Garage Safety: Hidden Dangers and How To Avoid Them (Part 2)

There are many ways a garage can be beneficial to us. From storage to hideaways, treasure troves to canvases for our artistic expressions, there’s no doubt that a decent garage is truly man’s best friend.

Supplying you with reliable and efficient garages to rent means we’ve seen our fair share of slips, trips and falls in and around a garage environment. Unconnected to your home and less likely to have swarms of people traipsing past every other minute, it’s not just your garage’s safety and security you need to concern yourself with; you matter too.


You may have read Garage Safety: Hidden Dangers and How To Avoid Them (Part 1), if you haven’t, we strongly recommend you hurry over and immerse yourself in the safety procedures of fires and your trusty garage door!

Electrocution can happen anywhere. Sometimes it’s down to silly behaviour (WARNING: Do not stick a knife into a live toaster)

Other times it’s all down to an accident. It’s important that when you’re in your garage you know exactly what to look out for and how to protect yourself if the worst happens.

As we stock everything in our garages it’s no surprise that we sometimes find ourselves with balls of cables, leads and other assortments of wires. Never leave any power packs on and unsupervised in your garage; this can cause the battery packs to overheat and become a fire hazard. It’s not just your garage you can damage through this carelessness; adjoining garages or buildings can also suffer significant losses, especially as garage fires tend to spread quickly.

Never leave any of your wires or cables uncovered in your garage. We won’t lie, garages aren’t known for their amazing thermal insulation and if you’re not careful and don’t take measures to protect your garage properly, insects and rodents can get inside and enjoy chewing on your bare wires. You may not realise cold weather or rodents have damaged your wires until you come to use them… and at that stage it can be too late.

Always keep your wires and leads covered and in a secure container to prevent any damage from taking place. It’s a small step, but it’ll help keep you safe in your garage.

Tripping Hazards

We’ve all taken a tumble at some point in our lives. Whether it’s happened indoors or outside, we’re no strangers to a good bruised knee or twisted ankle.

Though in some cases this may simply be a small accident, a shock to the system, an ‘oops we won’t be doing that again’ moment, in other cases it can become very serious.

When you’re alone in your garage you need to keep yourself well aware of what’s around you. Keeping a busy, cramped garage is not the best course of action; the amount of tripping hazards will be enough to give a health and safety officer a heart attack. It’s not so much tripping that is the cause of concern in your garage, it’s what may fall on top of you, or what you may fall into that worries those of us who truly care about your welfare.

Ladders, boxes of unwanted toys, tools and electrical equipment are amongst the few common items found in the garage. Do you know how much an unused tub of paint weighs? Can you imagine one or two of those falling on your head if you’ve stacked them on top of rickety shelves? Can you image how much trouble you’d be in if you got caught up on a perilously placed set of ladders with boxes balanced at their very top? We’re going to say quite a lot.

There’s one simply and easy way to make sure you limit the tripping hazards in your garage; clean it.

Organise your garage so that you have room to move. Secure loose items and place heavy objects on the floor or low to the ground. It may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people allow their garage to become a junk jungle.

We offer up secure garages to rent all over the country, so while we can be sure you get a sturdy, reliable garage to keep all of your valuables in, your safety is up to you. Contact us today on 020 8882 8575 and our friendly team will ensure you get the perfect rented garage for your short or long term needs.

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