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As we have mentioned in one of our older blogs ‘Parking your car in the city’ can be very difficult and no city is harder to find an available space in than London. For those that need a car for their everyday commute or other journeys a parking space outside their home is an absolute must. These parking spaces are often only big enough to accommodate a small car such as a three door hatch back or supermini and trying to park anything larger can result in stress and even repair bills.

What if you have a family though and need a larger car? What if you want to keep a sportier car for the weekends? Those longer trips with all aboard to go and see the family, a weekend away in the sun, these trips are simply not practical in the everyday hatchback. The fact is that some people need or simply want another car that can cater for those longer weekend journeys and living in the capitol city should not limit their options. One perfect solution could well be to rent a garage in London and store your second car offsite. Below we have laid out some of the great benefits that come along with renting a garage;


When you leave your car away from your home you want to be absolutely sure that it is safe and not at risk of being vandalised or stolen. All of our rental garages come with a unique combination lock that only the tenancy holder after a number of security questions. The garages are also checked before your tenancy to ensure that they are completely safe. All this means that you can rest easy knowing that your car is safe and is not at risk of the bumps, scrapes and damage that can come from on-street parking.


Unlike London parking spaces, all of our garages are big enough to accommodate the average family car such as a people carrier or a 4×4. This means that come the weekend you can swap the cars over, put the hatch in the garage and load up the people carrier or the roadster for a weekend away. Many of our customers even use their garage throughout the weekend will drop their partner and children off on the way to work allowing them to complete the school run.

Dry storage

Many of our customers use their garage as a place to store their classic car, classics are something that must be cherished and cannot stand up to the changing weather conditions and rain as well as modern cars. Our garages are a safe and dry place where you can store your classic car and ensure that it will be protected from the rust and rot that is the killer of far too many classic cars. With one of our garages you will be able to store your pride and joy away during the week knowing that it will be exactly how you left it when it comes to the weekend.

A place to work on your car

Many people that have two cars have purchased a second car as an investment that they intend to repair and improve to get the full enjoyment from. Unfortunately an outside parking space does not make the best workshop and the British weather rarely permits any outside work. Our garages offer you a space that is dry in which you can perform any vital maintenance or improvements that your car needs.

So if you are struggling with having only one car or perhaps have two and struggle to find space for both why not contact us and see how we can help? We have over 13,000 garages available to rent in over 900 locations and will surely have one that is close to you, who knows we may even have one on your very street.

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