Keep It Safe: How to Turn Your Garage into Fort Knox

Even a casual reader of all things news-related in the world of garages is sure, sooner or later, to come across a story about some scallywag breaking into a lock-up and pilfering the contents, whether it’s a car or a tin of paints or boxes of old clothes destined for a charity shop. It’s not only theft that you should worry about either; it’s the cost of criminal damage too.

No-one likes a break-in, right? Except those amoral characters who dig on crow-barring open a lock and stealing what’s inside. And when it comes to home security, the garage is often the last place on the list – and that’s a serious weakness. So as the premium provider of garages to rent in the UK, we thought we’d take a gander at a few top tips to keep your garage safe, secure and theft-free. Good, huh?

Close It

You wouldn’t leave the living room windows wide open while you’re out in the garden – because then every Tom, Dick and Harry would know that you own an awesome 42” LED flat-screen. So why leave the garage open when not in use. Any pro burglar will see what valuables you have inside. Sure, you might think that old bike and oily rags aren’t worth much, but you still don’t want them nicked, right?

Lock It

They’re called lock-ups for a reason. But a whole lot of people forget about actually, y’know, locking the garage. Sure, they may twist the handle to kick-start the locking mechanism, but that’s only half of it. If you’ve got a key, use it. If you don’t have one, get one.  It might be easier access for you to get in and out – but it’s easier for those cheeky beggars too.

Then Lock It Some More

Most basic garages have one lock. But why stop there? The more locks the better. So in addition to the in-built system, soup it up with a padlock, or installing deadbolts. Anything that keeps the thieves out, and increases their chances of getting caught, can only be a good thing.

Remote Location

If you’ve got an automatic garage door, where do you keep your remote control? Probably clipped to your car’s sun visor or in the glove-box. And if we know that, then so do potential thieves. It’ll be the first place they look. Play it smarter by keeping it on you at all times. Or, if you’re really crafty, hollow out a copy of Pride and Prejudice and fit it in there.

Light It Up

A smart thief – if there’s even such a thing – will work in the shadows. So disarm their advantage with a motion detector light. Not only will its glare put the spotlight on the would-be burglar, it’ll also alert anyone in the house that there’s someone outside. Team up the light with a security camera, or even a dummy camera if you’re tech-phobic, to really put the fear of God in these rascals.

Code Your Valuables

If you’re worried that, despite your valiant efforts, your garage is still susceptible to thefts, then you can always imprint a security code on your valuables. You can pretty much add a security serial number to anything you own – not just those items you keep in the garage. Ok, that might not prevent them from being stolen, but if the police track the items down, they’ll be able to identify them as belonging to you.

Maintaining your home security requires an overview of the whole house – not just locking the back door when you go out. And a garage is real part of that, especially if you have an adjoining door that allows access from the garage to the home. But if you don’t have a garage, but would rather rent a secure lock-up, we’re on hand to help. Simply contact us on 020 8882 8575 and our team will be delighted to help.

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