Pest Trap! Protect Your Garage Against Unwelcomed Guests

In one of our previous blogs Does Whatever a Spider Can: How to Spider-Proof Your Garage we talked a lot about how to prevent our eight legged friends from finding their way into our garage. What about all of those other leggy fiends though? How can you prevent ants, flies, rodents and other creepy crawlies from finding their way into your carefully stored belongings?

Spring Clean… or All Year Clean

It doesn’t have to be spring for you to give your garage a good ol’ scrub. In fact, during the colder, wetter months, you should probably make sure you’re cleaning out your garage regularly as this is the time when pests try to bed down for the winter.

Clearing everything out of your garage will give you the chance to see if there’s anything snuggling down in your box of fabrics… or that old sofa you can’t fit in your house anymore. Not only will a constant check help you eradicate any pests from your belongings, it will also help you see exactly what you have in your garage!

Sweep your garage floor and bring in a portable heater to remove any moisture as damp patches act as a homing beacon to some bug species.

Once clean and tidy why not move around your garage interior?

Find a Pest? Remove it!

If you do find any pests in your garage make sure you remove them. While they may be docile during winter, as soon as it grows warmer you can expect them to become more active. The last thing you want to open your garage door to is a nest of bugs!

Non toxic pesticides are great for repelling pests from your garage without harming the environment. Make sure you’re constantly removing any rubbish and food from your garage as well; it’s a garage after all, not a five-star hotel for cold pests.

Seal the Holes!

While sweeping out pests and cleaning your garage are good ways to prevent pests from making a home in your garage, the only way you can ensure they can’t ever return is to find how they got in to begin with!

Pests can creep into your garage via the smallest hole or gap in your garage structure. Take a torch and investigate the base of your garage, the door and the roof for any cracks or gaps. If you’re renting one of our garages and you do find a gap pests can crawl through, however, make sure you report it to us and get permission to fill the gap in.

While pests in outside buildings are common, that doesn’t mean you have to put up with them. If you’re looking to rent a garagemake sure to contact us on 020 8882 8575 and we’ll help you find the best garage for you!

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