Kids Flown the Nest But Left Their Mess?

More than 400,000 youngsters are starting university in the UK this September. It’s an exciting time for both the new students and their parents alike. Emotions often run high, and the last weeks before departure can be filled with family dinners, last farewell drinks with friends, and reminiscing about how far they’ve come from potty-training to independent living. It’s no wonder that in the tumult of the time, the question of what to do with their bedroom can often go unasked.

Of course, your child will likely be back during some term breaks so it’s worth keeping a bed for them. Some parents keep their child’s room in exactly the same condition it was in when they left, but it seems healthier and more realistic to remove some of the clutter and reclaim the space for those living in the home.

Teenagers can often have a rather chaotic approach to bedroom maintenance, so why not have a clear-out? We don’t suggest you throw away all of their childhood mementoes, but you can box them up and keep them somewhere safe. For large garage hire, contact us to find out the location of your nearest available lock up garage. We also have a map on our site which should help you plan. You could even choose a garage in the town where your child is studying, so if they turn out to regret not taking anything with them, they can pick it up later.

Items your child may have left at home that serve little function include old school work, surplus clothes and shoes, mementoes, jewellery and ornaments, musical instruments and myriad other things which they have built up over the years – many of which are no doubt as a result of your generosity. These things have value so they certainly don’t want to end up on a skip, but keeping a room in your house as a shrine to your departed child doesn’t make much sense either. Consider how else you could use the space – a guest room, office, crafts centre, art room, or games den; anything you can think of really.

At Lock Up Garages, we offer multipurpose spaces, free for you to use as storage for any items that are simply taking up space in your home. Have a clear-out and enjoy the spacious nest you have underneath it all.

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