How to Organise a Garage Sale

A garage sale can be fun, a way to declutter your home and best of all, profitable. It can be a fun and rewarding experience for anyone that organises one of these fantastic days. However, it is important that you get the planning right leading up to the event to have a truly great day. Organisation is a key component of a perfect garage sale.

So, how do you organise the perfect garage sale that will get you lots of sales?

Put Up Signs

If people do not know there is going to be a garage sale, rather obviously, they will not turn up to one. There is an element of marketing your sale that is vital for a successful day. It may be a bit of extra effort and time, but it will be worth it to create more footfall to your sale.

Arrow signs can also be a fantastic idea to lead people to the sale, as the easier you are to find, the more people that are likely to actually find you.

Use Tables

No one wants to buy something off of the floor – unless that’s it’s natural placing – so putting a few tables out is the best way to go. You look more professional and it makes browsing much easier for your customers. They don’t even actually have to be tables, you could pile up a few of the boxes you have lying around or make do with whatever table-like objects you have lying around.

Have a Free Section

Sometimes, you don’t actually want to sell everything that you want to be rid of at a garage sale. Or at least you’re not too fussed if they are purchased for the attractive price of £0.

A free section, or a whole box depending on your generosity, also makes people more inclined to make a purchase. It seems a greater bargain to buy something, then get an added extra on top of that for no cost.

Fair Pricing

Don’t overcharge. Of course, you want the most money for your own benefit. But, ultimately people won’t expect to have to pay a huge amount for second-hand goods. Having a pricing strategy that is fair to both you and your potential customers, then, is important. If you want more money for a certain product, try a buy one and get one free strategy in order to ensure value for money.

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