Protecting Your Garage From Floods

It happens from time to time. The weather gets out of control and the next thing you know the drains are pumping up water instead of swiftly carrying them away. It can’t be helped, especially if your garage is at the bottom of a hill or if there are drains outside of your garage door.

Though a little bit of water is harmless, it can have the potential to cause significant damage to the belongings you’ve so lovingly stored away in the large garage you hire. Luckily there are some quick, easy and cheap ways to keep your belongings safe and sound when the heavens open.

Keep Precious Belongings Off Of The Floor

There might be some times you can’t help but keep on the floor of your garage. Your car for instance, or your ladders may be too big to store on shelves, nails and hooks. Smaller items, however, should be handled with more care and thought. Don’t be fooled by paint tubs, they may seem nicely secured, but the last thing you want is to find that Royal Red has spilled out of its tin and decorated your garage and the rest of your belongings.

Cardboard boxes full of clothes, toys and fabrics are should also be high on your priority list. Getting these items wet with dirty drain water can make them smell and (if you haven’t caught them in time) can make your fabric mouldy. Investing in a simple shelving unit or set of draws to keep all of your precious belongings in can greatly help to protect them from any water damage.

Remember To Turn Off Electrical Appliances

This is the main area for concern when it comes to flooded garages. If you have any electrical appliances they should be kept off of the floor and in an air tight container at all times. Failure to do so can greatly damage your wires ability to work safely and effectively. Not only that, but if you’ve left any electrical appliances on, the possibility of them short circuiting is very high. The very last thing you want is to start a fire or to turn a small amount of water into an electrical minefield.

Invest In Sandbags

If you know your garage could be at risk of flooding, be it drains or the gradient it’s situated on, it could be a good idea to think ahead and invest in some sand bags.

Sandbags are the go-to when it comes to possible floods and they can greatly reduce and risk of water getting into your garage. Although we do supply our own in-house maintenance or your garage, taking that extra bit of security can help to save your personal belongings.

Though we don’t insure your personal belongings, we put our customers concerns and worries above all else and do our best to help where we can. For more information about what large garages we have for hire, contact us today on 020 8882 8575.

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