How to Choose the Best Door for your Garage

As a customer, you can be easily spoilt for choice or feel confused when deciding what product best meets your needs. The garage door has become such an important part of the modern day home, that manufacturers are offering more colours and flairs to the consumer than ever before.  Therefore, as a consumer, you can struggle to find the perfect garage door for your home due to the extensive amount of choice.

What door suits me?

What material should my garage door be made out of?

You’re bound to have many questions while deciding on which door is the best fit for you and your garage.


When deciding on your garage door, you have to take into consideration what style best suits your taste, but also best fits your garage. As well as being something that’s secure and long-lasting, you of course want to pick a style that blends in well with the architecture of your home. There are numerous different styles you could opt for, from Victorian to Edwardian, Modern to a rustic Farm aesthetic.


When choosing the colour for the garage door, the colour, like the style, should complement and blend in with the structure of your home. The colour should not stand out; it should be cohesive with the rest of your home. Therefore, when choosing the colour of your garage door, avoid vivid and contrasting c
olours that will not assimilate well with the rest of your home.

You should contemplate matching the garage door to the window of your home rather than your front door. Also you should consider matching the colour of the garage door with the colours of the bricks or siding of your home.


Another major factor to take into consideration is the material of your garage door; you have to think about the durability, cost, style and maintenance of the material. Also will it work well with your home and the weather conditions of your area.  Materials such as steel, wood, aluminium and fibre glass all have their benefits and weaknesses.

Steel can easily rust but is stronger than aluminium, wood is an extremely popular choice of material for garage doors and is cheaper than steel, but requires regular maintenance – such as painting. Fibre glass is generally more hard-wearing than steel and wood, but can break easily if hit hard.


How convenient will the garage door will be for your home? This is ver
y important as you have to think about issues such as insulation, installation, security, safety and door openers. Will the garage door improve the security of my garage or will it cause problems? Will it be easy to install myself or should call a professional to install it for me?

Furthermore, what door openers should I purchase; a ½ horsepower door opener may not last as long as ¾ horsepower model, for example. The higher end in-line openers dispense with chains have less moving parts therefore they make less noise which improves the comfort level for you and your neighbours.

The Final Touches

After you have weighed up your options related to all of the major variables of your garage door, you can begin to decide on the cladding, the windows and the enhancing hardware to complete the look of your exterior. After all, the design choices aren’t restricted to the door itself, lots of manufacturers offer enhancing inflections and hardware which improves the overall look of your garage door.

Hopefully now you will have a better understanding and are e
quipped with knowledge on how to choose the right door for your garage. If your home doesn’t currently have a garage but you are still in need of that little extra storage space, why not get in touch with our team and discuss the possibility of hiring a garage from Lock Up Garages.

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