What You Will Need To Do To Use Your Garage As An Office

We believe that there is more to a garage than its boxy exterior. A garage door can hide secret rooms, years of collected treasure, beautiful cars for the Sunday drive, and much more. One of the most popular uses for garage conversions is the home office. According to the Telegraph, in 2010 650,000 garages had been converted to be used as a room with 470,000 in the pipeline to be converted.

So if you’re planning on converting your garage to an office and storing your hidden treasure away in a lock up garage, you’ll need to follow these steps in how to achieve the perfect garage office!

Planning Permission / Building Regulations

When changing any part of a building you need to consider whether or not you’ll need permission and paperwork. We suggest you get in touch with your local council and find out for definite what it is you will need. If you are only changing the inside of the building with floors and adding furniture, chances are you’ll only need building regulations. But, hey, cover your back and find out for definite from those important people at the council.

Now the legal and boring things are out the way you can focus on how you are going to create the perfect garage office.


What is an office without office furniture? Surely the reason you’re creating an office space is so you don’t have to spread your work out over the kitchen counter any more or sit with your laptop battery burning your legs. You need a nice big desk!

The obvious point of call has to be IKEA, and for obvious reasons; easy to build, easy to afford, and very easy on the eye! They have a wide range of desks to suit everyone’s needs so check them out here.

We all know what IKEA is like, they’ll have drawers and shelves to match with every little helpful thing you can think of, so we suggest you pop down to your local branch to kit out your office, and don’t forget a big potted plant (they always look good in offices).


With an office you’re likely to be running computers, laptops, lamps and other electronic equipment, so it’s worth calling in a local electrician to make sure you have a suitable power supply to your garage; the last thing you want is a power failure when you are mid way through some work!

Finishing Touches

Time to make it your own! Bringing in the personal touches will really top off your new home office. Add pictures of your favourite locations, or perhaps the hard-earned degree should have the centre spot on your wall!

Floor lamps and potted plants such as yucca trees make great decorations and will make your office feel a little more homely, and in doing so creating a pleasant atmosphere to work in, especially if you are bringing clients to your garage office.  So don’t forget another chair or couch for people to sit on!

If you’re looking to have your own converted office and are in need of the perfect place in London, or are converting your garage and need external storage, here at Lock Up Garages we offer large garage rental at competitive prices. We do supply a number of different sized garages for hire but we think for a work space bigger is better! If you want to sort out your new garage, talk to a member of our extremely helpful team on 020 8882 8575 or contact us by using our online form.

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