The Best Places to Have a Garage

We tend to forget that garages aren’t simply a household fixture; yes some people buy a beautiful detached house purely because it comes with our most beloved outdoor space, but there are plenty of other places where either owning a garage or investing in large garage rentals can come in handy.

In the Country
It brings to mind breathtaking, rural images of green fields and graceful livestock, of wholesome farms and winding country roads. Just because it’s like this in some areas doesn’t mean it’s like that in others. There are some areas of the countryside protected from having any additional buildings added to them. This means you have to go through a lot of paper work in order to be granted permission to build on your own land, especially if that land borders on greenbelt territory. A rental garage in this instance could be just what you need to survive the harsh wind and rain, if nothing else, then at least it’ll stop potential car thieves from seeing your vehicles and targeting your property.

In the City
It’s all about safety in the city; we’ve all heard of the horrors of car thefts, scratches, dents and straight up vandalism. It’s a scary thought but it doesn’t have to be. Different areas of London present different risks and problems, but for those of you living in a city you can make use out of a garage by protect your belongings.

Blocks of Flats
What if you live in a block of flats? Well, we know some buildings offer car parking facilities, but these can sometimes be in crammed and insecure locations. At other times they can simply be non-existent. It’s always a welcoming thought knowing that your vehicle is safe in a garage, and to make it even more secure, you can take a look at our blog, eep It Safe: How To Turn Your Garage into Fort Knox, to see how else you can keep your goods out of sticky hands.

Terraced Houses
We know how hard it is travelling around a city, the very last thing you want is to get stuck trying to find a parking space. You’re a busy person after all, and sometimes driving around the block multiple times, trying to find a place to park can take up your valuable time. However, a rental garage would suit you- and your claustrophobic streets- perfectly. Not only will you always remember where your car is, but you can relax after a busy day at work knowing that you definitely have a parking space to lock your car up in when you get home.

Because Parking is a Pain
You could even rent a garage simply to help you out in town. If you find yourself travelling by car a lot and don’t have the pennies to dish out for however many hours you’re in the office, you could always park your car in your rented garage when you’re at work. We like to think of it as your personal ParkSafe.

With your job
We’ve spoken before about how a garage can double as your entrepreneurial work space, but what if you already have a business? Well large rental garages don’t just cover your homes, they can cover your work place too. If you find your current storage room is too full, you can store your supplies in your rented garage without any hassle, giving your store or office more space to utilise to the best of your business.

Lockup Grages
are a perfect opportunity for you to keep your car safe and to keep your peace of mind, no matter where you’re living or what you’re intending to use them for. If our large garage rentals in London suits your fancy, contact us on 020 8882 8575 for more information.

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