What Kind of Garage User Are You?

Here at Lockup Garages, we’ve been offering garages to hire for many years, and we’ve come to recognise the many uses they can have – and the many different kinds of people who use them. Some types are more common than others, however, and by answering the following questions you can find out which type you are!

What TV show does your garage remind you of most?

A – Obsessive Compulsive Hoarder
B – Fast and Loud
C – Dragon’s Den
D– The X-Factor

Which of these is the most vital feature of your garage?

A – Lots of shelving units
B – Good security
C – 24 hour access
D – Soundproofing

How is your garage organised?

A – It sort of orders itself chronologically – the older stuff is at the bottom of the pile…
B – Tools in easy reach.
C – Everything is filed and stored in its proper place, for maximum efficiency.
D – The door is where the front of the stage would be.

What’s the most important thing plugged into your electrical socket?
A- You can’t get to the electrical sockets any more.
B – Dehumidifier – you have to have dry air
C – Phone or laptop charger
D – Speakers

You find an odd metal thing in your garage – you’re not sure what exactly it is. What do you do?

A – Put it away. I’m sure it’ll be useful one day.
B – Check your Haynes guides to work out where it came from.
C – Put it on eBay.
D – Try and make an interesting noise with it.

If you were to walk into your garage blindfolded, what would happen?

A – Something might fall on your head. Not that you could walk very far in, anyway.
B – You wouldn’t do that for fear of scratching your paintwork.
C – You could put your hands on exactly what you need without looking.
D – An almighty crash tells you when you reach the drumkit.

Count up your answers and see your results below:
Mostly A’s : The Hoarder

Your garage is a treasure trove of stuff; childhood memories, potentially useful things, stuff that you keep meaning to fix and things that you just can’t bear to throw away. There may be some boxes in there that haven’t been opened in years, but that’s OK; you know where to find them when you need them, right?

Mostly B’s : The Petrolhead

Your car is your pride and joy and you just can’t understand why people would leave their vehicles parked outside. You have a few bits and pieces stored around the edge – mostly spare parts and tools for vehicle maintenance – but the main reason for having a garage is to store your car.

Mostly C’s : The Entrepreneur

Your garage is your work space – you have a business plan, and it calls for that bit of dedicated space to help you pull it off. It could be the storage for your eBay business, it could be impromptu office space or it could be the workshop where you’re refining your prototype ready for the Dragon’s Den. You’re pretty sure that one day, though, you’ll be as big as Apple, right?

Mostly D’s : The Musician

You need somewhere to practice where you won’t annoy the neighbours; somewhere with enough space for your whole band, perhaps. Particularly popular with drummers, because then you don’t need to disassemble your kit to go to rehearsals, and you can just get the rest of the band to come to you.

We hope that you enjoyed our lighthearted quiz and remember, whichever type of garage user you are, if you need a rental garage here at Lockup Garages we have over 13,000 across the country to choose from. For more information, contact us on 020 8882 8575 today.

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