People of the Garaging World: The Neighbours

Dealing in garages to rent has brought us into contact with a lot of people and, as such, a lot of different means our garages have been rented for. You may have read our previous blog People of the Garaging World: The Family but have you ever considered just what your neighbours get up to in their garages?

The Hoarder

We all know a hoarder; the people taken with keeping their homes, office desks, cars and… well, basically anything chockablock with items and objects they just can’t seem to let go of. These individuals take compact packing to the next level, covering sections of their property with boxes and bags full of, well, stuff. They’re a brilliant go-to person for all of your unwanted belongings, whether you mean to or not. If they see you throwing something out they’re round in a shot, saving it from your bin and locking it away in their garages, never to be seen by you again. In fact, these particular neighbours love keeping hold of things so much you could probably keep an entire store running for a week on the amount of things they have stashed away in their garages!

The Mechanic

Garages cover this country up and down the coasts and no, we don’t mean your own personal refuge, we’re talking about the proper working garages. Unfortunately for you, your neighbour thinks of themselves as something of a professional in this department and who knows, maybe they are! All you know is that, day in and day out, noises and flashing lights come from their garage. Perhaps you’re granted the privilege of seeing these spectacular people sticking their head out every now and then, or even as they take a better look at their soldering iron. The truth is that in that particular garage, your neighbour is creating a masterpiece, a work of vehicle ingenuity, and any moment, the door shall slide open and a shining body of completely mechanical artistry shall emerge.

The Invader

Give these people an inch and they’ll take a square foot. Being the ever generous neighbour you are, perhaps you thought you’d stretch out your hand and offer the people next door a little help in keeping some of their prized possessions safe from the horrors of the skip? Perhaps you’ve offered up the corner of your own, personal garage, especially for their use (for the time being). The next thing you know, you’re the ones looking for a less risky place to keep your car for fear of being scratched. We can’t condemn your big heart or your neighbours invasive nature, all we can do is hold out our own hand and offer you (or your neighbour) a garage especially for them.

The Minimalist

Though they may perplex you and your homely garage decor, these neighbours have no worry with keeping the very bare minimal in their garages. With a box in the back corner and a bike propped up against the wall, the resounding echo as the door is pulled open rings through your head miles away. You may look at the narrow alleys and walkways you’ve created in your own garage and ponder over how much you can get away with storing in there but there’s a reason for their gaping spaces and airy container. It could be the calm before the storm, the prequel to their hectic home spring clean, they could be waiting for a specific vehicle to fill the void, or it could simply be their way of life.

The truth is that there’s a garage out there for everybody, it’s simply a matter of how you wish to utilise it for your own, particular needs. If you’re looking for garages to rent and would like to know more about what we have to offer you, contact us today on 020 8882 8575.

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