6 Tips For A Perfectly Organised Garage

Up and down the country, hundreds of thousands of us are living in fear of our dirty little secret that seems to grow, bigger and more intimidating by the day.

The cause of many a family argument, what can we be talking about? A messy garage of course! Your garage can be a fabulous extension of the home or extra space that you can rent from someone else, however so many of us fail to make the most of this wonderful space. Unorganised mess can make the garage seem out-of-bounds, and a trip inside needs preparation, care and can give any explorer sweaty palms at the sheer thought.

In this article, we’ll show you how to banish those fears, helping you to transform your garage from unloved hole to a tidy, well-organised and useful space.

Create Incentive

People are most likely to respect a place, if they enjoy spending time there. If your garage is dark and damp, then you’re far more likely to treat it as a dumping ground on your hurried visits to and from. Turn it into a light, inviting space however, and you’ll have an incentive to keep the space much more loved. Think about all the various different uses for your garage, and how you could use this space to potentially create another room to the house. Maybe you’re pining for a home gym. Maybe having a playroom would help transform your family home. If you don’t need your garage for storage, or it would be more useful used for something else, change things up! A fresh lick if paint, some nice lighting and more homely flooring will make all the difference. By creating a space to be proud of you’ll subconsciously become far more respectful.


If keeping your garage as exactly that, is key, then make sure you come up with a way to store your belongings. Rid the old, overflowing cardboard boxes and replace with storage units. Use old furniture to make useful cabinets for hardware, car equipment, cleaning items extra. Cube units are easily affordable from a variety of homeware stores and can be used to create bright and breezy storage solutions. Old work/school lockers can be purchased from a variety of places, and these make a fabulous way of keeping tools safe and out of harms way. For all the odds and sods that find their way to the garage, make labelled buckets available; dog toys, balls, and so on.

Vertical Storage

In order to maximise your available space, consider vertical hanging solutions for things like bikes and play equipment. Special poles exist that can be used to stack bikes, and you can even drill holes to the ceiling from which to hang items. Fishing rods and sporting equipment can be hung along the ceiling. Fabric shoe hangers can be re-purposed to hold tools, paint cans and even wellies.

Waste Centres

In the run up to bin day, garages can take a little bit of a hit, as they become a dumping ground for excess waste. To overcome this, make a “recycling and waste station.” Get separate bins or barrels and label each according to waste type – plastic, cardboard, glass etc. By creating a neat and tidy rubbish collection point, not only will you make putting the bins out a much easier task, you’ll also be saving space within the garage and your home.

Parking Places

If you have a young family, create space for toys, while giving responsibility and fun to youngsters by using brightly coloured tape to mark out their own “parking spaces” on the garage floor. This will keep toys to within a specific area, and make assigning job roles and responsibilities to your children easier.

Magnetic Strips

Use screws to fasten magnetic strips down at least one side of the garage. You’ll be able to then create a hanging space for garden and household tools, off the ground, but in an easy to see way.

With our 6 tips you’ll be able to help inject some love back into your garage, By making a clean tidy and pleasant space you’ll get more use out of it.

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