The Most Unusual Items Found in Garages

Most of us have a few treasures hidden away in our garages – usually old dollhouses that would fetch a couple of quid on eBay, or photographs taken in times when flares were fashionable the first time around. But nothing we’ve ever had in our garages can top these unusual items.

Rolls Royce Collection

In 2013, in a quiet suburb of Milton Keynes, a stunning collection of 13 Rolls Royce and Bentley cars was unearthed, in the garage and surrounding garden. Alongside several vintage 20/25s produced between 1929 and 1936, other pre-war beauties including a pair of Silver Wraiths and a 1933 Phantom II Continental Touring Saloon thought to be worth an astonishing £30,000, were also found. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that leaving your old Fiesta banger in storage will net you anywhere near as much.

Spanish Cat

Earlier this year, an Aberdeenshire resident got an exotic surprise when they opened their garage, only to discover a short-haired tabby cosying up inside. Enlisting the help of Cats Protection, it was found that Tina the tabby was originally microchipped in the Spanish town of Fuerteventura. Assuming that the cat wasn’t just here on holiday, with a little more hunting, they discovered Tina’s owner had recently moved to Scotland – 30 miles away, to be precise, in Bridge of Don. Perhaps little Tina was trying to make her own way back to the sun, sea and golden sands of Spain.

Hitler’s Toilet

Probably the weirdest item ever found in a garage – at least for now – has to be Hitler’s toilet. Even seriously evil fascist dictators need to relieve themselves occasionally. The Nazi khazi, now owned by Greg Kohfeldt, was originally installed on the Fuhrer’s yacht, the Aviso Grille, built in 1935 and later found in full working order in a garage in New Jersey. Kohfeldt claimed that there are tons of artefacts from the yacht dotted around the American town of Florence, including the ship’s wheel, and a map table on display at the Veterans’ Association. There’s a joke here about rhyming Adolph’s surname with the contents of that toilet, but we’re far too professional to make it.

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