Car Crime Peaks When Cupid Calls

Research into crime rates in the UK has uncovered that Valentine’s Day may be good for your love life, but not for your beloved vehicle.

Apparently, savvy-criminals know that 14th February is a popular date for couples to take a taxi or walk to a romantic dinner, leaving their vehicles at home. This makes this period one of rich pickings for both organised and opportunist car thieves.

Be Cautious in Winter

The winter months in general provide a fruitful time for anyone who makes a career out of selling other people’s cars without their permission, especially when vehicles are not protected by Lock Up Garages.

Sadly, there are still car owners who leave their vehicles unlocked – with the engine running – while they de-ice their windows. This of course is an open invitation to unscrupulous thieves.

However, even if you keep your car safely locked near your property, the cover of darkness in winter provides today’s tech-savvy car thieves with plenty of opportunity.

Sophisticated Methods

Car crime rates have fallen dramatically in the UK. In fact, according to the AA the reduction is five-fold since the 1990s.

However, there are still around one million vehicles stolen or damaged each year. And much of car theft is at the hands of “professionals” who steal to order.

This also means that investing in the latest high-tech security systems for your car may not provide the level of protection you imagine. Organised criminal rings – who often ship cars abroad – also have access to the latest technology and invest in ways to override many modern security systems.

Keyless vehicles are particularly vulnerable to cyber-tech car crimes.

For example, professional thieves lie in wait near keyless vehicles on their “shopping list”. When the owner goes to lock their car remotely, the thieves use a jamming device to block the signal. Then when the coast is clear, they can drive away the unlocked car.

Keeping Your Vehicle Safe in Winter

Undoubtedly one of the biggest deterrents for even the most organised and determined thief is if you look for lockable garages to hire in your area.

Not only does a garage provide a high level of security for your vehicle, it also means it won’t suffer from iced up windows. So when winter comes, you can unlock your vehicle and garage and drive away with peace of mind.

Incidentally, winter is also a period when more cars are damaged in collisions, even when they are stationary. You may carefully park on the kerb near your house but if someone else driving by hits ice, it could be you counting the cost.

To find a lockable garage near you, ready for winter (and Valentine’s Day), contact us today and we can help.

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