Top Storage Tips

Many of our customers use their garage for extra storage – whether it’s for short term storage while you’re redecorating or long term storage because you simply don’t have enough space in your home, a garage gives you a convenient, secure and easily accessible place to keep your belongings. However, it’s important to use the right storage options for all your possessions, to ensure that they come out in the same condition they went in.

Storing Clothes

If you’re storing clothes, make sure that you wash them first – you don’t want stains to set in – and dry them thoroughly before packing. If you want to keep insects away, consider using cedar blocks rather than mothballs – they smell nicer. Use an airtight plastic container rather than cardboard, which can easily be damaged, and line it with acid free tissue paper. Pack heavier clothes at the bottom, so they don’t crush your lighter items. Finally, store the container in an area that’s clean, cool, dry and dark.

Storing Vehicles

If you’re not going to use your vehicle for a while, it’s wise to store it properly. Change the oil and filter first – if you’re not expecting to use it for a long time, ask a mechanic about oils without caustic detergent additives. Fill the tank with premium fuel; although our rental agreement states that you cannot store flammable materials in our garage, we make this exception as condensation in the fuel tank can cause problems in stored cars. Check the coolant level and tyre pressure, and clean the car. You might also choose to remove the wipers and the carpets and store them somewhere warmer, and attach a battery maintainer to keep the battery charged.

Storing Paperwork

You may have some paperwork that you don’t want around the home, but don’t want to throw away. We recommend that you don’t store any paperwork with personal information in a garage – tax records, bank statements or anything that could be used to access your identity if it fell into the wrong hands should be kept safely at home. For other paperwork, pack it with archival tissue paper or in acid-free pockets, and store it in an airtight, watertight box, on a shelf so that it’s away from the ambient dampness of the floor.

Whatever you need to store, you can hire a garage from us in over 900 locations, giving you a safe, secure and convenient place to keep your belongings.

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