Give Your Garage Some TLC

As long as your garage – hired or not – is holding all your prized clutter over the spring cleaning months, you must not neglect to clean it!

A well used garage deserves a good clean every now and then and here at Lockup Garages we have a few solutions for how you can clean and manage your garage.

Empty it!
Set aside a full day to clean your garage, as the length of time this process will take depends on the amount of junk you just can’t let go of. This process is more than likely going to reunite you with some possessions you totally forgot about, but don’t get distracted by them and focus on the big clean.

Once everything is out and you’re left with your big empty garage it is time to take to the floor with some strong cleaning products. If your garage is well sealed and insulated you will not have to worry about problems such as damp and now is a perfect time to decide if you could do with improving your garages’ seals. Check all the corners for signs of damp as well. If you have the time a coat of paint can make all the difference to your garage.

The key to keeping a garage clean is to organise what it is you are storing in there. After a good sort out of your stuff you can invest in some strong shelves to keep it organised, making future cleaning  much easier and faster. As well as finding things that you’ve stored away and want to keep, this is also a perfect time to find hidden gems that might be worth selling on eBay to generate some extra cash.

If you rent a garage in London and are too busy to take the time to clean your space, there are companies available to come and clean your garage for you. These companies will provide a fantastic service but you won’t get the satisfaction of finding your own hidden treasures.

Here at Lockup Garages we have garages for hire in over 900 locations at fantastic rates. If you are interested and want to rent a garage in London please contact us on 020 8882 8575 and one of our team will be happy to help.

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