People of the Garaging World: The Family

We’ve spoken a lot about what you can do with your garage, and how you can utilise it for your own purposes. Your garage can be your office, your storage unit, your car park, your car boot sale… even your spare room! But who exactly uses your garage? Being a large garage rental business, trust us, we’ve seen and heard it all.

So in this blog we’re looking to name, shame and reveal your family’s inner secrets for wanting-and using- a garage.
Mums, wives and long-term girlfriends of the household. You may squeal at spiders and grimace at the nets of cobwebs draping from the roof, but we know you love garages as much as anybody else. In these secluded parts of the property, tucked out of sight and out of mind, you can hide away unwanted clutter from the house. You can buy and store garden material and accessories to use in the winter and summer months; the garage becomes your garden storage cupboard and yes, it will be taken over.

Dads, boyfriends and husbands, we feel for you. It’s not easy living alongside the opposite sex (and vice versa). You may say that you want a shed for the garden, but we all know a garage is far better. For one thing, it’s not made from wood (no rotting walls or sagging roof), it’s a solid structure and there’s plenty of space for all of your tools, car accessories, mini fridge and old sofa. Yes, the garage is the men’s home away from home, it’s your ‘special place’, a place where you can finally relax without being asked to wash the dishes or clean the bathroom. The garage is your tool shop, a DIY HQ for some of the most inexperienced shelf creators and the most experienced brand-new-door inventors. Make no mistake, a garage is your haven.

Grandparents or parents, you wise sages have stood the test of time and you know exactly what to do with a garage. There’s no modifying for your well-weathered souls, a garage is, above all, a car park. It’s a place for your vehicles, your ladders, your tubs of unused and empty paint. It’s a place of darkness and little ventilation. Yes, the garage is a cave of goodies and artefacts David Dickenson would just love to get his hands on; and don’t you know it.

A special kind of garage user, children neglect the conventional use of a garage in place of a jungle. Yes, a world of unprecedented cubby holes and hiding places, perfect for favourite games like ‘Hide-and-Seek’, and ‘I Dare You’, a garage is another adventure playground for children to spend their time in. And when they aren’t hiding amongst the garden furniture and mini fridge? They’re trying their hand at DIY. Some of their fondest memories will come from discovering grandma’s jigsaw boxes, copying dad and learning the difference between screw heads and screw drivers. It becomes another learning environment they will be able to take into their DT classes and show off to their friends at school. We mean, who doesn’t love that?

A garage is another extent of the family, though it may not seem it. Discarded by many and ignored by most, there really is no fault with a decent garage and- though you may not look at it in the same way we do – you can’t deny that a garage is an essential part of the family life. To start using your garage in your own unique, exciting and traditional way, check out our large garage rentals or contact us on 020 8882 8575 for more information.

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