Signs That You Need More Storage Space!

Nobody can every have enough storage – fact!

Space is a valuable commodity in any home and it’s something we could all do with having a little more of. After all, some extra storage space can be all your need to transform your home from cramped and cluttered to spacious and tidy.

Here at Lock Up Garages we have a wide selection of garages to rent, which are ideal for storing you old and unused items. And as far as we’re concerned our garages are the ultimate space savers.
Want to know if you could do with a little more storage in your life? Then check out our guide to signs that suggest you’ve got too much stuff for your space!

Certain Rooms Are Off Limits

We’ve all seen it, that room that no one dares enter due to the perilous piles of boxes and other items that are stacked to the ceiling.

If you’re running short of space it can be all too easy to let one of the rooms in your home become a dumping ground for all the items you cannot find a home for. But this can be a big waste of space!

If you want to reclaim the rooms in your home then consider investing in some extra storage space. This way you will no longer have to keep one room off limits to your guests and can enjoy having a little extra living space

Finding Things Takes Forever

There’s no denying that the more stuff you have, the more difficult it can be to find the things you need.

If you find yourself spending ages routing around to uncover what you’re looking for then this is a clear sign that you’ve got too many things in your home. Having too much stuff can make keeping your home organised a real challenge. So why not streamline your space and declutter your home by putting some of your items into storage – simple!

Lots of Large Unused Items

Large items, such old furniture and appliances take up space. A lot of space. But because these items are expensive they’re definitely not the easiest to part with. That’s why if you’ve got a few of these lying around then you’re probably going to want to find some extra storage space so that you can free up some room in your home.

Crowded Closets

If you’re a devoted fashion follower then you’re going to want to ensure that you’ve got enough space to indulge in your favourite bad habit.

But If you can’t close your wardrobe doors then this is a clear sign that it’s either time to step away from the clothes shops or find somewhere else to store the clothes that you’re not using – a pretty easy decision, surely!

Your Kids Are Gone But Their Stuff Isn’t

If your kids have flown the nest but you’ve still got plenty of their old toys and games lying around then it’s probably time to let them go – or find somewhere else to keep them. As a handy tip if you want to avoid family arguments, then the latter is probably the best option!

You’ve Got A Car… But Nowhere To Keep It!

These days, many people no longer use their garage to park their car. The reason – it has become a makeshift storage facility. And this often means that their car is simply left out in the cold.

To overcome this problem you could simply consider renting another garage to keep your car safe and secure. Or use this to store your stuff and reclaim your existing garage for your vehicle – whatever works!

So there we have it, some key signs that it’s high time you got yourself some extra storage space. And that’s where we can help! Our lock up garages are an ideal option for storing your old and unused items and will make saving space in your home a breeze.

If you would like to know more about our services, then simply contact our friendly team today, by giving us a call on 020 8882 8575.

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