Ingenious Ways to Organise Your Garage (Part Two)

In our last creative post we took a sneaky peak into some ingenious ways of organising your garage. Garages, as we’re all well aware, have a tendency to become over cluttered and messy. With their accumulation of children’s toys, bikes, tools and the scraps of home decor we don’t want in our homes, it sometimes gets incredibly hard to move around our garage, let alone find anything!

So, because we want you to enjoy some quick and quirky ways to organise your garage, here are a couple more ingenious ways you can organise your garage!

Everything in its Place- Tool Stencils

A tool box is great for keeping your favourite items of equipment safe and sound, but they don’t necessarily keep everything neat and tidy. Many a time you may find yourself digging through your box for a particular Allen Key, only to find it fifteen minutes later in a side pocket.

One way you can keep all of your tools and gardening equipment in the right place is by outlining them on your wall or shelving unit. Outlining is easy, first take your tools and stencil them onto coloured card. Cut out your stencils and stick them onto your pegboard! Alternatively, you can use coloured tape on your pegboard to stencil the outline into place.

Designated Parking Spaces

Children’s toys are as much of a hindrance in the home as they are in your garage. Toy cars, bikes and trains are constantly rolling back and forth across your garage floor. To keep them in their own designated area of your garage, why not outline parking spaces for them with tape?

Tape is perfect whether you use it in the house or in your rented garage. Easy to put down and easy to pick up, coloured tape leaves no damage behind and yet works fantastically to keep your little angel’s toys in check.

Keep Nuts and Bolts in Check

No matter how tidy you strive to keep your garage, you’re always going to find your nails, screws, nuts and bolts lying about the place, especially if you enjoy a spot of DIY. One ingenious way to keep everything in check is with coffee jars.

Big and beautiful, coffee jars are the perfect, cheap way to store all of your loose bits and bobs. The best part is that you can cut out holders in your workbench to keep your jars in!

When you look to hire a garage, though you aren’t permitted to physically install anything into the walls and ceiling of the garage, these simple, non damaging ways of organising your garage can greatly help keep everything neat and tidy. Contact us today on 020 8882 8575 to find out more about our rental garages.

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