Collectables to Store Now to Make Money in the Future

If you’re looking to make more unusual investments, are an avid fan of hobbies, or someone with garage space to spare, tucking away collectables when you hire a garage could net you a small fortune in the future. Here are the most valuable assets to stock up on.


Fan culture is on the rise and there are loads of new releases that could make you some cash. The Superhero films are always popular, with branded model figures, comic books and games loved by fans worldwide – just look at the increasing popularity of comicons! Star Wars is an obvious classic, but even really popular kids films (think Disney or Pixar, for example) make things that buyers are going to love not just now but in years to come. A key tip for collecting memorabilia is to look for limited editions and limited production runs – they’ll be more exclusive.

Comic Books and Video Games

Comic books have had a cult following since they were first printed, and with more superhero films being made this is bound to continue. Older video games and consoles are harder to come by and so will hold their value for longer – stash yours away and look forward to reaping the rewards later (and not just in the fun you’ll have playing!). If you decide to rent a garage for a general clear out, then perhaps you’ll have some space to spare.

Vinyl Records

Whether yours or your parent’s, if you’ve got a stash of vinyl records hanging around, hold onto them. Collectors love to discover old artists and songs, the more obscure the better. Keeping collectables in good condition is always key, but this is particularly true for records, so hang onto artwork and protective sleeves, and remember records are always better when you can play them!

McDonald’s Toys

Believe it or not, those cute little toys you loved in your happy meal are making a comeback, plus with McDonald’s teaming up with brands to release limited edition character toys, you’ve got the perfect excuse to indulge. That’s not just a frivolous burger – you’re investing!

Top Tips for Storage

Protect your items and their packaging – try and keep them dust free and in their original packaging if you can. If you can resist the temptation to open the packaging, even better. Keeping your collectables out of the way so you can forget about them while they creep up in value is the best way to keep them in tip-top condition.

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