What to Look For in a Lockup Garage

There are many reasons why you’d want to rent a lockup garage, from creating your own start up company to converting it into a place where you can rehearse with your band. No matter the reason, finding the right lockup garage for your needs can be tricky, because you need to ensure that it can provide you with everything you’ll need. So, when hunting for a lockup garage to rent, you might want to consider choosing one with all these features:


When on the market for a lockup garage, the first thing you want to take a look at is pricing. High quality, reliable garages are available at affordable prices, so you’ll always find what you’re looking for – paying the necessary attention to competitive prices means that you’ll get the best deal and don’t need to go over budget.


Making sure that the garage has all the space you need is vital, otherwise it won’t be a good investment. You want to be able to place your musical instruments there, de-clutter your home of furniture you don’t need, store an extra vehicle, and much more. You might want to measure everything you want to store, so that you know the best garage size to rent – and fully enjoy it!


You’re opting for a lockup garage because you need the extra space, so it’s vital that you ensure the garage is easy to access. You don’t want to have to drive hours to get to your destination, only to have to drive back again after spending very little time there. Choosing a garage close to where you live or work is convenient and can save you time.


Finally, but equally important, is the need for safety. First of all, you want your garage to be in a good neighbourhood, so that you’ll feel comfortable leaving your possessions in there. Then you can consider other factors, such as the security of the locks and whether there are cameras keeping an eye on the garages. This has the added benefit of letting you sleep easier at night!

Lockup garages are extremely useful spaces that can be turned into anything you want, so choosing the right one is crucial to take full advantage of everything they have to offer. If you’re looking to rent a lockup garage, feel free to contact us today on 020 8882 8575 and we’ll be more than happy to discuss our services and products with you!

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