The Largest Vehicles Ever

Many of our customers come to us for large garage hire because they simply can’t fit their vehicle into their own garage at home. We’ve written before about these size problems; older homes were built with garages to fit the common cars of their time, and tend to be just too small for the larger family vehicles and SUVs of today, and even modern homes are all too often built with garages too small to practically park a car inside.

However, if for some reason you were looking for parking space for one of these vehicles, even we couldn’t help you!

Caterpillar 797

Introduced in 1998, the Caterpillar 797 is the largest, highest payload capacity, mechanical drive haul truck in the world. The picture above is of the first generation truck, which was a few feet shorter in both height and length than the current version, which is 51 feet 6 inches tall with the body raised and 49 feet 6 inches in length; it can carry 363 tonnes and has a top speed – when loaded – of 42mph.

NASA Crawler Transporter

They were designed to carry the space shuttle into place, so it’s hardly surprising that they’re sizeable. The NASA Crawler Transporters – there are two – are 131 feet long, 114 feet wide, and over 20 feet tall. They each have two 2,750 horsepower V16 diesel engines, but their top speed is only two miles an hour. Not something that you’d like to get stuck behind!

Big Muskie

If you’re building a vehicle that is essentially designed to eat mountains, then naturally you’re going to be working on a pretty big scale. Big Muskie was made for the Central Ohio Coal Company in 1969, and it was the largest single-bucket digging machine ever made – you could fit two Greyhound buses side by side into its bucket. Sadly, although enthusiasts wanted it to be relocated and turned into a museum, it was scrapped on site in 1999. Big Muskie was 222 feet 6 inches tall and 487 feet 6 inches long with its boom down, and weighed 27 million pounds.

The Bagger

The Baggers are a family of giant industrial bucket wheel excavators. The biggest is Bagger 293, which stands 314.9 feet tall and 738.2 feet long, weighs 31.3 million pounds and needs five people to operate. It’s used in a brown coal mine in Germany, so you probably don’t need to worry about meeting it on the motorway.

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