Lock Up Garages: A Complete Managing Service to Meet Your Needs

Lock Up Garages, officially known as Dudrich (Holdings) Limited, acts as an in-house managing agent for 100% owned companies, and we have an impressive portfolio of 13,000 units in over 900 locations. We own some of the rental garages ourselves, and manage others on behalf of landlords. In addition to storage garages, we also own a number of mews offices, retail units, storage containers, commercial workshops and we are NHBC Registered Developers too. No matter what your storage or business needs are, we can provide an affordable and convenient solution.

What we do as a managing agent

As a managing agent for thousands of lock up garages in the UK, we can find a solution to your storage problems no matter where you are located. When you first express an interest in renting a garage, we will direct you to our website where you can view an interactive map of all our garages, and then pick one that suits you. Within moments of paying your first rent instalment, we can give you access to a unique padlock code so that you can gain quick and easy access to your garage. The majority of our garages are 5m X 2.5m, although large garages are also available.

As the agent, we are responsible for the maintenance of the garages, including painting, repairing and door replacements. However, if the damage is your own fault then you will be charged for repairs. If you notice any problems with your garage, report it to our in-house maintenance team at the nearest opportunity, and we will rectify the problem as soon as possible.

What you should do as a tenant

As a garage leaseholder, it is your responsibility to keep the garage in the state that you found it upon first entering. If any damage occurs to the property, however it has been caused, then repair charges will be charged to the licensee. It is your responsibility to complete basic maintenance tasks to ensure the smooth running of the garage; such as cleaning, keeping the forecourt clear and oiling the door hinges and locks to ensure smooth operation. You shouldn’t change the structure of the property or add any fixtures.

Our garages

We mainly provide basic garages that are 5m X 2.5m wide; however, we have a limited selection of large or double garages. The garages are fitted with a manual door, a coded Yale padlock and interior shelving. For some garages, we may supply extra pallets for storage use at the client’s request. Our garage doors come in a variety of styles, and this is important as they affect the opening mechanism and the space inside differently. Below, the three main types are briefly outlined, but for more detailed information check out the detailed buyers guides provided by Lakes Garage Doors. These buyers’ guides, written by a long established garage door supplier, give insight into types of garages including descriptions and diagrams.

Up-and-over doors – this is the most common type of garage door, and works using a torsion spring and steel cable system which lifts the door up, thereby creating a protruding canopy as the door changes angle. These are quite heavy to manoeuvre and require optimal space inside the garage when opening, so clients looking to store large vehicles may not want this garage type.

Sectional doors – these garage doors are split into four horizontal panels instead of one large section, so they have greater flexibility when opening, therefore minimising the swing out. They operate in vertical tracks that curve at the top into horizontal tracks to follow the garage roofline. These doors allow for vehicles to be parked outside the garage if needs be, due to the compact opening mechanism.


Roller doors – typically used in commercial settings, these compact shutting systems are becoming more common for domestic garages. The design incorporates horizontal slats, or laths, which smoothly ascend and form a coil above the opening of the garage. These are used on garages where space both inside and in the forecourt is at a minimum. It also means overhead space is maximised, so you can fill your garage efficiently.

If you are looking for a storage space or a traditional garage for your vehicle, then we offer a flexible rental scheme for a variety of garages in hundred of handy locations. Check out our map to find your nearest garage, and call us today to get access to the space you need.

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