Give Your Garage A Summer Clean Out

With summer just around the corner, it’s the perfect excuse to give your garage a good clear out of all that accumulated unwanted junk and create more space inside your trusty storage option. So, we rent a garage to make more space in our homes, but what happens when you need to make some room in your garage? If things have got a little cluttered inside your lock up garage and its feeling a little crammed, clear it out and start a-fresh! As they say, cleaning is great for the soul and will make you feel active and content when the dreaded clear out is complete.

Here are a few tips when giving your lovely garage a summer clean to make it a stress-free and easy process!

Assess the mess

Your lock up garage may have become a bit of a dumping ground for stuff you just didn’t know what else to do with, so on a sunny morning pull everything out of the garage to make yourself aware of all the hidden gems and not so great finds that are lurking behind the mountain of boxes. Try to give yourself a limit for getting rid of things that you haven’t used for a certain period of time, i.e. 3 years or more – this will help you separate the keeps from the rubbish and be ruthless in your clearing!

Remain systematic

Rather than just emptying box after box and chucking it back into the garage in an unorganised fashion, try to be systematic in your approach to the throwing and keeping of items. Focus on implementing a clearing system of organised sections to your cleaning, and when putting them back into storage – use a methodical storing system so items are easily at hand if required in the future.

Respect the environment

Separate the things you are disposing of into organised and recycle-appropriate piles. For example, recyclables and toxic waste or hazardous items would be disposed of in different ways. If you require advice, call your local recycling plant and they will be more than willing to advise you of the appropriate disposing service. And remember, respect the environment and dispose of things responsibly!

For all the stuff you no longer need, why not donate it to your local charity shop or hold a car boot sale? One man’s junk is another man’s treasure and all that.

Here at Lockup Garages we make it easy to find and rent a garage in London to meet all your storage and summer clean out needs. For further information please feel free to contact our friendly team on 020 8886 6676 or view our wide range of suitable storage options via our website.

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