The Top 10 Most Expensive Garages in the World (Part One)

The Top 10 Most Expensive Garages in the World (Part One)

As professional providers of garages to rent, we understand the various uses a garage build can be utilised for. Although garages were originally just a place to keep your car, we think it pretty incredible to see how the everyday ‘garage’ concept has evolved over the years.

But when exactly does a garage become much more than just, well, a garage? When it becomes more expensive that the usual home, private jet, or celebrity pad in LA, of course!

So, let’s try and compare the two…

The average garage

And the not-so average garage… (Okay, now you’re just showing off John Travolta!)

But who are we to judge? Whatever the use – here’s a quick look at the top 10 most expensive garages in the world. Prepare to be a little jealous!

“The Garage next to Harrods” – £850,000

Well, this cheeky garage look’s a lot more like your average lockup than anything else, but the price tag seems to say something a little more luxurious! Priced at a whopping £850,000 – this 6.4 metres wide and 4.75 metres deep build isn’t expensive for its features or stylish appearance – but for its location! Located in one of the prime lots in Britain, this Knightsbridge beauty is next door to swanky department store Harrods, and is as expensive as 3 averaged-sized homes in the UK! Wow.

Tom Gonzales’ Garage – $5 Million

After software engineer Tom Gonzales retired and sold his company, he bought an estate in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. This estate was where he built the ultimate garage to house design, in order to protect his car and motorcycle collection. As most of his cars and motorcycles are in a building that’s pretty much a mansion, the very best of his collections are stored underground in a lower floor than can only be accessed via elevator.

Although don’t be fooled – it’s not your average elevator. It’s 60ft long, 12ft wide and 15ft high, and is the type of contraption that is used in aircraft carriers to lift planes. Very swish, Gonzales!

Million Dollar Garage in NYC – £1 Million

This pretty boring looking parking garage is located in an eight-storey post-war building, which was formerly used as a parking space and currently houses condominium units. The spot is only being offered to anyone who lives in the building, but will be treat as a real property transaction and comes with a very impressive deed of sale and contract. With that kind-of price, you think you’d be living a parking dream, eh? No – the buyer will also be charged for maintenance fees of the parking spot!

But go on, what does the buyer get? A parking garage that has direct street access and a 12ft by 23ft parking space with a high ceiling… Shame about the price tag!

Francis Wisniewski’s Garage – $1 Million

Forty4 Asset Management CIO Francis Wisniewski wanted a garage with a bit of home to it, so opted for a Las Vegas theme for his garage build.

Located in a rectangular 15,000 square foot garage in downtown Chicago, Wisniewski’s creation is complete with ‘Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas’ sign, an avenue lined with glossy red pillars and a small basket ball court. The build even homes a pretty impressive collection of sports memorabilia and a gambling room, too!

His cars are stored in lifts, each costing $5,000, and he estimates all electrical work and ventilation systems cost a pretty hefty £400,000. In total, the garage took him 9 months to design, and a further 9 months to build…

Jay Leno’s Big Dog Garage – N/A

Jay Leno is already pretty well known for his vast collection of vintage, classic and luxurious cars and motorcycles, but where does he keep them all? Well, in his Big Dog garage in his Southern California home, of course! Spread across 2 buildings, the 17,000 square foot garage is fully equipped with a fabrication shop, a machine shop, and a kitchen!

The garage is usually closed to the public, but Leno did offer 215 guests a personalised guided tour for $100 each, and the proceeds went to the Juvenile Arthritis Alliance. How much did the joint take to build, though? Leno isn’t up for sharing those details, but what we do know is that it took around $450,000 to turn the place green with solar panels, in 2010… So we’re guessing it was quite a bit more than that. You go, Jay Leno!

…To be continued!

Are you jealous yet? Well don’t forget to check back for part-two of this blog next week! And in the meantime, if you fancy renting yourself a little more of an affordable garage option – please get in contact with our friendly and helpful team on 020 8882 8575 today!

Previously on this blog we’ve brought you news of the UK’s most expensive garage. Remember that rundown, poky place nestled around the back of some terraced houses in Kensington and Chelsea? That was sold at auction for a little over a colossally cool quarter of a million pounds. Developers said they planned to carve the place up and use the land to create a neat little apartment house.

Well, move over, crazy-expensive Chelsea garage – there’s a new garage on the block that’s on the market now for even more than £500,000. With space at an absolute premium these days, and property prices at an utterly gargantuan level, it’s probably no surprise that people are looking to make a quick and cool buck – and estate agents are certainly in no hurry to dismiss the practice of selling such tiny spaces.

No surprise for guessing where this particular garage is located. Yep, let’s get ourselves heading back to Kensington in London, this time to see a garage which is on sale for pretty much the same price as an eight-bedroom mansion pretty much anywhere else in the country. The oh-so-exclusive W8 postcode, however, means that folks can charge an absolute bomb for the little garage.

Fancy taking a punt on how much it’s going for?

Take a seat – you’ll need one, along with a stiff drink – and we’ll tell you.

£650,000. Well over the quarter-mil mark, and for that you’ll get yourself access to precisely 420-square foot of uninhabitable shelter. Sure, Raglan International, the estate agents who are selling the property, claim that the place has the potential to be turned into a snazzy little one-bedroom ground-floor apartment – but the fact is that while planning permission was granted a decade ago in order to perform such a miracle, it’s since expired. So if you’re feeling in the mood to pony up for the property, you’ll also have to reapply for planning permission to turn it into the garage home of your dreams.  Currently the garage has exactly what you’d expect a garage to have. A forecourt with room for two cars, and a roller-blind door – which is electric, if that swings it for you.

Raglan International spokesman Christopher Mackay has said: ‘It is no ordinary garage. Although it seems ridiculously expensive, it’s actually quite a good deal when you think about what it could be worth if it was turned into a house.’ He continued, ‘’It’s only been on our books ten days, but we’ve  already had a lot of interest. And every viewing is different, because every prospective buyer gives you their vision of how they’d turn it into something special.’

And what does special mean to Mr. Mackay? ‘If you did it well you could have a good sized one-bedroom flat, with two off-street parking spaces, and sell it on to easily make 10% of what you invested. It has the potential to be an incredible and unique property.’

Over in Australia, meanwhile, they’ve got their own uber-expensive garage going on. And while it’s certainly more expensive than that paltry £500,000 garage, it’s not quite up there with the latest offering from London. The garage was originally worth around £450,000, but after the owners converted it into a house, the price shot up to £640,000. So perhaps there’s something in this garage-living business.

Ok, we may have more than 13000 units in over 900 locations across London and the south-east – but we’re not going to make you shell out that much for renting one of our garages. If you’re in the market for large garage rental, then relax – here at Lock-Up Garages we’ve got you covered. For more information about our units, locations and services, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 020 8882 8575 and our amiable team will be more than happy to help you find precisely what you’re looking for.

It sounds like the stuff of science fiction – it is, after all, straight out of Star Trek – but one man is set on boldly going where no one has gone before, and he’s doing it from his garage. What are we talking about? Building a warp drive – the hypothetical propulsion engine which allows the fictional starship Enterprise to travel across the universe faster than the speed of light.

You might be forgiven for expecting the man in question to be some sort of crazy hermit, but he’s actually a science professor at the University of Nebraska by the name of David Pares. In between teaching a dozen courses a year, he puts aside a couple of hours a day to sit in the garage attached to his home and work on bending the very fabric of space itself.

So, the first question is, what is a warp drive supposed to do? Well, the biggest problem that mankind faces if we want to explore space is speed. The nearest star outside of our solar system, Proxima Centauri, is over four light-years away; according to Einstein, travelling at the speed of light would require infinite energy (which we don’t have!) and travelling faster than that would be impossible. That means if we’re going to go outside of our solar system with current technology, it most likely means signing on for a lifetime trip.

The theory behind the warp drive, however, could be a way around that. If you imagine that space is like a sheet of fabric, and you want to go from one spot to another, the traditional way would be to travel (for several light-years) along the fabric. If, however, you could simply fold the sheet, you could put the two points right next to each other and jump across – so the journey time becomes negligible. The ship would travel inside a “warp bubble” where space is conveniently not folded up, keeping everybody inside safe.

According to Pares’ theory, these bubbles already occur. They are the explanation for strange events such as the 1970 flight of Bruce Gernon, an experienced pilot who steered through a gap in the clouds when facing a fierce thunderstorm and found himself a hundred miles away from where he ought to be. This flight did happen in the area known by many as “The Bermuda Triangle”, though – make of that what you will.

Pares believes that these local space warps are created by the immense electrical energy within the storms so he set about replicating those conditions in his garage.

In a series of experiments, he beamed a laser into the core of his field and observed a compression of the beam. He’s since turned his attention to creating a warp drive motor to create the same effect, and to demonstrate it he’s been building a seven foot “spacecraft” which his motor should be able to lift a few feet off the ground.

As to why he’s conducting these experiments in his garage – as opposed to a fully equipped and funded university laboratory, perhaps – well, not all of his colleagues are supportive. Although he’s submitted papers to conferences and publications, he doesn’t have the support he needs to pursue it officially. At least, not until he can prove that it works – then, no doubt, a wide range of agencies across the world will be clamouring to have him on board.

The thing is, we know he won’t succeed. After all, everybody knows that the warp drive will be invented in 2063 by Zefram Cochrane, and he won’t be born until the 2030’s…

Here at Lockup Garages, if you’re looking to rent a garage in London we have over 13,000 properties that might suit you – although we must admit, we hope you won’t be trying to build a warp drive in any of them! For more information, get in touch with us on 020 8882 8575 today.

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