How to Keep your Garage Clutter Free

A cluttered garage can cause you more grief than pleasure; arguments with your spouse, a war with the kids when it’s their turn to clean it and a general lack of space. Everyone has things that they want to keep but not necessarily the space to keep it in. Having a lock-up garage can house all of these keepsakes that you don’t want to get rid of. Keeping things in order can be extremely difficult as not everyone is naturally organised. Here are a few tips that will help you on your way to organisational bliss.

Use the Walls

Wall storage is a fantastic way of utilising all of the available space in the garage itself. Keep your tools on the wall instead of in heavy, metal drawers on the ground and then you will have a larger area to move around in. Section various parts of the wall into different categories so you can find whatever you need with ease. Invest in cabinets that can be securely bolted to the wall. To make sure you remember what is in each drawer or box, make sure it is labelled correctly and clearly – otherwise your clearing efforts will be rendered insignificant.

Ceiling Storage

Overhead storage allows you to keep your floor space clear which is essential if you want to use the garage for car mechanics, carpentry or even a band practise. Wire racks that hang from the ceiling are lightweight yet can hold quite heavy products – obviously the amount it can hold will vary substantially depending on what product you choose. Hang up old toys and bikes so they are out of the way, yet there for the grandchildren when they come along.

Hire Help

If the process of cleaning, clearing and, organising really isn’t your cup of tea, you could always hire a professional organiser. They can help you to categorise your belongings and help you to throw items away. A professional will be as ruthless as you tell them to be.

Keeping your garage clutter free will keep you organised and allow you to get on with your tasks and hobbies more efficiently. A clean garage will allow you to actually enjoy yourself rather than wasting your precious evenings or Saturday’s looking for the required tool. If you are looking for storage in London or throughout the UK don’t hesitate to contact us at Lock Up Garages.

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