Hoarding: What You Should Know

The news has been full lately of stories about so-called hoarders. For example, according to a recent news article from the Guardian a New York postal worker was recently caught ‘hoarding’ 40,000 pieces of mail. According to police the man had been hoarding the mail in his home and car, and authorities recovered a total of over 2,500 lbs of mail.

Hoarding is a complex issue and scientists are only just beginning to uncover the reasons behind such behaviour. However one of the most common reasons why we hoard is to avoid wasting things, particularly items that might be of value.

Thanks to a number of TV documentaries and series there is greater awareness today of hoarding than ever before. However most cases of hoarding are not as extreme as those we see in the news or on TV. Most of us have felt the compulsion to hoard at some point in our lives and it can often be the case that the number of things in your home can get out of hand. Hence it is important to get on top of the items you store in your home and take steps to stop clutter from taking over.

Garages are great storage spaces, and can provide some valuable extra space to help you de-clutter your home; however it’s important you do not allow your garage to become overly cluttered as well. Garages can easily become hoarding hotspots and it can sometimes be tempting to fill your garage with all your unwanted items.

A top tip to stop your garage from becoming a dumping ground is to avoid impulse buying and to think twice before buying new things to give yourself a little more time to think about whether you really need them. Utilising storage solutions such as boxes and shelving units can also be a great idea and can help keep things organised in your garage.

Lock up garages are a great storage option and can help you free up some valuable extra space in your home. Here at Lockup Garages we have a wide selection of garages to hire to meet your needs. For more information about our range of lock up garages please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our friendly team will be happy to assist you with your enquiries.

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