Lock Up Garages: Brilliant Storage Solutions for Your Vehicles

Garages in of themselves are highly convenient for drivers, and so it should come as no surprise to find that their ‘lock up’ equivalents are also very handy in this respect. With more ‘usual’ garages actually becoming far less commonly used for vehicle storage and parking, lock up garages represent the ideal solution to many people’s vehicle problems. Here are a few of the reasons why you might consider renting one:

Traditional Storage

The most obvious benefit of owning a lock up garage is that it gives you the opportunity to store your vehicle inside a very secure location. More and more UK residents are neglecting to use their own garages for this traditional purpose, instead choosing to turn their garages into alternative household rooms, or simply ‘junk’ rooms for additional storage. Because of this, the ability to store a car in a conventional garage is greatly compromised. Renting a lock up garage allows a homeowner to enjoy the privileges of housing their vehicle off the road, whilst also retaining the current use of their existing garage. Cars within garages are protected from both the elements and unwanted attention from vandals, so the appeal of parking a vehicle in such a manner is clear to see.

Reduced Insurance

This point really comes as a direct consequence of parking your vehicle within a garage. According to Go Compare, leaving your vehicle by the roadside can make a drastic difference to your car insurance. A car parked on the street is naturally more at risk than one that is safely closeted in a garage, and more than 50% of UK drivers are therefore prone to raised insurance costs as a result of this habit. Most insurance companies will tend to reduce the rates for a person who parks their vehicle within a garage, providing that they maintain this pattern, and do not declare that they are using a garage when they’re actually utilising another location. Driving can be costly enough as it is, so being able to save a little on insurance costs is very welcome.

Private Parking Space

The benefits of keeping your car off the street might be fairly straightforward, but the specific properties of a lock up garage gives one an added attraction over a conventional garage. Because your lock up garage doesn’t have to be restricted to your home vicinity, you can actually rent such a unit wherever you wish. This opens up numerous possibilities such as being able to leave your car somewhere further away from your home base, or driving into a busy city to go to work, safe in the knowledge that you have a fail-safe parking space when you get there. With many of the busiest cities making it very difficult for drivers, choosing instead to prioritise buses or public transport, the option to rent what is essentially a private parking space – and also keep a vehicle safer too – is obviously very tempting.

Our lock up garages are hugely useful investments for drivers across the country; especially families with a chronic lack of parking space, or perhaps multiple vehicles. The bulk of our portfolio allows you to rent a garage in London, but if you take a look at our map you’ll see that we also provide units across the UK in a more general sense as well. We can grant you immediate access after your initial payment, so the process of renting a garage also offers instant results. If you’re struggling with vehicle parking, then be sure to get in touch with us as soon as possible!

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