External Storage in the UK

Research has revealed that homeowners in the UK are collectively spending more than £246 million a year upon external storage spaces such as large garage hire. The perceived lack of space within UK homes has been well documented in recent years, and this new study compiled by Ikea is the latest in a series of supporting reports.

Out of the 2,000 people who completed the survey, one sixth admitted that their extra storage facilities increased their yearly expenditures by approximately £35 a year. Men were found to be more likely to spend money on gaining this additional storage space, amassing average costs of £43 a year, whilst women appeared to require more modest spaces for their belongings, spending only £27 on average. The highest annual costs for storage were paid by residents in the London area, with the south west of the UK being the most frugal spenders in comparison.

Britain is among the most spatially compromised countries in the whole of Western Europe regarding house sizes, with most homes possessing only 85 square metres of living space. UK residents are also thought to be particularly poor at making optimum use of their available space, with almost a half of the individuals surveyed by Ikea claiming that they struggled in this area. Areas such as the loft, the eaves, the hallway and space under the stairs were the most typical examples of unused spaces, although circumstances naturally varied on a home by home basis.

Making better use of space within the household is clearly something that many UK residents need to work on, but sometimes external storage is the only option to prevent a living space from becoming unreasonably filled with clutter. Here at Lock Up Garages, we have access to the largest collective group of lock up garages within the entire country; a selection of units which currently numbers more than 13,000 storage spaces across hundreds of different locations. Please browse through the range of lock up garages that we supply, and be sure to call us on 020 8882 8575 if you have any further questions about safe and secure lock up garages.

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