Thinking Outside the Box: Pop Ups

The world is full of ideas. They make it go around, according to some people. So, pushing a new and amazing idea out into the world is a sure way to keep it spinning that little bit longer. One idea that could take advantage of the amazing spaces that a garage offers is to create a temporary ‘pop-up’ shop. These are impermanent, temporary, ventures that utilise clever advertising and people’s thirst for rarity.

This is especially useful for online businesses that do not want a permanent store but want to generate more awareness and perhaps a boost in sales during the off-season.

So, how does a pop-up store help to promote your online business and ultimately drive more traffic to your virtual store from a physical one?

Bringing Online Offline

The primary purpose of creating a pop-up garage shop would be to transfer your online sales to the real world. It may be as a result of a slow reason, so added revenue is needed to recuperate the losses. Or, you may feel that some real-life interaction is needed in order to get people interested in your products.

There are many advantages that a store in real life can have internet shopping. They appeal more widely to impulse shoppers, not to mention a pop-up store in a garage would be an extremely memorable experience. The customers would not be forgetting your business anytime soon. Something which may convince them to make future purchases on your online store. In this way, you will generate both awareness of your brand and extra money throughout the day.

Either way, in order for this to work you need to create the appropriate exposure to ensure that this is not a flop.

Promoting Pop Up Shops

Social media is your friend. No, really. It is almost impossible to get as good exposure anywhere else than on your preferred social media platform. This is especially crucial for such a short-lived venture as a pop-up shop. Place a banner on your website, create a post on Facebook, tweet everything from your preparation to a prize for your first customer of the day. The more you do, the more people you will find popping into your pop up.

Overall, a pop up can be great for business. Plan it well, put in the effort to let people know where you will be and you may find that a permanent shop is in your future after all!

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