Tips for Organising Your Garage

A garage is an excellent storage solution, particularly if you only have a small home. However, some garages run the risk of becoming dumping grounds, void of any organisation or structure.

At Lockup Garages, we want to help you get the most out of your garage, so here are our top tips for getting organised.

Take Everything Out of the Garage

Before reorganising your garage, the best way to start is by taking everything out first.

Take a note of what you have, and ask yourself the following questions about items where you aren’t sure if they belong in the garage or not.

  • Do I love the item?
  • Do I need the item?
  • Does it need to be stored in the garage?
  • Is there a way to store it efficiently in the garage?

If you have something that’s useful, but that you haven’t used in ages, donate it to a charity shop or sell it online. If the item is no longer safe to use or wouldn’t be wanted by anyone else, find out whether it can be recycled or take it to your local tip.

Group Items Together

Using storage shelves and cabinets in your garage can help to keep everything secure and tidy.

To make it easier to find things and keep your garage tidy and organised, group similar items together. For example, keeping car maintenance tools and equipment together allows you to be able to find them immediately when you need them, and not spend hours looking through untidy drawers of items you don’t even need.

Use Wall Space

Particularly if you are using your garage to store your car, it is important to utilise wall and ceiling space as much as possible in order to maximise floor space.

You can use shelves and hanging frames for any tools or bikes to keep them tidy but easily accessible and visible should you need them. This also prevents running over them when you are parking your car.

We hope you found our garage organisation tips helpful. If you are looking to rent a garage in London, Lockup Garages can provide you with the secure space you need. Contact us today by calling 020 8882 8575.

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