How to Win the War Against Clutter

There are many adjustments you can make to avoid cluttering your house, and taking the time to trial a few methods will probably save you a lot of wasted time in the long term. If you’re short on cupboard space for example, then one tip is to keep things out in the open in a clearly labelled space. That way you better organise the work space you do have. Drawers are an obvious method of avoiding visible clutter, but that doesn’t stop them from becoming cluttered themselves. Using compartments in your drawer space is a great way to maximise your storage.  Clothing such as t-shirts are also highly effective space savers when used in combination with drawers, as they can easily be squeezed into any available by being rolled up.

Having access to plenty of shelf space is also not without its problems. Some particularly deep storage areas make it difficult to access anything further back than the front row. In this case one great solution is to make use of rolling shelves to allow greater ease of access. Another idea some people recommend is using a system of numbered boxes when it comes to keeping rarely used items in check. By keeping an electronic record of what is in each box, you’ll always be able to find something when you need it.

A further relevant tip for those of us with offices or studies at home is too keep your paperwork on a mobile, or ‘rolling office’. By being able to relocate to different rooms, you minimise the chances that your work will migrate to different areas of the house. Similarly, for all those essential items that you regularly need when you go outdoors, it makes sense to keep them all in a single ‘tidy tub’. Not only does this mean they’re always close to hand, but it avoids situations where such items end up indiscriminately scattered far and wide across your home.

So you’ve maximised your available storage areas and labelled every available surface…and still need more room. Now what do you do? One option is to consider renting a lock up garage. Doing so is one of the best ways to gain alternative storage space for your possessions.  If you’re looking to for a specialist in large garage hire, should be your first port of call. We offer you access to more than 13,500 lock up garages across more than 900 UK locations, so there’s no larger collection of lock up garages in the country. Why pay more for a small storage space, when you can pay less for an instantly accessible area with plenty of space? You can start using your new space straight away, so by contacting us now you could see your belongings tidied away on the very same day. So what are you waiting for? If you’ve taken the decision to rent a garage then look no further. Check out today, and see what we can offer you.

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