UK Garage Space Becoming Increasingly Cluttered

Ideally, the garage is usually intended as a space to keep the family car safe. In reality, all too many garages never actually manage to fulfil this purpose, as they are increasingly becoming an additional ‘room’ of the house in terms of storage space. Statistics show that more and more UK homes are converting their garages into extra living space, or simply letting them become inundated with clutter. 1 million UK households have now changed their garages in this manner over the last 3 years, and more than 300,000 other homeowners are considering this measure in the future.

Set against this backdrop, only 28% of existing UK households actually use their garage to store their car, and a growing number of male home owners have been found to lament this loss of their traditional retreat. A full half of the males who were covered in a survey conducted by Halfords said that they would engage in far more regular DIY if they could retreat to their garages in the same manner as they remembered their fathers doing, and many also claimed that they would encourage their own children to get involved should their garage become more of a workspace than a storage room.

The garage used to hold a unique place as the location where practical skills were honed within the home, and this knowledge could then be passed on to the next generation; yet many homeowners are now blaming UK homebuilders for equipping their houses with a lack of usable storage space. These spatially constrained homes are progressively forcing people to store their other belongings within their garage, causing their traditional purposes to be gradually lost.

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