Can You Live in a Lock-Up?

Ah, that age-old question again: can you live in a lock-up?

I suppose the short answer is, yes. Just grab a sleeping bag, and prepare for a few uncomfortable nights with your creature comforts. But we definitely wouldn’t advise it.

But some clever folk out there have actually converted their garages into a living space. Take French photographer Jeremie Bucholtz, who desperately wanted to live in Bordeaux – for work, he claimed; for the excellent wine, we imagine.

The house was designed by Bucholtz’s architect pal, Matthieu de Marien, which is about as French a name as we’ve ever heard, and it’s deceptively brilliant for such a cosy space. Inspired by old stables, which were converted into garages, and then into a single apartment, the garage-home has everything you’d expect a normal house to have. Y’know, things like a kitchen, bathroom, lounge (where Bucholtz can smoke cigarettes and languish with existential ennui, like they do in Jean-Luc Goddard movies) and even a bar area and a well-lit and ventilated patio.

The real feature though is the 10 cubic metre box; a series of cupboards, wardrobes and drawers which house Bucholtz’s clothes, photographic equipment, vacuum cleaner… pretty much everything, in fact, that a house might need. Inside the box is the bathroom and washing machine, and up top is the bedroom. The trick here is to squeeze every last drop of space out of the 60ft square garage.

The photo above shows the state that the garage was in before du Marien got his clever architect paws on it. You can exactly how this ‘maison garage’ looks now in this pretty comprehensive video.

And we’ve got to admit, we’re kind of jealous of Bucholtz’s unique pad. While we don’t offer garage apartments in Bordeaux, we do have the largest portfolio of lock-ups in the UK – more than 13,500 of them in over 900 locations. So if you’re looking to rent a garage in London, we’re certain we can help. Contact us on 020 8882 8575 and we’ll help in any way we can.

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