Safe & Secure

The garage is checked and fitted with a combination padlock after each occupancy. You will therefore be provided with a unique combination number to access the garage at the start of your rental.

The combination number will only be released to the named person on the rental agreement following a number of security questions. This is to safeguard you/your belongings.

Should you wish to fit additional locks to the garage, you are required to request permission in writing. This is usually granted on the basis that we are provided with copies of any keys/combination details for possible future maintenance works/access by authorised personnel.

We would recommend that if using the garage for storage, like with storage of any item in any facility, items should be placed off the ground and on pallets, goods should not be stacked hard against walls – allowing ventilation, and items are appropriately covered with polythene or similar.

We do not insure the contents of our garages to rent. We would suggest that if you require the added security of insurance you discuss this direct with an insurance company. You may find that your current motor insurance provider may reduce your premium if the vehicle is garaged.

Some sites also come with the added benefit of a security gate.

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