Whats the Best Way to Secure Your Garage?

When securing your home, it’s worth paying attention to the security of your garage too. As it’s usually separate to the house, it’s really easy to forget about it. Unfortunately, this is the reason why the garage is often seen as the weak link within your security, offering thieves a perfect opportunity.

Is your garage leaving you vulnerable? We’ve put together a guide to some of the best ways to secure your garage and lower the risks of anything happening to you, your family or your possessions.

The Door is the Key to Good Security

As with any residential, commercial or industrial property, the garage door plays an important role in keeping everything inside safe and secure. It needs to be as secure as any other door in your home – you wouldn’t dream of leaving your front door unlocked all the time would you? Apart from locking the door, you should ensure that it’s made from materials that are strong and sturdy. You should have high quality locks on the door that aren’t easy to break.

Security Systems Are For the Garage Too

For some reason, a lot of people neglect to apply any type of security system to their garage. This is a huge mistake. Your garage needs to be protected just as much as your home, therefore it’s important to have high quality security methods in place. We suggest installing both an alarm and motion detector lights. With an alarm, if anyone tries breaking into your garage, you’ll be alerted to their presence straight away. Motion detector lights will come on when they sense somebody near your property, again alerting you to their presence!

Don’t Let People Peek Into the Windows

Some burglars treat theft a little bit like window shopping. They walk around an area until they spot something they like in a window. However, instead of purchasing the item(s), they just go in and take what they want. Don’t let your possessions be next on their list – keep your windows covered. Blinds or curtains will keep them from being able to peek inside – spoiling their fun! If this isn’t possible then you should keep anything of value or importance out of sight.

A Garage Timer is a Good Idea

If your garage door is automatic, it’s definitely worth having a timer installed. If you forget to shut or lock your garage door whilst in a rush, you’re basically sending out an invitation to all the potential burglars. By using a timer, your garage door will automatically close after a certain amount of time. With most timers, you can choose the amount of time that it waits before automatically closing.

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