Keeping Your Dream Car Safely Garaged

Everyone has one, wherever yours is made and whatever era it is from it is in your eyes the very definition of automotive perfection. For many this dream-car remains exactly that, but for some lucky ones the dream becomes a reality and they get to sit bum-to-seat with their automotive heroes. Dream cars are though a very personal thing and even those that agree on a model and even when they do they do not usually agree on the reasons why. One thing that all car lovers agree on though is the fact that these dream cars must be protected and treasured. It’s ok to use them all the time, even to thrash them now and again but you simply mustn’t allow any harm to come to them and they must be properly maintained.

If your dream car is a modern one then it is fairly easy to keep them safe as they are designed to withstand the weather and rigours of modern life. If though you value the classic motoring experience, if models like the Lotus Elan, the Alfa-Romeo Spider or even the (gulp) Jaguar E-type make your neck hairs stand on end then you really must take more care. Older models and especially those with a fabric roof simply aren’t designed to cope with the extremes and really should be garaged wherever possible. But what about those of us that are not lucky enough to have a garage bestowed on our houses? Well there is still an option available to you to keep your pride and joy safe. Why not simply rent a garage?

Here at lock Up Garages we understand that not every house is blessed with a garage and many do not even have the space to build a garage on their property. We have over 900 locations and over 13,500 garages to rent throughout the UK, however old or new your car, whether it is a luxury limo or a stripped-out road rocket you can find a place to keep it safe.

Another great factor in renting a garage away from your home is that you can keep your driveway free for the weekly driver (E-types aren’t much good for the school run) and have your classic dream car safe and waiting to be used for weekend fun. So if you are worried about your dream car or are putting of buying it due to lack of storage then worry not as Lock Up Garages can help.

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