UK Residents Urged To Secure Their Garages

UK Garage theft has been a concern for many over the past few years, and one look at the very latest news will suggest that garages are still being targeted by criminals in certain areas of the country. However, the issue is not necessarily with garages themselves, but rather with the security measures that people are (or, perhaps more accurately, aren’t) installing on their premises.

A good example of this is a recent article in the Littlehampton Gazette, which relates how a garage was burgled overnight during the course of last weekend. The owner was relieved of both a tool box and a mountain bike, and a further property in Yapton was also raided at a similar time, yet nothing has yet been identified as being stolen.

The police have implored people to assess the security of their garage facilities in response to this small outbreak of malicious incidents, yet clearly many people are still failing to comply with the recommended garage protection suggestions. Police recommend that all property located within a garage is extensively marked with an ultraviolet pen, and they similarly advise that alarms, padlocks and chains should be used to ensure that garage contents stay put.

It is a well known fact that many people overlook the garage when considering their home security systems, and the recognised habit of keeping expensive mechanical equipment within UK garages makes this a very risky oversight . Of course, you may not actually be able to do much with your garage or shed, especially if you own an especially rickety structure, and so at times it can be well worth looking into other ways to keep your possessions safe from unwanted attention.

One fantastic way to ensure that your stored items are kept safe is to look for garages to hire, and at Lock Up Garages we have access to the largest portfolio of these garages in the entire UK. All of our garages are high quality and regularly maintained to be as secure as possible, and so you can rest assured that anything housed within them will be as safe as it possibly can be.

We own units all across the UK and have developed a reputation for our secure garage facilities. Furthermore, lock up garages also allow you many benefits with regards to concepts like location, so hiring a garage from us will be positive in numerous ways. For more information, please be sure to contact us now.

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