The Vital Importance of Secure Garage Facilities

Occurrences of household burglary are becoming more and more sophisticated according to modern observers. The Telegraph relates how evolving technology has allowed burglars to make use of metal detectors to locate hidden jewellery within the home, enabling valuables to be discovered far more quickly than when using a more traditional search technique. Criminals are also using other systems, such as fake 24-hour locksmiths, to ply their trade. Such facts are extremely worrying, but this article is also notable for pinpointing another pattern within modern society.

As related by this report, garage theft is a prominent concern within the UK, and indeed it shows no signs of abating. The fundamental trap that most people fall into when considering garage security is to apply more lax standards than they would do to the rest of their home, and this creates a weak point that can be exploited. Not only can such garages be easily entered, but they also provide an access point into the wider household when they have an interior door. The average figure for each garage theft in the UK weighs in at a substantial £973 worth of damages, and the lack of response from UK homeowners means that this sum is unlikely to decrease.

When it comes to improving garage security, there are a number of options that can be pursued. Trying to open up better lines of sight to your garage is one noteworthy consideration, as are more obvious steps like reinforcing the quality of any exterior, or indeed interior, locks and doors. Garage windows are also a weak point, and selecting a method of restricting entry through these apertures is a fundamental objective. However, sometimes a person might own a particularly rickety garage, or simply not be able to refurbish their existing garage without substantial renovation work. In such situations, it may well be worthwhile investing in some off-site storage.

Here at Lock Up Garages, we provide secure garage hire across the UK, giving you peace of mind about your garage’s security, or allowing you the time to improve your existing setup. We possess the largest portfolio of lock up garages in the whole UK, so are able to meet your requirements no matter what you might need. For more information, please contact us now.

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