Seven Amazing Ways to Use Your Hired Garage

People choose to hire a garage from Lock Up Garages for many reasons. The most common reason is that they don’t have a garage of their own and they wish to store a vehicle. Garages though, aren’t just for cars, they provide the perfect space to store any kind of items. From important documents to your children’s old toys our garages hold a multitude of objects. Lock Up Garages have over 13,000 garages to hire in 900 locations across Southern England. We don’t mind what you use your garage for, provided it is legal and you don’t make any alterations to the structure or fittings of the garage. Here we offer some inspiration for what you can use your storage space for:

1) Home gym

Provided you don’t alter anything about the structure of the property, you can use the garage space to store gym equipment and practice. You may want to request a garage with a window for ventilation or get one which has a roller door so you can have it partially open when exercising. If you don’t have the space in your house for gym equipment and want somewhere private to improve your fitness then this is a simple and cost effective solution.

2) Craft Space

If you have a hobby such as making jewellery, knitting, textiles or card making then you could hire a garage to store all your craft supplies and even work in there. You could buy portable plastic shelving and storage units and move in a table so that you have space to work. This will provide a space where you can make a mess and not worry and you won’t be distracted from your intricate work.

3) Band Practice Room

If you have budding musicians in your family or you already have an established band, then to save money and prevent your housemates from getting headaches, why not practice in a private and more removed location? You can practice to your heart’s content and as the space is yours you won’t have to pack up the drums and cart home the amps when you’re done.

4) Garden Shed

A lot of our lock up garages are based near allotments so if you have an allotment space, you could also rent a garage to keep all your tools and gardening supplies. Alternatively if you have your own garden but your shed is already piled high with equipment then finding a nearby garage would be ideal .Store your lawn mower, wheel barrow, bags of compost and more.

5) Extra Vehicle Storage

You might already have a garage, but it may be so chock-a-block with junk or occupied by other vehicles that you still require space to store a car. According to governmental statistics the amount of British households who owned two or more cars was 31% which is almost a third of all British households. Some people have a single garage at their home or available parking, but in order to keep their extra vehicle safe and in good condition they opt for hired storage.

6) Loft or Basement Replacement

If you live in an apartment then it isn’t likely to have a loft, basement or any kind of storage room as space will be at a premium. If you have items that you don’t often use or things that you need to get rid of but will get  round to it, then you can easily hire a garage to put all your unwanted or bulky items until you find a permanent home for them.

7) Temporary Storage
You may need a space where you can store a lot of items whilst your life is in a period of transition. It may be that you are moving home and until you have sorted out where all the furniture is going. You may also require a temporary space to put furniture if you are redecorating or renovating a room and having all the room contents in one place would be less disruptive than dispersing them across the house.

Whatever your reasons for hiring a garage from Lock Up Garages, you will always find a helpful service and a solution to your storage needs. To find as garage need you just visit our interactive map or if you have any queries don’t hesitate to contact us.

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