Aston Martin and a Jaguar E-type.

The Declaration of Independence – American Stan Caffy had a copy of the Declaration of Independence on his garage wall, until his wife persuaded him to donate it to a thrift store alongside other unwanted items in 2006, where it was bought for $2.48. The lucky purchaser, Michael Sparks, discovered that it was one of 200 official copies of the Declaration, commissioned by John Quincy Adams in 1820, and after a year’s conservation and authentication it went to auction for $477,650.

Gold Bars and Coins – Again in America, an Arizona recluse passed away with no will, no close relatives and only $200 in his bank account; but when the house clearers moved in they found a big surprise. Stored within boxes in both the house and garage, they found gold bars and coins which were valued at $7 million based on weight alone – and since many of the coins appeared to be collectors’ items, the real value could far exceed that.

Whatever you want to store, here at Lock Up Garages we are experts in garage rental, so we can provide you with all the space you need at affordable prices.

Great Uses for Lock Up Garages

While many people choose to rent a lock up garage for the obvious use – parking their car – there are plenty of alternate uses that you can put them to. Have you considered...

Art Studio

Art can be a messy pastime, and if you’re short on space at home it can be annoying to get so far through a project and then have to tidy everything up to make room for dinner. Whether you’re a painter or a sculptor, a lock up garage can give you a convenient and secure space with plenty of room for storing your materials, as well as working on your latest masterpiece.

Model Railway

Anybody who’s ever spent time setting up their model railway will know the frustration of having to pack it all up again because somebody wants the kitchen table, or complains about the floor space being taken up. By using a lock-up garage for your model railway, you can spend all the time you want setting up the track and the scenery without having to worry about the space it’s taking up.


Going to the gym can be intimidating; for many people the answer is to get home gym equipment but, as most people know, an exercise bike in the bedroom often ends up being used as a particularly expensive clothes rack. By moving your home gym equipment into a lockup garage, you ensure that it’s there for one thing, and that’s working out. It also gives you the added incentive that you’re going to the garage and paying to rent it, so you should get a proper work out to get your money’s worth.


Every collector knows the feeling; you’ve seen something beautiful and perfect for your collection, but do you have the room for it? A lock up garage can easily provide the answer. With the right kind of display shelves to protect your prized possessions from damp and dust (which you would need wherever you kept them), your lock up garage can become not just a storage place, but a private gallery for your collection. Much better than keeping everything in boxes.

Whatever you plan to do with your lock-up garage, Lock Up Garages offer a great range to choose from, so make us your first choice for large garage rental and make the most of the extra space we can provide.

Kids Flown the Nest But Left Their Mess?

More than 400,000 youngsters are starting university in the UK this September. It’s an exciting time for both the new students and their parents alike. Emotions often run high, and the last weeks before departure can be filled with family dinners, last farewell drinks with friends, and reminiscing about how far they’ve come from potty-training to independent living. It’s no wonder that in the tumult of the time, the question of what to do with their bedroom can often go unasked.

Of course, your child will likely be back during some term breaks so it’s worth keeping a bed for them. Some parents keep their child’s room in exactly the same condition it was in when they left, but it seems healthier and more realistic to remove some of the clutter and reclaim the space for those living in the home.

Teenagers can often have a rather chaotic approach to bedroom maintenance, so why not have a clear-out? We don’t suggest you throw away all of their childhood mementoes, but you can box them up and keep them somewhere safe. For large garage hire, contact us to find out the location of your nearest available lock up garage. We also have a map on our site which should help you plan. You could even choose a garage in the town where your child is studying, so if they turn out to regret not taking anything with them, they can pick it up later.

Items your child may have left at home that serve little function include old school work, surplus clothes and shoes, mementoes, jewellery and ornaments, musical instruments and myriad other things which they have built up over the years – many of which are no doubt as a result of your generosity. These things have value so they certainly don’t want to end up on a skip, but keeping a room in your house as a shrine to your departed child doesn’t make much sense either. Consider how else you could use the space – a guest room, office, crafts centre, art room, or games den; anything you can think of really.

At Lock Up Garages, we offer multipurpose spaces, free for you to use as storage for any items that are simply taking up space in your home. Have a clear-out and enjoy the spacious nest you have underneath it all.

Tips On How To Stay Safe In Your Garage

Garages can be hazardous places, which is why it is significant to practice garage safety. There are a few things that contribute to the potential dangers found in the garage. First, garages are usually used to store all kinds of substances such as gasoline, and oil that can start fires and cause injuries. Second, tools such as lawn care products, and other sharp objects can harm people. So, how to stay safe in a garage?

#1 – Organise Your Garage

It is clear that messy garages create tripping hazards, and poor storage causes items to fall (on your head or foot for example). So, organise your garage! Clear the floor, use hooks, racks, cabinets and shelves to hold stored things. Also, don’t forget to store items that will be used frequently within reach, and little-used things such as holiday decorations store in shelving attached high on the wall. You can also keep items used for the same task (gardening, sport equipment, camping gear) together. In that way, you will know where to look when you