Workshop or Warehouse?

There are more reasons to rent a garage from Lock up Garages than providing your car with off road parking. We hear from many people who find that having a lock up garage is a good way of providing some extra space for other activities and storage space.

Owing to the persistent recession, the housing market is pretty stagnant at the moment. First time buyers are hit the hardest at present by not being able to get on the property ladder. This has a knock on effect all the way up the ladder, meaning that there isn’t much movement anywhere in the property chain. Unfortunately if you are finding that storage space in your home is limited, there isn’t much option for you to move somewhere bigger. A lock up garage makes a great secure solution to limited storage space. Simply add some rack shelving to keep your possessions off the floor and damp free. You can find some good shelving and storage solutions on the Machine Mart website.

Having somewhere to potter around is often high on the wish list of many men. The charity Age UK have even set up a project called Men in Sheds, which aims to provide workshops for men aged 55 and above to get together and work on craft based projects. You can find out more about the Men in Sheds project on the Age UK website. If you feel the need for somewhere of your own to potter around; or even a space to use as a workshop for your small business, then a lock up garage could be ideal.

For more information about renting a lock up garage use the search box on the Lock up Garages home page to find a garage for rent near you.

Will your garage be a workshop, a warehouse or maybe somewhere to keep your car?

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