Top Tips on Storing Your Christmas Decorations

When Christmas is over and it’s time to take down the decorations, it can be tempting to just chuck the lot into bin bags and throw them into your loft. Although this technique is quick and easy, it invariably leads to disappointment and frustration next year, when you rummage out last year’s decorations only to find them broken, tangled, or covered in dust.

You can get ahead of the post-Christmas storage debacle by planning ahead this year and making suitable storage arrangements now.

Rent a Garage

Unless you have a particularly large loft space with easy access, it’s not the ideal environment for storage. Delicate items can easily be broken and the space will often suffer from excessive heat during the summer and also from damp, conditions that can be damaging for your decorations.

If you rent a garage, you can use it for storing your items that would otherwise end up crammed into your loft. The extra space allows you to organise your possessions much more effectively so that things won’t be lost or damaged and you can find what you want much more easily.

Most people find that they have to move things around in order to accommodate their Christmas tree, lights etc. A lockup garage is the perfect secure place in which to put your displaced items of furniture until the festive season is over.

Where Possible, Use the Original Packaging

Fragile glass baubles and other tree ornaments often come in sturdy cardboard boxes with lids. Keep this original packaging and use it to store breakable decorations. Use a sturdy plastic box in which to stack the individual boxes of ornaments to protect them from being crushed and to preserve their original packaging.

Use Cardboard Egg Boxes to Store Loose Baubles

If you don’t have the original packaging for your tree ornaments, cardboard egg boxes make a perfect alternative. Stuff tissue paper into each compartment and sit a bauble or ornament in each one.

Use Belts for Artificial Christmas Trees

Artificial Christmas trees can look just as good as the real thing if you store them properly, so that they don’t get crushed or damaged.

One problem with artificial trees is that the branches tend to spring out, making them awkward to store. Take a trip to your local charity shop and invest in a few belts. Tie the belts around the tree at intervals to ‘cinch’ in the branches. Wrap the tree in bubble wrap secured with parcel tape to keep it clean whilst in storage.

You can keep your Christmas decorations safe and clean by following the ideas outlined above. A lock-up garage unit can also make an excellent safe place to keep other seasonal items, such as sledges or skis that would otherwise clutter up your home garage or loft.

For more information on hiring a lockup garage, contact our helpful team today.

It’s only normal that you’ll accumulate a number of possessions during your life. This can be anything from expensive valuables like furniture and instruments to more sentimental items like clothes and photographs. In addition, it’s normal that you’ll want to keep hold of these things, even if that means spending a bit of money to do so.

With that said, you shouldn’t have to pay too high a price for owning too many things – especially when you can rent a garage at an affordable price to store some of your belongings. Meanwhile, there are several less cost-efficient options that too many people end up forking out for. Here are three such options and the reasons why they don’t pay off.

A New House

One of the most extreme measures you can take to keep hold of your possessions is buying a newer, bigger house. But this isn’t just costly – it’s also a huge gamble! Not only will you be forced to fork out for stamp duty, solicitor’s fees and interest rates, you’ll also be risking jumping on the property ladder at a time when experts are warning that the housing bubble could soon burst. You’ll find it’s a lot cheaper and safer to hire a garage instead.

An Extension

An extension is just one step below buying a new house. Yes, it’s safer and it will allow you to keep your most prized possessions nearby. However, the cost of extending your home can slowly escalate from the original estimates. Before you know it, you’re paying an arm and a leg for extra materials and additional manpower. Alternatively, you’ll find yourself agreeing to a fixed rent when you turn to garage rental. This ultimately means that you won’t be hit with an unexpected bill out of nowhere just because you wanted to keep hold of your things.

Self-Storage Units

The average self-storage unit comes rammed with features that most people just don’t need. This can be anything from 24-hour security patrols to electronic sign-ins. Yes, this stuff is somewhat handy – but is it really worth paying for? After all, you should find that your belongings are safe and sound in a rented garage not too far from your home.

The Answer is Right In Front of You

If you want to keep your possessions safe without breaking the bank, then the best option is surely to rent a garage from Lock Up Garages.

For more information on the options available to you, please do not hesitate to contact us today and we will be happy to help.

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