Drop in Crime Highlights How Seriously Britain Takes Security

A recent Guardian Article highlighted an 8% drop in UK crime rates; this is a huge decrease and highlights the fact that Britain has taken serious measures to ensure that criminals are stopped from operating.

Here in Britain we have always taken our home security very seriously, and take all the measures possible to assure this. The drop in crime has not simply happened by chance, and is the result of us taking a very serious approach to crime prevention. The simple fact is that the amount of criminals hasn’t dropped; it has simply been made harder for them to perform criminal acts. By learning from crime statistics and criminals habits we have made the average home a far harder target for thieves.

One area that has become far more difficult is burglary. Most of us have an alarm system installed to deter criminals from the home, and are moving away from using such outside storage units as sheds. Even when secured with a padlock, sheds are an easy target; as panels can easily be removed to gain access. Sheds also disrupt the usefulness of your garden and can lessen the useable space that is available. This is an especially big problem in smaller gardens. These items that were formerly stored in the shed cannot simply be discarded; they are still important and need to be stored elsewhere.

One great solution is to store these items in a secure location away from your home; such as a rented garage or specialised storage unit. These facilities have the benefit of being in an inconspicuous location away from your home, and are out of the awareness of any potential criminals. Here at Lock up Garages we have the largest database of secure garages in the UK, and are sure to have one near to you. We offer secure garage rental for those that want valuables to be kept safe without having to resort to stacking the loft even higher.

All our garages are supplied with a unique combination lock that will only be disclosed to the named person on the rental agreement to ensure total safety. So if you have valuable items that you do not necessarily have the storage space for on your property, then contact us today and see if we have the perfect garage for you.

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