Great Uses for Lock Up Garages

While many people choose to rent a lock up garage for the obvious use – parking their car – there are plenty of alternate uses that you can put them to. Have you considered…

Art Studio

Art can be a messy pastime, and if you’re short on space at home it can be annoying to get so far through a project and then have to tidy everything up to make room for dinner. Whether you’re a painter or a sculptor, a lock up garage can give you a convenient and secure space with plenty of room for storing your materials, as well as working on your latest masterpiece.

Model Railway

Anybody who’s ever spent time setting up their model railway will know the frustration of having to pack it all up again because somebody wants the kitchen table, or complains about the floor space being taken up. By using a lock-up garage for your model railway, you can spend all the time you want setting up the track and the scenery without having to worry about the space it’s taking up.


Going to the gym can be intimidating; for many people the answer is to get home gym equipment but, as most people know, an exercise bike in the bedroom often ends up being used as a particularly expensive clothes rack. By moving your home gym equipment into a lockup garage, you ensure that it’s there for one thing, and that’s working out. It also gives you the added incentive that you’re going to the garage and paying to rent it, so you should get a proper work out to get your money’s worth.


Every collector knows the feeling; you’ve seen something beautiful and perfect for your collection, but do you have the room for it? A lock up garage can easily provide the answer. With the right kind of display shelves to protect your prized possessions from damp and dust (which you would need wherever you kept them), your lock up garage can become not just a storage place, but a private gallery for your collection. Much better than keeping everything in boxes.

Whatever you plan to do with your lock-up garage, Lock Up Garages offer a great range to choose from, so make us your first choice for large garage rental and make the most of the extra space we can provide.

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