5 Quirky Garage Uses You May Never Have Thought Of

If you have a garage, the likelihood is that you are using it as a dumping ground, rather than an extra room in your home. Within a flash, your spacious garage can end up cluttered with junk and therefore can’t be used to its potential. If you’re looking to convert your garage into an extra room in your home, here are a few quirky ideas you may never have thought of:

1. A ‘Man Cave’

Now all the rage, men in the house can have their very own space to play video games and watch their favourite sports. The great aspect of a ‘man room’ is that flamboyant decor isn’t needed – just a few comfortable armchairs, a TV, fridge and a games console.

2. A Home Cinema

A little more challenging to create, but extremely worth the work, why not convert your garage into a home cinema? You may decide to give your garage the classic look by choosing red armchairs and carpet and then add a large flat-screen TV onto the wall or white pull-down screen to project onto. Ensure you purchase a good sound system and a refrigerator to store away essential snacks and goodies.

3. A Casino Bar

You will be the talk of your friends by turning your garage into a lounge bar and casino. By choosing to use the space in this way, it will become a great place to entertain guests and make a real statement to your home. Add a couple of roulette wheels and build a traditional bar with stools to give the room a glamorous and authentic feel.

4. Music Studio

If you have a teenager that is set on having a music career, why not turn the dull space into a professional music studio? Here they may decide to rehearse and record music. It would be best to install soundproofing to allow them to make as much noise as they wish…and avoid keeping the neighbours awake!

5. Toy Room

If you have young children, there is nothing worse than hundreds of toys dotted around your main living space. To be free of clutter, a family/toy room will keep the rest of your home looking elegant and tidy at all times.

If you don’t have a garage with your home, or if your garage is already full and you’d like to store those items elsewhere so you can make use of extra room, why not rent a garage? At Lock Up Garages, we have garages across the UK. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information, or why not check out our other blog posts too.

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