What’s In Your Garage?

Many people use their garages for storage, but for most of us that means boxes of old childhood toys, mementos, sports equipment and toolboxes. Occasionally however, people store – and then forget about – some extraordinary things.

In a Bury garage, house clearers recently found a cardboard soup box containing an extremely rare 18th century Jewish manuscript. Called a haggadah, it’s completely hand written and illustrated, and is painted on goat skin. The manuscript will go to auction at the end of November, and while it’s listed at between £100,000 and £150,000, auctioneers say it could go much higher; up to half a million pounds.

More extraordinary finds from garages include:

Rare Cars – The 1937 Bugatti Type 57S was a very rare supercar; there were only 43 made, and only 17 of those had the “Atalante” body style. One of those 17 was bought by Harold Carr, who parked it in a lockup garage in 1960. In 2008, after Carr’s death, his nephew discovered the car when clearing his uncle’s possessions; it had been there, untouched, for over forty years. It later went to auction and sold for almost three million pounds. Alongside the Bugatti, there was also a classic Aston Martin and a Jaguar E-type.

The Declaration of Independence – American Stan Caffy had a copy of the Declaration of Independence on his garage wall, until his wife persuaded him to donate it to a thrift store alongside other unwanted items in 2006, where it was bought for $2.48. The lucky purchaser, Michael Sparks, discovered that it was one of 200 official copies of the Declaration, commissioned by John Quincy Adams in 1820, and after a year’s conservation and authentication it went to auction for $477,650.

Gold Bars and Coins – Again in America, an Arizona recluse passed away with no will, no close relatives and only $200 in his bank account; but when the house clearers moved in they found a big surprise. Stored within boxes in both the house and garage, they found gold bars and coins which were valued at $7 million based on weight alone – and since many of the coins appeared to be collectors’ items, the real value could far exceed that.

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