New Findings Suggest a Lack of Space in UK Homes

The Royal Institute of British Architects has recently conducted a body of research that has suggested that the average new build home in the UK is a mere 92% of the minimum recommended size. The assessment made use of a variety of publically available documents that represented a broad sample of sites currently being constructed by eight of the largest house building businesses in the UK, and the eventual findings were then cross referenced with the Greater London Authority’s newly implemented space standards.

The detailed report has stated that the average one bedroom home within the survey measures in at 46 square metres; a full 4 square metres short of the recommended standard. Whilst this might not seem like much, a single bed, a bedside table and a dressing table with a stool could actually be situated within this space, so it actually constitutes a significant loss of living room. Similarly, the average three bedroom home that was reviewed was found to be 8 square metres short of the advised space standards. This loss of space is equivalent to that which would be required to comfortably house an entire single bedroom along with all of its accompanying furniture.


The amount of space that is needed within a home varies according to both lifestyle needs and number of people who live within the building, but the findings of the Royal Institute of British Architects appear to go some way towards justifying why so many people think that new build homes within the UK simply aren’t big enough. Consumers that buy or rent newly constructed UK homes are far less likely to possess the same degree of free space than might be expected by an equivalent European homeowner living within a country with a comparable population density.

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