Grudge Match: Shed vs. Garage

It’s on! The brawl with it all. The squabble on the cobbles. The rumble in the… well, not quite jungle – overgrown garden, perhaps? Ladies and gentlemen, in the red corner – the Dreaded Shed. In the blue corner, ‘Gorgeous’ Lock-Up Garage.

That’s right, today we’re going to pit two of the world’s foremost domestic storage solutions against each other in the ultimate grudge match. So which is better? There’s only one way to find out…


Take a look at your average shed. If you can even see it. Yep, sheds sure are tiny when compared to a typical lock-up garage. Which is fine and dandy, if all you’re looking to store inside is a hammer, a few nails and a garden chair. But you couldn’t fit a car in there, could you? You can barely squeeze a kid’s tricycle in there. And even if you can, there’s not going to be much room in there for you at the same time. What can a garage hold? Well, a whole shed, for one – and then some. Whether it’s automobiles, old tins of paint, or even chest freezers, garages definitely have the size advantage. And in this case, big is most definitely best.

At first glance, this might be an easy victory for the shed. People have been known to decorate the exterior of their sheds – after all, there they are, lounging in the garden, and no-one wants an eyesore in the garden. And yes, a garage may seem pretty utilitarian in its appearance. But a well-maintained garage, like the ones we hire out, can be so much more attractive. It’s like comparing a pretty little rose bush to a strong and mighty oak, frankly. Sure, one might be pretty, but the other gets the job done – and done right!

Speaking of the mighty oak that is a lock-up garage, they’ve certainly got the edge when it comes to durability. How many times have you heard of a garage blowing away in high wintery winds? None, that’s how many times. It never happens, because garages are built to last – they’re as sturdy and as firm on their foundations as a heavyweight boxer. Sheds, on the other hand, are forever blowing away in a hurricane, circling above us like a colony of vultures before crashing to Earth when the gales drop. And that just renders what was once a shed now simply firewood. Thanks to poor weather and lack of durability, the average person buys approximately 42 sheds in their life-time. Probably.

Quick question: where’s your shed? Well, if you have a garden, that’s usually where you find it. If you don’t, chances are you don’t even have a shed. Maybe there’s one on the allotment. But that’s it. Garages, on the other hand, can be found in countless locations up and down the country. In fact, it might sometimes feel as though you can’t move for lock-ups. Especially our garages. We’ve got more than 13,500 units in more than 900 locations – that’s the largest portfolio of lock-up garages in the UK (And possibly the entire known and unknown universe – we haven’t counted them all, to be honest).

Ease of Access
Ok, so you’re looking for a professional, dedicated shed hire company. Who do you go to? That’s the problem, see. No matter how long you want to keep your shed for, your only option is to purchase one outright. Ultimately, you just can’t rent a shed in London as easily as you can rent a garage in London. All you’ve got to do is contact us here at Lock-Up Garages and voila – the garage is yours. A clear KO by the Garage Champ. For more information about our services, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 020 8882 8575 and our friendly, reliable staff will be more than happy to assist with your enquiries.

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